Avery - Faustian Devil To Become 3rd Installment In The Demons Of Ale In Early Dec

31 October 2013

From Avery Brewing:

Our brewers are busy creating the third installment of The Demons of Ale -- a Faustian devil, a crafty shape shifter, a fallen angel. 

Mephistopheles will return in early December. Keep an ear out for when we announce the Mephistopheles' Release Party!

The Czar will be available in the Avery Tap Room on draft and in 22oz. bottles starting at 5pm this Friday! Inhale the noble Hallertau hops, spicy and floral. Savor the flavors redolent of English toffee, rich mocha, sweet molasses, candied currants and a hint of anise.


WILK Friday BeerBuzz Bus Trip To Pizza Boy Brewing & Marley’s Brewery & Grill (Video)


Uinta Brewing To Rename Hop Notch IPA as “Hop Nosh” at The Request of Notch Brewing

Seems like a lot of name changing going on today.  This time Notch Brewing has requested Uinta Brewing change the name of their popular Hop Notch IPA because of the word “Notch.”  This from Uinta:


When the risk of market confusion was brought to Uinta Brewing Company‘s attention regarding one of their top selling brands, Hop Notch IPA, Uinta decided to concentrate on wha

t they excel at: brewing beer


And so, without further ado, Uinta introduces Hop Nosh IPA.

At first glance, one might not notice the change, and purposefully so. With the exception of 2 letters, everything remains untouched. From the iconic florescent green package, adorned with two busy farmers loading a wagon full of hops, to the beer within, the brand hasn’t been altered. Let’s be clear: the beer is still the same, a ‘top-notch’ IPA that has been enthusiastically received by impassioned craft beer drinkers.

So, what’s in a name? Beyond the appeal of not straying far from the use of “Hop Notch”, Uinta embraced their inner foodie realizing that “Nosh” was an excellent fit for this beer– so big in unique hop character that it is literally a hoppy snack.

The “Hop Notch” to “Hop Nosh” transition will roll out with the new year. In the midst of an expansion, a really exciting time at Uinta, it only took one sip of Hop Nosh for the Uinta team to digest the change and move on. Uinta hopes that the craft beer community

will embrace the transformation as Uinta has. Most importantly, within each bottle, can and keg lives the same IPA: drinkable, consistent, clean and hop-forward. Cheers to great beer, the camaraderie of the craft beer industry, and to Hop Nosh. May it always be perceived as a ‘top-notch IPA’.


Terrapin Side Project 21 - Pineapple Express Smoked Pineapple Helles

Boom!  Here’s your first look at the latest release coming from our pal Spike Buckowski’s Side Project Series of unusual beers.  This is Side Project 21 and it is called Pineapple Express.  This beer is a smoked Pineapple Helles lager and i t is the winning recipe in the Terrapin first annual Employee Homebrew Challenge.  This beer was created by Andy Dupras, John Lane, Rainey Lynch, Lily Swindle, Mike Wallace, Julia Wechback and Chris Wright from Terrapin.  This beer will be packaged in 22oz bottles and come in at 5,4% ABV….and I see NO sign of Krunkles!!


Ithaca Excelsior Series - Sixteen Anniversary Ale

Here’s your very first look at the label for the next release in the Ithaca Beer Excelsior Series.  This beer will celebrate Ithaca’s 16th anniversary and it is simply called Sixteen.  This beer is a Belgian influenced farmhouse ale brewed with wildflower honey, and as always, it will be packaged in 750ml bottles.  No word on ABV or release details so stay tuned.


Southern Tier - 2XOne Single Varietal Seasonal Ale

Here’s another great entry in the 2X series of beers from Southern Tier.  This is 2XOne and it is a single varietal seasonal ale.  This beer uses 1 type of hops and 1 malt and I suspect we will see that selection change with each release.  2XOne will be packaged in 12oz bottles and come in at 8.1% ABV.


Sierra Nevada - Bosden & Unibrown

Two more exciting keg-only releases coming from Sierra Nevada.  Today we have Bosden (6.8% ABV) and Unibrown (7.1% ABV).  Stay tuned for beer & release details.


Green Flash - Little Freak Coming 11/4

We brought you news that this beer will premier 11/4 at San Diego beer week…and now we get to see the official label.  This is Green Flash Little Freak and it is an ale brewed with spices that is then aged in wine barrels.  Little Freak will be packaged in 12.7oz bottles and come in at 5.4% ABV.


Clown Shoes Vampire Slayer Dies So Undead Party Crasher Can Live Due To Lawsuit


Sad once again to see…but this from Clown Shoes Beer:

The one time I had a dream of getting served it went this way: A Clown Shoes tasting is winding up at Wolfgang Puck’s Pizzeria and Cucina at the MGM Grand Casino in Detroit. I am chatting with some folks about Ozzie Guillen and his views on illegal immigration. From the shadows of a booth a kid I haven’t noticed all night stands up, tips his flat brimmed Tigers cap, looks down at my faded Nike’s and says “Hey Clown Shoes Guy, hope you can dance in them sneakers,” before serving me thoroughly with a dazzling array of Detroit Style step dance moves.

The one time I really got served it went differently. Machat and Associates initially delivered the papers for case number 13-03568 in The Central District of California to Mercury Brewing , as well as to Somerville Beer Company and Frosty Knuckle Brewing Company. As the case was based on Clown Shoes Beers’ use of the name Vampire Slayer, none of those folks should have been included in the law suit. We raised our hands and Clown Shoes Beer was promptly served, though the plaintiffs refused to remove the other breweries from the suit.

Bottom line? Vampire Brands and TI Beverage Group, connected companies out of California that primarily market vampire themed wine, were suing us. They came to market six months after Vampire Slayer began distribution with a beer made in Belgium called Vampire Pale Ale, but they filed a trademark application prior to our distribution. Their position was that our use of the name Vampire Slayer was harming their ability to sell Vampire Pale Ale, literally costing them money.

Here are a few nuggets from the plaintiffs’ demands in the law suit:

1. The court should rule Clown Shoes unfairly competed with Vampire Brands and infringed on their trademarks, including Vampire, Vampyre, Vampire Vineyards, Chateau du Vampire, Dracula and others.

