WILK Friday Beerbuzz – 30 July 2020 (Benny Brewing Co Hopenstein IPA and Wit)

30 July 2010

WILKFridayBerbuzz7 It’s been a lot of fun having guests on the Friday Beerbuzz, especially three weeks in a row.  I think it’s important for us to talk to our local brewers and let you hear from the men and women that brew your beers.  Stay tuned for more guests (local and not-so-local) in the future AND please feel free to contact us with suggestions for guests.

This week we welcomed Ben Schonfeld from the new Benny Brewing Co in Nanticoke.  And not only is Benny Brewing Co new, it is in fact so new that it’s not even officially open yet.  We’ve been very lucky to get to taste some pre-release beers on previous shows, and today we were lucky enough to taste two.  We sampled Ben’s Wit (a spiced Belgian-style wheat ale) and his Hopenstein IPA, and we really enjoyed both.

It was also fun to hear about the process of opening a brewery.  All too often I think people just assume you simply start brewing and selling beer, but there is a lot more to it than that.  Months, sometimes years worth of paperwork and approvals with the PLCB and TTB, not to mention the branding, marketing, packaging and sales plans.  It’s quite a process, so believe me when I say that anyone brewing and selling beer has gone through a LOT of work to do so.

Benny Brewing Co will be sold exclusively from Marty’s Blue Room in Nanticoke on tap and bottles…and stay tuned for details on further distribution.      You can find details on mybeerbuzz as well as the Benny Brewing Co website.  There will also be a Beernauguration event on Aug 17th 5-8PM @ Marty’s Blue Room to launch the new beers.

We had a lot of fun visiting and tasting with Ben today. 

I want to say t

hank you to Ben, John, Nancy, Joe & Bosco for yet another fun Friday. 

The Friday Beerbuzz…bringing good beers and good people together

As always you can check out the video on-line at the WILK Friday Beerbuzz page by clicking HERE


Founders Tasting Events in NEPA

FoundersLogo A quick thank you to John Host, Krugels Georgetown Deli & Beer, Backyard Ale House, John & Chuck from Stockertown Beverage and everyone else involved for putting on two incredible Founders beer tasting events yesterday.  At Krugels we sampled Dry-hopped Pale Ale, Devil Dancer, and many others including Founders KBS.  At backyard Ale House we sampled Centennial IPA and the extremely rare Founders Canadian Breakfast Stout.  Thanks to everyone involved and thanks to everyone that stopped over to say hi and talk beer last night.  It was a LOT of fun and we certainly sampled some great beers.


Thank You!

Pliny Just a quick Thank You to Taylor for traveling coast to coast with a special chilled surprise!  Cheers and thank you for the wonderful surprise.


Troegs Scratch # 32 is Out!

From Troegs:
TroegsScratch SCRATCH BEER #32
O.G.: 14.4
ABV: 5.4%
IBUs: 35
Malt: Pils, Vienna, Caramel
Hops: Northern Brewer, Crystal
Hopback: Crystal, Bravo
Yeast: California Lager
Codename:Keystone Common


Local Brewing History – Bartels Beer $150

29 July 2010

LocalbrewingBartelsProf$150 We’re switching over to show off some great local beer advertising.  Today’s ad comes to us courtesy of JessKidden and features Prof. Bartel in a name the beer campaign.


mybeerbuzz Beer Travels – UK & Wales

Needless to say there were way too many beer stops to document or even photograph, but I thought I’d include another Zane lamprey stop to the town of LlanfairPPG.  I’ll publish the photo and let you sort out the full name, but this little town on the island of Anglesey was quite a wonderful beer stop.

Wales2010Card2 129 Wales2010Card2 131


Local Brewing History – Bartels Budapester

LocalbrewingBartels_Budapester_Label Today’s label comes to us courtesy of Sam K and features

Bartels Budapester.


