Local Brewing History – Graupner’s Porter

29 April 2010

LocalBrewingGraupner_Porter Today’s label comes to us courtesy of Sam K and features

the 12oz Graupner’s Porter from Robert H. Graupner, Harrisburg, PA.


Chip the Beer Guy – Victory St Boisterous

VictoryStBoisterous Chip the Beer Guy returned to the airwaves with a new Thursday segment.  The beer of the day today was Victory St. Boisterous Hellerbock.  This is a super-malty seasonal bock beer that I’ve enjoyed from the taps of Victory and now in bottles.  The beer choice of the day was made in honor of May Day and Chip chose this maibock (spring bock) for today’s show.  Boisterous uses a decocted mash and noble German hops to get to the malty backbone it has.

The show today had Chip and Jay Daniels and a few other new voices I didn’t recognize yet.  The show is still sponsored by Krugels Georgetown Deli & Beer and will stay in this new time slot.  The new show was split into two short segments (about 4 mins each) and was fun to listen to again.  Cheers and welcome back Chip.


Breaker Brewing Co – The Build Begins

28 April 2010

BreakerWelding Here’s a quick photo from Breaker Brewing Co as they begin to fabricate their new 4bbl brewing system.  Stay tuned for further photos as the build progresses and say goodbye to their old brewing system in the background as it leaves town on Sunday.


Local Brewing History – Glennon’s Pilsener Pittston Brewing Corp.

25 April 2010

Local BrewingGlennon's_Pilsener Today’s label comes to us courtesy of Sam K and features Glennon’s Pilsener Beer.  This is the 12oz Pride of PA good old beer from Pittston Brewing Corp from Pittston, Penna.


WILK News Radio – The Friday Beerbuzz to Start May 7th

23 April 2010

WebsterNancy I’m VERY proud to announce that beginning Friday May 7th, WILK News Radio (103.1FM) will be hosting a new beer segment on the Webster and Nancy show.  The segment will be called the Friday Beerbuzz with Bil from mybeerbuzz.com ….and yes that’s me. 

The show will take place in the 8:30-9AM half-hour every Friday morning (probably 8:45-ish) and promises to be a LOT of fun….so tune in and check us out on May 7th.  I’ll also be following each show with a blog post about the show on mybeerbuzz.com with the insider details and perhaps even a few live photos.  Stay tuned for further details and do be sure to tune into WILK 103.1FM starting May 7th!


Chip the Beer Guy – Seeking Your Input

22 April 2010

ChipBeer I've heard from Chip and he's seeking input on the Chip the Beer Guy show as the re-launch is coming soon. Please comment or e-Mail me (or Chip directly) what you liked and didn't like about the show (for example was it too short or too long...) and I'll be sure all replies get to Chip. I’ll be doing this in the same way we did the “In a Perfect Beer World” series I did earlier.  This is a great opportunity for the beer loving community to have their voice heard so please reply.



Hey friends, Rock 107 has always had Thirsty Thursday, but Mike, Eric and Jay will quench their thirsts this week as I'm returning to the air this Thursday, April 29th (coincedentally my Mom's birthday) at 9:15 AM. I'm looking forward to my return and bringing our listeners information on the best beers and the best brewers. If you have any questions or requests, you can e-mail them to chip@rock107.com Cheers!!!


Breaker Brewing Co 1-Year Anniversary – The Movie


Old Forge Brewing Co – It’s a Boy!

OFBCDamienMaria I’m honored to report that Damien and Maria Malfara from Old Forge Brewing Company are the proud parents of a new baby boy who arrived on his due date of 4/18 promptly at 8:18PM.  Mother and baby are doing well, and in honor of his birth Damien will be releasing his new Trinity Tripel on Sunday 4/25.  Damien also tells me they’ll be trying to get the Pilsner on by Friday and a new wheat on by the end of next week.  The expansion project at the brewery continues as well with the new tanks scheduled for a July delivery….so stay tuned.


Congratulations to Damien & Maria and welcome to a future beer lover ;)  Cheers!


Tap NY Craft Beer & Fine Food Festival Bus

TapNYI’ve heard from Rodgers at Taylor Beverage and he’s sponsoring a bur trip to Tap NY on Sunday April 25th and has a few seats left.  The details are below and you can contact Rodgers at 207-2739 or rodgersholmes@hotmail.com if you have Questions.


