Chip the Beer Guy Rock 107 – Boaks Double BW

31 July 2009

BoaksLogoYep…I’m a little late posting today…a little cell phone meltdown to start my Friday so priorities took over.  My tip of the day, the more complex your phone, the more catastrophic the failure-potential.  With that in mind…on to the show.  I say this only because today's main show topic was beer dating or beer freshness…so much so that Chip was actually winded trying to get the topic in before time ran out.  Freshness dating has always been interesting to me. 

At the mybeerbuzz house, we have a below grade basement, perfect for beer storage (perhaps too perfect if you ask Mrs. Beerbuzz).  I’ve always cellared beer.  I started with strong ales, vintage ales, saisons or Bier de Garde styles and they all aged well.  I then added in things like Sierra Neveda Celebration, Mad Elf & even Nugget Nectar to see how they age…and surprisingly enough they DO.  Of course the taste changes, some for better, some for worse, but none disastrously.  Yes a fresh Nugget Nectar is better, but a year old Nugget is still a nice beer.  Now I have learned when to say “when” and drink a beer when it is best, but keep in mind “best” is determined by your taste…not mine or anyone else.

My point is YES; you do need to pay attention to freshness dating, but it’s not a one-size-fits-all.  Obviously a beer with a lot of ABV or IBU can stand the test of time, and a sweet Brown Ale, wheat ale or light lager may not.  Personally I like to buy fresh and age it myself (to avoid extremes of heat and light), but decide for yourself.  Try aging some beer and experiment for yourself.

With all of this said, I DO agree with Chip that we need to work together to ensure everyone is buying fresh (not drastically outdated) beverages.  Cheers guys…great show and if the Boaks is half as good as their Monster Mash I’m sure it was tasty.


NASCAR & Craft Beer

30 July 2009

NascarDFHThis post started out as one of those “What are you drinking to watch the NASCAR Race today?”, but then I got to thinkin’.  Now keep in mind that thinkin’ can be a very dangerous thing in the Mybeerbuzz household.  Thinkin’ is what usually leads me to “grand schemes” like converting rainwater & grass cuttings into electricity, or having the TV turn on only when I walk into a room and only when there’s something I want to watch on TV.  As I sit here watching the NASCAR boys circling around our beloved Pocono Raceway, the grand scheme hit me…

With multi-million-dollar sponsorships from Budweiser, Miller Lite, Coors, and even non-alcoholic beverages like Coke & Pepsi, I started thinkin’…Why not Craft Beer?  More so, I really started thinkin’, When (not if) will craft beer sponsor a car?

So first the serious.  While NASCAR and the beer industry in general have not been recession-proof, both have managed to succeed and even grow in this tough economy…and as most of us know the craft beer industry has outpaced the macro beer industry in a significant way, so why not?  Yes perhaps fewer fans are in the seats this year, and perhaps, while beer may be recession proof, it may also not be price proof, but still…why not?

Yes you can make the good-ole’ boys argument and yes Ill admit that there are a fair share of the Bud-loving Bubbas in the audience, but look at the demographics for NASCAR’s audience.  Yes it is 60% male …but look a little further.  40% of NASCAR viewers make more than $60K a year even in this economy, and 42% have a college and/or graduate school education.  Keep in mind also that these demographics include children…so all in all these are significant numbers.  Not only are these numbers significant, they are also VERY similar to the typical craft-beer drinking community demographic.  Also keep in mind the inroads macro brewers have made by marketing craft-like beverages to their consumers…thus encouraging their main-stream consumers to try a craft beer!

Attendance at NASCAR races has doubled in the past 10-years, even including this year.  With attendance figures topping 6-million, averaging over 190,000 per race, and TV viewership ranging from 3.6 million per race to over 16-million viewers at the Daytona 500 (not to mention on-line outlets) NASCAR continues to dominate all other sports in attendance…even in a global market (with only one Nationwide Cup race  out of the US).

Bottom line here is that NASCAR’s audience is big, their marketing machine is huge, and even a team that finishes dead last at Daytona 2009 get’s significant TV advertising time and a hefty payment of $219,931.00!  So why not craft beer?

I certainly realize that NASCAR may not fit the image of many small-craft brewers and that it may make them appear to be bigger and perhaps more “corporate” than they wish to appear, but with their car sitting side-by-side with the likes of Tylenol, Unilever, Post Cereal, UPS, NicoDerm, Prilosec, Camping World, Best Western, Kellogg's and even Disney…How long before we see a car sponsored by Boston Beer Co, Sierra Nevada, or even Dogfish Head?  Money talks, so as a micro-brewer; if NASCAR puts more beer in my tanks and sells more of my  beer, who is it hurting? 