Chip the Beer Guy – Founders Brewing

FoundersLogo Today we featured John Host from Founders Brewing Co.  John is the regional marketing rep for Founders and formerly from Tunkhannock.  John is in our area to promote a Founders event (Thanks Stef!) at the Backyard Ale House tonight (7-10 PM) and Krugel’s Georgetown Deli from 4-6PM.  John is in our area for his high school reunion and the guys tasted Founders KBS with him today.  We sampled some 2010 KBS a few weeks ago and I can tell you this is a tasty beer.  John also confirmed something we’ve been reporting for a few weeks.  Backyard Ale House will feature Canadian Breakfast Stout (the maple syrup version of KBS).

For those that haven’t followed along, Founders KBS had PLCB label registration issues that delayed it’s release into our market, AND made it even more difficult to get.  What this means is you should definitely get out and try KBS today at one of these events.  Sabatinis had once case that lasted less than a day so don’t delay.

Thanks and I’ll catch you later on today John…


Friday Beerbuzz – The Teaser (7/30/2010)

28 July 2010

WILKFridayBeerbuzz4 We had a lot of fun AND tasted a really great beer last week with our guest Beau Baden from Fegley’s Brew Works.  Not only is the history of Arctic Alchemy a great story, and the motorcycle ride (now already well in to Canada) a great project…but the beer itself is amazing.  We really enjoyed the Alchemy and I can’t wait to see how this beer ages.  Thanks again to Beau and everyone involved.

This week we have yet ANOTHER surprise. 

Hint: We will not only be sampling one beer that I guarantee none of our listeners have ever purchased, but even a 2nd beer that none of our listeners have ever had! 

Tune in at 8:30AM and see what beer we sample on the Friday Beerbuzz on WILK…bringing good beers and good people together. 

(103.1FM or wilknewsradio.com).


Founders Beer Tasting @ Krugels 7/29

27 July 2010

FoundersKrugels From Joe:

Thursday 7/29 from 4 - 6 PM will be Founder's with Brewery Rep John Host.  Stop in and sample some of Founder's Best Brews and talk with the brewery experts, giveaways and more.  Only place in Luzerne County to have this sampling. Expansion now open with over 1,100 beers from around the world!


mybeerbuzz Beer Travels – UK & Wales

Next we traveled north through Snowdonia to a little Oceanside town called Llandudno for a few days at the St. George.  Sadly the St George only had regular taps, but fortunately they had Guinness and we found a few other local CAMRA bars, as well as a great bottle shop in Conwy (yes it says fine wines).

File2259 Wales2010Card2 098
Wales2010Card2 003 Wales2010Card2 004


The Next New “Thing” in Beer

26 July 2010

Water For years we’ve talked about amazing beers, and the creative approaches brewers have been taking to make them even more amazing and more interesting.  Barrel aging, dry-hopping, torpedo hopped beers, double IPAs, triple IPAs and all sorts of new and old brewing techniques.  We’ve seen an introduction of all sorts of new hop varieties like Simcoe, Sorachi and Citra, some creative new malting techniques and even a resurgence of “live” and “Brett” yeasts.  So what, you may ask, is next?

Well allow me to put on my prognostication hat, and do my best amazing Kreskin imitation and tale a run at what I think will absolutely be the next new “thing” in beer.  Quite simply….Water!

Now I know we’ve seen Rocky Mountain Water and all sorts of marketing efforts to shine up normal tap or spring water, but the next generation will go even further.  Think designer water, or mineral water or even water from specific geographic localities.  I think you’ll already hear people claim that Irish Guinness tastes like it does because of local minerals in the water, why not use that ingredient in a specialized way.  Watch for low batch rarified water beers with all sorts of exotic geographic water as the main ingredient.  Watch for special mineral water brews and even perhaps a few new water conditioned beers.

Sound silly?  It may…but mark my words AND give me credit when it DOES happen.  Remember you heard it here first on mybeerbuzz.com ;)


mybeerbuzz.com Welcomes Tiffany’s Tap & Grill

Tiffany's Logo Cheers & Welcome to Tiffany's Tap & Grill...now officially participating with mybeerbuzz.com. Welcome aboard Tom...the beer loving community thanks you!  Click HERE to go to the Tiffany’s Tape & Grill page.