2. The court should “ order that the Defendants’ ill-gotten gains and all sales proceeds wrongfully acquired by Defendants by means of Defendants wrongful use of Plaintiffs’ trademarks and their support of such acts of unfair competition and false advertising be turned over to Plaintiffs along with interest.

3. The court should award an amount to be determined at trial but at least an amount equivalent to treble the amount of Defendants’ illicit profits or Plaintiffs’ lost profits, whichever is greater.

4. The court award judgment against the Defendants for the full costs of this action, including attorney’s fees reasonably incurred by Plaintiffs.

Wow. A phone call or a cease and desist letter are what would be a typical first salvo. But it turns out one of the partners of Vampire Brands , Michael Machat, is also the lawyer for the plaintiff, as he is a patent and trademark attorney. Perhaps this explains the aggressive approach.

At the heart of the suit, we learned after seeking counsel, is whether or not a likelihood of brand confusion exists. Our position was that there couldn’t be much confusion between the two brands. The beers come from different countries, with ours being made in the USA and theirs in Belgium. This means they will end up in different sections of any beer store or on any beer list. Vampire Pale Ale embraces vampires in name and imagery, whereas Vampire Slayer does the opposite. Clown Shoes is the primary name of our beer, whereas Vampire Slayer is the secondary. The beer styles, American Imperial Stout as opposed to Belgian Pale Ale, are about as different as possible. Clown Shoes Beers’ branding is very distinct from Vampire Pale Ale. Etc. Here are the two bottles, side by side. What do you think? Confusing?


Based on all of these facts and the advice of our lawyers, we felt that we stood an excellent chance of winning a court battle. Then we found out that litigation could cost between $300,000 to $400,000.

Ummmm… that sounds like stabbing ourselves in the face to cure foot pain.

A settlement, the terms of which I am not at liberty to disclose, was reached with Michael Machat, Vampire Brands, and TI Beverage that licenses Clown Shoes to use the name Vampire Slayer. I can say that based on all factors, the Vampire Slayer name will soon be discontinued, despite the licensing agreement.

Immediately after we receive national label registration, the name Vampire Slayer will become Undead Party Crasher. The recipe remains the same, with smoked malt and holy water included. The new label expresses our feelings about the legal process and monsters.


Ninkasi Prismatic Lager Series Pravda & R&D Series IRA

Two exciting approvals today from Ninkasi Brewing.  Up first is Prismatic Lager Series Pravda Bohemian Pils-Style Lager.  Pravda is Slavic for “truth” so this beer is a traditional bohemian pilsner that will be package din 12oz bottles and come in at 5% ABV.  Up next is an R&D Series keg release called IRA.  This beer is an India Red Ale and it will come in at 7% ABV.


Deep Ellum Brewing Co - Happy Halloween (Video)

From Deep Ellum:

The Deep Ellum Brewing Family wishes you a Happy, Safe and Frightful Halloween!


Jester King Changes Their Fermentation


From Jester King:

On the label of every 750ml bottle of beer we make it states, “Jester King is an authentic farmhouse brewery located in the beautiful Texas Hill Country on the outskirts of Austin.” This is a statement we take very seriously, and we are constantly looking to breath more life into it. While we’ve embraced naturally occurring, wild microorganisms in our oak barrel fermentations since we opened in 2010, up until this past summer, our primary fermentations in stainless steel tanks were conducted with pure culture brewer’s yeast, specifically the French Saison strain. This is no longer the case. All of our fermentations now incorporate a diverse blend of microorganisms consisting of dozens of different types of yeast and bacteria. We’ve harvested naturally occurring wild yeast from the flora at our brewery and blended it with various types of Saccharomyces yeast, Brettanomyces yeast, and lactic acid producing bacteria to ferment all of our beer.

We made this change to impart a greater degree of complexity, authenticity, and hopefully enjoyment to our beers. We’ve become somewhat troubled by the fact that beer we commercially refer to as “farmhouse ale” was fermented with pure culture brewer’s yeast. From everything we’ve been able to discern, this was not how these beers were fermented historically. In fact, all beer was once fermented at least in part with wild yeasts prior to the discovery, isolation, and widespread adoption of pure culture brewer’s yeast that helped give rise to the modern beer making practices we know today. This is not to denigrate pure culture fermentation, which has done wonders for consistency and quality control, and has been responsible for countless numbers of excellent beers. However, we agree with 20th century Belgian brewing scientist Marc H. Van Laer, who posits that the rise of pure culture fermentation has in some ways taken something away from beer making: 

“It is certain that the introduction of pure yeasts into industrial fermentation does not constitute the crowning achievement of a system that is henceforth immutable. It seems, for example, that if the application of the pure cultures method has improved the average quality of the beer, if it has decreased the chances of infection, it has given us beer with less character than before.”

Due to the historical absence of pure culture fermentation in the making of farmhouse ales, each farmhouse brewery most certainly would have had its own unique house character and produced beer with a sense of place. To some extent, we lament the fact that our previous pure culture fermentations with French Saison yeast resulted in beers that did not exhibit a sense of place to the degree we would like to see. We’ve come to subscribe wholeheartedly to the description of farmhouse ales (in this case saison in particular) given by Belgian brewer Yvan de Baets of
Brasserie de la Senne, as contained in Phil Markowski’s Farmhouse Ales

“A saison must therefore be low in alcohol (in the modern — and Belgian — sense of the word in any case), around 4.5 to 6.5%. It must be highly attenuated (90 to 95% on average, if not more, as apparent attenuation) and dry. It must also be either sour or very bitter (with a bitterness obtained by the use of a massive amount of hops low in alpha acid). It shouldn’t in any case be smooth. If spices are used, it must be with the utmost moderation. A saison is not by any means a spice soup. Ideally, it should be fermented, at least partially, by wild yeasts as well as by cultured varieties. An authentic saison has a small “wild” side, rustic, indefinable, far from the clean aspect of certain engineered beers of today. In one word, it must have extraordinary character.”

