Iron Hill Brewery - New Head Brewer

30 March 2009

From Jennir Hatton:




MAPLE SHADE, NJ – The region’s most celebrated brewery and dining destination, Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant, is pleased to announce that Chris LaPierre will take the reins as head brewer at their eighth location in Maple Shade, New Jersey (124 East Kings Highway, 856-273-0300). LaPierre, a native of South Jersey, is a veteran of Iron Hill West Chester, where he served as head brewer for the past six years. Iron Hill Maple Shade is scheduled to open in July 2009.

“I’m very excited to be a part of the team at Maple Shade, to bring our beers to a new audience,” says LaPierre, who is also Iron Hill’s company-wide safety committee chairman. “I’ve even involved myself with the construction of the brewery itself, to make sure that I have a hand on every beer that leaves our facility.”

LaPierre is the winner of five medals for Iron Hill: gold (for Cannibal and Saison) and bronze (for Bourbon Baltic Porter and Ironbound Ale) at the Great American Beer Festival (GABF) and silver (for Cannibal) at the World Beer Cup. He is an avid cyclist who founded West Chester Cycling Club and plans to ride to work in Maple Shade from his home in Center City, Philadelphia. He was also instrumental in creating the popular “Belgium Comes to West Chester” event, an annual celebration of local breweries that craft Belgian-style ales which is well-attended by the brewers themselves and highlights as many as 25 area offerings. LaPierre began his career at Iron Hill in 2002, bringing to bear his experience working at Philadelphia’s Dock Street Brewery and Boston’s Harpoon Brewery.

“We are pleased and proud to turn this exciting responsibility over to Chris LaPierre,” said Iron Hill’s Director of Brewing Operations Mark Edelson. “His sterling record with us and his commitment to producing the finest quality beers give us great confidence in his ability to perform in his new role.”

Iron Hill Maple Shade will accommodate 280 guests and serve Iron Hill’s menu of new American favorites alongside an impressive selection of their celebrated, house-brewed beers, including: Vienna Red Lager, an Austrian lager with bread-y malt aroma and a clean, crisp finish; Pig Iron Porter, dark, flavorful and chocolate-y with good balance and a slight bitterness; Raspberry Wheat, a filtered American wheat beer with a touch of natural raspberry flavor; and Ironbound Ale, a celebration of American ales made from the nation’s finest hops varieties such as Cascade, Columbus, Centennial and Chinook. Iron Hill Maple Shade is set to open in July 2009.

Since 1996, Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant has consistently been recognized for its outstanding beers and cuisine, accruing over 100 “Best of” awards from regional magazines. Their hand-crafted beers have also won acclaim and in total, they have received 39 medals from the three most prestigious beer events, the GABF, World Beer Cup and Real Ale Festival. They operate seven award-winning locations: Newark, DE; Wilmington, DE; Media, PA; West Chester, PA; North Wales, PA; Phoenixville, PA and Lancaster, PA.For more information about Iron Hill, or to make a reservation at any of their locations, please visit their website at


Iron Hill Lancaster - Brandywine Valley Festival

29 March 2009

From Jennie Hatton:
MEDIA, PA – On Saturday, May 16, the region’s most celebrated brewery and dining destination, Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant (30 East State Street, 610-627-9000), will host their annual Brandywine Valley Craft Brewers Festival from 1 to 5 pm. This exciting event showcases offerings from 25 regional breweries, with proceeds donated to the Media Youth Center. Tickets are $35 online and $40 at the door; advance ticket purchase is advised, as this event often sells out early.

“The Brandywine Valley Craft Brewers Festival is a once-a-year opportunity to bring people together for a fun-filled day of music, food, and great beer,” says Mark Edelson, director of brewing operations. “We host this festival each year during American Craft Beer Week, it’s our way of celebrating the culture and contributions of craft beer.”

