Shmaltz Brewing Releases 2017 Recipe of "Brewers Wanted Pale Ale"

29 March 2017

imageFrom Shmaltz:

Clifton Park, NY -- Wednesday, March 29, 2017 -- Spawned out of the official collaboration beer for New York State, Statewide Pale Ale, featuring brewmasters from 10 of the finest New York breweries working together to produce an exceptional brew, Shmaltz Brewing Company releases the 2017 recipe of Brewers Wanted Pale Ale – Work For Beer® (5.5% ABV). Initially distributed exclusively at Price Chopper locations in 2016, Shmaltz expands its distribution reach of Brewers Wanted Pale Ale® statewide. The 2016 version of Brewers Wanted Pale Ale® won "Best Pale Ale in the Hudson Valley" (Hops In History Blind Competition 2016, Albany Institute of History & Art).

With the number of U.S. breweries growing to more than 5,000 in 2017 and New York State producing 326 breweries of its own up from 245 at the end of 2015, the demand for skilled brewers is at a record high. Shmaltz helps raise awareness of New York's need for passionate men and women to learn the craft of brewing with a portion of proceeds from Brewers Wanted Pale Ale® directly supporting their new brewer training program. Brewers Wanted Pale Ale® is now available throughout New York State at a variety of local retailers and bars.

Shmaltz Brewing teamed up with Schenectady County Community College (SCCC), the Greater Capital Region Workforce Development Boards and fellow New York State breweries to start their first regional Brewers Training Program. A portion of sales from Brewers Wanted Pale Ale® will help train new brewers and support SCCC's efforts to create an Associate’s Degree in Brewing.

Brewers Wanted Pale Ale® is a bright and crisp pale ale brewed with 50% NYS 2-row malt, as well as other American malt favorites, hopped with a burst of warrior, simcoe and mosaic and dry hopped with NYS cascade.

Shmaltz Proprietor Jeremy Cowan comments, "In 2013, I made Clifton Park, NY the home of Shmaltz Brewing Company. It is incredibly rewarding to invest the future of our company in a community that's excited about new job opportunities in the local marketplace. Our state and regional workforce development partners have been overwhelmingly responsive to our need for skilled brewers and SCCC is leading the way to develop brewer training programs that will help our industry grow and thrive. What better way to celebrate this public, private, academic partnership, and raise a few dollars and awareness of our need for brewers than with a delicious craft beer, brewed in NY with NYS malts and hops and sold exclusively in New York State."

"Thanks to companies like Shmaltz Brewing & Governor Cuomo's efforts to spur growth, the craft beer industry has risen to a new level in New York State," says Empire State Development President, CEO & Commissioner Howard Zemsky. "The company's innovative partnership with Schenectady County Community College is creating both educational and employment opportunities for students and graduates in a booming industry."

"The Greater Capital Region Workforce Development Boards are proud to partner with Shmaltz Brewing and Schenectady County Community College in a public/private/academic initiative to strengthen the pipeline of workers for the growing Craft Beer Industry in New York State," says Gail B. Breen, Executive Director of Workforce Development Board, Inc. (Fulton, Montgomery and Schoharie Counties). "It is the mission of the GCRWDBs to create a quality workforce for New York State businesses."

"We are very pleased to be partnering with the Shmaltz Brewing Company and other New York State breweries, along with the Greater Capital Region Workforce Development Boards, to start the first regional Brewers Training Program in the Capital Region," says Dr. Steady H. Moono, President of Schenectady County Community College. "At SCCC, we are passionate about developing innovative programs such as this one that trains our students for well-paying and in-demand jobs. We are grateful that a portion of the proceeds from Brewers Wanted Pale Ale® will support our efforts to create an Associate's Degree in Brewing, as well as help build upon our successful credential craft brew course currently in session."

"We congratulate Shmaltz Brewing Company on the launch of this new beer that not only uses New York State local ingredients and supports our farmers, but also highlights the essence of the state's craft beverage producers, who work together to benefit the industry as a whole," adds New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets Commissioner Richard A. Ball. "Training is key to the continued success of our thriving agri-businesses, and we applaud Shmaltz Brewing and all partners involved on the creation and promotion of a program that will focus on the growing workforce needs of craft breweries and encourage future producers."