On a practical level, the “either sour or very bitter” divide that De Baets describes is one we’ve latched onto. As previously mentioned, all of our fermentations now incorporate a variety of yeasts and lactic acid bacteria. For various beers such Le Petit Prince, Noble King, and Mad Meg, we use a large dose of organic noble hops to keep the bacteria in check. For other beers, we use much smaller doses of hops in order to allow a healthier environment for bacteria to impart acidity to the beer. We also now see a greater degree of attenuation in our beer with virtually all of the fermentable sugar being consumed. All of our fermentations are now reaching “super-attenuation” with finishing gravities of 1.000. Finally, the flavors and aromas from fermentation with wild microorgansims are apparent in all our beers.

Right below where it states “Jester King is an authentic farmhouse brewery…” on our labels, it states, “We brew what we like, drink what we want, and offer the rest to those who share our tastes.” While we are very excited about this change in the way we ferment our beer, we understand that not everyone will embrace it. We hope however that they can appreciate why we are compelled to make this change. 


Founders Backstage Series Sweet Repute Release Details

From Founders:

Tickets for Sweet Repute, our next Backstage Series release, go on sale on Saturday, November 16, 2013 at 11am EST!

Sweet Repute is a high-gravity wheat wine aged in maple syrup bourbon barrels, and is the 8th installment in our popular Backstage Series. Like others in our Backstage Series, Sweet Repute is available in 750mL bottles. Tickets will be available via Eventbrite atfounderssweetrepute.eventbrite.com.

Like the previous Backstage Series releases of Doom and Mango Magnifico, bottles of Sweet Repute will be available via a controlled, four day, pre-ticketed release. Tickets are $5.

Here’s some info on Sweet Repute:

Our brewing team painstakingly choreographed each layer of this beer’s characteristics, starting with a healthy wheat and roasted malt base and adding clean, fragrant hops. It’s one hundred percent barrel-aged in maple syrup bourbon barrels and bourbon barrels over the course of sixteen months, then blended using carefully calculated ratios for the ultimate final product. The resulting 13% ABV liquid pours a bright warm russet with a stubborn ivory head and an intoxicatingly sweet nutty aroma. We put Sweet Repute in a larger bottle with sharing in mind.

“We’re excited about this one,” said Co-Founder and Vice President of Brand & Education Dave Engbers. “Every sample we’ve pulled from the barrels down in the caves has been incredible.”

Sweet Repute will join the ranks of our world-class barrel-aged beers, such as Kentucky Breakfast Stout (KBS), Canadian Breakfast Stout (CBS), Backwoods Bastard, Curmudgeon’s Better Half and many, many more taproom-only ales.

Each ticket reserves the right to purchase two bottles of Sweet Repute, at $18 each (tax and deposit are included), ONLY on the date specified on your ticket. All reserved bottles are to be picked up at the brewery in Grand Rapids, MI from our Company Store during pick-up hours (11am EST-11pm EST).  

You may buy ONE ticket for any of the following days:

~DAY #1. Thursday, December 4, 2013

~DAY #2. Friday, December 5, 2013

~DAY #3. Saturday, December 6, 2013

~DAY #4. Sunday, December 7, 2013

To purchase tickets, head to: founderssweetrepute.eventbrite.com/

By purchasing this ticket, you are securing your rights to purchase up to (2) bottles of Sweet Repute ONLY on the specific date listed on your ticket. All ticket holders for any given date are required to make their purchase only ON THE DATE listed on their ticket, IN PERSON, or will forfeit the opportunity. Refunds will not be issued for unused or lost tickets.

Any allotted bottles that are not purchased on their given date will be added to the reserve inventory, which will be released at a future unannounced date in our taproom.

All ticket holders are required to have their ticket, as well as a valid ID, as recognized by the Michigan Liquor Control Commission, and will be required to pay for (via cash or credit card) and pick-up their product, both in person, on that given day.

Due to overwhelming feedback regarding the ability to reduce scalping, we have returned to the “Name Specific” tickets. Each ticket is assigned to the purchaser and CANNOT BE TRANSFERRED - NO EXCEPTIONS. If you are not sure if you are able to complete your purchase on the date specified on your ticket, do not purchase a ticket.

All proceeds from ticket sales will be contributed to the Grand Rapids White Water initiative.




Adelbert’s Brewery To Release new Oak Aged Tripel B

imageFrom Adelbert’s:

Oct. 31, 2013 – AUSTIN – Adelbert’s Brewery, a Belgian-style brewery based in Austin Texas, is happy to announce the release of its newest beer, Oaked Tripel B. Aged over oak spirals in the fermenter then for several months in the bottle, Oaked Tripel B blends a distinct sweet oak character and hints of vanilla with the spicy notes of Tripel B for a beautifully balanced ale.

The first bottle only batch will be available in mid-November with limited availability across Texas. Eventually, Oaked Tripel B will join a rotation of special releases the brewery produces throughout the year.

Adelbert’s owner and brewmaster, Scott Hovey, noted, “Our goal is to create beers that offer an experience that begins from the second you hear the pop of the cork. We want people to enjoy our beers with friends and foods alike. With Oaked Tripel B, we aimed build on the popularity of Tripel B to create a new flavor profile for people to share, compare, and savor.”

In addition to being the largest Belgian-style brewery in Texas, Adelbert’s is well known for its unique beer names inspired by the life stories of the brewery’s namesake and Scott’s brother, George Adelbert Hovey. Currently, the brewery produces seven year round beers including: Naked Nun, Philosophizer, Dancin’ Monks, Scratchin’ Hippo, Black Rhino, Tripel B, and Flyin’ Monks. In addition, the brewery also produces limited release barrel aged beers under their Vintage Series line. Those released to date include Barrel Aged Naked Nun and Barrel Aged Dancin’ Monks.

Mr. Hovey added, “Adding oak was inspired by childhood memories of my brothers and me climbing trees as young boys. Just as my fond memories of my youth have improved over time, so too will this ale. I look forward to watching how the flavors continue to develop over the next few years and highly recommend this beer for aging.”