The Brandywine Valley Craft Brewers Festival will include unlimited beer tastings, live music and food will be available for purchase. The event will be held rain or shine. Tickets are available online at

Since 1996, Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant has consistently been recognized for its outstanding beers and cuisine, accruing over 100 “Best of” awards from regional magazines. Their hand-crafted beers have also won acclaim and in total, they have received 39 medals from the three most prestigious beer events, the GABF, World Beer Cup and Real Ale Festival.

Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant has seven locations, in Newark, DE; Wilmington, DE; Media, PA; West Chester, PA; North Wales, PA; Phoenixville, PA and Lancaster, PA. An eighth location will open in Maple Shade, NJ in early summer 2009. All seven locations are open seven days a week for lunch and dinner.

For more information on the Brandywine Brewers Festival, please call Iron Hill Media at (610) 627-9000 or purchase a ticket online at


Chip the Beer Guy Rock 107 - Sam Adams Imperial White

27 March 2009

We had a special treat on today's show...Jim Koch founder of the Boston Beer Co, joined the guys on the phone to talk beer. For those that may not have ever heard an interview with Jim, he's a very witty and entertaining guy, not to mention a lover of beer. Now I'm sure I won't do much justice to the beer chatter, but suffice to say it was a very fun interview, and one I won't be able to add much humor prepare for a boring post.

Today's beer of the day was part of the Sam Adams Imperial Series of beers, and Chip chose to sample the Sam Adams Imperial White. I haven't tried this beer yet, so I can't add much commentary, but on paper it looks good to me. Coming in at 10% ABV with notes of coriander and orange, just sounds good. In fact perhaps the highlight of today's show was that Jim was drinking a mix of Imperial White and Orange Juice that he tagged as a "Sammossa." I'll suspend any opinion on that mix until my early morning brain can wrap around what that may taste like....or better yet try it myself.

It was also fun to hear that the 25-year anniversary of Boston Beer Co is this year and that Jim may be planning a special brew. Of course it's always fascinating to hear about the origins of Sam Adams beer and how most of the employees are actually home brewers also. Jim relates that back in 1984 there were only two choices---macro beer (which he refers to as the Burger Kings and Taco Bells of beer), and imports....thus leaving an opening for an american micro-breweries. Jim also related that in the early days (and I'm sure today) they spent a significant amount of time and energy on brewing consistent beer, but also brewing in a manner that was well sanitized, which he thought differentiated him from the other early craft brewers. Good stuff for sure, and Jim's a great historian not just for Sam Adams, but beer in general.

Well...not too boring a post (I hope). Be sure to catch an interview with Jim, better yet check out the Rock 107 podcast for yourself. Cheers to Jim and all the guys (Yes that includes Ruthie) for another great show.


Lion Brewery Wins Gold

26 March 2009

Just thought everyone would be excited to hear our own Lion Brewery scored 3 gold medals at the World Beer Championship for Steg Holiday Warmer, Steg Bock and Liebotschaner Cream Ale AND a silver medal for Pocono Pale Ale. Congratulations guys....very exciting to see you gain some much deserved recognition.



Shawnee Craft Brewing - Update

Thanks to Cody for the updates he posted out on Shawnee Craft Brewing (see comments). I also heard from Leo today who tells me he has a Porter in the tanks now and is working on a Bier Blanch and Bohemian Lager for next week. Sounds like things are moving forward and can't wait to try some of these...


mybeerbuzz - What's in My Belly?

25 March 2009

My beer-belly is less-happy this week. I thought I'd get into the spirit of Spring and have a little Spring Dopplebock. Now my belly normally loves a good strong lenten beer, but...well lets just say my belly wasn't screming for another one of these to "Get in my Belly!"

My belly-beer today is Hooker Liberator. Whay belly-beer post would be complete without a belly laugh, so please insert your favorite "hooker" joke here and have yourself a quick belly's OK...I'll wait.....Cheers to today's belly-beer and

"Me so-so"


Philly Beer Day - The Movie


Chip the Beer Guy Rock 107 - Jim Koch This Friday (3/27)

Just a quick heads up......John tells me Jim Koch from Boston Beer Co will appear on Rock 107 Chip the Beer Guy show this Fri (3/27).


