Bavarian Barbarian Releases New Beer

31 July 2008

It's finally out of the tanks and ready for drinking.....Mike has released his Square Feet Wheat and it sounds good!

Here's Mike's Description: a light, refreshing wheat ale perfect for hot, sticky summer days. Try Square Feet Wheat with imported Raspberry or Woodfruff syrups for an elysian sweetness, or drink it naked and enjoy the wheaty flavor.


Weyerbacher Beer Dinner - Aug 5th

From Weyerbacher:

Still time to get your tickets. Just call 610-332-8888. And look at this incredible menu:

Vietnamese Crab Roll & Chilled Chipotle MusselsWeyerbacher Hops Infusion

Pocono Mountain Rainbow Trout Grilled Watermelon & PurslaneWeyerbacher Merry Monks Ale

Braised then smoked Kobe style beef BrisketCaramelized organic onion jam Weyerbacher Slam Dunkel

Frozen Chocolate BarWith Banana BruleWeyerbacher Thirteen Stout

After DinnerWeyerbacher Blithering Idiot

Chef Dick BarrowsHead Brewer Chris Wilson

Price $49 per person gratuity not included

Read more... Welcomes Anthracite Cafe

30 July 2008

Cheers and welcome to Anthracite officially participating with Welcome aboard Mike...the beer loving community Thanks you! Click HERE to go to the Anthracite Cafe page


Kanga-rito !

Not that the rest of Dave's menu @ River St Ale House isn't amazing, but you have to love any menu that features a Kangaroo Burrito. I think I just love saying it, so here it is again, Kangaroo Burrito. So where's the beer content you ask? How about while you enjoy your Kangaroo Burrito (I said it again) you can have a Southern Tier Cherry Saison or even a Grotten Brown. So hop on down to River St. Ale House and enjoy a Kanga-rito!


Mrs. beerbuzz's recipe for enjoying a Bad Beer...

28 July 2008

The topic of bad beer is discussed almost as much as good beers these days. Of course all of us know what to do with a good beer, but what about a bad beer. This question may not be too hard to answer if you have a sampler or a pint, but what if you have a case of beer and it simply doesn't turn out to be a beer you love....or maybe even like for that matter.

If you give it away, your beer friends will forever think you have no beer taste, and if you drink it...well life's too short to fill up on a beer you don't enjoy. Mrs beerbuzz decided our Atwater Vanilla Java Porter wasn't working for her, and of course we had a case for a party. Now don't get me wrong, on draft this beer is incredible, but in bottles it's just OK. After spending an evening with Charlie @ Dugan's and enjoying a half Lancaster 4-grain Amish Ale and half Allagash Black black-and-tan, the light bulb went on. So home we went and we made up some half-and-halfs of our own. Half Atwater half Weyerbacher House Ale....yummy, half Atwater half Weyerbacher Autumfest....and there it was...our solution. So if you have a case of beer you don't love...try mixing it. If it's dark mix it with light, if it's light, mix it with dark....and then thank Mrs. beerbuzz for turning an OK case into a very drinkable case. Cheers.


Barley, Corn, Hops Pricing and Weyerbacher

25 July 2008

With all the talk of increasing beer prices over the last 10 months, I continually hear complaints of high prices, especially complaints focused toward Weyerbacher. I certainly disagee and would take the stance that Weyerbacher produces a high quality beer at a fair price. Over the last few weeks in Happy Hour conversations, I've promised to publish Dan Weirback's Appeal here it is:

A Treatise and an Appeal or How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Craft Brew, At Any Price