37 breweries
the food theme is bar-b-que. food is included
with the fest.
leave 9:30 from scranton
return about 7:30
noon til 4 fest
$100 bus beer bar-b-que


Local Brewing History – Eureka Beer The Home Brewing Co

21 April 2010

LocalBrewingF&S_Bock Today’s label comes to us courtesy of Sam K and features F&S Bock Beer from Furmann & Schmidt Brewing (Shamokin, PA)


Weyerbacher Launches New Website

WeyerbacherWeb Of course mybeerbuzz.com is ALWAYS the best place to check for local beer news ;) but just in case you decide to look around…Weyerbacher has launched their new website.  The new site is very blog-like and is a welcome update to their previous site.  Their pages now feature a Facebook badge, a twitter feed, a current events calendar and even a recent comments section so be sure to stop by and check it out.


Breaker Brewing Co 1-Year Anniversary Party @ Elmer Sudds 4/23

BreakerBrewingTapList Just a reminder that the Breaker Brewing Co 1-Year anniversary party will be held THIS FRIDAY 4/23 @ Elmer Sudds in Wilkes-Barre.  The guys tell me they’ll have 5 or 6 of their beers on tap including the new Quiet Canary and Pillar IPA-- and there may even be a few surprises from Sudds.


Lion Brewery – Advertising Fun

19 April 2010

StegHat I know this isn’t a beer label or beer advertising, but I simply couldn’t resist this cool Stegmaier beer delivery driver hat.  I’m not sure how old this is but I simply thought it was cool to see.


Local Brewing History – Freeland Ale

17 April 2010

LocalBrewingFreeland_Ale Today’s label comes to us courtesy of Sam K and features the 12 oz Freeland Ale (from Freeland PA).


Berwick Brewing Co - Updates

berwickBrewingPavilion Every time we visit Berwick Brewing Co, Tom & Guy have something new going on…and today was no exception.  Not only did we get to tour all of the new facilities and hear all of the new plans for Berwick Brewing’s building, but we also got a sneak peek at the new outdoor pavilion.  Tom tells me they are licensing many of the spaces with the PLCB to expand the access at BBC, but we were surprised to see the beginnings of a new outdoor pavilion.  Check out the photos, and better yet, stop down to BBC and see it for yourself.  We love seeing out local breweries growing…thanks for the sneak peek Tom…can’t wait to see the roof go on.


Old Forge Brewing Co – March/April

16 April 2010

OldForgePint Just wanted to pass on a quick congratulations to Damien for winning the Peoples Choice award at Taming of the Brew for Old Forge Alt and to pass on some other details from the OFBC March/April newsletter.

OFBC will now be open on Sundays and Damien is also working on a new beer called Trinity Tripel…as well as a new baby boy who Damien and Maria are expecting very soon.

The big news is all about expansion.  OFBC will be not only expanding their dining area upstairs, but more importantly to beer lovers OFBC is getting more space next door to expand into a new 10 bbl brewing system with two new 10 bbl serving tanks.  This is great news for local beer lovers and an early congratulations to Damien and Maria on their upcoming addition.


Breaker Brewing Co on 98.5 KRZ

BreakerBreaingBlackMariahBottle I tuned in this morning to hear my pals Mark & Chris from Breaker Brewing Co appear on the Rocky & Sue show on 98.5 KRZ.  Now I’ll admit I’m not terribly familiar with local radio personalities, so when I heard “Rocky & Sue” I had all of my best Bullwinkle jokes lined up…but rather than insult them with a moose joke I decided to just tune into the show.  So after getting my Justin Bieber on and having Rihanna tell me to shut up and drive, the guys came on the air.

The guys poured some Goldies Blonde and also sampled their Black Mariah dark ale being released today, but the BIG news of the day is the upcoming growth at Breaker Brewing Co.  There will be more details to follow, but Breaker Brewing Co is getting, or should I say “building” some new brewing equipment.  Naturally this growth will allow them to brew in larger batches, roughly three times the size of their current batch size.  I had a chance last night to peek at the makings of their new brew-system and I’m really excited to see how it will all come out.

Thanks for a great show guys and special thanks to Rocky, Sue, Bullwinkle and even Boris Badenov and Natasha Fatale for an entertaining morning.


Local Brewing History – E Robinson’s Sons Porter

15 April 2010

LocalBrewingE._Robinson's_Sons_Porter Today’s label comes to us courtesy of Sam K and features the 12oz E. Robinson’s Sons Porter (our of Scranton PA).


Breaker Brewing Co – 1-Year Anniversary Party, Black Mariah Release & News

BreakerNewferment I heard from Chris and he tells me that Breaker Brewing Co Black Mariah bottles will be hitting our local market tomorrow (4/16) in all of their usual outlets. I had a chance to taste the first batch of this back in March (and soon the 2nd batch) and I can tell you it’s tasty.

The Bart & Urby’s Breaker Brewing Beer dinner & Homebrew competition will be this Sunday (contact Bart & Urby’s for details). The guys will also be appearing on KRZ 98.5FM tomorrow (4/16) 8AM-9AM.