Philly Beer Day - Russian River

23 March 2009

In case you mis-read the previous post...apparently we arrived @ Monk's on Russian River Day. Here's a quick photo of the main front bar stack...and yes that's Salvation and Damnation Batch 23, but what you don't see is Pliny the Elder, Blind Pig, Consecration and Pliny the Younger....

Read more... - Philly Beer Day

21 March 2009

Mrs Beerbuzz and I had a very entertaining time in Silly-Philly and I figured with Philly Beer Week closing out, you'd want a peek at a few in-person details. I'm working on the movie, and I'll post some pictures later, but I thought I'd post up a little teaser to whet your apetite a little.

Be sure to read the bottom section....


Craft Beer Sales Up in 2008 - The Graph


know I've spoken about these stats many times over the last few months, but I thought you'd want to see them graphically. This is big news for craft beer drinkers, so I made the graphic BIG!


Chip the Beer Guy Rock 107 - Genesee Bock

20 March 2009

Today we featured the three P's of beer. Pineapple, Passion Fruit and Pizza. Now I know this may sound like a dollar store pack of lip gloss or exotic massage oils but it's not. I also know the quantity-beer lovers are thinking a whole different thing when I say three P's, and it has a lot to do with breaking the seal or running behind a tree...but again it's not.

Apparently even without his beer-luggage, Chip managed to smuggle back a bottle of Mama-Mia's Pizza beer from the exotic port of Pittsburgh, a bottle of Voodoo Love Child (with Passion Fruit) from Meadeville, and in his belly, a Pineapple beer from Monroeville. It was of course very entertaining to hear the chatter, especially Ruthie's cry of foul at the Pizza Beer. Now I've had a Love Child, and even a pineapple lambic....but not Pizza Beer so without having tried it, my knee-jerk reaction would be the same as Ruthie's...That's Just Wrong.

When we hit the beer of the day I thought to myself we just went from three P's to a fourth when I heard Genesee. As John said, most of my high school...uh...wait make that...uh....College...uh...maybe like later in College would be better....(damn lawyers)..well in any memories of Genesee going back to when I was legally allowed to drink it...all involved hiding the Genesee and running into the woods. It was cheap, available and easy to run with...all the things I wanted in a beer. Of course back then you couldn't leave any evidence, so genny was consumed in full case quantities, so I remember very little about the flavor, at least not when it went down the first time.....BUT...

Genesee Bock is not a bad beer. I've tasted this little guy and I'd have to agree with the boys that it's an easy drinking bock beer. I'd have to disagree with the guys that I actually LIKE the label...but then again I'm a big fan of green. I probably wouldn't buy a case of Genny Bock, and it certainly would not be my first choice if I were choosing a bock...but it's not a bad brew, especially for the price.

To end, I just wanted to thank John for passing on the info about the Stegmaier experimental Oak Aged Holiday Warmer to his listeners. For anyone that didn't see it yet, the last keg of the season is on tap at the Anthracite Cafe. For anyone that hasn't tasted this's a great little oak aged warmer from the wonderful brewing staff at Lion...but more importantly it's a wonderful gesture from Lion as they move toward more and more interesting craft beer offerings.

Cheers, Happy Spring and may your eggs all stand on their ends today...

Clicky HERE to listen to the podcast--Choose Genesee Bock and be sure to listen to the last 10 seconds of the show ;)


Stegmaier Oak Aged Holiday Warmer - One More Keg - Anthracite

19 March 2009

For anyone who had a chance to taste some of the experimental Stegmaier Oak-Aged Holiday Warmer coming out of Lion brewery, you'll be excited to hear there is ONE MORE KEG being released today. This keg should be leaving the brewery tonight or early tomorrow.

Stay tuned here for details on where it's going and when it will be tapped.
UPDATE: Stegmaier OAHW is on tap NOW @ the Anthracite Cafe. I'm not sure how long it will last but it just went on tap tonight (3/19).


