Highlights 603 Brewery Wood Devil, Bourbon Barrel Granite Stout and Coffee Cake Porter

08 December 2016

imageI first came across 603 Brewery when a friend returned from a family trip with a bottle from a new brewery I had not heard of at the time.  We sampled this beer and I really enjoyed it, but still the beer and brewery didn’t stick in my head.  Flash forward a year or so, and as I started publishing the results for the 2015 Great International Beer Fest, I recognized a name.  Sure enough 603 Brewery won a gold medal for the very beer I sampled a year earlier…Granite Stout.  So as you can imagine, I was very excited to get another chance to sample some more of their beers tonight.

For those unfamiliar 603 Brewery comes to us from Londonderry, NH.  Named for the one and ONLY area code in New Hampshire (603), the brewery was started in 2012 by three college friends, Dan Leonard and Geoff & Tamsin Hewes.  The brewery moved from a nano-brewery part-time job to a micro-brewery full-time job for the three in less than a year, and the rest is history.  603 Brewery now distributes in New Hampshire and the Boston area and you can visit the brewery to try their beer in flights, growlers, cans and 22oz bottles.
Being an IPA sort-of-guy, you know I couldn't resist starting with 603 Brewery Wood Devil Double IPA.  This year-round beer is packaged in 12oz cans and named for New Hampshire's version of the mythical “Bigfoot.”  This beer uses “juicy” American hops and you can’t miss them in the nose.  The aromas start with citrusy dry grapefruit and finish with a really nice robust tropical fruit presence.  The tastes follow with loads of citrus and passion fruit as well as some pineapple and deep tropical fruits.  There are some floral hop flavors and some resinous hop flavors in the middle and the finish is clean and slightly dry.  At 9.2%-AbV and 101 IBU, this beer will get your attention and the hoppy bite will hold your attention.  Wood Devil is a really nice beer and one I look forward to trying again (maybe a little slower this time Winking smile.)
Up next, I’ll admit I simply couldn’t resist the name of my next 603 beer…Coffee Cake Porter.  Of course I not only love a good coffee cake, I happen to make a really good coffee cake, so this beer had a higher bar to reach.  This limited release brew pours a rich and deep brown/mahogany color and I’ll admit the coffee cake photo on the label made me a little hungry.  Before I had a chance to even finishing pouring the beer, the rush of cinnamon and vanilla found my nose.  This beer smells great.  If I didn’t know better, I would have thought my oven was on and my crumb cake was ready.  Coffee Cake Porter has a really nice cinnamon sweet vanilla nose, with a subtle roasty coffee background.  As you’d imagine, the flavors follow with some soft and sweet vanilla flavors balanced out with the roasty porter flavors you’d expect.  The coffee came in late for me and the really nice cinnamon flavors washed through the whole tasting experience.  I’m not sure how 603 managed to make the cinnamon/vanilla experience so prominent in the nose and still balance out the coffee flavors, but they did.  This beer has some of the best aromas I’ve ever found in a porter and a really nice set of flavors to back it up.  Try this beer (7.5%-AbV, 22oz bottles)!

Finally I had a really cool opportunity to revisit the very beer that helped put 603 Brewery on radar (and on my kitchen table), Granite Stout…only this time it was something even better.  We were lucky enough to get a chance to sample the Bourbon Barrel Aged version of Granite Stout and as expected it was really good.  This beer begins life as their award-winning Granite Stout, and the beer is then aged in Flag Hill Distillery’s Bourbon barrels.  This Bourbon was mashed, fermented, distilled and aged in Lee, NH so the beer and the Bourbon barrels have a lot in common.  This beer pours a deep almost black color and it’s loaded with chocolate and Bourbon aromas.  I really liked the chocolate and vanilla flavors up front and how well they paired up with the oak and slightly roasty flavors in the middle.  You can’t miss the rich and warming Bourbon contribution to the unique combination of flavors, and as the beer warmed a bit, we really liked the dark rich chocolate that remained prominent.  This beer hits 9%-AbV and it is packaged in 22oz bottles, so while I would normally recommend sharing it with a friend, I liked it so much that if I were you, I’d keep it for myself.  Better yet, buy three bottles (if you can), cellar one, share one, and hide one for yourself.  This is a really nice beer and one that I’d be curious to cellar for a year too.
Thank you to everyone at 603 Brewery for giving me the opportunity to try these three really great beers.  603 Brewery Wood Devil, Coffee Cake Porter and Bourbon Barrel Granite Stout are well worth seeking out and tasting for yourself.  And when you do, be sure to let us know what YOU think.