Talking about how the brewing program at SCCC can help someone with their professional path, Shmaltz Packaging Manager, Terry Halsted says, "The program at Schenectady helped me professionally dramatically. It increased my knowledge and really allowed me to get to where I am today. The brewers program got my foot in the door at Shmaltz, starting as a kegger, and quickly advanced to oversee the entire packaging department, while supervising the packaging crew."

For a comprehensive list of Shmaltz Brewing events featuring Brewers Wanted Pale Ale®, please visit


Ninkasi Names Cheryl Collins as New CEO

imageFrom Ninkasi:

EUGENE, OR .—March 29, 2017—Independent craft brewery Ninkasi Brewing Company announces Cheryl Collins as its new chief executive officer effective May 1, 2017. Current CEO and co-founder Nikos Ridge will assume the role of president and will remain on the brewery’s board.

Founded in 2006 by Nikos Ridge and Jamie Floyd, Ninkasi is now the 33rd largest craft brewery in the United States with operations based in Eugene, Ore. (Brewers Association, 2016). Since its beginning, Ridge has been at the brewery’s helm moving from roles in production and sales to directing and leading day-to-day responsibilities as the company’s CEO. 

“The first 10 years of Ninkasi were about inventing ourselves as a company: bringing to life the vision Jamie and I both had, to now a brewery employing over 100 people,” says Ridge. “The next chapter of Ninkasi is about taking the capabilities and teams we’ve built and aligning them even more to better serve our customers and craft beer fans.” 

Current chief operations officer, Cheryl Collins, began her career with Ninkasi in 2012 and has held senior roles at the brewery including VP of organizational development and chief people officer. With over a decade of organizational leadership experience, Collins has been recognized for her exceptional contributions to organizational development: she received the Recruiter of the Year Award from the University of Oregon, the Manager of the Year Award from the Willamette Chapter Credit Union Association, and two national awards from the Credit Union National Association for development and execution of training programs. She has been featured in industry publications as a thought leader for small business best practices and last year appeared as the keynote speaker at the Oregon Manufacturers’ Summit.

“Nikos and Jamie have done an amazing job building Ninkasi to what it is today; it’s an immense honor to become the next CEO,” states Collins.  “I look forward to continuing our commitment to our core purpose-- Perpetuate Better Living—and working with our teams to develop innovative approaches to how we do business.”

During her time at Ninkasi Collins spearheaded employee recruitment, training and onboarding programs, implemented Continuous Improvement strategies and best practices across brewery operations, fostered teambuilding activities to nurture organizational culture, implemented safety protocols and initiatives, facilitated leadership development, contributed to employer branding, and helped oversee the leadership and implementation of company strategies.

“Cheryl has worked closely with every department across Ninkasi and is a pivotal force in pushing our teams to their full potential,” says Ridge. “Her leadership, coaching and strategic focus make this transition an obvious step forward.”

“It’s inspiring to be a part of a community with the level of commitment and engagement we see here at Ninkasi,” explains Collins. “You feel, believe and know you are part of something bigger than yourself; that level of inspiration is what we strive for every day.”

“This transition marks a milestone as we continue to evolve into a more mature company,” states Ridge. “Now that we have established ourselves with world class brewing facilities and an exceptional team, Cheryl’s leadership will focus on strengthening our capabilities in an ever-changing industry.”----

Effective May 1, 2017, Ridge will assume the role of president and will remain a member of the brewery’s board, contributing to company strategy while deepening his daily focus into operational and strategic improvements.


Samuel Adams Adding New Blood & Sand Rye Whiskey Aged Beer

imageThis morning we get to see a new 2017 Limited Boston Brewery Release coming from Samuel Adams.  This is Blood & Sand and it is an ale aged in Rye Whiskey barrels with orange peel.  This experimental cocktail-inspired beer will walk in at 9.7%-AbV and you’re looking at the cool (but creepy) 750ml bottle.  Stay tuned for release details.


Summit Brewing Unchained Series # 26 - Westie 7th Cans

imageThis morning we get out first peek at an upcoming Unchained Series release coming from Summit Brewing in St. Paul, MN.  This is Unchained Series Batch No 26 and the beer is called Westie 7th.  This beer is a Belgian-style dark ale created by brewer Nick Hempfer and it will be packaged in 12oz cans.  Stay tuned for AbV and release details.