OK, here it is, your inside the industry explanation of the ridiculus price increases in Craft Brew that you are going to see very soon. I’ll explain what’s happened to the price of Malt and Hops and why, what can be done about it, and why you are going to see prices jump likely between 15 and 25% on the retail end for Craft brews in a matter of weeks. I’ll then finish with an appeal to all craft brew fans for continued support. We need it now more than ever to get through this rough period and not lose any more quality craft breweries, which could likely happen to some you might not expect.I own and operate Weyerbacher Brewing Co. (with partners) in Easton, PA, so you’re getting info straight from the brewery. In late September I was told by another brewery that malt was going up about 40% and hops 30 to 40%. I started calling suppliers and they confirmed this was true, and also that they have no prices locked in yet. Additionally, I was informed that many farmers are not honoring their contracts to the fullest extent (don’t blame the farmers please) due to the crazy price situation that’s evolving in crop farming, with corn being twice the price it was last year. What does corn have to do with it? Our supplier tells us that with Uncle Sam’s push for and financial support for ethanol the price for corn has doubled and many farmers grew corn instead of barley this year. In the UK, where the EU has also required ethanol production, rape seed is the crop of choice and again, a lot more profitable than growing barley and wheat. Couple this with bad weather and growing conditions this year and in Europe and you have a crisis in barley supply. We were told this was coming in early summer, but we assumed our malt company might have meant a 10 to 15% increase in price, not this. When we finally got nailed down pricing last week, one malt price was up 45% and the other up 56%. Plus, we were told to be happy that we’re able to get the supply (with growth) that we’ve asked for. Some brewers will not be so luckyNow for Hops. A glut of hops on the market in the mid-90s, caused a 10 year decline in hops acreage and hops farmers throughout the world. Each year more acreage dwindled and it didn’t matter as there was still an oversupply of hops. Beginning perhaps 2 to 4 years ago, the astounding success and strength of the craft brew industry put a big dent in the overage, but prices stayed essentially the same and farmers didn’t have incentive to plant more. Throw in the runaway success of Double IPAs (and bigger) and we’ve jumped up the demand again for those fragrant cones. Sooner or later something had to give. And its happened last month. Rather than going up 30 or 40% as expected, US and European hops have gone up 400%!! That’s not a typo, 400%. There is not enough to go around. Weyerbacher has our supply lined up, but some recipes may require a few substitutions in hops due to lack of supply of some varieties. In a recent Wall Street Journal article on this problem, Larry Bell of Kalamazoo brewing and Jim Koch of Sam Adams were also quoted as saying they would probably have to alter a few recipes.There simply is no choice for some breweries.Some Craft breweries have locked in contracts for several years for supply, but they’re still going to see the price increase sooner or later. Many farmers are not honoring contracts.So where does this bring us? These price increases for Malt and Hops alone amount to a minimum price increase from Weyerbacher to wholesaler of 12 to 14% and it gets worse on the beers that use a lot of hops. Many of our beers will increase about $2.50 per case. Our ingredient cost for Hops Infusion IPA has risen $3.94, so we will raise the price $4.00 per case. Its typical for a business to markup a certained fixed amount from cost, so typically this $4.00 would result in a higher markup to keep our margins this same, but you can see why we can’t do that. When you reach for that 4 pack of Double Simcoe IPA in the New Year, don’t be surprised if its $2.00 to $2.50 higher. Our ingredient cost on this hop bomb went up $8.14 per case. You can see where this is going. Many BIG beers not heavy on the hops will go up perhaps 3 or 4 dollars due to the malt increase.It gets better. A price increase at the brewery of 10 to 15%, just to cover costs, no gouging whatsoever, will result in a price increase at retail of 20 to 25%.So that’s it in a nutshell. The Associated Press and The Wall Street Journal have both written separate articles on this subject in the past 3 weeks.While not officially speaking for the industry, I hope other breweries will join Weyerbacher in an appeal to beer geeks everywhere for their continued support of our industry. We need you now more than ever if we are to continue making great beer. When hops are short and the big 3 industrial brewers will pay anything (almost) to get their hands on them, we need you the consumer to come to a full understanding of what’s going on in our industry. Many craft breweries just get by, with employees typically working 50 to 60 hour weeks, most of whom would not feel they are overpaid. Fuel goes up, glass goes up, cardboard goes up every year, and somehow we have to deal with it. We’ll be OK here, but some breweries may not. We simply ask for your understanding about why the prices have gone up. Thanks for your fantastic support in the past and your (hopefully) continued support in the future.

Dan Weirback, President
Weyerbacher Brewing Co., Inc


Oktoberfest Beer already!

24 July 2008

Yes folks it's true. The Oktoberfest Beers are starting to roll. If you're anxious to get your Oom-pa-pa on early, stop down to Plaza Beverage where you'll find 2008 production Penn Oktoberfest Beer. My lederhosen are all in a bundle over this news. How about you?