New Belgium Brewing Announces 2017 Releases (New Beers & New Names)

07 December 2016

NBLogoFrom New Belgium:

(Fort Collins, CO ) New Belgium Brewing rolls into 2017 with four new year-round releases and a few surprise tweaks to existing brands. Fresh out of the gate are Dayblazer Easygoing Ale, Citradelic Exotic Lime Ale, Tartastic Lemon Ginger Sour and Voodoo Ranger 8 Hop Ale. A new line of hoppy beers under the Voodoo Ranger trademark is also being introduced.  Voodoo Ranger 8 Hop Ale will launch first & Ranger IPA and Rampant Imperial IPA will evolve into Voodoo Ranger IPA & Voodoo Ranger Imperial IPA to release immediately after. Blue Paddle Pilsener paves the way for New Belgium Bohemian Pilsener. To make room for all these new flavors, Snapshot Wheat, Slow Ride Session IPA and Shift Pale Lager will roll off into the sunset (at least for now). In a purely cosmetic tweak, Sunshine Wheat will be newly adorned with a Colorado Flag to signify its roots.

“This is our most ambitious portfolio re-imagining since our beginnings,” said New Belgium Brewing spokesperson, Bryan Simpson. “We’ve got a lot of excitement, momentum, & energy coming out of the pilot system and that makes for a bounty of great beers with interesting twists. We are very much back into experimentation and risk taking and that is hugely energizing for the whole brewery. 2017 is shaping up to be an awesome year for drinking beer.”

New beers will release throughout December ’16 and January ’17 and include:

Voodoo Ranger IPABursting with tropical aromas and juicy fruit flavors from Mosaic and Amarillo hops, this golden IPA is perfectly bitter with a refreshing finish. 7% ABV, 52 IBUs. Available in 12-oz bottles and cans and draft.

Voodoo Ranger Imperial IPA – a bold imperial IPA with a rare blend of Mosaic, Calypso, Bravo, and Delta hops creates an explosion of fresh cut pine and citrus flavors. 9% ABV and 85 IBUs. Available in 12-oz bottles and draft.

Voodoo Ranger 8 Hop Ale – A brilliantly balanced pale ale packed with citrus and tropical fruit flavors from eight different hops. 5.5% ABV, 35 IBUs. Available in 12-oz bottles and cans and draft.

Dayblazer Easygoing Ale - A refreshing golden ale with a slightly sweet, crisp finish and notes of honeycomb. 4.8% ABV. Available in 12-, 15-, and 24-pk 12-oz cans and (for the first time ever from New Belgium) 24-oz single cans. 

Citradelic Exotic Lime Ale – A crisp golden ale bursting with juicy Persian lime, fresh coriander and a hint of cracked black pepper. 5.3% ABV. Available in 12oz bottles only.

Tartastic Lemon Ginger Sour Ale – a refreshing tank soured ale with the lip-tingling sweet and sour flavors of lemon and ginger. 4.8% ABV. Available in 12-oz bottles and cans as well as draft.

New Belgium Bohemian Pilsener - Elegantly simple and crisp, this pilsener is clean and easy-drinking with a light, spicy noble hop bite. 4.8% ABV. Available in 12-oz bottles.

New beers will release now thru mid-January 2017.

Please visit for further information.

[Editor’s Note]: 
This information represents the Dec 2016/Jan 2017 releases and not the entire 2017 schedule.  As we’ve noted already, there are a lot more new beers and new names coming from New Belgium in 2017.


