Lion Brewery – Label Fun Gold Medal Beer

30 March 2010

LionStegGoldMedalOldLabel We’ve published a similar label already, but not nearlky as old as this one.  This is from the late 1930’s and is a 12oz bottle label.


Shawnee Craft DIPA Is In The Tanks…or Should I Say Barrels

29 March 2010

ShawneeCraftDIPA From Leo:

This should be good!
We'll go all the way around the block w/this, growlers, cask and Nitro.
Double IPA: Just double strength, not the Herculean varieties sometimes seen in these parts. 100% organic ingredient, dry-hopped in the cask, soon as the hops have worked their magic we'll get this one up…


Local Brewing – Neuweiler Brochure

28 March 2010

This brochure comes to us courtesy of the private collection of Tom Clark from Berwick Brewing Co.  Tom was nice enough to also share the brochure we’ve been checking out over the last few days.  This brochure is a little newer than the guide, but still amazing.

scan0033 scan0034


Troegs Splinter Gold – Coming in 2 Years

26 March 2010

From the Troegs Blog:

Nearly 3 years ago we purchased some wine barrels from a PA winery and filled 2 of them with our then current scratch beer, Triple. With the addition of brettanomyces and extended barrel aging Splinter Gold was born. This past fall, we filled our van with wine barrels from Allegro Vineyards in York Co. After careful consideration, we have decided to fill most of them with, you guessed it, Triple. The beer was brewed 2 weeks ago. The wine barrels have been prepped. Splinter gold will begin to take shape late next week. Be patient, last time it took nearly two years.


Chip the Beer Guy Rock 107 – St Patrick’s Best Ale

Strangford Lough St. Patrick’s Best Ale Beer ReviewLast week the CBG show featured a repeat of the Jim Koch “Sammosa” show from Spring 2009.  This was because Chip was sick, but as it turns out not really sick, unless of course you consider golf-itis to be sick, so he was really golfing last Friday instead of entertaining us, but more importantly his intended beer of the week for last week was supposed to coincide with St. Patrick's Day even though the parade and the day itself had passed, so because he missed parade day, St. Patrick’s Day and the Friday following St. Patrick's Day, our beer of the week today was St. Patrick’s Best Ale.  So after that somewhat confusing and lengthy explanation, I find myself a little worn out.

Of course I’m just kidding, but it would probably have been less confusing to do the entire show in Gaelic than follow along with the bouncing beer of the week on a sleepy Friday morning.

Our beer of the week is a contract brewed beer from the Strangford Lough Brewing Co in Northern Ireland and it sounded interesting.  Not sure where it is brewed in the US, but I’m always a fan of English Bitter styles so this is one I’ll be sure to check out.

Not too much to report beyond that so I’ll just say Cheers guys…


In a Perfect Beer World – Beer Bars

25 March 2010

Smiley The category of “Beer Bars” seemed to be the most polarizing category in our perfect beer world project. While people were mostly positive, it is clear that people have strong opinions about our local beer bars and unfortunately have had some bad experiences as well. While I do not intend to call anyone or any bar specifically, I think it is important to hear what people want and what people do not want, in order to make our local beer bars even better.

Our local beer lovers frequent our local beer bars, and probably spend more of their beer-budget one pint at a time than any other form of beer purchase. Because of this, the opinions were strong and the suggestions were abundant…

The first suggestion I’ll mention quite honestly surprised me. Not just by virtue of the comment itself, but by how many people of BOTH genders offered it up. Very simply readers want our local beer bars to have clean bathrooms. Seems simple, but you’d be amazed how many people sited specifically how disgusting some of the bathrooms were. Now I know you’re probably thinking who cares, but think again. You’d be surprised how many of the beer loving ladies said they’d never return to a beer bar again because of the bathrooms, and how many beer loving guys said they’re unable to return to a beer bar because their beer-loving-significant-other will not step foot in “that bathroom” again. Think about it…bad bathrooms can cost you business and clearly it matters to beer lovers.