Come on Victory Brewing….get in Victory Lane, and what about One Guy Racing…he builds the engines, drive the cars, even jumps out to change tires.  Obviously these are just funny examples, but I’d bet some of the bigger small breweries may actually have the cabbage to be in the game.

So on to the fun part.  If craft brewing sponsored NASCAR, what would the cars look like? 


**Disclaimer (damn lawyers)…This is just for fun.  I created these graphics just as a mock up and not as ANY indication of any real car or real sponsorship.  I have no affiliation with NASCAR or any of the craft brewers.


One Guy Brewing – 20lbs of Raspberries !

27 July 2009

I spoke with Guy Friday night, and he tells me he has 20lbs of raspberries that he plans to use in a new beer….AND…he wants our suggestions. SO what should he brew?! OK readers….here’s our chance to suggest a beer to Guy. Be realistic, but let’s talk Raspberries. Guy plans to brew 1-barrel only….What should Guy brew with 20lbs of Raspberries? PLEASE COMMENT!!!!


Victory Helios Ale - Coming Soon

From Victory:

The radiant energy of the sun gives life to all that we enjoy. Flowing fields of barley for malting, surging vines of ripening hops and even pure, clean water owe their vitality to the sun. Just as we do. So in crafting this unique, hazy, orange-hued ale, we poured in nature's great gifts of German malts and European hops to feed the dynamic yeast that we imported from Belgium. Here in the quiet tanks of Victory our yeast brought vitality to this Belgian style farmhouse ale. Great with a wide array of foods, count on the bright soul of Helios Ale to bring life to all of your meals!
Alcohol by volume: 7.5%
AVAILABILITY: 22 oz. Bottles and Limited Draft


**Please note that Victory is no longer producing V Saison (750 ml bottles) Helios is the same great beer with a different yeast strain and is packaged in the 22oz bottles**


Bavarian Barbarian - Hard Times

25 July 2009

No's a beer and it's out now. Can't wait to try it.


Victory – Yakima Twilight

24 July 2009

VictoryLogo So here’s your breaking beer news for the evening! Now that Victory Hop Wallop is year-round, Victory has decided to replace their seasonal offering (Hop Wallop) with a new beer to be called Yakima Twilight. Stay tuned for a dark IPA using Yakima valley hops (of course) to be coming out of Victory as their replacement for Hop Wallop. All indications are that this is a wonderfully yummy/hoppy IPA…so stay tuned….more details to follow.


Chip the Beer Guy - 3rd Anniversary

Just a quick video of the Chip the Beer Guy 3rd Anniversary Gala. I'll admit that at some point I stopped filming and started drinking...and who would blame me. Notable name dropping would include Chip, John Webster, Jay Daniels, Guy Hagner from One Guy Brewing, and Tracy Mulligan from Victory...OK so yes the movie is short...but the beverages were yummy....Thanks everyone...we had a great time and look forward to seeing you all again soon.


My Favorite Beer !

As you’ll see this has little to do with flavor, taste, color, lacing or any other typical beer tasting criteria.  This is my favorite beer simply because of the name.  I haven’t tasted it and I don’t care if I ever taste it…in fact it may even ruin it for me if I DO taste it.  I now present to you may favorite beer…..

Lost Abbey Duck-Duck-Gooze



Chip the Beer Guy Rock 107 – Ithaca Partly Sunny

IthacaPartlySunnySince most of today’s CBG show revolved around the Sam Adams Beer Lovers Choice beers, and since the details of that contest are posted just below this very post, there isn’t a whole lot more to say.  The actual beer of the day was Ithaca Partly Sunny and other than me typo-ing “Party Sunny” instead, there’s not too much to say.  Can you tell I’m having a busy day already?  I guess I’m too hyped up for the big CBG Gala tonight @ Back Yard Ale House.  Be sure to stop in tonight and say hi…mostly to Chip and the guys but please do say hi to Mrs. Beerbuzz and myself as well….and be sure to vote for your favorite Sam Adams Sample.  Cheers guys…see you tonight.


Bavarian Barbarian to Release Hard Times Ale 7/28

23 July 2009

BavarianBarbarianLogo I just heard form Mike and he tells me their new Hard Times Ale (with yeast from Terry @ Bullfrog) will be out next Tuesday (7/28).