Dogfish Head Announces 2017 Release Calendar (New Post Boil IPA Seasonal, Lupu-Luaü IPA & Oak-Aged Vanilla World Wide Stout)

imageFrom Dogfish Head:

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for … it’s time to share our 2017 Beer Release Calendar!

We’ve got some big things planned for 2017, so let’s just dive right in!

Year Round

These are the beers we’ll be making throughout the year so you should have no trouble tracking them down with ease. These include…

- 60 Minute IPA
     You can now find our continually hopped super-fantastic East Coast IPA in bottles and cans!
- 90 Minute IPA
- Flesh & Blood IPA
     This honest to goodness IPA was such a hit in 2016 we’ve brought it on full time, and now in cans!
- SeaQuench Ale
     A session sour quencher that’s perfect for any occasion, we also made this one a full timer you can find in cans! 
- Namaste White
- Indian Brown
- Palo Santo Marron
     - You’ll notice a new look on the outside, but the same great brew on the inside.
- Burton Baton
     Same as Palo, Burton Baton is sporting a new look on the outside, same tasty beer in the bottle!
- Midas Touch


Next up, beers brewed specifically to complement the season. You’ll find…

- Beer To Drink Music To ’17 - Spring
     A liquid soundtrack for welcoming warmer weather, this blonde ale is a music-inspired tropical mashup brewed with kiwi juice and hibiscus flowers, and releasing just in time for Record Store Day!
- Romantic Chemistry - Summer
     No longer our spring seasonal, Romantic Chemistry has shifted to the sweaty months. Brewed with mango, apricots and ginger, this one will see you through the heat!
- Punkin Ale - Fall
     A fall classic, Punkin Ale remains steady with an early fall release.
- Post-Boil IPA - Winter

     Our new winter seasonal, Post-Boil IPA bucks the trend by adding NO HOPS during the kettle boil, but instead adding a huge and blissfully inefficient burst to the whirlpool. Just trust us.


These are some of our most sought-after beers. Everything from ageable ales to collaboration brews. If you don’t see one you’re looking for, no worries, it’ll be back in the rotation before you know it!

- Olde School Barleywine - January-February
     Probably our most requested beer of 2016, it’s back!
- Saison du BUFF - March-April
     A collaboration with our pals at Stone and Victory, it’s our turn to brew this beautiful beer.
- 120 Minute IPA - April-May and November-December
     Not once, but twice for the Holy Grail for hopheads in 2017!
- Festina Pêche - May-August
     While it’s no longer our summer seasonal, we just couldn’t get rid of this fan favorite. Releasing just in time to kick off the summer!
- Lupu-luaü IPA - July-August

     Originally an exclusive at our Rehoboth brewpub, this one was such a hit we had to bottle it. Brewed with organic coconut, dehydrated coconut water and an experimental hop variety, this one is an exploration of all-things hazy.
- Oak-aged Vanilla World Wide Stout - August-October 
     We took our World Wide Stout and aged it in our giant oak tanks, alongside some Madagascar vanilla beans. Drooling? ‘Cause we are.
- Pennsylvania Tuxedo - October-November
     Our spruce-infused pale ale brewed in collaboration with Woolrich lives on!

We're so excited for all that's in store for 2017 and we hope you are too. Start marking those calendars!

Want to print a calendar? We've got you covered ... just follow us here!


Heavy Seas - Uncharted Waters Series Siren Noire Returns In Jan 2017

From Heavy Seas:

BALTIMORE, MD – The “Uncharted Waters” Series by Heavy Seas Beer will soon welcome the 2017 edition of Siren Noire. This limited release will be available in January in all states where Heavy Seas beer is distributed. 

Siren Noire is a velvety, rich chocolate stout. Almost three pounds of Belgian coco nibs are used per barrel. It’s aged for five weeks in bourbon barrels with vanilla beans added. A mix of dark malts gives Siren Noire a well-rounded body that is decidedly chocolatey—but without being extraordinarily sweet or cloying. Brewers Gold hops contribute an earthy spiciness, with notes of black current.