Straub Brewery Launches "Peter Straub Signature Brews" with Adventure Series 1 Craft Sampler

imageFrom Straub

St. Marys, PA Throughout March and April, Straub Brewery is launching the first of its three 2017 craft beer samplers as part of the new “Peter Straub Signature Brews” series. Adventure Series 1 will feature four of Straub’s popular craft beer styles: Wild*Boy Hopped Lager (IPL), Tight Lines Ale (Kölsch), Boulder Bock (Mailbock), and Ridge Top Runner (Vienna).

The limited-release Adventure Series 1 is available throughout Pennsylvania while supplies last in 12-packs, which include three bottles of each of these traditional German-style beers, as well as limited draft at your local tavern.

“This new series celebrates our 145-year-old legacy as a craft brewer & the Fiercely Independent spirit of the PA Wilds region that Straub Brewery has called home since the 1870s,” said Straub Brewery President and CEO William Brock. “These beers embody the best of what life has to offer; and pay tribute to the people and the incredible places where we work, live, and play.”

The “Peter Straub Signature Brews” series of three Adventure Packs honors Straub Brewery Founder Peter Straub, who left Germany at age 19 and travelled to the U.S. in search of the American Dream with only a few coins sewn into his jacket and a recipe for beer. Seven generations and 145 years later, Peter’s courageous and adventurous pursuit of living life to the fullest endures in every Honestly Fresh™ and Fiercely Independent™ craft beer produced by his historic American Legacy Brewery™.

The names of the 12 craft beers in the “Peter Straub Signature Brews” series are inspired by the vast outdoor activities and destinations in the 12 ½ counties of Straub Brewery’s home region, which is known as the Pennsylvania Wilds™. This area boasts 2.1 million acres of public land and is one the largest blocks of green between New York City and Chicago with over 50 million people who live within a 6-hour drive of this region.

As a nod to this unique combination of heritage, home, and award-winning flavor, each craft beer bottle label in the “Peter Straub Signature Brews” series displays both Peter Straub’s autograph and a destination-specific GPS coordinate to help drinkers and explorers alike kick-off their next adventure into the great wide open of the PA Wilds™ or wherever their hearts may lead them.

In addition to the new Adventure Series 1, Adventure Series 2 (styles to be featured: Dunkel, Helles, Hefeweizen, and Oktoberfest) will be released in late summer/early fall to coincide with Oktoberfest celebrations and autumn road trips, and Adventure Series 3 (styles to be featured: Dobbelbock, Pilsner, Altbier, and 1872 Lager—a pre-Prohibition-style Lager) will be released in late fall/early winter in time for the holiday party season.

Adventure Series 1 Features:

Wild*Boy Hopped Lager (IPL)

Named after the popular Wild Boy Run stream and back road in the PA Wilds™ region, Wild*Boy Hopped Lager honors the adventurous drive of Fiercely Independent™ beer drinkers everywhere. This India-style Pale Lager combines traditional IPA malts and American hops with Straub Brewery’s 145-year cold-conditioned lager brewing legacy. The blend of hops provides citrus, spice, and floral aromas, and a refreshing grapefruit taste. Straub Brewery’s lager yeast and cold conditioning provide the clean, refreshing, lager finish.

Because of its popularity, Wild*Boy Hopped Lager is also offered solo as a year-round craft beer by Straub Brewery.

Wild*Boy Hopped Lager pairs well with: steak; turkey; pork roast; scrambled eggs; white garlic pizza; deep-fried veggies; snacks, such as vegetable chips, popcorn, and cashews; and pecan pie.

Straub Brewmaster Vince Assetta: “Wild*Boy Hopped Lager is the creation of modern American craft brewing and our 145 years of lager brewing traditions. This beer is packed with big bold flavors that naturally embolden the Fiercely Independent attitude that is so at home here in the wilds of Pennsylvania.”

Tight Lines Ale (Kölsch)

A medal-winner at the 2016 World Beer Cup, Tight Lines Ale pays tribute to the thousands of miles of trout streams, lakes, and recreational waterways flowing through the PA Wilds™ region, and the people who enjoy them. Tight Lines Ale calls to mind popular places like Pine Creek, First Fork, Tionesta Creek, Cedar Run, East Branch of the Clarion, Slate Run, and Freeman Run— where generations of Fiercely Independent™ outdoor enthusiasts have fished, relaxed, and partied.

Tight Lines Ale also extends accolades to the past generations of leadership who had the foresight to ensure that these legendary streams were secured as public waters open to everyone for all time.