Weyerbacher Releases Imperial Pumpkin Ale 2008

23 July 2008

Weyerbacher is currently selling bottles and sixtels of their popular Imperial Pumpkin Ale. This brew never seems to last very long, so stock up now. I've never been a lover of pumpkin ales, but this brew is different. It's available now for tasting also in their Easton facility.


Old Forge Brewing Company - Updates

22 July 2008

I've been speaking with Damien Malfara (owner and brewer for OFBC) about Old Forge Brewing Company in Danville, PA. Damien tells me that they are in the very early stages of remodeling their building and preparing for the eventual opening of OFBC. They'll be using a 5 bbl direct-fired brewing system and plan to have 4 year-round beers and as many as 4 rotating seasonal or specialty beers. I've also spoken with Damien about some of the other details of the bar, and it sounds like he has a great plan for the brewpub. I'm sure Damien will release more details as he progresses, so watch here for future updates on OFBC.

In the mean time Damien tells me he is seeking out a chef for the brewpub. If anyone is interested or knows someone who may be interested, I'd be happy to pass that info on to Damien. Please help me in welcoming Damien, and stay tuned for further details.


Beer Find of the Week - Rogue Brewers Ale 2008

21 July 2008

This week's beer find comes to us courtesy of Dugan's. Charlie has a case of Rogue Brewers Ale 2008. This special edition ceramic bottle, with Brew Dawg on the label and dog tags hanging on the bottle is a wonderfully well-balanced hoppy 9% brew. They won't last long so don't miss out.


Old Forge Brewing Company - Coming Soon

This from the Daily Item newspaper:

DANVILLE -- At least four new businesses will help fill up more than a dozen vacancies on Mill Street in downtown Danville. A wedding shop and a new tattoo parlor have already opened on Danville's main street. A photography shop is scheduled to open in June and a brew pub should be coming this fall. The brew pub is planned next to Impressions Photographic Studio and Gallery at 288 Mill St. The pub will occupy space where Playa Cancun, which closed due to personal health reasons, had been. Renovations should start soon on the building since micro brew tanks need to be installed. Damien Malfara of Bloomsburg plans to add a bar and to use the upstairs, downstairs and back patio for his business. "He has been working on this at least five years and has won several awards for his home brewing. He has a lot of great plans for brew fests on the patio," said Cheryl Wenzel, owner of the buildings housing Impressions and the brew pub site at 282 Mill St. Malfara is also in the process of obtaining a brewer's license.

I've been speaking with Damien, so stay tuned for additional details to follow....


Old Forge Brewing Company - Danville PA Coming Soon!

19 July 2008

So here's a tidbit of really really good beer news for Northeastern PA. I just received a note about a new Microbrewery called Old Forge Brewing Company, coming soon to Danville PA. No additional details to report at this time, but I'll see what I can find out.

Check out the photos of click HERE to visit their under construction website.


Chip the Beer Guy Rock 107 - Ommegang Hennepin Saison

18 July 2008

I'll keep this short & sweet so you have time to run to Grotto. Loved the show, loved the beer, but if Grotto is really selling Ommegang Hennepin Saison for $2.50 a bottle...I need time to run out the door NOW!

By the way that's my favorite quote of the day...."Ommegang Hennepin for $2.50"

I've removed my disclaimer...Upon further checking it appears as though Grotto Pizza Wyoming Valley Mall WILL be selling 12oz Ommegang Hennepin bottles today (7/18) for $2.50!

So for my real review I just wanted to say John's comment of "When I smell it I want to hug everyone" really made me laugh. Cheers Guys...great show...

To hear Chip's PodCast or watch the still blurry Video CLICK HERE


Selinsgrove Brewing News

17 July 2008

Just a quick update on Selinsgrove Brewing Co...

For this weekend's brew festival, they'll be featuring 13-beers and a hand pump beer at the brewery!

They're also featuring Firkin First Friday on Aug 1st at the brewery with a special beer on firkin.


Bring on the Waffle-Humping and Mannekin Pis

Regardless of your take on the Bud/In-Bev merger, you have to find this funny....