Sam Adams Beer Lovers Choice 2009

This year’s Sam Adams beer lovers choice sampling will take place locally at Back Yard Ale House during the Chip the Beer Guy 3rd Anniversary (Friday 7/24 5-7PM).  Thanks to Kevin for details on this years contenders:

Sample A- Samuel Adams Pils
Brewed with a blend of
FIVE NOBLE HOP VARIETIES from each of the world's remaining Noble Hop growing regions.
Similar to a traditional Czech Pilsner, our Samuel Adams Pils is brewed with a blend of 5 Noble Hop varieties from each of the world's only remaining Noble Hop growing regions. The spicy, herbal and citrus hop character is well balanced by the Weyermann Bohemian Pilsner malt, adding honeyed malt character and full body without sweetness.

Sample B- Samuel Adams Ale
Dry hopped with
AHTANUM, SIMCOE AND EAST KENT GOLDING HOPS for a powerful fruity and piney earthy aroma.
This IPA style Ale is brewed with a carefully selected blend of hops from American, traditional German and English growing regionis. It is dry hopped with Ahtanum, Simcoe and East Kent Golding hops for a powerful fruity and earthy aroma. The intense hop character is balanced by the traditional German-style malt lending a unique sweetness, full body and tart finish.


New Tanks have Arrived

22 July 2009

Take a guess who just installed some new tanks…

TroegsNewTanks3 TroegsNewTanks 
TroegsNewTanks2 TroegsNewTanks1


Chip the Beer Guy – 3 Years

17 July 2009

ChipBeer Don't forget the 3rd anniversary show for the Chip the Beer Guy will be held @ Back Yard Ale House Friday July 24th 5PM-7PM.  And yes for those that have asked, I do plan to attend.


Celebrate Chip the Beer Guy's 3rd anniversary of Friday morning thirst quenching Beer of the Week...with Daniels & Webster and Chip...from the Backyard Ale House on Linden St in Scranton, Friday, July 24th starting at 5pm.
Play a little radio with D&W and Chip and their special guests, Leo Orlandini from the Lion Brewery, Tracy from Victory Brewing, and the Sam Adams Beer Lovers Choice tasting event!


Weyerbacher Event – Reserva Release & Dark 14

weyerbacher From Dan:

Friday night August 7th from 5 to 7:30 p.m. stop by the brewery for a tasting and/or purchase of Riserva 2009.  We'll have 120 cases for sale and they may all go that night.  Same price as last year, $145 for a case of 12 cork ‘n’ cage 750mls.  This years edition is deeper and more complex than last years.  Reusing many of the same barrels from last year's version has allowed the micro-flora to flourish in those barrels resulting in this much greater complexity.  To be assured a chance to purchase, you'll need to stop by that evening. Any cases left will be available for purchase the next day during regular tour hours, (if any remains).
      We will be shipping about 150 cases to specific wholesalers the following week.  Follow us on twitter for updates on the shipments as they go out.
      Additionally at this event we'll present a special dark version of 14 that we've brewed for sale at the brewery only.  This 11.8% wheat wine is incredibly smooth for as young as it is.  We used dark wheat malt for the special version of this brew instead of regular wheat malt.  Hope to see you here!


Tröegs Scratch # 21 – Released !

15 July 2009

TroegsScratchTroegs has released their Scratch #21 Artisnal Ale today!

O.G.:               22
A.B.V.:            7.8%
I.B.U.’s:          16
Malt:               Pils, Munich, Crystal
Yeast:             Belgian
Hops:              German Northern Brewers, Czech Saaz
Scratch #21-2009 is an exercise in deconstruction and minimalism. This Belgian Ale has distinct roots in The Mad Elf minus some key components.
The cherries? Gone.
The honey? Gone.
The chocolate malt? Gone.
Wait, this sounds familiar. It almost sounds like a naked version of The Mad Elf.
Coming in just under 8% ABV, this unfiltered golden beauty shows off the pronounced yeast flavor that made The Mad Elf famous as well as a touch of alcohol and some mellow malt flavors.


Breaker Brewing Co – New Beers

BreakerBrewingLogo1 I just heard from Chris @ BBC and he tells me…

  • The Goldies Strawberry Blonde is just about ready.  Stay tuned for details on when/where we can try it.
  • The new hoppy IPA/Pale Ale beer I-Love-PA is in the tanks and they are awaiting PLCB paperwork.  Assuming that works out and the beer comes out OK, they’ll have two batches ready in about 2 or 3 weeks.
  • The guys will be holding a Meet the Brewers night at the Arena on 7/23 (tasting and some free T-Shirts)
  • Stay tuned for further details.

Read more... Welcomes Stockertown Beverage

Cheers and welcome to Stockertown officially participating with Welcome aboard...the beer loving community Thanks you!

Click HERE to go to the Stockertown Beverage Page.


One Guy Brewing - Adds New Hours

14 July 2009

OneGuyLogo I’ve just heard from Guy and in addition to his regular hours, he’s now open Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 3PM-11PM.  One more good reason to visit Guy.