This Kölsch-style all-malt ale is Straub Brewery’s take on the classic style from the Cologne brewing tradition. Its light and refreshing profile nicely complements the renewing spirit of spring and early summer.

Tight Lines Ale pairs well with: freshwater trout and walleye; fresh fruits and salads; grilled veggies, chicken, and burgers; kabobs; French toast; and fruity desserts.

Straub Brewmaster Vince Assetta: “There are not many better feelings than having a nice trout pulling hard on the end of your fly line, except maybe popping the top off an ice-cold Tight Lines Ale! Come fishing season, you can count on finding some Tight Lines Ales in my cooler. I’ll also let you in on a little secret: the GPS coordinates on the Tight Lines Ale label will lead you to one of my favorite fishing spots in the PA Wilds.”

Boulder Bock (Maibock)

Boulder Bock is offered in recognition of the countless trails, scenic views, hills, mountains, and natural formations located throughout the PA Wilds™ region. It speaks to the adventure seekers everywhere, who like to hike, climb, hunt, or simply find that certain kind of satisfaction from experiencing the natural prominence of the northern Pennsylvania wilderness.

Whether it’s Hyner Point, Denton Hill, Rim Rock, Jake’s Rock, Bilger’s Rock, Thunder Mountain Trail, Mount Tom, or the iconic Pine Creek Gorge of the PA Grand Canyon, Boulder Bock embodies the indomitable spirit of the PA Wilds™ and the millions of Fiercely Independent™ residents and tourists who enjoy it annually.

Brewed with a unique combination of German and American ingredients, this Maibock-style all-malt, pale-colored bock lager is a traditional spring release—"Mai" is German for May.

Boulder Bock pairs well with: spring stews and soups; seafood, such as lobster, seasoned shrimp, and crab cakes; grilled cheese sandwiches; turkey, chicken, or veggie subs; spaghetti and meatballs; brunch omelets, and vanilla desserts.

Straub Brewmaster Vince Assetta: “Boulder Bock’s rich malty flavor, balanced by the European-style hop character, is perfect for welcoming spring to north-central Pennsylvania, or wherever you call home.”

Ridge Top Runner (Vienna)

Ridge Top Runner is named in respect to the thousands of acres of lush and pristine forests, state parks, and untouched game lands within the PA Wilds™ region. It also pays homage to the rich history of the logging industry in the region and the Fiercely Independent™ people who worked in the woods building the infrastructure and establishing our communities.

Annually, tens of thousands of locals and tourists from across Pennsylvania and the country cruise through these areas to picnic, hike, hunt, sightsee, and enjoy the best of what nature has to offer. Destinations like the Allegheny National Forest, Hearts Content, PA Grand Canyon, Devil’s Elbow, Buzzard Swamp, and Ole Bull State Park are places where fun and fresh air are seamless complements to the smooth, malty notes of Ridge Top Runner.

This Vienna-style all-malt, amber lager is Straub Brewery’s take on the classic style from Viennese and Munich brewing traditions. It is a balanced beer, with just enough flavor and aroma to please a wide range of drinkers.

Ridge Top Runner pairs well with: hot wings; grilled kabobs; baked ham; stuffed pork chops; salmon and tuna; hot dogs and burgers; pizza; tacos; and chocolate desserts.

Straub Brewmaster Vince Assetta: “Ridge Top Runner is first and last a balanced and symmetrical beer. The pale amber color is followed by a mild and malty initial taste, and then just enough hop character to keep you going back for more. Extremely smooth and drinkable, be sure to share this Vienna lager with your friends who appreciate great lager beers.”


Crooked Stave Adding Hopsavant and Colorado Wild Sage Cans

imageThis morning you get your very first look at several cans coming soon from Crooked StaveHopsavant is an American brettanomyces IPA that hits 6.7%-AbV and Colorado Wild Sage is a brett saison brewed with white sage and lemongrass that hits 7.2%-AbV.  These will both be packaged in 12oz cans and stay tuned here for release details.


Lagunitas - Dark Swan Sour Ale Coming To 2017 One Hitter Series

Here’s the latest packaging for Lagunitas Dark Swan.  This sour ale will hit 8.7%-AbV and you’re looking at the 12oz bottle.  This beer will be part of the 2017 One Hitter Series.


Stillwater Artisanal Ales - The Cloud Soft & Fluffy IPA

Today we get to see a new can coming from Stillwater Artisanal Ales.  This is The Cloud and it is a “soft & fluffy” IPA brewed with oats and lactose.  This beer will float in at 7%-AbV and it will be packaged in 16oz cans at Two Roads.  Stay tuned for release details.