Here are the product specs:

Style: Imperial Chocolate Stout aged in bourbon barrels

ABV: 9.5%

IBUs: 25

Hops: Brewers Gold

Malts: 2-Row, Crystal, Chocolate, Roasted Barley

Food Pairings: Fresh berries and whipped cream, ice cream sandwiches

Suggested Glassware: Snifter or English Pint


Foothill Sexual Chocolate 2017 Coming 1/28

From Foothills:

OK so here's an early Christmas present - we've set the date for 2017 #SexualChocolate release. See you all on Saturday January 28th. More details to come after the holidays.


Shmaltz Brewing and Barcade Collaborate on "Pastrami Pils" (5.5% ABV Pilsner, Available at Barcade Locations)

imageFrom Shmaltz:

A 5.5% ABV Pilsner Brewed with Caraway, Cracked Black Pepper, Kosher Salt And Dry Hopped with Horseradish and Rye Blend

Clifton Park, NY -- Wednesday, December 7, 2016 -- Shmaltz Brewing Company takes the pairing of craft beer with your favorite foods to the next level with the release of their latest collaboration beer: Pastrami Pils (5.5% ABV). With Chanukah around the corner, what better way to kick off the month of December then with a truly collaborative beer between Shmaltz Brewing and one of the East Coast's most beloved beer bars Barcade for a never-attempted-before pastrami inspired beer. Pastrami Pils will be available exclusively at Barcade locations with launch events taking place on the following dates: Jersey City, NJ (Dec. 8), Philadelphia, PA (Dec. 10), New Haven, CT (Dec. 15), Brooklyn, NY (Dec. 16), and New York City (Jan. 14, 2017: National Pastrami Day). Pastrami Pils is available on draft only.

Pastrami Pils summons savory sensations reminiscent of your favorite pastrami sandwich. Shmaltz Head Brewer Richie Saunders brews the beer with caramel, Munich and Pilsner malts to provide light, toasted bread flavors complete with caraway seeds for the complete rye bread experience. To provide the best pastrami flavors, he took a pinch of kosher salt, a dash of pepper, and some smoke to wrap together the best pastrami characters. With no pastrami sandwich complete without fresh horseradish, he had to add that to the beer.

"Look for a clean golden beer with a fluffy white head that will give off the aromas of a fresh, yet cold pastrami sandwich," says Saunders. "The flavor of the beer will be crisp and drinkable with a just a touch of heat from the horseradish while welcoming notes of spice from the caraway. As a perfect meal in a glass, you can have more than one before you feel full!"

Paul Kermizian, CEO and Co-Founder Barcade, adds, "We're very excited to debut our latest collaborative beer, Pastrami Pils. Barcade has been doing this exclusive beer series since 2010 and we've been fortunate enough to partner with many of our favorite breweries on some adventurous and very weird beers. Shmaltz has been brewing really great, inventive styles for years and so they were a perfect fit for us to partner with on something as unusual as this. Although we initially wanted to brew a beer with actual pastrami, they smartly convinced us that they could pull off the flavors of pastrami without actually using it. Everyone is probably better off with this version!"

Jeremy Cowan, Founder and Owner of Shmaltz Brewing, comments, "Pastrami is my birthright. Beer is my passion and 20 years of my life and career. Barcade has been the home of so many great Shmaltz Brewing bashes and casual hangouts -- one of our very favorite craft beer homes! The perfect pairing for our first ever custom recipe at the new brewery. As the good book says, kinda, 'Eat, Drink and be Merry for tomorrow we shall... have to go to work -- and do it all over again.' Lucky us - L'Chaim!"

Stop in to a Barcade location near you to satiate your mouthwatering appetite for a delicious new creation, Pastrami Pils.


Dogfish Head #AskDogfish Episode 12: New Beer, Brewings & Eats, and Olde School (Video)

From Dogfish Head:

On this episode of #AskDogfish, Sam tackles how we develop our beer release calendar, what's going on with our Rehoboth brewpub and ... is Olde School Barleywine coming back?!


Celebrate Lager Day with Narragansett & Toys for Tots

imageFrom Narragansett:

National Lager Day is coming up on Saturday, December 10 and Narragansett Beer is once again celebrating with Toys For Tots. What better way to drink a ‘Gansett than to “do it for the kids”?