Lion Brewery - Oktoberfest 2009 (not)

I am sad to report that the 2009 Lion Brewery Oktoberfest celebration will NOT be held. cites the ongoing renovation and expansion as the reason and they also note that plans are underway for the 2010 celebration. My Lederhosen are very sad.


Secret Stichfass @ One Guy Brewing 7/11

11 July 2009

OneGuyLogoI apologize for the late notice but Guy tells me he’ll be tapping a Secret Stichfass this Saturday afternoon 7/11 !!


Lion Brewery – New Web Site

10 July 2009

LionWebLogo I’m happy to pass on that Lion Brewery has launched their new website.  They continue to fill in sections of the site, but so far it looks great.  Congratulations to everyone @ Lion.


Chip the Beer Guy Rock 107 – Rock Art White Tail Golden Ale

RockArtWhiteTail After last weekend's "best of" show, we've had close to two weeks since our last CBG post.  Today the show started with "really short skirt, really tight shirt & really good beer."  This all in one sentence as Chip described his Allentown Country Club experience and finding a Brewworks growler (the really god beer) available on the course with the beverage-chick (really tight...well you get the idea.)  If anyone in the neighboring homes along the back-9 at Allentown Country Club has a broken window and a strange golf ball, you'll know who to call.

This week's beer of the week was Rock Art White Tail Golden Ale.  After a quick Kokopelli-lesson (beer-bong included), we were off to the brew.  A crisp summer wheat sounded good to me at 8AM on this fine summer day, and the guys were no different.  Perhaps the best part of the show was hearing that the beer came from our very own Krugel's in WB.  Turns out Joe has a request list for new beers and Joe also has a text mailing list for specials (text "gtown" to 7470).  We ended the show with a Rock Art Jasmine Pale Ale, which coincidentally also sounded good on this fine summer Friday morning.  Thanks again guys for making me thirsty at 8AM and for mentioning Krugel’s.

Stay tuned for details on the CBG 3rd Anniversary Show in 2 weeks @ our very own Back Yard Ale House.


Weyerbacher Imperial Pumpkin Ale – Already!

07 July 2009

WeyerbacherImperialPumpkin I just heard from Dan @ Weyerbacher and he tells me they just finished the mash for a 2nd batch of Imperial Pumpkin Ale.  Hard to believe this tasty beer has to start in July in order for all of us to enjoy it in the fall.  Dan tells me they’ll be shipping in a few weeks so the beer will reach stores in late Aug.


East Coast - West Coast

03 July 2009

So here's your topic for the day. I just returned from my west coast beer adventure and I continually came across the same confusing question. I spoke to many west coast beer lovers. All of these guys appeared to be well beer-educated and all were lovers of many different breweries. Now on the east coast we're all aware of Stone, Sierra Nevada, Anchor, Alesmith, Firestone, Karl Strauss, Green Flash, Russian River and many other fine west coast'd be amazed at how many west coast beer lovers had never heard of Troegs, Weyerbacher, Victory, Stoudts, even Bells. I tried to talk Nugget Nectar, Caged 2x-Simcoe and Hopslam and almost everyone I spoke to had never heard of any of them. How is it that Pliny is a legend on the east coast but the west coast has never heard of Nugget Nectar, HopSlam or Double-Simcoe? This is certainly not a comparison of one beer being better than the other, but a comparison of beer markets and beer awareness. Any thoughts out there as to why this may be? Please comment...


mybeerbuzz – One Last West Coast Photo

02 July 2009

With all the crappy rainy weather we’ve been having in the northeast lately, I couldn’t resist posting just one more west coast photo.   I submit for your approval tap handles 31-40 from the Real Ale Festival, and a little sunshine.

Encinitas2009 030 Encinitas2009 015


Breaker Brewing Co – Pale Ale / IPA Coming Soon

BreakerBrewingLogo I’ve just heard from Chris & Mark and as we speak they are brewing a Pale Ale / IPA style beer.  Stay tuned for more details to follow but I personally can’t wait.


State College Beer Festival - Cancelled

01 July 2009

Thanks to Sam for letting us know. The State College Beer Festival (Aug 8) has been cancelled.

Clicky HERE for Details.


Old Forge Brewing Co - June Newsletter

Just a few highlights from the June 2009 Old Forge Brewing Newsletter:

  • OFBC will be at the Selinsgrove festival (7/18),and the Iron Heritage Festival in Danville (7/23-7/26)

  • In addition to brewing additional batches of Underbite IPA and Bellows Brown Ale, Damien is working on a fruit stay tuned for details.


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