The next suggestion was mentioned by about 25 people and was another idea I hadn’t thought of. A significant number of readers wanted to mix different beers in one glass. Whether in the form of half-and-half type beers, or simply adding a splash of one beer to another, they wanted to experiment. Let’s face it, many of us can’t brew a beer, but what a great creative way to experiment with beers and “create” your own new beer. This is an idea we’ve experimented with at Dugan’s in the past, but a concept I’d like to not only see our local beer bars approve, but also welcome and encourage. Perhaps special beer mixes or mix suggestions posted on the beer menu would encourage people to try it out.

The next few reader suggestions had to do with the beer experience. My readers loved how experimental beer bars had become with their keg and bottle choices and of course wanted more of the same. More rare beers, more staple beers, more unusual bottles and simply more, more, more! (It should be noted here that as much as people wanted to see more beers on tap, many readers expressed quality over quantity with comments such as, “I’d rather see a bar do 10-tap handles well and keep them fresh than run 50-handles and have old or bad beer that’s not selling well.”) As far as the experience of beer drinking, beer lovers also wanted more. Glassware was identified as extremely important by over 75% of people who commented on beer bars. The right glass for the right beer is important and surprisingly enough, many readers even complained about craft beers being served in Coors Light glassware. The common opinion was that they simply didn’t want people even thinking they were drinking Coors. Sounds silly I know, but much less silly when you hear it from 40+ people.

As far as complaints, there seemed to be one common deal-breaker among many of our readers. Bar staff need to know at least a little about good beer, BUT more importantly, bar staff need to be consistent, friendly and attentive. I heard lots of complaints about bartenders ignoring people while they text on their cell-phone or chat with friends, and even more complaints about bartenders being clueless about what beers are on tap or what style those beers may be. To sum it up, I think people simply want to NOT have to work so hard to get a beer they enjoy. I know how hard bartending can be, but I also see some really good beer-bartenders and I see how much more business they bring in. This is a beer-bar’s face to the beer-loving world and clearly important to the people sitting on the other side of the bar.

The last few suggestions were voiced in an overwhelming number of comments relative to beer bars. The first seems very simple. Everyone seems to want a hand pump/beer engine tap available. It doesn’t have to have a beer on it all the time, but it should be a staple of any “beer bar”, especially for rare and one-off hand-pump beers. I know they’re expensive, I know the selection of beers may be limited, and I know you waste beer with every pour, but people DO want it.

The second most requested item is one I’d agree with wholeheartedly…beer lists. One of the highest requests across all categories was to simply publish and update a tap list at the bar. Not only did people want to see what beers were on tap and what styles those beers are, but they wanted more. My readers strongly suggested that the tap lists also include the size of the glass (i.e. 8oz, 12oz, 16oz…) AND the price. All too often I heard complaints not so much of getting a small beer for a high price, but not knowing the size and price before hand. I’ve personally seen Arrogant bastard served in an 8oz snifter and Kasteel Rouge served in an Imperial Pint (and what a good pint it was), but even I’ll admit each time was a surprise, and this from someone who has a pretty good idea what size and price most beers are. For most readers this request also extended to the bottle list, although many admitted most bottles lists DO include size and price already. I think an up-to-date tap/bottle list that includes sizes and prices is a simple request and a request that beer bar owners should probably pay more attention to…and for those with less-than-youthful eyesight…please use a larger font so we can read the list in a dimly lit bar.

Bay FAR the most popular comment relative to beer bars was about tasting beers. Some bars allow it, some bars deny it, some bars charge for it and some bars simply monitor it for abuse…and readers simply wanted to know your bar’s tasting policy. Now I’ll be the first to say I’ve seen people abuse the privilege and I’ve also seen bartenders incapable of distinguishing who is and is not abusing the tasting privilege. I realize in a world of $8 12oz beers that the beer lover would want to try-before-they-buy, and the beer seller would want to not waste a single ounce, there isn’t an easy answer. In that vein, many readers had a common suggestion or two that I think will help. First many suggested selling a sample tray. Now I know this is a bartenders nightmare, but with the right glassware, I see no reason why a beer bar can’t efficiently pour five 2oz samples of tap-only beer for $5 or so…especially if it costs them no beer-money and in the end will gain them more beer income as drinkers find a beer they love. A second and even better suggestion came from quite a few readers. Why not offer different sized glassware and price the draft beer accordingly. I know this is done at some bars and breweries, but why not offer a 6oz glass for one price, a 12oz for another price and a larger glass for an even higher price? This way if you have 8 or 9 great beers on tap, I can drink a smaller glass and enjoy them all rather than killing myself drinking pints. This is especially pertinent in this day of big beers. I’ve also heard many of my beer-compatriots complain that they want just one more beer, but simply can’t fit another pint in their belly. What a perfect time to have a 6oz glass available. I think in the end the beer-drinkers will be happier and the beer-sellers will profit accordingly.