San Tan - Rail Slide Imperial Spiced Ale Returns 11/1

From San Tan brewing:

Chandler, Arizona (October 31, 2013)— SanTan Brewing Company, Arizona’s fastest growing brewery and leader of the Arizona canned craft beer revolution is gearing up to launch their RailSlide Imperial Spiced Ale on November 1, 2013.  

RailSlide Imperial Spiced Ale is a brew based on a traditional English Strong Ale with winter flavors including fresh ginger, cinnamon and licorice. It boasts a deep brown color and was created in celebration of the pioneering punk spirit of the American craft brewer.

RailSlide is brewed with Liberty Market’s Chai tea blend, consisting of fresh ginger, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, black pepper and nutmeg. RailSide is an updated variation of SanTan’s 2011 winter seasonal, 12 Daze Caramel Spiced Amber that was brewed in collaboration with Joe Johnston and David Traina from Liberty Market.

RailSlide Quick Facts

Style:   Imperial Spiced Ale

Malt:    2-Row, Caramel, Munich, White Wheat, Roasted and Chocolate

Hops:   Summit

Yeast: American Ale

OG:     16 Plato

ABV:    7.1%

Color: Dark Amber

IBU:     25 IBU

Availability: November-December

One year ago, SanTan Brewing Company launched Arizona’s first ever seasonal canned beer series with the introduction of RailSlide Imperial Spiced Ale. Since then, three other seasonal beers have donned the aluminum suit including Sex Panther Double Chocolate Porter, SuperMonk IPA and the award winning Mr. Pineapple Wheat Beer. To find a pint or can of RailSlide near you, visit SanTan Brewing Company’s Beer Detective online at www.santanbrewing.com/find-santan-on-tap.


Smuttynose Barleywine & Bouncy House Return

imageFrom Smuttynose:

The weather is certainly crisping and brisking up as we move closer to Thanksgiving and bask in the glow of another Boston Red Sox World Series championship.  The beards they've got going are pretty awesome too; it's like a natural kinship shared with our brewers.
If you need more Granite State goodness to fill your glasses this fall, then look no further because we've got a bit of everything for you to choose from. 

Option #1) The return of Smuttynose Barleywine to the Big Beer Series:  This year's release (10.6% abv) will begin shipping on November 11.  We took a few years off from making barleywine and it's back this year with a leaner malt profile and slightly lower bitterness.  This means more drinkability (hooray!) for sweater weather and beyond. We may also have filled some oak barrels for future deliciousness opportunities.

Options #2) In the opposite direction of Barleywine is Bouncy House (4.9% abv), our next Short Batch release.  A light-bodied, light-colored, quaffable, hoppy American ale brewed with Warrior and Calypso hops in the kettle and Citra and El Dorado in the fermenter for dry-hopping.  We'll be packaging Bouncy House in the second week of November with a final release date yet to be determined.  There are only 30 barrels of this beer and we want to know what you think once it's out, so hit us up over Facebook,Twitter or Instagram.

Option #3) Smuttynose Winter Ale (5.8% abv), our take on Belgian dubbel, is just getting to markets now.  We love telling people that this beer is completely spice-free, which allows the spicy Belgian yeast notes and fruity malt flavors to shovel their way to your taste buds. Smuttynose's art department has also created posters, coasters and glassware for select bars and restaurants, so keep your eyes peeled.

Last but not least, it's not too late to see where the magic has been happening for nearly twenty years at our home on Heritage Avenue in Portsmouth.  We're still offering brewery tours on Fridays at 5:30pm and Saturdays at Noon and 2pm.   They're free and you can make a
reservation online, to make sure you've got a spot on the tour of your choice.


Cheers To Boston: A Message From Jim Koch

From Samuel Adams & Jim Koch:

We’re excited to congratulate the Red Sox on their World Series win!

As you may have heard, we had a little something on the line with our friends Schlafly Beer in St. Louis.

Here’s what Jim had to say after the big win:

With the Red Sox clinching the World Series, it’s clear we are home to the most dedicated and passionate players and fans. I toast a Sam Adams Boston Lager to all the players and coaches for their hard work this season.

Now, I can also look forward to sharing a beer and BBQ with my good friend, Dan Kopman of Schlafly Beer since he lost his bet on his beloved Cards. We’ve had a lot of fun during the series, but I know we’re happy to get back to what we know best – brewing beer.  Who knows?  Maybe we’ll have a chance to wager again next year!


Tallgrass: Zombie Monkie - Episode 4 The End? (Video)

From Tallgrass:

As mysteriously as it appeared, the Zombie Monkie had vanished.

Where had it gone? Watch and learn...

Zombie Monkie was a dark, rich porter, carefully brewed for the post-apocalyptic world to come. Crafted with lots of roasty dark chocolate and specialty malts, then inoculated with enough hops to add a floral/citrus character in the finish. It was hardy, complex, and interesting, because you might have been drinking it for a long time. It will be back.

Grab A Can. Make A Plan. Take A Stand...September 2014


Horny Goat - Wisconzin IPA

I didn’t want to get the Horny Goat too close to the Dirty Blonde cans, but you know how these things happen.  This is a new one from Horny Goat called Wisconzin IPA.  This Wisconsin brewed IPA will be packaged in 12oz bottles and I expect we’ll see this beer in 2014.


Atwater Grand Circus IPA, Atwater’s Lager & Dirty Blonde Cans

image Today we have some exciting cans coming from Atwater Brewery.  Grand Circus is a sessionable IPA named for Detroit’s Grand Circus Park.  This beer will be packaged in 12oz cans and come in at 4.5% ABV.  Up next is Atwater’s Lager and it will be packaged in 12oz cans and it is a German-style lager.  Finally we have a revised package that will have my SEO Google search rankings jumping through the roof.  Today we get to see the updated Atwater Dirty Blonde Cans.  This is an updated package for this beer and it remains at 4.5% ABV.  For anyone that may have missed it I think I said the words dirty, blonde, cans and package in ne paragraph!