Iron Hill Lancaster - Spring Brewmaster's Dinner

From Jennie Hatton:


LANCASTER, PA – At 6 pm on Wednesday, March 25, the region’s most celebrated brewery and dining destination, Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant, (781 Harrisburg Pike) will host a Brewmaster’s Dinner featuring the beers of head brewer Paul Rutherford and the cuisine of Chef Robert Willis. The five-course meal will cost $50 per person, including food and a beer with each course. This special dinner is by reservation only.

“This is a fun opportunity to celebrate both our kitchen and our brewery by giving our guests a chance to enjoy some great pairings,” says Chef Willis.

The menu, which Rutherford and Willis collaborated on to create, includes: an amuse of Deconstructed Duck and Apple Strudel with confit of duck leg, Calvados flambee green apples and crème fraiche, paired with Biere de Garde, a classic French farmhouse beer with malt accents and slight fruit and spice notes; Roasted Wild Mushroom Soup with Asiago crouton, paired with Pig Iron Porter, with distinct roasted and chocolate notes balanced by a slight bitterness; Arugula Salad with roasted beets, panko crusted goat cheese and walnut vinaigrette; Lancaster County “Mixed Grill”, featuring beef tournado, domestic lamb chops and slow-roasted pork belly alongside glazed root vegetables and Yukon gold-celeriac puree, paired with Abbey Dubbel, brewed in the style of a Belgian monastery with aromas of plums and pears and sweetness on the palate that is balanced by nuances of fruit and spice; and for dessert, Chocolate Molten Cake with vanilla ice cream and chocolate ganache paired with Russian Imperial Stout.

“It’s a great way for people to learn about the many different beer styles and flavors that are always brewing here,” says Rutherford.

Since 1996, Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant has consistently been recognized for its outstanding beers and cuisine, accruing more than 100 “Best of” awards from regional magazines. Their hand-crafted beers have also won acclaim from the GABF, and in total, they have received 38 medals from the three most prestigious beer events, the GABF, World Beer Cup and Real Ale Festival.

Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant has seven locations, in Newark, DE; Wilmington, DE; Media, PA; West Chester, PA; North Wales, PA; Phoenixville, PA and Lancaster, PA. Their eighth location will open in Maple Shade this spring. All seven locations are open seven days a week for lunch and dinner. For more information about Iron Hill, or to make a reservation at any of their locations, please visit their website at To make a reservation for the Brewmaster’s Dinner, please call Iron Hill


mybeerbuzz - What's in My Belly?

18 March 2009

Wow...the belly-game marches on...and now I've had even more requests to continue. Apparently people like beer....even if it is or was in my belly. Who knew?

My belly-beer today is Bells Hopslam. With all the chatter about the hop profile of Hopslam fading fast, I thought it best to start working through my basement supply. I'm sure the 10% ABV helps in my overall enjoyment of this beer, but just between you and me, I taste no fading in the hop taste from a few weeks ago when the cases landed in my basement. Cheers to today's belly-beer and

"Me REALLY Likey!"


Breaker Brewing Co -Update

I just heard from Chris and the Breaker Brewing Co has received label approval from the TTB and are now off to the LCB for their approval. This is no small task so it's exciting news for the guys at Breaker. Barring any problems form the LCB, watch for 3 or 4 Breaker Brewing Co beers to be available some time in April.


Weyerbacher - Slam Dunkel out NOW

From Dan:

Our Double Dunkel-Weizen is back! This time in 4-packs of 12 oz. bottles in all markets. This unfiltered 7% abv ale has been recognized on internet beer boards as one of the best U.S. examples of a German-style wheat brew. Hearty and dark, with fruity notes from the Weihenstephaner yeast strain make this beer unforgettable, and perfect for this time of year. Supplies are limited.


Stoudt's Brewing Co - The Video

17 March 2009

Check out this clip from American Hops featuring Stoudt's Breing Co. Tell me this doesn't make you hungry and thirsty...Clicky HERE to watch the video.