The Hop Exchange – by Bob’s MyUncle

We really enjoy when Bob’s MyUncle contributes on mybeerbuzz…and thankfully he’s back from London again:


The Hop Exchange

by bobsmyuncle

At No. 24 Southwark Street in the Bankside area of London’s Southwark Borough is the Hop Exchange. Now a venue for weddings and corporate events, it was once the center of the hop trade in England.

I came across it, accidentally, on the way to dinner with friends during a recent trip to London. A couple of days, and a Google search later, I went back for a closer look.

Opened in 1867, it served as the center of the hop trade. Hop growers from across England brought their crops, either by train or by boat, to sell in an open market. Before a fire in 1920, the structure was four stories high and capped with a glass, greenhouse-like roof, which allowed the hops to be viewed in natural light, and gave an open air arcade feel to the building.

While transactions primarily took place on the floor of the Great Hall, business was overseen by offices tucked away off of the towering balconies. Below the Great Hall lay the Hop Cellars, nearly an acre of underground vaults that stored and sheltered wine trade. The hops themselves were kept in warehouses on Southwark Street, and the surrounding neighborhood, servicing the local breweries.

From the 17th century on, the Bankside area of London was the center of brewing. Several large breweries populated the river bank, including the Anchor Brewery – the largest in London, only meters from the future building site of the infamous Tower Bridge. In 1832, the Anchor Brewery was destroyed by a fire. Today, the Anchor pub stands in its place.

Aside from the Anchor Pub, Bankside is now home to many great pubs and microbreweries including the Market Trader and Brew Warf. If you are in London and so inclined, the area historically known as “the Hop Quarter” is off the tube’s London Bridge stop, and well worth a day (or more) of exploration.

Incidentally, the photos here were taken on the lamb. Upon entering, sheepishly I might add, I noticed a sign opposite that reads “Please check in with the guard on duty.” A glance over to the desk; no guard. My friend kept watch as I snapped the photos, the last one a little blurry as the guard, returning from the loo, crossed the floor, his hands is the air. We quickly ducted out the front door, around the corner, and into the Market Trader, where I had a very nicely hand-pumped Deuchers’ Scottish IPA – so all was not lost.


mybeerbuzz Beer Travels - UK & Wales

25 July 2010

Here’s a quick photo of a beer advertisement for some of the Brains Brews from Cardiff Wales before we were heading north for a lunch stop in a little town called  Dolgellau at the Royal Ship (a Robonson’s Brewing House) for their Unicorn and 442 on hand-pump (not to mention a little England vs Germany world cup action!)

File1383 File2039
File2021 File2037


Local Brewing History – ABC Beer

24 July 2010

LocalbrewingAshland_ABC Today’s label comes to us courtesy of Sam K and features ABC Beer from Ashland brewery, Ashland, PA.


WILK Friday Beerbuzz – 23 July 2010 (Brew Works Alchemy Ale)

23 July 2010

WILKFridayBerbuzz7 I know I overuse this sentence, but we really did have a great time on the Friday Beerbuzz today  First off we welcomed Scranton’s own Beau Baden, brewmaster for Allentown Brew Works, Bethlehem Brew Works and Brew Works on the Green in the Lehigh Valley area.  Beau not only brews some fantastic beers but a wide variety of beers AND some really special beers…and today we were lucky enough to sample one. BrewWorksAlchemyBottles

Back in 1852 Allsops Brewery in England brewed a beer called Allsops Arctic Ale and this beer was sent off with Sir Edwin Belcher in search of the northwest passage to the Canadian Arctic.  Fast forward to 2010 and Chris Bowen, Dick Gethin, and John Chay are working with Brew Works to commemorate the voyage and more importantly the beer.  Chris Dick & John are departing on a 2000-mile motorcycle ride on Sunday July 25th from Bethlehem, PA to the Canadian Arctic where they will use primitive brewing equipment to brew a batch of Arctic Ale based on the Allsop’s recipe.
So how does this all relate?  Well as it turns out our beer of the day is Arctic Alchemy, a brew that Beau and Chris Bowen brewed at Allentown Brew Works in commemoration of the 1852 Allsops Ale and the 2010 motorcycle ride.  Needless to say at 12% ABV this beer is big and flavorful like a classic English Barleywine, but rich like a classic olde ale.