Saint Arnold Bishop’s Barrel No 5 Coming 11/4

imageFrom Saint Arnold:

Brewer Vince Mandeville had a favorite Wee Heavy recipe he kept tinkering with that ultimately became our Divine Reserve No. 4 released in 2007. We weren't the only ones that enjoyed it as it won the gold medal at the World Beer Cup in 2008 in the Strong Scotch Ale category. It is still drinking exceptionally well over six years later.

We rebrewed the recipe in December of 2012 and this time put it in bourbon barrels and aged it for nine months. Next week, it will be coming to you as Bishop's Barrel No. 5. Here are Vince's tasting notes on it:

The flavors and aromas of the base beer are true to the Divine Reserve No. 4. It is filled with caramel, toffee, dried figs, cocoa and a slight peatiness. Where it deviates is with the roundness of flavors the bourbon barrel contributes. Vanilla, cinnamon and a touch of rich earthy pipe tobacco mix with an alcohol warmth that adds to the rich creaminess. The great thing about this beer is that the barrel aging adds to the whole without taking away the character of the original.

Please remember, because of the small amount of beer produced from the barrels, Bishop's Barrel releases are only available at your favorite bars and restaurants.

For all the statistics on BB5, please click here. 

UPDATE 11/4:

HOUSTON, November 4, 2013 – When World Beer Cup judges awarded Saint Arnold Divine Reserve No. 4 a gold medal in the Strong Scotch Ale category in 2008, the craft beer community wondered if they would ever be able to try the beer again. The Divine Reserve series features single batch beers that are typically brewed just once and retired, but the recipe for Saint Arnold Divine Reserve No. 4 is making a special return engagement.

Saint Arnold Brewing Co. (
www.saintarnold.com), the oldest craft brewery in Texas, brewed a fresh batch of the Wee Heavy Scotch Ale in December 2012, which was then aged for nine months in Old Forester bourbon barrels. The Houston brewery is releasing it today as Saint Arnold Bishop's Barrel No. 5.

Saint Arnold Bishop's Barrel is a series of releases of beers that have been barrel aged. The barrels have been chosen to enhance and complement the characteristics of the underlying beers. In the case of Bishop's Barrel No. 5, the bourbon barrel contributes vanilla, cinnamon and touch of rich earthy pipe tobacco, which mix with an alcohol warmth that adds to the rich creaminess.

"The barrel aging adds to the whole without taking away the character of the original," said Brewer Vince Mandeville.

Each batch of Bishop's Barrel is distinguished by the number on the neck label. Because of the small amount of beer produced from the barrels, it will only be available in pubs and restaurants throughout Texas and Louisiana.

Specifications of Bishop's Barrel No. 5:
Original Gravity:    1.083
Final Gravity:       1.020
Alcohol:             9.0% ABV prior to barreling
                     12.0% ABV after barreling
Bitterness:          19 IBU

The release of Bishop's Barrel No. 5 isn't the first time a Divine Reserve recipe has been dusted off. Two beers in Saint Arnold's regular lineup – Saint Arnold Pumpkinator and Saint Arnold Endeavour – were originally released as Divine Reserve No. 9 and No. 11 respectively.



Short’s Brewing - Don’t Resist Evil Urges

From Short’s:

In the spirit of the season, Short’s Brewing Company is pleased to release throughout Michigan the kind of Evil Urges that there’s no use denying. Bottled and distributed for the very first time, Evil Urges is set to be on shelves statewide by the middle of next week!

Evil Urges (7.8% ABV, 50 IBU) is a Belgian Dark Strong Ale with a deep dark brown color and thick viscous allure. A sharp aroma of chocolate and molasses hits the senses, reminiscent of a rich liqueur. Aided by additions of Belgian amber candy sugar, the initial flavors are sweet and malty, with some unique dark fruit qualities. Defined roast malt character with a slight black coffee bitterness, leads into an intense warming finish, rounding out this full bodied experience.

As distinctive as the flavor, the label artwork for Evil Urges is another masterpiece done by artist Tanya Whitley. The conflicted cat depicted in the artwork is Dale Bob, the beer-bellied feline of Head Brewer Tony Hansen. Dale (for short) has a certain way about him of perching on the edge of the coffee table for a little sip of Tony’s libation. If you are like Dale and are hankering for Evil Urges, be sure to grab your six-pack promptly because, like so many specialty products, we don’t expect the Urges to hang around for long!


Avery Brewing Returns To Oklahoma

From our pal Adam Avery at Avery Brewing:

Avery has returned to Oklahoma. Starting in early October Avery began distributing in Oklahoma with the Red Dirt Beverage Co. and for the first time in nearly three years, beer fans could once again find Avery beers on tap and on liquor store shelves throughout the state.

Avery pulled out of Oklahoma and Red Dirt in April of 2011 when faced with skyrocketing demand in its home market that at the time outpaced the brewery’s ever-expanding production capability. It was a tough decision at the time and Adam Avery, the company’s founder, knew he wanted to return to the state and Red Dirt as soon as Avery had the capacity to do so. Since then Avery has expanded production at its current facility and has plans to build a new brewery that should be completed at the end of 2014.

“Oklahoma is full of craft beer lovers. Since we left not a week has gone by that I haven’t gotten at least a couple emails from fans asking us to come back,” Adam Avery said. “Plus, we have great partners there with Brian Hester and Tim Rosetano and the entire Red Dirt team. They care about our beer the way we care about it. Passionate fans and a dedicated, capable distribution partner—what else could you want in a market? This one was a no-brainer.”

Representatives from Red Dirt echoed Avery’s excitement over their renewed partnership.

“We are so extremely excited to be bringing Avery beers back in to Oklahoma,” Red Dirt co-owner Tim Rosetano said. “We are a ‘Craft Beer Distributor’ and very proud of it. Avery is the quintessential brand that Red Dirt Beverage could represent. We consider a brewery like Avery the future of not only our business, but of the entire industry. As the industry progresses, it will be strong and complete brands like Avery that are at the forefront. No compromising of quality, no cutting of corners, just the attitude of perfection and pride that you can feel when you walk through the door.”