Stegmaier Memorabilia

15 March 2009

I just thought many of you would get a kick out of this great old piece of Stegmaier Memorabilia I came across on eBay. I've intentionally waited until it sold so as not to play any role in the bidding and in any case I have no connection to the seller or any bidders...I just thought it was cool. It's a pre-prohibition metal corner sign and wait until you see what it sold for! Clicky HERE to go check it out.


Breaker Brewing Co - Update

I just heard from Chris and he tells me that Anthracite Ale is in one tank, Goldie's Blond Ale in the second tank (both fermenting) and the guys plan to brew Old King Coal Stout & Malthy McGuire later this week. Chris tells me the goal is to have 4 beers ready when their label approval comes in. The guys also just purchased 41 sixtels that they are getting ready. Exciting stuff...and stay tuned for more details.


Mrs Beerbuzz - Beer find of the Week

14 March 2009

This week it's Mrs. Beerbuzz's turn to point out a great local beer, and her choice comes to us from Elmer Sudds in Wilkes-Barre. This weeks beer find is Maredsous 8. It's a wonderful dark Dubbel that's just right for this time of year. Sudds also has Steamworks 3rd Eye Pale Ale and some great new bottles including our previous beer find of the week, Dogfish Head Fort. If none of this is enough, please remember John now has a variety of great pizza choices to go with your great beers or even a wonderful oatmeal stout on hand-pump. John also mentioned that he has some interesting new beers coming in soon, so stay tuned. Cheers to Elmer Sudds....this weeks beer find.


Weyerbacher - Open House Cancelled

13 March 2009

From Dan:

After lengthy discussions and consideration, we've decided not to hold our annual Open House this year. We know this will come as a disappointment to many, HOWEVER, your welcome to stop in any Saturday from Noon to 3 for samples and/or tours. You do NOT need to take the tour to sample, just amble right up to our sampling bar and you'll be able to taste 10 or more different styles on any given Saturday. AND, you can mix-n- match your own variety case any Saturday, just like at Open Houses in the past. Many beer fans are still unaware that we're here every Saturday for just these reasons.

Why did we choose not to hold the Open House? Last year we experienced such large crowds that people were standing in lines 50 deep or more at some stations. Many people were unable to sample all of the beers due to the heavy crowds and long lines. With even more equipment and raw goods inventory filling the brewery this year things would have been even tighter. We simply felt it was no longer a great experience for beer fans, whereas any Saturday there may be only 30 to 40 people present and much more time to interact with staff and sample the beers at leisure.

We even considered renting a tent (very expensive & subject to cold weather) as well as a few other options. All options required more expense, more personnel to give a fulfilling experience and more logistical considerations than made it worth while. While we aren't ruling out the possibilities in future years, we are ruling it out for 2009. As a small brewery we hope we'll have your continued support for our mission here on Saturdays, as well as at your favorite beer store.


Chip the Beer Guy Rock 107 - Michelob Irish Red

It's "St. Patrick's Day-parade-in-Scranton-Eve", and there's magic in the air. Of course this will be followed by beer in the plastic cup and pee on the sidewalk, but there's still magic in the air. I'm a 50-50 Irishman, and my mother's side is Welsh so as much as my bachelor-party was in the fine city of Dublin, I'm conflicted on the whole parade attendance thing.

In any case, the show today did have an Irish flair and featured the Chip The Beer Guy perennial star of the show, Florian Kuplent from AB. Now I would argue the real guest star of the show for me is Leo Orlandini, but Florian is cool to hear from also.

Today we featured Michelob Irish Red, in honor of parade weekend. I had a chance to try one of these recently and it was a tasty beverage and one I'm sure makes a pretty good St Pat's session beer. As the Irish would say, "you can't drink all day if you don't start in the morning."
It was interesting to hear from Florian and exciting to hear that AB/Michelob actually operates a 10bbl test brewery for some of their craft beers. It was also exciting to hear that they're releasing an all-wheat sample case and testing the waters for a hoppier-IPA-like-brew. At Johnny's Sat' tasting we actually had a chance to try some of the Michelob varieties so it was fun to follow that up with Florian on the show.