Bethlehem Brew Works will be holding a special event this Sunday (July 25th) to send the riders off on their journey and release the Brew Works Arctic Alchemy beer.  Check out thebrewworks.com for details.  Also bottles will be released and sold only at the brewery….and take my word for it….this is a beer well worth seeking out.

This was a wonderful beer and a very fun visit by Beau Baden. 
All in all a very fun show and
once again I want to say t
hank you to Beau, John, Nancy (we missed you Nancy!), Joe & Bosco for yet another fun Friday. 

The Friday Beerbuzz…bringing good beers and good people together

As always you can check out the video on-line at the WILK Friday Beerbuzz page by clicking HERE


mybeerbuzz Beer Travels – UK & Wales

22 July 2010

After Mumbles we headed north into the Brecon Beacon area to a little town called Crikhollow Wales, where we stayed at the Bear Hotel.  This little town was in the middle of nowhere, but managed to have 6 hand pumps and 6 regular taps in our little circa 1400 hotel.  The Rhymney Bitter and the Reverend James were our favorites, but the others were quite tasty too.  We also had a a few other local pubs that featured the local favorite “Brains Brewery”, Speckled Hen & Hobgoblin all on hand pump as well.   There was something incredibly special about sitting along the stream in the gardens of the Bridge End Inn and enjoying a Hobgoblin.

File0996     File1008
File1004 File1010
File1006 File1026


Sabatinis Christmas in July - Mad Elf on Tap July 25th

On Sunday July 25th @ 6:00 we will be having A Christmas in July Party @ Sabatini’s Pizza. We will be tapping a keg of Troegs Mad Elf. Our Christmas present to you is the Mad Elf is FREE. All we ask is for you to either bring a toy for Toys for Tots or a cash donation for them. Our regular food and beer menu will also be available if you so desire…Please join us @ this special event for Toys for Tots (and for some great beer!!!)


Chip the Beer Guy – DFH Saison de Buff

Todays show featured Dogfish Head’s version of the Saison de Buff (Brewers United for Freedom of Flavor) collaboration brew done between Stone, Victory and DFH.  The beer is a saison and it’s brewed with Parsley Sage Rosemary & Thyme.  The original version came out on the west coast only from Stone and was difficult to find on the east coast.  Victory came out next and was closer to home and easier to find and now the DFH version is coming into our market in much higher quantities.

The guys also tasted DFH Festina Peach and it seems like they weren’t a big fan of the brew.  So I’m still getting used to the new cast of characters on the show, and I’ll admit I can’t tell who is who when the guys talk so it will take me some time to get used to who likes what in terms of beer.  In any case it was fun to hear Buff hit the airwaves.


Friday Beerbuzz – The Teaser (7/23/2010)

21 July 2010

WILKFridayBeerbuzz4 Last week we welcomed our first guest on the Friday Beerbuzz.  It was exciting to have Bavarian Barbarian brewmaster Mike Hiller in the studio with us to sample and talk about his 2x4 IPA.  We all had a great time, but more importantly we helped MIke get some much deserved recognition.  Now it’s up to you.  Please check out Mike’s beers and please ask for them when you visit your local bottle shops and craft beer distributors.  All too often we sit back and wait for things to happen…well we can make a difference so be sure to check out Bavarian Barbarian beers.

So what are we tasting this week on the Friday Beerbuzz? Hint: This is not only a brand new beer but also a very historical beer…and it comes with a surprise. 

Tune in at 8:30AM and see what beer we sample on the Friday Beerbuzz on WILK…bringing good beers and good people together. 

(103.1FM or wilknewsradio.com).


Weyerbacher Lima!

Weyerbacher Just a quick note to let you know that Weyerbacher Lima (the next entry in their Brewers Select Series) will be and American-style India Black Ale….stay tuned for more release details.