Beer Event - Selinsgrove Beer & Wine Festival

16 July 2008

This weekend (7/19) is the 1st annual Selinsgrove Beer & wine Festival. This is close by and promises to be a LOT of fun so don't miss out. Several of our mybeerbuzz members are pouring (Bavarian barbarian, Victory, Selin's Grove Brewing, Troegs, Bullfrog & Lion) and lots of good other breweries like Appalcahia, Copper Kettle, Otto's, Lancaster, Brooklyn, Clipper City, and Dogfish Head.

Click HERE for more info.

I've heard from Selinsgrove and they will be featuring 13 beers and a hand pump at the brewery for festival weekend!!


Brewery Quiz - Answer

14 July 2008

I had quite a few guesses, but only Dave had it. You're looking at the St James Gate Guinness Brewery in Dublin Ireland. The first two photos were taken from their 7th floor all glass Gravity Bar, and the third photo shows the historical St. James Gate. Here's one last on from their Storehouse.


Brewery Quiz....Guess Where we are? Clue # 3

13 July 2008

Anyone that still needs another clue after this one needs more than a clue. Now do you know which brewery we're at?


Non-News of the day

No real shocker here. AB & InBev have agreed to a roughly $70 per share buyout price (that's a paltry $52 Billion). The beer world will now welcome Anheuser-Busch InBev. Not that InBev is the king of Belgian brews, but as a Belgian beer lover, I'll be very curious to see if American macro-brew ?AB drinkers snub the new Belgian ownership or not. Time will tell. As I said before, I can't wait to see the InBev Clydesdales.

Click HERE for the Wall Street Journal's take.

and Click HERE fo rthe full press release...


One Guy Brewing features Two New Beers...

I just heard from Guy and he's added two new beers to the lineup.

Seasons "Wheatings" (for a little Xmas in July) and a German Hefe-Weizen. Check out the One Guy Brewing page to see all the beers Guy has on tap.


Brewery Quiz....Guess Where we are? Clue # 2

12 July 2008

Not as easy as I thought. Certainly this one will give it away if you google a little. One more tomorrow....


New Super Bowl Commercials

11 July 2008

So now the end is near for Anheuser-Busch. They are now reporting the deal has been "sweeten'd" to the tune of 7.5% more from InBev and AB is finally warming up to the irresistible hostile takeover. I can't help but think how cool it will be in January to see the Super Bowl commercials for the InBev Clydesdales.

Read more... - Beer Find x 2

This week we had a beer find "two-fer". I was all set to tell you I found Kasteel Rouge again, and then the bad news is, it kicked. The good news is that it was replaced with Unibroue Maudite. So this weeks beer find of the week is Unibrou Maudite...and it JUST went on tap @ 9PM Friday (7/11) at Elmer Sudds. This wonderful Belgian Stong Red Ale is not to be missed on draft. Cheers! or as the vikings would say....Skål!


Brewery Quiz....Guess Where we are?

Here's the first picture. Guess which brewery you're looking at? More clues to follow tomorrow.


What Beers can you get in Pennsylvania?

10 July 2008

Glad you asked. See for yourself (by clicking HERE)

I count about 2870 give or take a pint.


Victory Brewing Releases NEW Seasonal Beer

09 July 2008

Victory Sunrise Weissbier

Style: Bavarian Hefeweizen
Malts: 2-row German barley & Wheat Malts
Hops: German & Czech whole flowers
Yeast: Imported of German origin
Alcohol by Vol. 5.7%

From Victory: As invigorating as the morning rays of the summer sun, Sunrise Weissbier satisfies when the heat is on, too. This unfiltered, Bavarian style ale is true to its origins with all ingredients except for the water having been imported from Germany. It remains unfiltered to feature the tangy, fruity flavors of its unique yeast. The imported German malt contributes greatly to add a crisp, citric snap that makes this beer a superb summertime refresher.


InBev vs Anheuser-Busch...the war begins...

It seems that the InBev vs Bud controversy is not fading away. Now, in an attempt to force Bud to take their original offer, InBev is now seeking to replace Anheuser-Busch's board of directors.