In conclusion to our series, I will say I do intend to follow up. In the near term I’ll encourage our local beer businesses to read our results and also encourage them to comment on any changes they may be making or any comments/questions they may have. I think this communication will benefit everyone, so I’ll go out of my way to encourage participation by everyone. In the longer term, I’ll also monitor any changes made at our local beer businesses as a result of our suggestions (and post that info up) and re-post a new “Perfect Beer World thread” next year to see where we stand a year down the road.

I thank everyone for participating and for reading and commenting. I seems so simple to me putting the beer-lovers in touch with the beer-businesses and I’m excited to see that continue. As I’ve said before, the mybeerbuzz mission statement is “Bringing Good Beers & Good People Together” and I can think of no better way than this to do it. Cheers and thank you to everyone involved…


Local Brewing – Neuweiler Pictoral – Part 1

24 March 2010

Here’s a GREAT 50-year Anniversary Pictorial Guide of Louis F. Neuweiler & Sons brewery in Allentown PA.  This guide comes to us courtesy of the private collection of Tom Clark from Berwick Brewing Co.  I can simply NOT do this any justice by trying to describe it so I will simply post the scans of the booklet.  I’ll be splitting this up over several parts of the next week or so and I’ll apologize in advance for the scanner format (yes my scanner has a mind of its own).

scan0001 scan0002
scan0003 scan0004
scan0005 scan0006
scan0007 scan0008
scan0009 scan0010
scan0011 scan0012


New Releases This Week @ Fegley’s Brew Works

BrewWorksLogo From Mike:

At the Allentown Brew Works -
It's the triumphant return of Loco Lime! And starting Thursday you can find it on Hamilton Street!  Loco Lime is a light American style lager with smooth flavor & a hint of lime.  Pale straw color, but this is no big brewery ripoff - just a great session beer brewed to quench your thirst on a warm day.

At the Bethlehem Brew Works -
Smoke & Oak Release on Thursday!!!  What's Smoke & Oak?  It's an oak aged IPA that brings a mild smoke flavor with a hint of vanilla that comes from aging on oak.  This twist on the traditional IPA is brewed to 6%abv and hopped with English East Kent Golding hops for a subtle hop backing.


Lion Brewery – Label Fun Neuweiler

22 March 2010

LionNeuweilerLabel2 Here’s one from Neuweiler that I don’t think I’ve posted before.  This label is Neuweiler Traditional Lager Beer in the 12 oz size.


Troegs Scratch Update

21 March 2010

From the Troegs Blog:

Quick update on Scratch #x:

After just over a week of us being forced to draw almost daily samples and (gasp) drink them, we’ve decided the beer is ready to rack.  So far, we have a gold/light-amber pale ale base with nice hop bitterness, spicy-fruit yeast character, and the barrel-aging coming through as oak, hints of vanilla, toast, and tea.

We brewed this with a generous amount of  aroma hops, but noticed that the oak has buried them.  An IPA has to have hops, right?  Even a (not-belgian) IPA.  So, we pulled some flowers out of the cooler, more beer out of the barrels, and spent some time with our noses in both of them.  Going in to it, we thought Hersbrucker might be a good choice, and we were right; the slightly-sweet, grassy (hay?) aroma played nicely with the fruit from the yeast and was a nice contrast to the sharpness of the oak.  We also went with a bit of Willamette, which is often described as herbal and earthy.  We got that, but we also got a bit of lemon that complimented the vanilla from the barrels.