Local Brewing History – Wentzler’s Brewery Case

20 July 2010

LocalBrewingWentzler's_Box Today we continue the local brewing history with a wooden case from Wentzler’s brewery in Lykens, PA.  This one comes to us courtesy of Sam K.


mybeerbuzz Beer Travels – UK & Wales

File0643 After London we crossed the Severn Bridge and headed to Mumbles, Wales.  For those that follow Zane Lamprey on the show Three Sheetz, Mumbles is the main city Zane featured on Three Sheetz Wales, and actually failed to complete the “Mumbles-mile” of drinking.  We of course failed to drink one pint in every pub of the mile-long oceanfront town, but we gave it a run at the “Pilot of Mumbles.”  The Pilot featured three hand-pump beers, and the Hancocks Bitter ended up our favorite.





Local Brewing History – Cold Spring Brewery

18 July 2010

LocalbrewingSunbury_Cold_Spring_Calendar Today we continue the local brewing history with a Cold Springs Brewery 1915 calendar.  This one comes to us courtesy of Sam K.


Sabatinis HAS 2010 Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout (KBS) IN Stock!

17 July 2010

SabatinisKBS The long awaited arrival of Founders KBS in NEPA is here.  Run, don’t walk to Sabatinis before it’s all gone.  This won’t last long and as the photo shows, we tasted it last night…and I can tell you this years KBS tastes great!  My apologies for the crappy cell phone photo….but get thee to Sabatinis for some KBS before it’s all gone.

On a related note, Lindo just received corked & caged Sierra Nevada 30th Anniversary Charlie Fred & Ken’s Bock too with a keg coming as well.  Sabatinis has an amazing selection and incredible new bottles coming in every day.


WILK Friday Beerbuzz – 16 July 2010 (Bavarian Barbarian 2x4 IPA)

16 July 2010

WILKFridayBerbuzz7 Today’s show was a “first” for the Friday Beerbuzz and a first for me.  We’re 11 shows in, and today we featured our first live guest in the studio.  Mike Hiller, Brewmaster for Bavarian Barbarian Brewing, joined us in the studio to sample his new 2x4 IPA.  Bavarian Barbarian comes to us from Williamsport, PA and Mike was kind enough to not only make the early morning drive up, but to also being us some beer to sample.BavarianBarbarian2x4ipa

This is the first time I’ve had the opportunity to try Mike’s 2x4 IPA and I really enjoyed it.  This is Mike’s 2nd IPA recipe out of Bavarian Barbarian and this one is definitely my favorite of the two.

It was a lot of fun having a guest on the show and it brings a whole new dynamic to live radio that I really enjoyed.  It’s also a lot of fun to talk beer and sample a beer with the person who brewed it…and Mike is no exception.

Our big news of the day was Mike’s announcement of the “mystery” beer he and Terry Hawbaker from Bullfrog Brewery are brewing together.  Here’s a little snapshot of the beer as it is “slumbering” in oak.  BavarianBarbarianMysteryThese are Buffalo Trace Bourbon Barrels and the beer will be slumbering for quite some time (October-ish).  Mike tells me the final gravity pre-barrel is 6.66 degrees Plato so it will be an interesting un-holy collaboration.  Mike also tells me the beer will be a Dark Lager and named Gothika.  We also plan to ask Mike to come back up when this beer comes out of the oak and hopefully sample some with us on the air so stay tuned.

All in all a very fun show and
once again I want to say t
hank you to Mike, John, Nancy, Joe & Bosco for yet another fun Friday. 

The Friday Beerbuzz…bringing good beers and good people together

As always you can check out the video on-line at the WILK Friday Beerbuzz page by clicking HERE.


Founders Brewing Event @ Backyard Ale House – 29 July 2010

15 July 2010

FoundersLogo Many of the details are still being finalized but it looks like Founders Brewing will be putting on a tasting event with Stockertown Beverage @ the Backyard Ale House on July 29th from 7PM-10PM.  Stay tuned for more details to follow but it looks like we’ll see at least three beers to sample .


WILK Friday BeerBuzz

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