Breaker Brewing Co will mark their 1-year anniversary next week and will be celebrating this milestone at Elmer Sudds on April 23rd. The guys tell me there will be at least 6 different Breaker Brewing beers on tap including their new IPA Pillar Edition (fermented in Oak) and possibly even their new Saison-style Quiet Canary. I’m also hearing that Elmer Sudds may have a surprise in store for the party so be sure to stop by and say happy anniversary to Chris & Mark.


mybeerbuzz Wild West Trip Beers

I’ve posted many of these photos live on Facebook as they were happening, but for all the non-Facebook users out there, I thought I’d recap my recent trip west.  Here are a few beer-related pictures form the trip with explanations at the bottom.

West1 west2
West3 West4
West5 West6
West7 West8
West9 West10
West11 West12
West13 West14
West15 West16

1) Just some of the bomber selection at our local supermarket Fred Meyer.  2) The Alaskan and Sierra Nevada selection and yes you can buy cases in a grocery store. 3)  More bombers at Fred Meyer…one of each please. 4)  A peek inside our fridge on day two 5) Two wonderful beers in some cool Parkbrau Pils glassware direct from Germany. 6) Great Divide Titan IPA in some more authentic glassware. 7) Two favorites easily available out west…it’s been a log time since we’ve been able to find a fresh Jamaica Red. 8) A little east coast Gemini in some cool German Romer Pilsener Special glassware. 9) Deschutes Mirror Pond Pale Ale. 10) Yes we enjoyed the Great Divide Titan IPA and I forgot to snap a photo of the Lagunitas IPA. 11)  My three favorites, Deschutes Abyss 2009, Alaskan Baltic Porter 2009 and Moylans Hopsickle. 12) Deschutes Inversion IPA with some Alaskan Amber Ale. 13) Our sampler tray at Northern Lights Brewery. 14) The tap handles at Northern Lights (LOVE the Solar Winds). 15) Deschutes Hop Henge Experimental IPA. 16) Widmer special Clinkerdaggers Unfiltered Amber Ale (over looking a great view).


Chip the Beer Guy to Return to Rock 107

14 April 2010

ChipBeer This from Chip:

Well, I had my meeting with the general manager at Rock 107 tonight. It looks good for continuing the show. They are revamping the morning show, so there won't be a show this Friday. But once they get things settled for good, In Munich There's a HofBrau Haus will play once again I'm thinking a week or two.
Congrats Chip…glad to have you back.


And the latest from Chip today:

I'm glad to hear all of your comments supporting the show. I want to resume with the show ASAP, but the station has a new program director coming in next week and they want him to be involved. So, it may be a week or two til we return but as long as things move in the right direction, we will be back soon. I know you all miss your Friday morning beer chat. Hang in there.


PLCB Registration Hearings in Harrisburg

For anyone following along on PCN-TV, the TTB registration hearings have been pretty interesting.  Yesterday, the two “raided” business owners from the Memphis Taproom and Origlio's Beverage testified before the state.  Leigh Maida from Memphis Taproom and Dominic Origlio both met with surprising support and apology from the legislators, but so far very little has been done to rectify the problems they’ve both faced.


The reruns have been running on our local PNC-TV affiliate, but so far are not available on-line.


Local Brewing History – E Robinson’s Sons Pilsener

13 April 2010

LocalBrewingE._Robinson's_Sons_Pils Today’s label comes to us courtesy of Sam K and features the 12oz E. Robinson’s Sons Pilsener (out of Scranton PA).


Breaker Brewing Co on 98.5 KRZ Friday (4/16)

BreakerBrewingLogo The guys from breaker Brewing Co will be appearing

on Rocky & Sue this Friday 8am-9am or 98.5 WKJRZ .   Clicky HERE to listen on-line.


News from Brew Works

BrewWorksLogo From Mike:

Allentown Brew Works:  Espresso Stout is still pouring...but not for long. This dark and lovely brew with deep roasted coffee flavors has been a blessing through the icy months that are now behind us, but we don't know when we'll see another batch of this now that the world is blossoming into Spring. So while the evenings still carry a chill, chase it away with a bit of this!

Bethlehem Brew Works:Maibock will arrive Tuesday to herald the Spring in Bethlehem. A terrific example of this Spring bock style with big maltiness, a pale orange color, and 7.5% abv.