This from Stillwater:


Springdale By Jack’s Abby - Clerical Error Double IPA 16oz Cans

imageBefore you even ask, yes that’s an “A” as in ale not an “L.”  Coming to us from Springdale by Jack’s Abby today we have Clerical Error.  This beer is a double IPA that hits 7.6%-AbV and yes you should drink it fresh.  This beer is named for Jack’s Abby Springdale Barrel Room and it will be packaged in 16oz cans.  Stay tuned for release details and more releases.


Deschutes Brewery Announces 2017 Street Pub Tour

imageFrom Deschutes:

March 29, 2017 – Bend, Oregon – How do you take the biggest mobile block party – Deschutes Brewery’s Street Pub tour – and make it even better?  By partnering with three of Oregon’s most beloved companies to bring new energy and activities to fans in five U.S. cities. This year, the brewery has added title partners that share its culture, sustainability and philanthropic goals: Hydro Flask, Humm Kombucha and KEEN Footwear. In each visited city, these three like-minded companies will join Deschutes to partner with nonprofits and raise funds to help them achieve their missions. Over the last two years, Deschutes’ Street Pub tours have raised more than $835,000.

Joey Pleich, field marketing manager for Deschutes Brewery said, “All of the communities where we have taken Street Pub have responded with overwhelming support. With more than 140,000 in attendance at over seven events last year, we knew it was time to take it to the next level. This year, the event will feature even more taps at new bar locations, the Deschutes ‘Worth Sharing Challenge’ (head-to-head team competitions), some incredible street artists and our new title partners all working together toward one mission: elevate the community impact and raise even more dollars for deserving nonprofits!”

“The World’s Largest Pop-Up Pub” brings the pub experience to the people across the country in 2017:

  • Cincinnati, OH – June 24
  • Roanoke, VA – July 15
  • Milwaukee, WI – July 22
  • Portland, OR – September 23
  • Sacramento, CA – October 14

The 400-foot-long Street Pub will pour a huge selection of Deschutes Brewery beers, including its famed Mirror Pond Pale Ale, Black Butte Porter, Fresh Squeezed IPA as well as its highly coveted Reserve Series beers such as The Abyss. True to the brewery’s full pub experience, food will be a major part of the equation. Deschutes’ corporate executive chef (Jeff Usinowicz) will team up with local chefs in each city to create some fantastic food pairings. Live local bands will round out a memorable experience in each city.

Deschutes’ title partners will undertake unique endeavors, including family friendly activities, at each Street Pub, including:

  • Hydro Flask hydration station (made by Black Dog Salvage of DIY Network’s "Salvage Dawgz") and interactive booth experience with a donate-to-play brew pong game for prizes and a chance to win Hydro Flask’s new 22oz Tumbler
  • Humm Kombucha’s Creation Station will challenge you to be imaginative: collaborative art projects and activities will ensure the whole family has a blast
  • KEEN Footwear activism center and lounge, photo booth where you can snap photos “worth sharing”, games including big wheel races and disc golf, and free-shoe raffles

Find out more at and join the conversation at #StreetPub. ----See more about Street Pub here:


Red Hare Adding 2nd Brewery in Shallotte, NC

imageFrom Red Hare:

Red Hare Brewing Company is heading to the coast and opening their 2nd brewery in Shallotte, North Carolina — just up river from Ocean Isle Beach. This new brewery will primarily focus on barrel aging and open fermentation, while serving as an experimentation station for the ever-increasing diversity of beer flavors and brewing processes. Red Hare Founder and Managing Partner, Roger Davis, and Bobby Thomas, Co-Founder and Head Brewer, were heavily influenced by a recent road trip to visit breweries on the coast of Oregon last year. “We saw what cool things you can do with open fermentation, coupled with a coastal climate and salty air — so Bobby and I set our sights on the Southern coast,” Davis shares. “We couldn’t be more excited to increase our presence and expand into North Carolina!”