So, long story short, we’re one step closer to getting this beer out the door.  Like Tice said, it’s going to be bottle-conditioned.  So, even though this will probably be bottled in the next week or two, it could still be a month or more of us drinking random bottles to assess the bubbles before it gets to you.  We won’t leave you hanging though.  Look for a Roggenbier in the very near future.  More on that later…


Lion Brewery – Advertising Fun Christmas 1938

20 March 2010

 StegAdChristmas1938I know we’re well past the holidays, but I couldn’t resist posting this Stegmaier print ad courtesy of JessKidden.  This one is dated 1938 and features Stegmaier Gold Medal Beer, Ale Porter and Stock Lager and a great old Victorian-style drawing.


Chip the Beer Guy Rock 107 – Duck Rabbit

19 March 2010

myhopartHopplerRadar As some of you may have noticed, I was out of town last week, and alas the deep south doesn’t appear to get Rock 107.  No I didn’t have access to listen on-line so I thought this week we’d catch up and post two weeks of CBG shows.  Thankfully the guys made it easy on me because today’s Jim Koch “Sammosa” show was a rerun from last year.

It was tremendous surprise and compliment to hear the guys mention the mybeerbuzz “Hoppler Radar” T-Shirts…and yes these are an original design I did for  It was also wonderful to hear mention of one of my first and favorite breweries, Weeping Radish.  This was one of the first craft beers I started really enjoying and one we try to visit every year on vacation...

Today’s (or should I say last Friday’s) beer of the day was Duck Rabbit Porter.  This is also a North Carolina brewery like Weeping Radish and a favorite of mine as well.  I’ve always enjoyed the rorschach, “is it a duck or is it a rabbit” label, but didn’t realize it was a connection to the Duck Rabbit master brewer’s past career. 

Very educational show guys.  I feel smarter already, but I’ve now perhaps disturbed the delicate “smarts vs dumbs” brain balance I’ve been working so hard to maintain.  I suddenly feel like calculating the number of radians in a semi-circle.  Clearly the “smarts” in my system are too high…but the good news is that it’s Friday.  I hate to do it but I guess I’m going to have to burn a few brain cells tonight, purely for scientific purposes to get the “dumbs” back in balance.


Cheers and Pi to all…Clicky HERE for the podcast.


In a Perfect Beer World – Distributors/Six-Pack & Bottle Shops

18 March 2010

Smiley Welcome to Part two of our series, In a Perfect Beer World what do we want. For those just catching up, please feel free to check out the original thread that lead up to these results. Today’s results pertain to our local craft beer distributors, six-pack and bottle shops. With such common themes among these beer businesses, I decided to group their results together.

Despite the antiquated PA beer laws that so many people complain about, my readers seem genuinely happy with our local craft beer distribution options. There were some very common comments and themes, but very few were negative and very few were isolated to just one person…

While a few beer lovers expressed confidence in buying cases of beer, many readers suggested implementing some way to try-before-you buy. The common comment was that “before I drop $50 or $60 on a case of beer I want to know I love it first.” Readers suggested having more tasting events or even featuring a sampling bar with kegs and bottles available to try a beer before buying a beer. While I do consider this one of the more unrealistic suggestions I received, I do get the idea and I do think the need is something our local distributors, six-pack and bottle shops should make note of. With case and bottle prices rising higher and higher, we do need to find some way to ensure people are buying a beer they love, and therefore return to buy again and again. I realize there may be no easy solution here, but I’d also say this is one need we should not ignore.

On a negative note, there was considerable concern expressed by our readers for beer freshness. Reader comments included getting good beers out of the reach of the sun coming through big windows, and more importantly watching freshness dating. The most popular comment in this theme was, “sell fresh beer and when it is starting to get less than fresh, discount it and move it out the door.” It was very common to hear stories of readers finding one old case of beer and never returning to buy from that distributor again, so this is obviously a serious concern. While many beers DO age well, I do think this is a concern for everyone involved. I’d hate to think of a beer lover missing out on a great beer because of freshness and I’d hate to see a distributor lose business because of one bad case.

