Foothills Sexual Chocolate 2014 Coming Feb 1st With eBay Auction

31 December 2013

Exciting details from our pal Jamie Bartholomaus at Foothills for their 2014 Sexual Chocolate Release:

SATURDAY February 1st, 8 am

It's that time of year again my friends ... time to get ready for one of the most highly anticipated beer releases in the country. And one of the biggest parties.

There's a new twist this year - we are auctioning off the top four spots in line on E-Bay, with all the proceeds going to help local charities. Winning bids will receive:

  • Guaranteed spot in line when bottle sales start
  • Set of glassware, including a Limited Edition Sexual Chocolate goblet
  • $50 Foothills gift card
  • Foothills gear prize pack, including Sexual Chocolate t-shirt
  • Special beer gift
We'll auction off one spot a week every Monday for four weeks, beginning Monday January 6th. We'll e-mail a link so you, our loyal subscribers, will have first shot at the bidding process before anyone else.

ALL proceeds from this auction will benefit one of four local charities:

  • Forsyth Humane Society
  • Habitat For Humanity
  • Susan G. Komen for the Cure
  • Piedmont Environmental Alliance

Release Details/Guidelines:

  • Foothills will host its traditional bottle share pre-release party on Friday night January 31st beginning at 7pm, in the brewery portion of the brewpub. Price of admission is a bottle or two (or three or four) from your craft beer collection. Appetizers will be provided.
  • The line to buy 22-oz. bottles will start on the sidewalk outside the pub. You're welcome to show up anytime after we close at 2am the previous evening. Or just bid on a spot in line (see above).
  • City police officers will be on hand overnight. Since we all know what a well-behaved crowd craft beer enthusiasts are, they'll probably get really bored. See that they do.
  • The nice officers will reportedly allow enjoyment of your own "refreshments" until daylight. Decorum is strongly encouraged. No kegstands, in other words.
  • There will be portable restroom facilities in the back parking lot. You’re welcome.
  • Around 7:00am, a cheerful (albeit groggy) member of Foothills' staff will distribute numbered wristbands that denote your place in line.
  • The pub will open at 8am. Sexual Chocolate will be tapped and waiting. We'll also have breakfast available for purchase. Life is good.
  • Bottle sales will commence at 10am. You’ll be summoned by your wristband number in groups of 50. Bottle prices and limits will be set closer to release, and will be based on overall yield of this year's brew.
  • No growler fills of Sexual Chocolate. And no growling about no growler fills.
  • Want to stay up to date on all the latest leading up to this event? Then follow us on Twitter. We're @FoothillsBeer.
  • Hope to see you there!


Stone - Old Guardian Barleywine 2014 Release

We’ll be in an even numbered year for 2014 (so no odd beers for odd years) and today we get to see the 2014 packaging for Stone Brewing’s classic Old Guardian Barley Wine Style Ale.  This beer will be packaged in 22oz bottles and remain at 11.6% ABV…and be sure to read the backing label from Greg Koch.


Sierra Nevada - Harvest Single Hop IPA #291 Varietal

Another great experimental beer coming from Sierra Nevada.  This is Harvest Single Hop IPA and this batch will use #291 Varietal Hops.  This beer is keg-only and 6.5% ABV.


Samuel Adams - 30 Years of Boston Lager (Video)

From Samuel Adams:

In 2014 we will be celebrating 30 years of Boston Lager!


Clown Shoes - Luchador En Fuego NEW Packaging

Today we get to see the new packaging coming from Clown Shoes for their Luchador En Fuego Mexican-Style Chocolate Stout.  This beer is brewed with vanilla, cinnamon, ancho peppers and chipotle peppers and then aged in bourbon barrels.  For 2014 Luchador En Fuego gets a facelift with a completely new label as you can see.  This is the 22oz bottle and the beer will come in at 11% ABV.


Lagunitas Sucks 32oz & 12oz Bottles - Imperial Stout

We brought you a peek at this beer as it was bottled for the first time back in Nov…and now today we get to see the updated label for Lagunitas Sucks 32oz bottles.  This beer remains at 7.6% ABV & 63.21 IBU.  As a bonus, I’ve included the updated labels for 12oz Sucks as well as Lagunitas Unlimited Release Imperial Stout (22oz, 9.6% ABV--72.45 IBU).image


Blue Point - Mosaic Session IPA

Here’s a new brew coming to bottles from Blue Point Brewing.  This is Mosaic Session IPA, it will be packaged in 12oz bottles by Two Roads Brewing and come in at a sessionable 4.8% ABV.  Based on the name I’m assuming it will use Mosaic hops, but stay tuned.