As much as I always seem to watch the parade from my couch; this year I'll admit I'm tempted. It's not the fun-filled-beer-crowd, the free pavement-candy, the Shriners in miniature cars, the never ending fun of watching the marching bands avoid the horsie-poop, and not even the fun of watching armature balloon handlers on a windy day....nope this year I'm tempted by Rock 107. Other than watching them practice after drinking a few Michelob Irish Red Ale's, what could be more entertaining than watching Jay, John & Ruthie operating segue-scooters in the parade. I'll be sure to Tivo the parade so I can slow down the moment when "by-the-book-Betty" Ruthie finds herself and her segue face-to-face with some horsie land you hadn't thought of that guys...

Cheers & wear a helmet....May the pot of gold you run over not be filled with straw...


mybeerbuzz - What's in My Belly?

12 March 2009

So I thought I'd add in a special "What's in my Belly?" since there's a really special beer in my belly. Tonight Mrs. Beerbuzz & I decided to open a special beer for a little celebration (details coming in a few weeks). As you can see from the scan it's a mystery beer...and a tasty one at that. Wonderful warmth, flavor and body from this English Barley Wine and a lovely 12% ABV to make it a great night cap. I'd share more of the secrects of this wonderful brew, but Darel would have to kill me. Suffice to say I can't wait to enjoy the other two in my basement.

This week's belly-beer is Darel's English Barley Wine and "Me Likey!"


Johnny's Excellent Beer Tasting Event @ Coopers - The Movie

11 March 2009

Thanks to Johnny, and everyone else for the wonderful tasting event. Great beers, friendly people and entertaining beer chatter....


mybeerbuzz - What's in My Belly?

Well here we are in belly-week-three and I'll admit it's been entertaining so far. This week Mrs' Beerbuzz has demanded equal time so I present, "What's in my belly, AND what's in Mrs' Beerbuzz's belly?" Yes I'll admit very few beers make it into my belly without me sharing it with the Misses, but let's just call that a belly-technicality and move on.

My belly-beer today is Manekin Pis. Mrs' Beerbuzz had it at Monk's a few months ago, and ever since then there's been a case in the basement. Cheers to today's belly-beer and

"Mrs Beerbuzz Likey!--Me Okay"


Stolen Firkin

I heard from Ed @ Troegs and after the Troegs event at the Belgian Cafe Monday night (3/9), some bonehead stole their firkin from outside the front door. Ed is offering a reward of a 101 oz bottle of Mad Elf (2008) for info that will get the firkin questions asked. If you have any info, please let me know and I'll get it to Ed.

Read more... - Swag Store NOW OPEN!

07 March 2009

Many of you asked for it, so here it is! SWAG! We've just added a store with some fun items. T-shirts, sweats, stickers, magnets, buttons, even doggie food bowls. I plan to add more and more products and change up the designs and logos available so please stay tuned as our store fact just this morning we added a special St. Patrick's Day shirt!

Please keep in mind that I do for fun, and not profit. If you like the swag and want to support, by all means pick some up...

There is a link on the right menu bar for my store or CLICKY HERE!

On a related note I am working to add a pint glass with our logo.


India Pale Ale NOT Named to Survive the Trip to India?