The most common requests for craft beer distributors, six-pack and bottle shops were three simple requests. First, offer bottles/cases/six-packs that are cold OR not-cold. Depending on their plans for the beer, our readers didn’t always want cold beer. The next most common theme can be summed up in one word, “Organization.” While there was no strong preference to grouping beers by style, seasonal-theme, or alphabetic by brewery, almost ALL readers said they struggle to find the beer they want. While this was somewhat of a distributor problem, organization was identified as a big problem at six-pack and bottle shops also. One reader even said, “bottles and bottles everywhere with no rhyme or reason to how they are organized. There’s Stone over here and Stone over there and barley wines everywhere.” This is an issue that I think will be worth some further discussion and some action at our local shops. After all, if we can’t find the beers we can’t buy the beers. Perhaps different ways of organizing are in order or perhaps simply posting/publishing HOW things are already organized would be helpful too.

The final and most common request for our beer shops was all about pricing. Readers simply wanted to know how much a case, six-pack or bottle costs without having to ask someone and without having to carry it up to the counter first. Readers want prices posted…it’s that simple.

I was very happy to see again that the responses in this category were predominantly positive, and the suggestions realistic with viable solutions that should be fairly easy to implement. I think this sort of open communication between beer-buyers and beer-sellers will put more beers into our refrigerators and more sales into the beer-business cash registers. Cheers and thank you to our readers for posting and our local beer businesses for listening. Stay tuned for Part 3…coming soon.


Shawnee Craft Brewing to Tap VSOP Today!

17 March 2010

ShawneeCraftLogo1From Leo:

VSOP today 3/17/10
Part 1 of 3
Old ale aged on Brandy wood
8.1% ABV
10 pins only

We'll have 10 more in thirty days and 10 more 30 days after that.

Next week Session Mild
Currently on Tap:

Raspberry Blanche
Biere Blanche
Gold Lager
Session Porter (for growlers and Nitro-draft)
IPA Nitro Draft


Troegs to Release NEW Sampler Cases

TroegsAnthology From


Tröegs has a new variety case called Anthology which replaces our current Troegs Dozen variety case. There will be two versions of Anthology based on the time of the year.

Anthology Series No. 1 will feature Hopback Amber Ale, Tröegs Pale Ale, Dreamweaver Wheat and Sunshine Pils. Sunshine Pils will be part of the Anthology series from April until approximately September.

Anthology Series No. 2 will feature Javahead Stout in place of Sunshine Pils and be available from September until March. Anthology starts shipping in mid-March.


Breaker Brewing Co – Olde King Coal Recipes

BreakerBrownies With today being St Pat’s Day, I thought it would be appropriate to pass on some Breaker Brewing Co Olde King Coal Stout recipes.  I also thought you’d want to see the article from the Times Leader featuring the BBC kids and some “Stout” recipes.

Clicky HERE to check out the article.


Fegley’s Brew Works to Release Collide-O-Smoke & Pre-Prohibition Pilsener

BrewWorksLogo From Mike:

Our cask this Thursday (at the Bethlehem Brew Works March 18th) “Collide-o-smoke” – Brewer Lewis Thomas has got something up his sleeve here. He’s sneaking oak shards into the cask of a smoked IPA to add immense kaleidoscopic complexity to this cask creation.  On tap at 5pm!

Also on Tap Thursday at Bethlehem is the "Pre-Prohibition Pilsener." In anticipation for the celebration of the repeal of Prohibition (April 7) we are releasing this big pils:

Pre Prohibition Pilsener (1.075 O.G. 7.8% A.B.V.) Clean Crisp American Style Lager with a sweet malt flavor backed by a European hop aroma. This Pale lager hides it’s alcohol strength well and delivers an easy drinking link to the past.

In Allentown, at 812 Hamilton Street we'll also be releasing our new Double IPA this Thursday!


Bavarian Barbarian 2x4 IPA - Update

BavarianBarbarian2x4ipa I’ve heard from Mike and he tells me the new Bavarian Barbarian 2x4 IPA is doing real well.  For those unfamiliar, 2x4 IPA is Mike’s latest brew.