Allagash - Bourbon Barrel Black Returns

Here’s a peek at the keg label for Allagash Bourbon Barrel Black as it returns for 2014.  This stout aged in bourbon barrels was first released in May 2010 and for 2014 the ABV is up slightly from 9.2% to 9.3% ABV.


Widmer Brothers - Ronin’s Revenge Lager

This is another keg-only Specialty Release from Widmer Brothers and it’s called Ronin’s Revenge Lager.  Look for this beer to come in at 7.3% ABV.


Avery - Coconut Brown Ale, Mayan Goddess, Trogdor & Burninator

From Avery:

Coconut Brown Ale; Fall Day IPA with spruce tips; Winter's Day IPA with rosemary and dry-hopped with Chinook; Liebenweizen with notes of banana and rich malt; Chocolate Mint Stout with cacao nibs and peppermint; Currawong Black Saison with Tasmanian pepperberries; Nutty Professor Imperial Stout dry-nutted with peanuts; 4Point2 India Pale Ale; 4Point4 Milk Stout; and Eremita VI sour blonde with key limes! Mmm.

Coming Soon!

Mayan Goddess

Our Russian Imperial Stout with cinnamon, vanilla beans, cacao nibs, brown chipotles, black chipotles, anchos, and pasilla peppers.

Trogdor the Burninator

Our German-style smoked doppelbock featuring 30% beechwood-smoked malt. It's named with the "ator" suffix in deference to Paulaner Salvator, the original German doppelbock. And, of course, to the majesty of the famed dragon with the beefy arm.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page

for release dates of our Tap Room Exclusive brews!


Mustang Brewing - 2014 News New Brewhouse, North Texas Launch & More

From Mustang Brewing:

We are incredibly excited to begin 2014! Some things for you to look forward to are:

  • The opening of our new brewhouse in January;
  • Further expansion in Arkansas; 
  • Launching the Unbridled Series;
  • New Saddlebag Series beers to be added; 
  • Mustang's big screen debut in the film Rudderless; and
  • Launching our beers in North Texas in February.


Truck Carrying Breckenridge Ophelia & Vanilla Porter Crashes Into Low Bridge


Waleed H. Sleit, 33, said he was following his GPS and not paying attention when he crashed the tractor-trailer he was driving into the bridge over Onondaga Lake Parkway in Salina. 

The back of the tractor-trailer he was driving from Chicago to Virginia was ripped away, however beer kegs, and cases of Vanilla Porter ale and Ophelia Hoppy Wheat ale remained intact.


Worthy Brewing - Dark Muse Imperial Stout

Here’s a great new label (and beer) coming from Worthy Brewing called Dark Muse Imperial Stout.  This beer will be packaged in 22oz bottles and come in at 10.1% ABV and 60 IBU.

This update from Worthy:

Aristotle noted back in the day that all great philosophers, artists, and poets were infected with “melancholia,” a disease thought at the time to arise from too much of an ill humor known as “black bile.” Because of it’s association with genius, Aristotle pondered whether an abundance of black bile was a good thing or a bad thing.

Thus began a long tradition of idealizing melancholy as a wellspring for inspired creativity.  From Van Gogh to Sylvia Plath, the melancholic was romanticized as the tormented genius who sits all alone, in the dark, in deep thought, nurturing her sorrow in the noble pursuit of perfect and beautiful clarity.

We’re not sure what “black bile” is, but it doesn't sound that good. And we’re not sure that “sweet melancholy” is all its cracked up to be. But at Worthy we do appreciate the role that mood plays when you select and enjoy a malted beverage. Whether you’re feeling rosy red or moody blue, our goal is to provide the right beer for you.

Eat, Drink, Ponder
Whatever your disposition, we do believe that each of us is blessed with an inner muse, and it’s a worthy thing to try to draw her out from time to time.  The need for a bit of illumination is especially dear during the winter months, when the skies go dark at noon, and the winds send the snowflakes sideways, and no matter how many logs you throw on the fire, it never seems to get warm enough.

Introducing Worthy’s Dark Muse, our hearty, creamy and voluptuous Imperial Stout.  This is a beer for the thinker. The ponderer. It’s made to be sipped, cradled and inhaled, slowly, methodically, and deliberately. It’s meant to satisfy that yearning for answers, for cutting through the clutter, for breaking things down, and for connecting the dots.