We've always heard that the India Pale Ale was derived form the fact that these beers were brewed strong to survive the trip to India on board ships.....BUT now comes this from an Appellation blog reader:

Thanks to reader Gary Gillman for helping me stumble across this one. I'm back to the "IPA was brewed strong so it could survive the journey to India" myth. It pisses me off so much every time I hear it repeated. I'm going to keep shouting the opposite until people start paying attention.
The following passage gives a very different reason for IPA being the strength it was:

"ALE, PALE OR BITTER; brewed chiefly for the Indian market and for othertropical countries.—It is a light beverage, with much aroma, and, in consequence of the regulations regarding the malt duty, is commonly brewed from a wort of specific gravity 1055 or upwards; for no drawback is allowed by the Excise on the exportation of beer brewed from worts of a lower gravity than 1054. This impolitic interference with the operations of trade compels the manufacturer of bitter beer to employ wort of a much greater density than he otherwise would do; for beer made from wort of the specific gravity 1042 is not only better calculated to resist secondary fermentation and the other effects of a hot climate, but is also more pleasant and salubrious to the consumer. Under present circumstances the law expects the brewer of bitter beer to obtain four barrels of marketable beer from every quarter of malt he uses, which is just barely possible when the best malt of a good barley year is employed. . With every quarter of such malt 16lbs. of the best hops are used ; so that, if we assume the cost of malt at 60s. per quarter, and the best hops at 2s. per lb., we shall have, for the prime cost of each barrel of bitter beer—in malt, 15s.; in hops, 8s. ; together, 23s ; from which, on exportation, we must deduct the drawback of 5s. per barrel allowed by the Excise, which brings the prime cost down to 18s. per barrel, exclusive of the expense of manufacture, wear and tear of apparatus, capital invested in barrels, cooperage, &c., which constitute altogether a very formidable outlay. As, however, (his ale is sold as high as from 50s. to 65s. per barrel, there can be no doubt that the bitter ale trade has long been, and still continues, an exceedingly profitable speculation, though somewhat hazardous, from the liability of the article to undergo decomposition ere it finds a market.""Ures' Dictionary of Arts, Manufactures and Mines" by Andrew Ure & Robert Hunt, 1867, Page 306

A word of explanation. "Drawback" was the money refunded to a brewer when beer was exported. The idea being that excise duty was only payable on beer consumed in the UK. It was a bit complicated in the period 1830-1880 because there was no tax as such on beer. It was the raw materials, malt and hops, which were taxed. Hence working out how much tax had been paid on a particular barrel of beer wasn't easy. So instead there was a simple flat-rate refund.

Anyway, what Ure is saying is that it made no financial sense for a brewer to export an IPA with a gravity lower than 1055, as he wouldn't get his 5 shillings a barrel back from the taxman. He implies that without this rule, the gravity of export IPA would have been lower.I'm intrigued by his assertions that a Pale Ale with an OG of 1042 would survive the journey better and be more suited to the tropics.

Let's recap:
IPA, at around 1060, was an ordinary strength beer
it would have been weaker, but for the tax regime
its gravity didn't help it survive the voyageAs I'm having trouble getting some people to listen, I'm going to continue shouting at you about the strength of IPA for some time yet.


Chip the Beer Guy Rock 107 - Yuengling Bock

06 March 2009

Sgt. Joe Friday of Dragnet fame used to say, "Just the facts ma'am", and since our business-bullet style worked out so well last week, I thought this week we'd do a little Dragnet shizzle, because that's just how I roll...

  • Today's show featured a phone guest, Bob Seaman, from Yuengling Brewery.

  • Yuengling Brewing facilities are in Pottsville, PA and Yuengling IS Americas oldest brewery, opening it's doors in 1829.

  • Either Yuengling has a 623 barrel facility outside Tampa, FL or as Bob Seaman put it, "Yuengling follows you wherever you go."

  • Yuengling Bock is being released for the first time since 1971.

  • Although there is no truth to the rumor Yuengling Bock is simply a mix of Yuengling Porter and Lord Chesterfield, those two brews were used to help formulate the recipe.

  • The original Bock recipe was lost, however Dick Yuengling remembered much of what went into the 1971 brew and the guys were able to re-create the original brew.

  • Yuengling Bock IS Dry-hopped.

  • Yuengling bock is a keg-only beer and MAY be released in bottles next year.

  • Chip can apparently perform mathematical calculations live on the air to total up the number of gallons in a 623 barrel brewing system.

  • member Purvs is now sponsoring the show, congrats Bryan.