The 2x4 IPA sports 65 IBUs from Columbus, Nugget and Amarillo hops.  The hoppiness is supported by the addition of flaked rye which provides a malty, bready character that works well with the hop flavors.  The hop additions give the 2x4 a well-rounded flavor profile with citrus and spice along with a pleasant, flowery and citrusy aroma.

2x4 is only available on draft now, but Mike tells me they are working on label approval and hope to have it in bottles in the near future….so stay tuned.


Lion Brewery – Advertising Stegmaier Bartender

16 March 2010

 StegAdBartender Here’s a great old Stegmaier ad courtesy of JessKidden.  This one is dated around 1952 and features a great cartoon bartender—“Steg is my Best Beer and Business PROVES it!”  Also available Stegmaier Ale & Porter…


Lion Brewery – Advertising Fun Perfect Brewery

14 March 2010

 StegAd1903 Here’s a text-only Stegmaier’s ad courtesy of JessKidden.  This one is a pre-prohibition ad from about 1903 with the theme of “A Perfect Brewery.”  We use nothing but the finest Bohemian Hops and the best malt that money can buy…


Deuane is Set Loose at Bullfrog Brewery

13 March 2010

Deuane1 Here’s one I’m looking forward to….Mark your calendars folks; DEUANE, a nitro double IPA weighing in at 10% abv, will be tapped Friday March 19th at 6:00 pm at Bullfrog brewery... don't miss this one!!!Deuane2    And clearly Deuane is appreciative (even prior to tasting the beer) ;)


Troegs – B-Word Pale Ale Scratch Beer

Troegsgoodwood-225x300 From the Troegs Blog:

Don’t know about you, but this recent run of nice weather has me in the mood for a nice, lighter, hoppy beer. No, I’m not talking about Sunshine Pils in this particular case, although I have to say the early-season Pils we brewed for the World Beer Cup is in fine mid-season form. I’ve missed that beer, and I think it’s gonna be a great addition to the Troegs Anthology summer variety pack. Mmm Pils…

Anyway, the pale hoppy beer I’m talking about will be another in our experimental Scratch line-up, this time combining a pale base beer, a healthy amount of earthy/floral hops, an abbey yeast strain, and Pennsylvania oak. Oh, and it’s going to be bottle-conditioned (like most brewers I heart bottle-conditioned Belgian-style ales). Hopefully that’s enough interesting components to whet your beer appetites. I know it’s got me psyched.

Q: How did this all come about? A: Well, we got a hankering for a hoppy Belgian-style pale ale and just recently received a shipment of Bravo hops, which are new to us and arrived in really fresh condition. Also, we just got a bunch of new Pennsylvania oak barrels in, which we’ve been itching to use. Empty barrels in a brewery, the horror! Put all these ingredients together and voila, you’ve got yourself a Scratch beer.

Now for the question everyone wants to know: what’s the timeframe for this batch? We brewed the beer a few weeks ago and racked it into barrels just last week. With fresh oak we’ll get the woody flavors we want pretty quickly, so we have to taste the beer every couple days or so, so we don’t over-wood this batch. Tough work, but that’s why we get the big bucks… As soon as we get the right flavor profile, we’ll take it out of the barrels, allow it to mature in one of our bright beer tanks, where we’ll dry-hop it with more hops. We’ll then dose it with fresh yeast and extra sugar, and package it. If the yeast does it job, we’ll have some effervescently carbonated beer a couple of weeks after that. So basically, we’ll let you know, relatively soonish.

Incidentally, John is adamant that we not call this beer a “Belgian”, which is fair since we don’t brew in Belgium, but I have to say that the B-word is a useful descriptor for beers brewed with that famous handful of yeasts. Anybody who comes up with a better term, hey, let us know. Early tasting confirms that this pale ale is pretty strong, with a bunch of oak character, yeast flavor, and some earthy hops peeking through.  In the finished beer, the wood should also add an an extra, oaky dimension. Like a California chardonnay. Well okay, maybe not that much oak…

P.S. We’ve got yet another Scratch beer a-brewing, but we’ll save that for a later day. I will say that it’s an atypical style, but it should be seasonally appropriate, especially if this warm weather keeps up. It might even be ready before this batch. Cheers!