To do any of that, you’re probably going to need the proper lubricant. Something that lights a fire.  Something -- channeling Walt Whitman here -- that unscrews the locks from the doors, or better yet, something that unscrews the doors themselves from their jambs.

That torch, or prod, or hammer, or burnt offering, is the Dark Muse.
Let’s break it down.

Dark as Deep Space
Pours black - mine shaft black, bottom of the ocean black. Thick as a milkshake. Capped with a foamy, two finger, tan mocha head.  Her lacing webs the goblet with a mesmerizing doily pattern that, if you look hard enough, may provide clues to whereabouts of the nearest exploding black hole. 

One look at this big black beauty and you fancy the notion that whatever sucks in your life is about to sort out.

Olfactory Frenzy
Against the mental backdrop of a dark night, a deep whiff registers as a thunderous explosion of sweet roasted malt and pungent coffee, like the grande finale of your favorite fireworks show.  The bulb’s no longer as dim. Beguiling tendrils of dark candied fruit, fudge brownie, maple syrup and oatmeal fill in the crevices of the brain like a creeping London fog. 

Even for a melancholiac, the gears are starting to shift, and something good’s about to happen.

Opposition is True Friendship*

The malt sweetness almosts freezes time and space.  Almost, but the need to cling to all that roasted goodness gives way without much resistance to a pleasant hop bitterness that’s been emboldened by the electric zing of unsweetened cacao and espresso.  Another swish and dark fruits abound, buttressed by toasted almonds, and brought home with an entrancing bourbon booziness.

Suddenly, opposites begin to attract, dark becomes light, sorrows become joys, braces relax and bright, colorful flowers spring forth from the fetid, standing pools of the mind.

The Muse Awakened
The Muse arose not with a stick in its eye, but with a mature joy in its heart.  Blake once wrote that “all deities reside in the human breast.” He meant that in each of us lurks the creative power to imagine and build another, better world.  Tapping that creative force has always been the challenge.

Dark Muse is like that proverbial mother who gently awakes you from a deep and salubrious slumber, initiating that slow and delightful transition from death’s counterfeit to crystalline awareness.  The beer slowly dances on the tongue, languidly, as your consciousness gradually sharpens and expands.  She holds you tight with her full-bodied favors.  You feel the pull of her carbonation and the push of her bluesy, boozy alcohol.
Dark Muse is an imperial stout that pairs well an inclination to shake up the status quo. The Muse probably won’t alight when all is well. She needs an invitation, which inevitably arises when there’s a disturbance in your melon.  Look, we can’t always be skippy. Sometimes you hit a low. Might as well capitalize – the brain’s lousy with perfectly good seeds – all you need is the elixer to make ‘em grow.

Sludge Hammer
Speaking of unjamming oneself, Dark Muse herself was a bit of a jammer. Chad pumped in so much grain the Muse actually snapped the stainless steel plow stabilizing arm on our lauter tun.  You don't have to know what a “plow stabilizing arm" is, just picture a bowl of oatmeal so thick that it bends your spoon when you try to stir it.

Dark Muse demanded more sugar, but she gave less nectar.  We normally can count on about 30 barrels a batch. After twice the normal of brew time, and about twice the malt bill of our Lights Out stout, the Dark Muse yielded a precious 17 barrels. In other words, she's a beast.

Dark Muse is easily our most potent libation. At 10.1% ABV, she has plenty of candle power.  And yet, for a vintage port surrogate with that eye fluttering bourbon barrel flavor, The Muse is as pleasantly sippable as the rest of our beers are happily drinkable. Extreme Balance, as always, continues to be our code.

Look for our limited edition Dark Muse in a bottle shop near you. We’ll be saving a few kegs for our restaurant.  So if you’re feeling stuck, or just want to sort things out, let our Dark Muse unbottle your inner genius.
* William Blake, The Marriage of Heaven and Hell (1793).



Cigar City - Hunahpu’s Day 2014 Details

30 December 2013

From Cigar City:

The 5th Annual Hunahpu's Day Release Party is set for Saturday, March 8th, 2014 at Cigar City Brewing. This will also be the 3nd time Hunahpu's Day has been featured for Tampa Bay Beer Week.