The Avery beers now available in Oklahoma include the brewery’s flagships of Avery IPA and White Rascal Belgian Style White Ale as well as Ellie’s Brown Ale, Joe’s Pilsner, Old Jubilation Ale, The Holy Trinity of Ales—Hog Heaven Dry-Hopped Barley Wine Style Ale, Salvation Belgian-Style Golden Ale and The Reverend Belgian-Style Quadrupel Ale—and The Czar Imperial Stout from Avery’s Dictator Series.


Paradox - Dark Wheat Wine & Skully Barrel No 5

I always get a kick out of the great beers coming out of Paradox Beer Co…and today we have Dark Wheat Wine and Skully Barrel No 5.  Dark Wheat Wine is part of the Bandeau Artist Trip Project and it is a dark wheat ale aged in oak barrels.  This beer will be packaged in 750ml bottles and come in at 8.5% ABV.  Up next is Skully Barrel No 5 and it is a sour ale with cranberries & honey that is aged in oak wine barrels.  This beer is also packaged in 750ml bottles and it will come in at 7% ABV.


Ninkasi To Add More Lagers and Sour Ales

From SaveOnBrew:

Fans can expect the brewery to churn out more lagers, which take five to seven additional weeks to age compared to ales. "For 2014, it is likely that we will brew up to 5,000 barrels of lager next year," Floyd says. The Prismatic Lager beers will be expanded to year-round production with three beers released each trimester. A Bohemian Pilsner is expected out in January. 

"We also plan to brew more ales that take longer to ferment," says Floyd. "We’ll be brewing twice as much Critical Hit Barleywine this year. This beer gets two months in the fermenter or more and then is bottled and cellared by us for a year total before being sold." In the future, he sees sour ales being added to the list of Ninkasi beers, but these styles can take up to two years to produce.


John Crider Named New CFO of Alamo Beer

imageFrom Alamo Beer:

San Antonio, TX, October 30, 2013/mbb/ – Alamo Beer Company has announced the addition of John H. Crider as Chief Financial Officer for their new San Antonio micro-brewery opening the Fall of 2014. He becomes the fourth member of the executive team and joins founder and CEO, Eugene Simor and COO, Jim Walter, formerly of Pabst Brewing Company, and brewmaster, James Hudec, formerly with Gordon Biersh Brewing.

“We’re pleased to have John as our CFO going forward,” stated Eugene Simor, founder and CEO of Alamo Brewing Company. “He brings more than 30 years of accounting experience, and his knowledge of the business makes him the ideal candidate to manage our financial organization and execute the next phase for Alamo Beer Company, ” concluded Simor.

Crider has been working with Simor for the past two years on the Alamo brewery project.  In his new official capacity, he will be responsible for all financial systems, as well as, long-term financial planning for Alamo Beer Company. Recently, Crider was integral in securing a $5 million dollar loan from the Small Business Administration hours before the government shutdown, keeping the project on time. Crider, who hails from England, looks forward to being part of the Texas Craft Beer industry. “We English take pride in having a historic beer brewing tradition. To be a part of this project, building new traditions, is absolutely exciting,” concluded John Crider.

ALAMO Golden Ale has been available since 2003. Currently brewed in Blanco, Texas, the local craft beer has expanded distribution into other markets in the state of Texas. ALAMO Beer Company will begin construction of a multi-million dollar brewery in December. The new brewery will be located half a mile from the historic Alamo and will boast a full production line, beer hall and beer garden. Tours will be available to the general public.


Aspen Brewing Co Announces Distribution Agreement With Tivoli

From Aspen Brewing:

Aspen and Denver, Colorado, Oct 29, 2013/mbb/ - Aspen Brewing Company and Tivoli Distributing Company are pleased to announce a Distribution Agreement.  Effective immediately, Tivoli Distributing will handle all sales and distribution of Aspen Brewing Company products in all Colorado markets except Aspen and Snowmass Village. Because of this partnership, Aspen Brewing Company brands will immediately be more broadly available in all Colorado markets and retailers will see great product availability, timely delivery, and overall customer service.  “Aspen Brewing Company is dedicated to brewing the best beer Colorado has to offer.  Picking a distribution partner is extremely important to us - we need to know that we are being represented by people that truly understand the craft beer world,” according to Duncan Clauss, CEO of Aspen Brewing Company.  “We have watched the amazing progress that Tivoli Distributing Company has experienced since their inception.  Tivoli Distributing Company’s focus on small Colorado craft brewers is a very welcomed approach in our state, and we are thrilled to start working with them.”  Duncan added. Corey Marshall, CEO of Tivoli Distributing Company, commented, “Aspen Brewing Company is a perfect fit for our portfolio.  In addition to making fantastic Colorado style beers, Aspen Brewing Company is a revived historic Colorado Brewery - we love that concept!  Since 2007, Aspen Brewing has limited its distribution to Aspen, Snowmass and the Roaring Fork Valley.  We are excited about leading the effort to roll Aspen Brewing Company brands to the rest of Colorado.  These are beers that Colorado will love!”


Great Lakes Christmas Ale Available Now

Happy holidays from Great Lakes Brewing:

Date: October 31, 2013
Time: 10:00am - 10:00pm

Great Lakes Brewing Company
2516 Market Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44113
Phone: 216-771-4404

Oh, Christmas Ale!
The outpouring of good cheer and excitement we received on our October 24 Brewpub release of Christmas Ale has us feeling all warm and fuzzy! Now, it's almost time for you to take that same warm and fuzzy feeling home with you--in 6-Packs, cases, and growlers!

Christmas Ale in the GLBC Gift Shop:
Starting at 10AM on October 31, bottles of Christmas Ale will go on sale exclusively in our Brewpub's Gift Shop. The Brewpub will also open at 10AM on October 31, and customers will be able to purchase growlers of Christmas Ale to-go. Full bar service will also be available starting at 10AM. Food service will begin at 11AM.

On October 24 we began pouring the first Christmas Ale of the season exclusively in our Brewpub. October 31 is the first day our guests are able to purchase Christmas Ale to-go in 6-Packs, cases, and growlers.

Christmas Ale in Your Market:

Following our Gift Shop release, Christmas Ale will begin appearing in our distribution markets. If you would like to learn where you can find Christmas Ale near you, check your Area Events page
here. For a full list of our distributors, click here.