New Brews from the Beach

Red Hare has been aging and experimenting with beers in barrels for some time now, but is running out of adequate space to do so in the Marietta facility. The new Red Hare brewery will be located in the 111-year-old former Coastal Drug Company building on the Shallotte river — providing plenty of space and an authentic environment for the development of new barrel aged and wild fermentation beers. Any beers brewed here will have taste characteristics that can’t be achieved inland. Red Hare will begin working with coolships (broad, open-top, flat vessels) that allow wild yeast to naturally ferment, cultivating truly unique styles of beer! Wild yeast is far less predictable than yeast grown in a lab, but Red Hare is excited to see what the coastal climate, native wild yeast, and naturally occurring bacteria does for their beers. “We can’t wait to start experimenting at this coastal location,” says Thomas. “With open fermentation and wild yeast in the mix, we can continue to bring unique craftsmanship to our line up!”

The new brewery location will be opening in the second half of 2017, and the new brews will be distributed in NC by R.A.Jeffrey’s and Healy Wholesale. Stay tuned for updates on construction and releases! In the meantime, visit the flagship Red Hare brewery in Marietta, GA, located at 1998 Delk Industrial Boulevard. For more information on Red Hare and the second location, check out, or follow us on Facebook.


Port Brewing - 11 Anniversary Double IPA

imageHappy 11th Anniversary to Port Brewing.  To help celebrate the occasion, Port Brewing will be releasing 11 Anniversary Double IPA.  This “hop monster” will hit 10.5%-AbV and you’re looking at the 22oz bottle.  Stay tuned for release details.


Anchor Brewing Purchases ShockWave Xtractor™ Hop Extraction Technology from Hydro Dynamics

imageFrom Anchor & Hydro Dynamics:

Hydro Dynamics, Inc, (HDI) would like to announce the installation of its hop ShockWave Xtractor™ extraction technology at Anchor Brewing in San Francisco, CA. Anchor’s Blackberry Daze® IPA will be their first beer made with the technology using the ability of the technology to extract more flavor during dry-hopping and from the fruit.

Brewing since 1896, Anchor beers can be found all over America and internationally. Anchor Brewing has a beautiful copper brewhouse and uses the “time-honored art of classical craft brewing with carefully applied, state-of-the-art modern methods.” Anchor has also been a craft brewing pioneer, being the first American brewery to use the now common brewing technique of dry-hopping. Doug Mancosky, VP of R&D at HDI stated, “We are delighted that our technology has found a home in Anchor’s historic brewery located in the vibrant California craft beer market. Anchor’s mix of tradition and technology makes for some amazing beers.“

The cavitation technology is manufactured by Hydro Dynamics, Inc. The ShockWave Xtractor™ harnesses the pressure fluctuations of cavitation to improve extraction and increased hop flavor. With the proliferation of craft breweries, the demand for hops and prices have increased. The ShockWave Xtractor™ technology can allow brewers to produce bitter beers with up to 50% less hops, both bittering and aroma hops for dry- hopping, as well as improve the extraction of fruits, spices and other flavors.


Torn Label Abbounces New Barrel Aging Project

imageFrom Torn Label:

Torn Label Brewing Company’s inaugural run of Barrel Aged Long Time Comin’ became one of its most

acclaimed and sought after releases to date. The second time around, they decided to get even more


Barrel Aged Long Time Comin’ was initially released for the taproom’s first anniversary in early 2016,

and the imperial stout aged in J. Rieger and Company whiskey barrels sold out within hours. 2017’s

release of the brew sees the brewery expand the concept into a project designed to highlight the city’s

burgeoning distillery scene.

“We loved what the year spent in J. Rieger barrels did for our big stout,” said CEO/co-founder Rafi

Chaudry, “but this time around we thought it would be fun to widen the scope and age a single batch of

Long Time Comin’ in a series of different barrels from local wine/spirit artisans so drinkers can enjoy

comparing and contrasting the subtle flavor nuances those diverse barrels impart.”

Brewmaster/Co-founder Travis Moore crafted a 15-barrel batch of Long Time Comin’ intended to be

entirely barrel aged, and monitored the extensive array closely over nearly a year. A portion of the

11.4% imperial stout was aged in barrels from local partners J. Rieger and Company, Union Horse

Distilling Company, Amigoni Urban Winery, and Tom’s Town Distilling Co.

Besides the local distillers, Torn Label also worked in partnership with area businesses on additional

barrel variants. A variant exclusive to Lukas Liquors was aged in a Smooth Ambler whiskey barrel,

while one for Plaza Liquor spent time in a Knob Creek bourbon barrel. The project began, however, with

a Knappogue Castle 12 Year Old Single Malt Whiskey barrel provided by Browne’s Irish Marketplace.