In a Perfect Beer World – Craft Breweries

11 March 2010

Smiley “Craft Breweries” was by far the category I’d say my readers were happiest with. It was also, ironically enough, the one category that had the highest common requests of all categories (more on that later.) My readers had the most positive comments by far on our local breweries from Lion to Breaker Brewing, Berwick Brewing, Old Forge Brewing and many of our other less-local micros. It seems that ALL beer lovers seem to love ALL of our local breweries. This was wonderful news to read and I was even more excited to hear what they want…

Many readers wanted simply “more of the same.” Readers would like to see more bottles and kegs available for when we can’t get to the brewery, and overall more availability in the local market. There was an overwhelming theme of “taking care of the local market.” Keeping a sufficient supply of beers for the local market and releasing special beers ONLY into the local market was a common comment.

The most common theme for my readers relative to our local craft breweries was simply wanting to “belong” and wanting to be a friend of the brewery. People loved that feeling of going to their local brewery, having the staff know their name and simply feeling like they belong. This theme extended also into readers simply wanting to know what’s going on at the brewery…what’s in the tanks, what special beers may be coming up, what are the typical seasonals and when do they typically come out, and what brewery events are coming up. This wanting to have a “home” brewery and wanting to belong and feel welcome was a very popular theme and one I think merits some attention from our local breweries. Many readers remembered their fathers and grandfathers being “Stegmaier Guys” and being a part of that brewing culture, and this sense of belonging is important for them to continue on in their generation.

As I mentioned above, the number one request across all categories came in the local Breweries category. As promised, the number one request of all categories is…..(drum roll and pay attention to this one)…by far THE MOST mentioned request I received was the desire for us to have a Wilkes-Barre area craft brewery and brew-pub. This has been a fight I’ve been fighting for years, but to see close to 90% of all respondents mention they want a local brew-pub in Wilkes-Barre was even a surprise to me. So is anyone listening….I guess we’ll see…

In conclusion it’s safe to say people love our local breweries, so much so that they want more. Local beer lovers want to belong and find a home in our local breweries like their fathers and grandfathers did, and I’m excited to see that maybe we can help make this happen. Cheers to everyone for their ideas and observations. Stay tuned for Part 2…coming soon.


Lion Brewery – Advertising Fun Stegmaier Picnic

10 March 2010

StegAdPicnic Here’s a really fun old Stegmaier ad courtesy of JessKidden.  This one features Stegmaier Gold Medal Beer and is dated 1952.  Whether your packing a basket, or roasting corn, Don’t forget Stegmaier Gold medal Beer.—the final touch for the perfect picnic!


In a Perfect Beer World – The Results !

Smiley For anyone not playing along with the home version of, a month or so ago I asked our readers to speak up. It was my theory that collecting the opinions and ideas from our local beer loving patrons and passing that info on to our local beer businesses would be a win-win situation for everyone. It seemed so simple and fit so well into the mybeerbuzz mission statement, “Bringing God Beers and Good People Together” so away we went. In the end we had comments from close to 100 beer-loving readers. I was surprised at the response and surprised and how many common themes there were in what readers wanted. I was also very happy to see I received very few requests to add 200 tap handles or any other such unrealistic requests. So OK Local beer lovers, the results are in.

I’ve decided to split the results into several posts for each broad type of beer business. I’ll first post up results for our local breweries since there were fewer requests relative to breweries. From there I’ll post results for Distributors/Six Pack/Bottle Shops and finally our largest response, beer bars. Please keep in mind these comments are meant to be observations and not in any way criticism. So stay tuned local beer lovers and beer businesses for Part 1 of In a perfect beer World—What Do We Want coming soon?


Lion Brewery - Label Fun Pocono Pale Ale

08 March 2010

LionPoconoPaleAleLabel Since we’ve done a few others, why not Pocono Pale Ale in the 12oz size.


Javahead Stout to Replace Rugged Trail Brown Ale

07 March 2010

I posted this up a few days ago on the mybeerbuzz Troegs page but with some many people asking, I thought I’d push it out to the main page. 