In Mayan mythology, Hun Hunahpu was the father of the Mayan hero twins Hunahpu and Xbalanque. Hun Hunahpu, along with his brother Vucub Hunahpu, was tricked by the Dark Lords of the underworld and slain. Hun Hunahpu's corpse morphed into a cacao tree, his head becoming a cacao pod, which in typically awesome mythology fashion, spit upon the hand of a young maiden named Xiquic who promptly became pregnant with the hero twins. The twins would ultimately grow up to avenge their father and uncle and defeat the Dark Lords and ascend to the heavens to become the moon and sun.

We brew Hunahpu's Imperial Stout once a year and release it only at the brewery. We will continue to do so until the end of the cycle.

"Pours extremely dark in color with a brown head with notes of big chocolate and espresso, moderate notes of vanilla and cinnamon and a mild tinge of tobacco and chilis. The flavor opens with a big blast of chocolate and moderate espresso with elements of dark toffee and interjecting threads of vanilla with lingering hints of cinnamon and tobacco and chillies notes with a mild scoville heat in the finish."
-Head Brewer Wayne Wambles 


2009 Atlanta Cask Ale Tasting - 1st Place
2010 United States Beer Open Championship - Gold Medal
2010 Best Florida Beer Championship - Gold Medal
2010 Best Florida Beer Championship - 1st Place, Best in Show
2011 United States Open Beer Championship - Gold Medal
2012 Beverage Testing Institute World Beer Championships - Platinum Medaltheevent

March 8th, 2014 is Hunahpu's Day. Here are some important details:

- It's again taking place at the brewery.

- We are setting a max attendance of 3,500 people.

- The day will operate differently than in years' past. Instead of using tickets or tokens to buy individual beers, the event will be more like a "beerfest" and attendees will pay one flat rate to enter the fest and sample as many beers as they'd like all day.

- A ticket will be required to enter the fest.

- Tickets to enter the fest will be $50. All attendees will receive a special Hunahpu's Day sample glass.

- The tasting room will be open, but separate from the Hunahpu's Day Fest. There will be no samples in the tasting room that day, only pints and snifters of whatever is on tap.

- There will be no brewery tours on Hunahpu's Day.

- We plan to sell bottles of Hunahpu's Imperial Stout throughout the day. Details on bottle limit, etc are still being determined.

- There will be no parking at the brewery, however across the street at the old Sears & Roebuck building will be parking, as well as a few other businesses in the neighborhood that will open their lots (for a fee). Please DO NOT PARK in the residential neighborhood, or at Home Depot, Whole Foods, Target, etc. Like every year we strongly encourage carpooling.

- There will be merchandise and other goodies to purchase that will be cash only.

- Food trucks will be there, as well as live music!

- The fest will be from 11am to 5pm.

Details for purchasing tickets to the Hunahpu's Day Fest will be announced VERY soon, however we would like to say now that El Catador Club members will receive first access to purchase them. If you're an El Catador Club member, stay tuned to your emails (and the Facebook and Twitter) for more details.

- Pets are allowed as long as they are well-behaved and on a leash. You must clean up after them yourself, so bring some bags. 

- There are several hotels nearby, due to our proximity to the airport. We have some discount codes that you can use.
- Homewood Suites:
Click here to reserve. (1.7mi from brewery)
- Hilton Tampa Airport Westshore:
Click here to reserve. (0.5mi from brewery)
- Courtyard Marriott
Click here to reserve. (0.8mi from brewery)
- Hilton Garden Inn:
Click here to reserve. (1.8mi from brewery)


Stone Brewing Donates Over $650,000 To Charity

From Stone Brewing:

ESCONDIDO, CA (Dec. 30, 2013) – Stone Brewing Co. has contributed more than $650,000 to charity in 2013, thanks to loyal fans, dedicated volunteers, craft brewing compatriots and a stellar group of Team Stone employees. As in previous years, the past 12 months were packed with charitable endeavors that benefited a variety of organizations.

“Stone is proud to continue our longstanding company principle of actively contributing to worthy charities every year,” said Stone CEO and Co-founder Greg Koch. “This year’s contributions reflect our dedication to the community and the charities that make a positive difference for the people and initiatives they serve. Cheers to them!”