For the third year in a row, Narragansett invites fans to take a picture of their Narragansett and upload it to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #LagerDay. For every ‘Gansett #LagerDay photo posted, $1 will be donated to Toys For Tots.

Fans are encouraged to tag Narragansett and Toys For Tots in their #LagerDay photos, using the following social media handles:


Black Raven Corbeaux Collection - Raven De Brett Coming 12/10

imageFrom Black Raven:


Belgian/French inspired dry hopped pale ale aged with brettanomyces
5.9% ABV

Release Date: Saturday, December 10th 2016

Available on tap and in 500ml bottles to go ($9.99 + Tax).

Note: This beer replaces the beer formerly known as Raven de Garde.


East End Announces Upcoming Beers & Cider

imageFrom East End:

Greetings! We hope you'll join us this Saturday for our second annual holiday installment of Crafts and Drafts, sponsored by Yelp Pittsburgh! Not only do we have fourteen art, craft, & vintage vendors for your holiday shopping, but we've got food from PGH Po' Boy, La Palapa Mexican Food, Leona's Ice Cream Sandwiches, and Wigle Whiskey all under one roof! Plus crafts for the kids from the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh! And you'll get a free taste of Snow Melt Winter Ale! It's free, so bring the family and we'll see you Saturday from 12-5pm!

Speaking of Snow Melt, let's talk about upcoming beers, including...

  • Bourbon Barrel Aged Snow Melt debuts on Friday, December 16! We didn't think we could make Snow Melt any better, but try this version with bourbon warmth and hint of oak. Perfect for the holidays!
  • Along Came a Cider. Along Came a Ginger is almost gone (check the Taproom if you want more), but we'll have our regular Cider on draft soon!
  • Black Hop: Technically it's not a Black IPA, it's a Cascadian Dark Ale. But we know it's delicious and on tap for a limited time!
  • In the tank: We're working on some old favorites for the new year, includingIllustration Ale and Bigger Hop. Look for Bigger Hop in January, Illustration Ale sometime after that. And a new batch of Gratitude Barleywine will be out in early 2017 too!

For a current list of our complete draft, bottle, and canned offerings, as well as our hours and addresses, check out our mobile app on your smartphone


Half Acre Cliffs of Tephra IPA Coming 12/16

imageFrom Half Acre:

Cliffs of Tephra is an IPA inspired by volcanic episodes around the world. It's a small batch, special release we're packaging in 16oz cans. Release on 12/16. Read more at the link in our profile.

Before 2016 is finally called off, we wanted to get in one final release.

We’ve been committed to canning beer for some time now.  We’ve also been committed to 22oz bombers for most of our special release offerings. We first labeled blank cans in 2010, but moved back to 22’s because we’re stubborn humans.  Since then, our filler has only gotten more ancient and the national landscape has shifted to usher traditional bomber practices into the land of Valhalla.  We’ve decided to turn to the sun and again begin to use our canning line for certain special release beers.  Giant liquids and mixed ferm beers will still hit large format glass.  Sub 10% abv rippers that typically lean toward hops will get packed in cans.  You’ll see some in full print wonder and some labeled.  All will course through the hands of our technically savage packaging squad in the canning sanctuary.  

The first of this kind will be Cliffs Of Tephra, an IPA pulling inspiration from the volcanic episodes around the world.  It's being released next Friday, December 16th, more info to come.

  • release: 12/16 at 11am 
  • no distribution 
  • 4pk of 16oz cans: $15.99 (limit 6 per person) 
  • 16oz pour: $8


Fair Winds Brewing - Siren’s Lure 12oz Cans

Here we have a new can coming from Fair Winds Brewing in Lorton, VA.  This is their Siren’s Lure and it is a saison that will sail in at 7.2%-AbV and 32 IBU.  This 2016 GABF Gold Medal winner will now be packaged in 12oz cans.


Urban Chestnut Wolpertine Is Coming 1/22/2017

imageFrom Urban Chestnut:

Celebrate Urban Chestnut's 6th Anniversary on January 22, 2017. Details coming soon...