  • Purv's new catch-phrase is, "Beer is important, so shop where Chip the Beer Guy Shops."

Finally, despite the musical intro to the show featuring AC / DC's musical rendition of "Big Balls", would like to go on the record as officially condemning the use of the word "balls" as it relates to beer or beer consumption, especially when it is done prior to 9AM in the morning and especially when our very own Ruth Miller is in the room.

Great guest, & great show...Cheers & balls to you guys.....(not you Ruthie)


Flying Mouflan - The Label

05 March 2009

Just thought you'd want to have a peek @ the new Troeg's Flying Mouflan (aka Scratch # 4) label. As John describes it...Mouflan is "like pushing nugget nectar off the side of a cliff." Can't wait to try this one...


Philly Beer Week - Victory Events

From Victory:

A Variety of Victory for Philly Beer Week With over 40 events that we are participating in as part of Philly Beer Week there is surely something for everyone. Want a full focus on lagers? Meet us at Triumph on March 12th for Klash of the Kaisers. Same singular vision on ales? How about Philadelphia Real Ale Invitational at Yards Brewing Co. on March 15th. But perhaps the most focused and intimate opportunities to get the full flavor of what Victory can do and how they can inspire the city's top chefs, consider catching us on March 10th at the Four Seasons Hotel or Fork Restaurant on March 11th for either of these fantastic events. Click here for a complete listing of Victory's Philly Beer Week events.

WildDevil Comes to Philly Beer Week Victory Brewing Company's most popular brand, HopDevil Ale, will take on a "wild" characteristic with the March release of WildDevil Ale. The Brettanomyces fermented ale is brewed with the same American hops that give HopDevil its grapefruit, citrus and pine flavors but the addition of a signature Belgian yeast strain contributes a funky, sharp tang to this India Pale Ale. This Belgian treatment of the HopDevil recipe makes for a very worldly ale, in which German malts, American whole flower hops and now Belgian yeast combine. WildDevil will be available year-round in 750mL corked bottles and kegs will also be available for the initial period of its release. WildDevil Ale, will be offered during Philly Beer Week (March 6 - 15) at various locations throughout the city and the suburbs on draft and in 750mL bottles. The official release will be at The Brewer's Plate on Sunday, March 8th at the University of Pennsylvania. With Victory's presence in the VIP area along with DiBruno Bros., WildDevil is certain to be experimented with by attendees wishing to savor the ultimate in food and beer combinations.


mybeerbuzz - What's in My Belly?

04 March 2009

So here we are belly-week two and I simply can't resist...especially since this beer has been in my belly numerous times for the last month or so. Surprisingly, people haven't complained about this series of posts, no one has filed a belly-injunction, or demanded my belly no longer be a onward we go with the belly jokes.

My belly-beer today is Troeg's Nugget Nectar. What can I say, there are multiple cases in my basement (just bought a 4th case last night) and multiple bottles in my belly. Cheers to today's belly-beer and

"Me REALLY Likey!"


NEPA Beer Tasting THIS Sat 3/7 - Reminder

Just a quick reminder that htere will be a NEPA Beer tasting this Sat @ Coopers Lighthouse 5PM-? Details are HERE.


Thomas' Beertown - More Supermaket Beers Hit Dallas

03 March 2009

For anyone following the saga, the old Bilo Supermarket in the Country Club Shopping Center in Dallas closed and rumor had it re-opening as everything from a Garrity's to a Wegman's. Recently the truth came out and the owners of Thomas' Family Market in Shavertown re-opened it as Thomas's Super Foodtown Market. Now I know what your saying, "booooooooring...." well apparently not. Over the weekend a new sign popped up on the building simply saying "Thomas' Beertown....Domestics, Imports & Specialties." It looks like with Mr. Z's down the road selling beer we'll have two supermarket beers stores within a mile or so of each other. Rt 309 will now be the Beer-Supermarket Highway.

Update now with Photo!


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2016 NEPA BlogCon Winner

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