2013 charitable contributions included:

Stone 17th Anniversary Celebration & Invitational Beer Festival
On August 16 and 17, Stone held its 17th Anniversary Celebration & Invitational Beer Festival. One of the brewing company’s largest charity contributions to-date was made possible by:

  • 7,000 fans who attended the festival
  • 73 breweries that donated kegs of beer
  • 342 volunteers who donated their time
  • 314 Stone employees who worked the two-day event.
This allowed 100% of proceeds from the festival$250,000 in allto be donated to local charities, including the Boys & Girls Club of San Marcos, Fight ALD, Palomar Family YMCA, Surfrider Foundation and California State University San Marcos Foundation.

Stone Brewing Co. Brewery Tours

Tours of Stone’s production brewery are offered daily, and $1 from each $3 admission sold is donated to selected charities. Stone collected more than $50,000 in donations from tour sales in 2013, donating proceeds to Project Walk® Spinal Cord Injury Recovery Center (first quarter earnings), The Escondido Creek Conservancy (second quarter),TERI Campus of Life (third quarter) and Casa de Amparo (fourth quarter).

Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens – Liberty Station VIP Pre-opening
Earlier this year, Stone opened its second farm-to-table restaurant,
Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens – Liberty Station, located in San Diego’s Point Loma community. To fine-tune the restaurant’s operations before officially unveiling it to the public, Stone hosted three pre-opening sessions on May 10, 11 and 13. Fifty percent of the total proceeds from these events were donated to charities—totaling $15,000 in contributions. The NTC Foundationreceived $10,000, and $5,000 was given to theNational Marine Mammal Foundation.

Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens – Liberty Station 12/15 IPA: Ales for ALS IPA

In an effort to support research for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS, or Lou Gehrig's Disease), Stone donated $10,000 to Ales for ALS from proceeds of yet another beer brewed at Stone’s Liberty Station brewery-restaurant, Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens Liberty Station 12/15 IPA: Ales for ALS IPA. The beer was a low-alcohol IPA brewed with four new and unique hop varietals. Created by B.T. Loftus Ranches Inc. and Hopunion LLC, Ales for ALS offers participating brewers access to a proprietary hop blend free of charge in exchange for donating a portion of the beer’s sales to ALS TDI, the world's leading ALS research organization.

Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens – Liberty Station Operation Homefront IPA 
Stone donated more than $3,000 to
Operation Homefront, a non-profit organization supporting and bettering the lives of U.S. Military families, as part of itsHops for Heroes initiative. The funds donated were from sales of Operation Homefront IPA, which was brewed at Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens - Liberty Station. The beer was an India pale ale brewed with orange peel, in addition to Chinook and Cascade hops, then rested in fermenter tanks with untreated maple bats donated by Louisville Slugger. Additionally, members of the San Diego Padres served as spokespeople for the cause as extensions of Operation Homefront’s sponsor for this endeavor, Major League Baseball.

Hop-Con: The w00tstout Launch Festival
A small, 400-guest beer launch festival was hosted at Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens – Liberty Station for the world’s geekiest collaboration beer,
Drew Curtis/Wil Wheaton/Greg Koch Stone Farking Wheaton w00tstout. Proceeds from ticket sales at this sold-out event were donated to charitable organizations selected by the beer’s collaborators. Wil Wheaton, professional geek and actor from Star Trek and Stand By Me, and creator Drew Curtis chose The Hero Initiative as the charity to which Stone donated $1,000. An additional $1,000 was also donated to ECOLIFE, per Stone CEO/Co-founder Greg Koch and President/Co-founder Steve Wagner.

San Diego Blood Bank
Stone hosted two public blood drives in support of the
San Diego Blood Bank. The combined efforts of both drives helped save 364 lives. A two-day drive in March resulted in 56 units of blood collected, equating to 168 lives saved, and a second two-day drive in September resulted in the collection of 59 units of blood, equating to 177 lives saved.

Thanksgiving Dinners
Stone donated 50 complete Thanksgiving meals to two different charitable causes.
Casa de Amparo, an organization that treats and prevents child abuse and neglect throughout San Diego County, received 45 meals, and five dinners were also provided to the Oceanside Yacht Club, who served them to Camp Pendleton Marines and U.S. Marine Corps veterans.

Additionally, Stone has supported more than 400 local, regional and national charities by donating nearly $350,000 worth of Stone beer, merchandise and gift certificates for fundraising events.


Double Barrel Brewery Renames To “Bad Tom” After Firestone Walker Cease & Desist Request

From WCPO:

The new year is going to start out with a new look and name for one of Cincinnati’s local breweries.

Double Barrel Brewery will be changing its name to Bad Tom Brewing. 