DATE: Jan. 22, 2017

TIME: 1pm - 5pm

LOCATION: 4465 Manchester Ave

PRICE: $40


Driftwood Brewing - Clodhopper

Designed by: Hired Guns Creative


Introducing De Garde / Sante Adairius Rustic Ales / Jester King Brewery Elements of Composition

06 December 2016

imageWe brought you news of this beer, and now the full details from Jester King:

We’re pleased to introduce Elements of Composition, a blend of beer and friendship spanning the course of years. In February 2016, brewers from De Garde Brewing, Jester King Brewery, and Sante Adairius Rustic Ales in met in Tillamook, Oregon to blend beer from each of their respective breweries. Three year old, 100% spontaneously fermented beer from De Garde was blended with two year old, 100% spontaneously fermented beer from Jester King, and mature, foudre aged saison from Sante Adairius. The result is a beer distinct from, but not greater than, the sum of its parts.
Elements of Composition marks the first collaborative blending project for De Garde, Jester King, and Sante Adairius. Our focus was on how the aromas and flavors of our respective beers would meld together and change over time. A lot of time did indeed go into the making of this beer! We’re fond of saying that we do the aging of our beer for you, and this is a great example. The oldest component of the blend came from De Garde and was brewed in 2013. The Jester King component of the blend was brewed in 2014, and the Sante Adairius component was brewed in 2015. The blend then aged and matured for another ten months in bottles prior to release.

It’s important to note that we blended with an eye towards where the beer would go with time, because it’s alive! The beers from De Garde and Jester King were 100% spontaneously fermented with airborne yeast and bacteria collected overnight in their coolships, and the beer from Sante Adairius contains the wonderful menagerie of microbes found within the walls of their oak foudres. We knew this unfiltered, unpasteurized blend would change with time, so we used our palates and experience to try to anticipate how the beer would develop over the months and years ahead.
The artwork for Elements of Composition was created by Josh Cockrell of Jester King. Here’s Josh’s description of the art:
“I wanted to use De Garde’s art deco visual aesthetic as a base since it was the physical base for our blending and collaboration. So, the shape, text and line form is all inspired by De Garde’s labels. For the central image, I pulled from a textile pattern style that was popular during the same era as art deco. The Disty Floral pattern, as it is called, is a very small scale pattern with a random appearance. Though they are really quite simple, the visual effect they create is beautifully dense. I thought it could be a lovely way to express the complex composition of our blend while retaining simple elements that pay homage to the individual components. I started by creating three pattern “fields” to represent each brewery. The California Poppy for Sainte Adairius, Oregon Grape Flowers for De Garde, and the Texas Bluebonnet for Jester King. Each circular field represents terroir and culture, and as they begin to overlap each other they create an even more vibrant and exciting pattern that, while random, still expresses an intentional balance.”

Elements of Composition will be released at De Garde Brewing in Tillamook, Oregon on Friday, December 16th from 3pm to 7pm! It will only be available in bottles to go (750ml/$28). Approximately, 500 bottles are available with a limit of one per customer. Adair Paterno of Sante Adairius, and Jeff Stuffings and Josh Cockrell of Jester King, will join Linsey and Trevor Rogers at De Garde for the release. Adair and Jeff sent some special beers from Sante Adairius and Jester King to pour at it! De Garde has also put together a beautiful food menu for the event (posted below) by Chef Jacob Oliver.

Sometime in the coming months, Elements of Composition will also be released at Sante Adairius in Capitola, California and Jester King in Austin, Texas (dates to be announced).

We’re very grateful to have had the chance to work together on this project. We have an immense amount of respect for each other’s philosophy and approach to making beer, and we couldn’t be more pleased to have had the opportunity. We hope you enjoy the result and use it to celebrate friendship, which is the spirit in which Elements of Composition was created.
Adair Patero — Sante Adairius Rustic Ales 
Linsey & Trevor Rogers — De Garde Brewing 
Jeffrey Stuffings — Jester King Brewery


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