Heavy Seas Uncharted Water Series - Yule Tide Coming In Early Nov - Expansion Updates

From Heavy Seas:

Aged for 6 weeks in Jamaican Rum barrels, this Imperial Red Ale offers a full malt body dominated by toast, chocolate & caramel notes. Rum barrel aging imparts a rich buttery rum character along with oaken vanilla notes. Ginger offsets the overall sweetness by adding its own drying zing.  

Available in limited release 22 oz bottles starting early November, MON!  

As you may know, there are big changes happening at Heavy Seas Beer. As of this writing, we have opened our new hospitality area - the Heavy Seas Tap Room -  and will have regular retail over the bar hours! You even enter through a different door.

Over the next 6 weeks we will be installing a new bottling line. And in late April 2014 we will be installing a new brew house, which will more than double our production capacity!

None of this is possible without the support of you, our customers.  Please accept my sincerest thanks!

-Hugh Sisson, Heavy Seas Founder


Son of Jesse Jackson To Sell Chicago’s River North Distributor

imageFrom Beernet:

North Chicago's A-B distributor, River North, owned by Jesse Jackson's son Yusef Jackson is reportedly being sold to giant Tennessee A-B family the Hand family...


SweetWater To Enter Louisville Kentucky

imageFrom SweetWater:

ATLANTA, GA – Kicking off the week of Nov. 11, Louisville locals will officially be able to wet their whistles with SweetWater’s lip-smackin’ lineup of hoppy, unpasteurized ales. This announcement comes on the heels of the brewery’s recent $19 million expansion, quadrupling brewing capacity. Its entrance into the state of Kentucky earlier this year marked the first time the brewery had opened distribution to a new state since 2008.

“Now that we’ve successfully launched Lexington and Northern Kentucky, we’re finally ready to venture into Cardinal Country with River City Distributing,” said Vice President of Sales for SweetWater Brewing Company Dave Guender. “Louisville has been on our radar for a while now, and we’re rolling into the market just in time for football season and college hoops around the corner.”

“We’re extremely excited about our new partnership with SweetWater Brewing Company,” stated President of River City Distributing John Harris. “Our employees and customers have been waiting for this beer for a long time!”

SweetWater is bringing “the beers you’ve been training for” to thirsty locals starting with six-packs of SweetWater bottles in off-premise grocery stores, package stores, and specialty bottle shops, followed by their flagship 420 Extra Pale Ale on draft at on-premise bars and restaurants later in November. Package will include the following brands:

  • 420 Extra Pale Ale – SweetWater’s 420 Extra Pale Ale is a West Coast style pale ale with big hops and a crisp finish. First brewed on April 20, 1997, this beer has developed quite the following in the Southeast. 420 is extremely well-balanced which makes it a perfect introduction to a new town…that’s why we say “drink ‘em if you got ‘em!”
  • SweetWater Blue – SweetWater Blue is a unique, lighter-bodied wheat ale enhanced with a hint of fresh blueberries. This brew’ll give folks a good whiff of a blueberry influence, with a subtle taste and an extra clean finish. This ain’t no fruit beer, but it is our breakfast beer, and perfect for hanging outside on a Kentucky derby day.
  • SweetWater IPA – This mammoth India Pale Ale (IPA) is dry-hopped to the gills, delivering a kick-you-in-the-teeth hop chop. The brew is unfiltered and, like all of our beers, always unpasteurized to leave all the natural flavors intact. SweetWater IPA recently won first place in a blind tasting against 15 of the best IPAs in the country held by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.
  • SweetWater Tackle Box - The SweetWater Tackle Box variety pack is a hefty 12-pack collection featuring three of SweetWater’s favorite year round brews, along with a fourth style of a little something special in each box.

Want to get in on the action? A crew from SweetWater Brewery will taste their way around the area with sampling celebrations and sponsored festivities in late November. Online fans can wet their whistles too by following theKentucky Facebook page for details on how to enter SweetWater’s “Catch a Trout” tap handle contest. The challenge rewards the first 20 fans who can find and post photos with the brewery’s iconic trout tap handles at local bars around town with free SweetWater Schwag.


Two Roads Route of All Evil Coming 11/1

We brought you news of this beer, and now news from Two Roads of it upcoming release:


ints/Growlers/Tasters/Shirts will be available in the tasting room.

You can experience “the DARKER side of winter” starting this Friday in our tasting room and this weekend at liquor stores and bars around Connecticut and Rhode Island. Traveling down the route, you can expect to taste not quite a porter, not quite a stout but a full-bodied, fully hopped, black as the night beer. With profound malt and hop complexity the tastes that await you are chocolate, dark fruits, molasses and a bold citrus hop character straight from the Pacific Northwest.

The Black Ale will be available in six packs, growlers, pints and tasters at our tasting room.



Pike Brewing - Kilt Lifter

Here’s the updated packaging for Pike Brewing’s classic Kilt Lifter.  This Scotch Style ruby ale will be package din 12oz and 22oz bottles and come in at 6.9% ABV and 27 IBU.


Lone Tree Brewing Company Sells Out of Hop Zombie Red IPA in One Day

From Lone Tree Brewing:

Lone Tree, CO — October 29, 2013Lone Tree Brewing Company sold out of 22 ounce bottles of their limited release “Hop Zombie Red IPA” in record time last Saturday, October 26th.  60 cases of the “Hop Zombie Red IPA” were available at the Lone Tree Brewing Company Tasting Room on October 26th during a special limited release event for the beer, called the Zombie HopApocalypse.  As expected, all of the 22 oz. bottles of “Hop Zombie Red IPA” as well as the limited amount of the Hop Zombie beer Lone Tree Brewing had on tap sold out before closing at 10pm.

Eager to get their hands on the “Hop Zombie Red IPA”, customers had formed a line outside the Lone Tree Brewing Company tasting room prior to the brewery opening at 11am last Saturday.  “We want to thank everyone for coming out to pick up their bottles of our “Hop Zombie Red IPA”.  We expected a great turnout, but we couldn’t have imagined anything like this.  We plan to only brew this special beer once a year, and I hope that anyone who was unable to get their “Hop Zombie Red IPA” this year will make sure to get to our tasting room early next year for the event,” said John Winter, President of Lone Tree Brewing Company.