Click HERE for Forbes report on the battle or Click HERE for the YahooBiz report


Local Belgian Beers Available

08 July 2008

It seems that everyone loves Belgian beers, but no one loves the prices. Since I'm always getting asked where Belgian brews can be found locally and how much they cost, I thought I'd add a post. This list comes to us from our mybeerbuzz member, Plaza Beverage. There are some great beers and great prices to be had.

Beer****Package****Brewery*****Price Inventory (In Stock)
Abbaye Du Val-Dieu Triple 24/12oz NR Abbaye Du Val-Dieu $75.00 1
Abbaye Du Val-Dieu Brune 24/12oz NR Abbaye Du Val-Dieu $75.00 1
Blanche de Bruxelles(Manneken Pis) 24/12oz NR Brasserie Lefebvre $39.99 5
Chimay Grande Réserve (Blue) 12/25oz NR Bières de Chimay (Abbaye Notre Dame de Scourmont) $115 2
Chimay Première (Red) 12/25oz NR Bières de Chimay (Abbaye Notre Dame de Scourmont)
$84.99 1
Corsendonk Brown Ale 24/12oz NR $72.99 1
Corsendonk Pale Ale 24/12oz NR $72.99 1
Delirum Tremens 24/12oz NR Brouwerij Huyghe $89.99 1
Delirum Nocturnum 24/12oz NR Brouwerij Huyghe $89.99 1
Duvel 24/12oz NR Brouwerij Duvel Moortgat NV $74.99 1
Floreffe Prima Melior 24/12oz NR Brasserie Lefebvre $59.99 1
Floreffe Triple 12/25oz NR Brasserie Lefebvre $69.99 1
Houblon Chouffe 12/25oz NR Brasserie d'Achouffe $95.00 1
Hoegaarden 24/12oz NR $39.99 3
La Chouffe 12/25oz NR Brasserie d'Achouffe $89.99 1
Leffe 24/12oz NR Abbaye de Leffe S.A. $39.99 3
Leffe Brown 30 Liter BBL Abbaye de Leffe S.A. 1
Lindemans Framboise 24/12oz NR $109.00 2
Maredsous 10 24/12oz NR Brouwerij Duvel Moortgat NV $65.99 1
Maredsous 8 24/12oz NR Brouwerij Duvel Moortgat NV $65.99 1
McChouffe 12/25oz NR Brasserie d'Achouffe $95.00 1
St Bernardus Triple 12/25oz NR *****Sale $90 damage case 11 out of 12 bottles, 1 broke during shipping**** $105.00 1
St Bernardus 12 Degree 12/25oz NR $110.00 1
St Bernardus Variety Pack 24/12oz NR $89.99 1
Stella Artois 24/12oz NR $29.99 5+


Charlie's Sign of the week...7/3

03 July 2008

This week's sign says it all. Forgive my assonance, but I'd also add Properly Prepared Pizza Pie...(and yes I know it's really alliteration but assonance is much funnier.)


Top Brewery Tours in the US and Worldwide

02 July 2008

For anyone that's ever done a micro-brewery tour, it's an experience a beer lover will never forget. The sights, the smells, the inside info and best of all, the free taster beers. I've done more than one or two of these tours, and from personal experience I can tell you it's a lot of fun to see where some of your favorite beers are born and to sample a beer with the man (or woman) who created that beer. I've sampled from the pigtails and taken my photo with 5-year-old bourbon barrels, and I can tell you it never gets old. Some personal favorites of mine:

Weyerbacher (Easton, PA): Great atmosphere, wonderful beers, friendly people, and the most generous sampling room on the planet.

Weeping Radish: (Outer Banks, NC): Very organic atmosphere, great beers to sample and you have to love any tour done by the brewmaster himself.

Stone Brewing: (Escondido, CA): Amazing building, incredible selection of beers to sample, huge brewing facility, and friendly staff.

Guinness (St James Gate, Dublin, IRE): Incredible tour covering 6 stories, amazing gift shop, and a free pint of Guinness (with a perfect clover pour) on the 7th-story all glass Gravity Bar with a 360-degree unobstructed view of Dublin.

Click HERE for Forbes Magazine Favorite US Micro Brewery Tours
Click HERE for Forbes Magazine Favorite Worldwide Brewery Tours


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