Tröegs Brewery will be introducing a new year-round beer to our lineup. Javahead Stout started shipping in 12 ounce bottles on March 1, with draft and 22 ounce packages becoming available in late March/early April.

Javahead Stout is based on our original oatmeal stout which was retired several years ago. We have added a blend of coffee beans to this stout which are supplied by St. Thomas Roasters, a Harrisburg-based coffee company. “Javahead Stout was first released last year in 22 ounce bottles and we loved it,” explains Chris Trogner. “We never wanted to discontinue the Oatmeal Stout and it’s nice to have the opportunity to bring a stout into our year-round line-up.”


Lion Brewery - Label Fun Pocono Lager

06 March 2010

LionPoconoLagerLabel I believe we did the Pocono Blonde Ale but not the Pocono Lager, so here it is in the 12oz size with the Pocono Mountains looking better than ever.


Breaker Brewing 16-Ton DIPA Bottles Hit the Street Today (3/5)

05 March 2010


Just a quick note to remind everyone that Breaker Brewing Co bottles are hitting the street today.  Look for them at Krugels and, Brewers Outlet and more places coming soon.


Chip the Beer Guy Rock 107 – Breaker Brewing Co

BreakerBrewingVan I always enjoy hearing Mark & Chris from Breaker Brewing Co on the radio.  Not only do they bring great stories of their brewing adventures, but also exciting news about upcoming brews.  If you haven’t had a chance to meet these guys yet, you’ll find they are incredibly inventive and have been able to essentially build a nano-brewery out of spare parts.  Their cooler is driven my Mark’s grandmothers 20-year old air-conditioner and their new timing unit is based on a microwave timer and some relays.  This hand-built can-do attitude is not only fun to hear but I also believe that resourcefulness comes out in their beers.  You know if someone can build a complex brewing system, they can also craft a complex beer…and this has been true in their brews.

Today we broke ground again by taking the Chip the Beer Guy show into a second morning segment.  The guys tasted I Love PA IPA (version 4.0) and followed that with the 16-Ton DIPA.  It should also be noted that the bottle conditioned 16-Ton is now out in the market TODAY at places like Krugel’s Georgetown Deli.  You can check out their new Beer Doppler Radar (or Hoppler Radar  ;)  ) for real time listings of where you can find the BBC beers.

In segment two the guys talked about the brewing of 16-Ton IPA (brewed with oak chips) and some of their new beers like Black Mariah (named after the “ambulance” carts used in the mines).  We posted most of these details a few days ago HERE, and it was fun to hear even more details.  Also stay tuned for details on their new Quiet Canary and Black Diamond Dark IPA beers coming later this year.

Cheers to Breaker Brewing Co and everyone on the show for an entertaining morning.


Lion Brewery – Stegmaier IPA In The Tank

04 March 2010

StegIPAcMar2010 StegIPAbMar2010

As promised, your daily “fix” of Stegmaier IPA info.  The guys tell me Stegmaier IPA is resting comfortably in Tank 25.  Codenamed “Reaper” this brew has 400lbs of hops and finished out at 17-degrees plato and 105.9 IBU, but keep in mind this will likely wind up around 75-85 IBS in the finished beer.  The basic recipe includes light crystal, Munich and wheat malt with bittering hops from Galena and Centennial and a MASSIVE late-hop addition courtesy of Cascade & Nugget.  This is by far the largest hop bill the Lion has EVER had for one recipe and keep in mind this is a small batch of only 200 barrels.  To quote the guys…”It was awesome...leaving work today, the entire Valley smelled like hops!”

It’s my understanding there is some debate about the release of the IPA and Stegmaier Pale Ale timing.  Te intent was to formulate both beers to compliment each other with the IPA being the big beer for dedicated hopheads and the Pale Ale being for those whose palate can’t necessarily embrace the IPA.  The Pale Ale will be a true session beer coming in at around 4.5% ABV, but with a very clean hop-centric character that allows you to enjoy 5 maybe 6 crisp clean hoppy beers…and still get to work the next day.

More updates to come and if all goes well…maybe even some samples in April….Stay tuned and feel free to scour the photos for any secret details. 

You guys excited yet??


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