“That was incredibly exciting for us,” says Chaudy, “because as far as we can tell, no brewery in the

world has EVER released a beer aged in Knappogue barrels. So it’s fitting that the beer aged in this

exceptional and remarkably rare barrel will go to Browne’s, the oldest Irish business in North


Browne’s will host a release party for their portion of the Knappogue version the week of April 10th. 

Every partner will receive half the amount aged in their particular barrel for their own release. All

bottles will feature a distinct neck hanger that distinguishes the particular variant. Bottles will also be

wax coated in differentiating colors.

“Every version shares a common heritage, which serves to highlight how profound the various oak and

spirit character of the barrels can impact the end result. One variant might have notes of caramel and

nutmeg, while others may feature an aromatic cedar character, or a sticky, chocolate cherry dessert

quality,” says Chaudry.----

Torn Label will host a release party at its taproom for the entire array of bottles beginning at noon on

May 27th. In addition to the 22oz bottles of each variant which will be for sale for on-premise

consumption or to-go, as a Signature Partner in this collaboration Tom’s Town’s portion of Barrel Aged

Long Time Comin’ will be available on draft as well as in bottles. Quantities of all variants will be very



Rodenbach Brewery Unveils New Packaging for its Iconic Beers

imageFrom Rodenbach:

RIDGEFIELD, CT ., March 29, 2017 Rodenbach Brewery, known and recognised around the world as the leading brewer of Flemish Red Brown Sour Ales, announced it will be investing heavily in its brands, markets and brewery infrastructure in Roeselare, Belgium.   All Rodenbach beers will undergo a redesign, a brand-supporting program, and the brewery will receive a $3MM investment in its brewing technology.

Brand Refresh: Authentically Designed

The all-new RODENBACH portfolio of beers: Rodenbach Fruitage, Rodenbach Classic, Rodenbach Grand Cru, Rodenbach Grand Cru (large format), Rodenbach Alexander, Rodenbach Vintage and Rodenbach Caractere Rouge

RODENBACH Grand Cru - new packaging and new Rodenbach glassware for optimal enjoyment

RODENBACH Grand Cru - new packaging and new Rodenbach glassware for optimal enjoyment

All Rodenbach beers will have a completely new design to create a sense of unity of the portfolio.   The iconic letter 'R', which appears on all packaging, will have a new look that pays tribute to the brand's 200 year-old heritage of artfully brewing and crafting Flemish Red Brown Sour Ales while simultaneously introducing new consumers to the brand.

Rodenbach 'Classic' is the new name for what was previously known as its session beer, and will be offered exclusively in 6-pack, 8.5oz cans in the United States.  Rodenbach Classic joins the new Rodenbach Fruitage in the brand's 'thirst-quenching' category.

Rodenbach Grand Cru, Rodenbach Vintage, Rodenbach Alexander and Rodenbach Caractère Rouge will also get a new packaging design and be designated as part of the brand's 'delicious' category of beers.  These beers will be poured in a new, elegant stemmed glass at on premise locations, and are recommended with a variety of foods to enhance the flavors and optimize enjoyment.

Labels for Rodenbach Classic and Rodenbach Fruitage will proudly use the 'R' as inspiration for the beer's descriptor: "Red, Ripened and Refreshing." Rodenbach Grand Cru, Rodenbach Alexander, Rodenbach Vintage and Rodenbach Caractère Rouge will feature the wording "aged in oak foeders" which highlights Rodenbach's 294 iconic oak vats ('foeders') and optimises the vinification and maturation process of all Rodenbach beers.   

Master brewer, Rudi Ghequire, along with a team of cellar masters monitor the quality of the beers throughout every step of the brewing process to create the ideal combination of expertise and pure enjoyment.


Cheers to the Unexpected'

This spring, Rodenbach will begin marketing and sales support under a new slogan 'Rodenbach, cheers to the unexpected' which aims to give beer connoisseurs the opportunity to discover the Rodenbach portfolio of beers.   This campaign continues in the tradition set forth in 1821 when Rodenbach began surprising beer lovers everywhere.----

One of the most awarded beers in the world, Rodenbach is the undisputed market leader of Flemish Red Brown Sour Ales.  Rodenbach received scores of 98, 97 and 96 points from Wine Enthusiast magazine and critical acclaim from All About Beer, Beer Connoisseur, Beer Advocate, USA Today, Esquire and other leading publications.


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