THURSDAY ALERT-- Monkey Wrench Saison goes on tap at all 3 Fegley's Brew Works! ABW, BBW, and the Brew Works on the Green at 3400 Tilghman Street


Chip the Beer Guy / John Webster

12 April 2010

Webster Since I’ve been out of town for a few weeks this is probably old news for most, but it is a story I continue to follow closely.  Our beloved John Webster has left Rock 107 to take on a new morning show on WILK.  As this story broke on 3/31, I noticed that all references to the Chip the Beer Guy show had been removed from Rock 107’s website.  It’s my understanding that Chip is still involved in some format of negotiations with Rock 107 to continue the show, but my sources are telling me that Rock 107 isn't necessarily actively negotiating.  I’m also hearing of the possibility of Chip following John Webster and doing a new show on WILK with new sponsorship, this of course assumes Rock 107 doesn’t own his “name” also.  As of last Friday Rock 107 didn’t even run a repeat Chip the Beer Guy show, so who knows what the future will bring.  On a final “rumor central” note, I’ve now heard from two different sources that there may now be two competing morning radio beer shows in the works….so stay tuned.


Bart & Urby’s Breaker Brewing Co Beer Dinner – April 18th – Homebrew Competition!

09 April 2010

BartUrbysBBCDinner Just a reminder:  I just heard from Carl and there will be a Beer Dinner Sunday April 18th (1PM) and Bart & Urby’s featuring Breaker Brewing Co beers.  There will also be a homebrew competition and other fun stuff.  Check out the attached poster for details.


mybeerbuzz.com Welcomes Scott's Store

08 April 2010

Cheers and welcome to Scott's Store...now officially participating with mybeerbuzz.com. Welcome aboard Matt...the beer loving community Thanks you! Click Here to go to the Scotts Store Page.


mybeerbuzz.com Welcomes Wyoming Valley Homebrewers Club

07 April 2010

Cheers and welcome to the Wyoming Valley Homebrewers Club now officially participating with mybeerbuzz.com. Welcome Joe and all of the club members, the local beer loving community thanks you. Look for the club meetings now in the NEPA Beer Calendar also.


Lion Brewery – Label Fun Red Bell Blonde

LionRedBellLabel This is one I hadn’t seen before (which applies to many of these contract brews from Lion)…so today we feature Red Bell Blonde Ale in 12oz size from Red Bell Brewing in Philadelphia.


Lion Brewery – Label Fun Manhattan Gold

05 April 2010

LionManhattanLabel Here’s an interesting label (with a terrible scan) that I don’t think we’ve featured.  This one features Manhattan Gold Lager in the 12 oz size.  Does Budweiser know their Clydesdales are moonlighting in Wilkes-Barre??

For anyone following along, we’ve featured one local brewing history post every other day since last summer 2009…and we are just now starting to run out of content…so please contribute!


Lion Brewery – Label Fun Gibbons 50th

03 April 2010

LionGibbons50Label Here’s a label from the 50th anniversary of Gibbons (Famous Light Lager Beer).  The size is 12oz.


Highest Alpha Hops Confirmed in a Local Beer

01 April 2010

CatScratchDIPA Last year mybeerbuzz broke the news that a new hop strain called KP1 would be entering the brewing markets. For those that missed the story you can CLICK HERE to read the original post. This was a big news in the beer industry, and I’m proud to say we published it first.

We’ve followed the story religiously, and as the year has progressed it is worth noting that production has increased in a considerable way. Just last summer Tinkelle Farms contacted me to say they would be dedicating another 250 acres to KP1 farming and space for an additional 200 cats on the farm. At that time they predicted an increase of over 7000 production pounds of KP1 for the brewing market and a commitment to ship the first batch east.

While I am not at liberty to disclose the brewery, I’m incredibly proud to announce that the first beer produced using the high alpha KP1 will be brewed by one of OUR local breweries. Since the beer is in the tanks and label approval is underway, I’ve been given exclusive permission to release the name of the beer.

The beer will be named Cat Scratch DIPA, and I’m told that although it is not a traditional double-IPA, the DIPA naming will be used because of the extremely high IBU rating the beer was able to reach using KP1 hop strains AND because of the high ABV.

As you can see above, I’ve also been given permission to post the actual label, (with the brewery name and logo blacked out of course.) The beer will be initially brewed in a smaller batch for keg and 22oz production runs to occur simultaneously. I am not at liberty to release the IBU rating, but suffice to say it’s a number higher than I’ve ever seen before. Assuming all goes well, the beer will be released in the brewery only on or about May 15th. Beyond that I can’t say much until the TTB label approval is complete and the beer is released…so stay tuned local beer lovers.


Local Brewing History

BartelsW-B_copy Here’s a great old drawing courtesy of JessKidden showing the Bartels Brewery from the 100 Years of Brewing book.  Caption reads “Premises of the Bartels Brewing Company, Edwardsville (Near WILKESBARRE), Pennsylvania.


WILK Friday BeerBuzz

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2016 NEPA BlogCon Winner

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