“Hop Zombie Red IPA” is an India Red Ale, full of delicious malt sweetness balanced by full flavored hops with bright citrus, light fresh grass and pine notes.  Lone Tree Brewing Company will continue to offer limited release beers throughout the year.  For information about special releases and events at Lone Tree Brewing Company, visit lonetreebrewingco.com.


Alaskan Limited Edition Smoked Porter 2013 Coming 11/1

30 October 2013

From Alaskan Brewing:

Twenty-four years ago, Alaskan Brewing Co. introduced its Smoked Porter, a style at the time virtually unknown in the U.S. It has gone on to win more than 30 national and international gold medals in the most prestigious beer competitions in the world, and has become the most award-winning beer of the Great American Beer Festival. We're proud to bring you our Limited Edition 2013 Smoked Porter, releasing November 1st. This is a beer that is delicious now, but can also be aged for a smoother and more complex flavor much like a fine wine.

The limited edition 2013 vintage of Alaskan  Brewing Co.’s Alaskan Smoked Porter officially releases today on draft and in 22 oz bottles throughout the 15 states where Alaskan beer is sold. The smoked malt used in the beer makes for a unique taste, and also acts as a preservative that can allow for years of aging.

“As far as we know, Alaskan Smoked Porter has no real end to its shelf life. We are still enjoying vintages from our cellar that date back to 1993, when we started leaving some yeast in the bottle for better aging,” explains Alaskan Brewing co-founder Geoff Larson. Larson literally wrote the book on smoked beers in 2001, publishing Smoked Beers: History, Brewing Techniques, Recipes, which he co-authored with Ray Daniels after over a decade of experience brewing with smoked malts.

The first release of this now vintage-dated beer was called “Alaskan Seasonal” in the late 1980s – a hearty winter seasonal brewed as a nod to the malting and brewing practices of the turn-of-the-century brewers in Alaska who had to malt their own barley using local alder wood for direct-fired heat. While the name officially changed to Alaskan Smoked Porter a couple of years later, the Alaskan Brew Crew still employs the same smokehouse used for the first batch those many years ago.

“Alder adds a traditional smoke character to our Porter that is true to the Alaskan landscape. Due to natural flavor changes in the wood and malt each year, no two vintages will taste the same when brewed, and they will not age in exactly the same way,” says Alaskan Brewing Plant Manager Curtis Holmes, “That’s what makes each year’s release so exciting for us.”



Lauter Tun Arrives @ Lagunitas Chicago (Photos)

From Lagunitas Brewing:

This was a key, crowning piece in the Chicago BrewHouse construction. Now progress’ll be flyin’ by at high speed.
See tons of pics & updates on
Tony’s Twitter @lagunitasT



Goose Island - Four Sisters 2013 (Video)

From Goose Island:

We've expanded our barrel-aging program at Goose Island to bring you even more Lolita and Juliet. But this year, we're proud to announce the release of our two newest sisters, Gillian and Halia. Let brewers Mike Siegel, Keith Gabbett, and Brian Taylor tell you about the innovation program, the beers they've created, and what inspired them. Cheers!


A Peek Inside Stone’s New Bottling Facility (Video)

From Stone:

Our CEO and Co-founder Greg Koch invites fans into our barrel-aging warehouse to witness a crime in progress - the bottling of PUNISHMENT, our ultra-spicy iteration of Double Bastard Ale.


New Belgium Brewing Reveals Next Hop Kitchen & Lips of Faith Beers

We brought you a peek at Wild2 Dubbel and Hop Kitchen Fresh Hop…and now the official word from New Belgium:

Ft. Collins, Colo. – October 30, 2013/mbb/ – Attention, Lips Lovers! New Belgium Brewing’s two newest quarterly Lips of Faith offerings, Cigar City + New Belgium Collaboration Ale and Wild2 Dubbel are now out for all to enjoy. Collaborations have become a favorite in the Lips of Faith line and this meeting of the minds with Tampa’s Cigar City Brewing continues that tradition. Wild2 Dubbel will reintroduce the soon-to-be-famous Schisandra fruit to beer lovers everywhere.
The Cigar City + New Belgium Collaboration Ale (here) beer starts with a fruity, citrus nose, followed by an abundance of Cascade, Pacific Jade and Wakatu hops. Anaheim and Marash chilies usher in a flavor that starts sweet, gets tangy and finishes spicy and tannic. Spanish Cedar spirals were added for some subtle woody and tobacco tones and a Bier de Garde yeast brings zesty phenols for topping. ABV 8.5%.

“This playful,  full-bodied beer will be a delight in Florida, Colorado and everywhere in between,” said New Belgium Assistant Brewmaster Grady Hull. “Meanwhile, Wild2 Dubbel is in a class of its own, offering a traditional, Belgian-style dubbel with a wild side.”

Wild2 Dubbel is full of dark and robust malts creating deep chestnut tones and a tawny haze. Along with brettanomyces, this beer is spiced with the mysterious and splendid Schisandra, known as the five flavored fruit, bringing a complex peppery and pineapple push to top the banana and bubblegum notes of the Trappist yeast. The beer opens sweet and creamy, mingles with the tropic tones of the conditioning bretta, and finishes with a dry, warm spice. ABV 8%.

Over in the Hop Kitchen Series, this season’s Fresh Hop is a medium-full bodied IPA made with certified salmon-safe Oregon hops that are picked fresh off the vine and trucked directly to our brew kettle. It starts out malty sweet, builds in some bitterness with a long bitter linger. Learn more about certified salmon-safe hops at
www.salmonsafe.org. Fresh Hop is 7% ABV and 75 IBUs.

“Fresh Hop is made with salmon-safe Crystal and Sterling hops that are grown using practices that ensure healthy watersheds that allow native salmon to spawn and thrive,” added Hull. “We are proud to support the efforts of farmers who work hard for that salmon-safe designation. It makes the beer taste that much more satisfying.”



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