Co-owner Sean Smith said they were served with a cease and desist letter from Firestone Walker Brewing Co. over the “Double Barrel” title. Firestone Walker produces a beer known as “Double Barrel Ale.”

The Bad Tom brewers said they decided not to fight the change rather take the matter to court as the cost of litigation would be prohibitive.


Yards - Chocolate Love Stout 750ml Bottles

Today we get a peek at the new label as Yards Chocolate Love Stout heads to 750ml bottles.  This limited release beer remains a stout brewed with vanilla and chocolate and it will come in at 6.9% ABV.


Widmer Brothers - Biere de Noel

This is a keg label only, but I knew you’d want to see Widmer Brothers Biere De Noel.  This ale is brewed with raisins and brown sugar and come in at 9.7% ABV.


NoDa Brewing Co. - Happy Drew Year - NoDable Release 12/31

From NoDa Brewing:

This week we bring you the fight of the year with Baby New Year taking on Father Time. Chad and Drew (one of our Pro-Am competitors) give commentary while telling us about this week's NoDable beer: Happy Drew Year. It's a 5.6% North English Brown Ale made with Hazelnut Coffee coming in at 18 SRM and 30 IBU. Come in this Tuesday, grab a glass, and get your new year started right with NoDa Brewing Co.!


Double Mountain - Sacre Bleu Dubbel Abbaye Ale

Today we have Double Mountain Sacre Bleu Dubbel Abbaye Ale.  This beer uses the house yeast from the Abbaye de Scourmount, it will be packaged in 375ml bottles and come in at 7.8% ABV.


Central Waters - Brewer’s Reserve Cherry Stout

Today we get to see the label for Central Waters Brewer’s Reserve Cherry Stout.  This beer is aged 6-month in bourbon barrels with 75-pounds of tart Door County cherries added to each barrel.  Cherry Stout will be packaged in 12oz bottles.


Blue Moon - Expressionist Collection Farmhouse Red

Here’s an interesting brew coming from Blue Moon Expressionist Collection.  This is Farmhouse Red and it is a Saison / Flanders-style Ale.  This appears to be a rename of the original Short Straw Farmhouse Red ale previously released by Blue Moon.  This is the 12oz bottle package and it will come in at 5.8% ABV.


Labatt - Blue Royal Light

Here’s a peek at two new packages for Labatt Blue Royal Light.  This entry into the high ABV low calories market will be packaged in 12oz and 24oz bottles and come in at 6.1% ABV and 141 calories per 12oz serving.



Captain Lawrence Brewing Passes 20,000 Barrels In 2013

From Captain Lawrence:

The final tally is just…about…in. As the year comes to a close, Captain Lawrence has produced nearly 20,000 barrels of beer in 2013—that’s close to 40,000 kegs, and a whopping 35% increase over 2012, its first full year in Elmsford. Going a bit further back, Captain Lawrence brewed 8,800 barrels in 2011. “That’s a big jump in two years,” says owner Scott Vaccaro.

The Captain seeks to smash that record in 2014, while continuing to create some of the funkiest and most acclaimed beers around. A 35-barrel batch of Hops ‘N Roses—the sour ale that took a gold medal at the Great American Beer Fest this past fall—is headed into oak barrels, and will be ready for summer. And while it’s another six weeks or so before pitchers and catchers turn up at spring training, here’s another sign that winter won’t last forever—the Winter Ale supply is winding down, and the Sun Block is ready to take its place. Look for Sun Block—the hoppy wheat ale that goes so well with barbecues and beaches—in February.

Scott says Sun Block’s robust profile makes it more than a summer beer. “I think it’s a great year-round drinking beer,” he says. “It tastes just as good in February as it does in August.”

After the runaway success of the imperial stout Frost Monster—the first pilot system brew to make it to 12-ounce bottle big leagues—Captain Lawrence is set to tackle its next quarterly four-pack release: the triple IPA known as Seeking Alpha. The uber-hopped brew has been through a few test batches, and soon will be ready for bottles. It’s 11% ABV and a 100 on the IBU (International Bitterness Unit) scale.

“Super hoppy, super strong, over the top everything,” is how Scott describes it.

Having that much malt and sugar in the mix makes it difficult to “dry out” the beer, he adds. “But after Frost Monster, we’re confident we can do that,” notes Scott.

It’s going to be a busy 2014 for Westchester’s favorite brewery. Four new staff hires are coming on board, including new faces in sales and quality control, and the expansion throughout central and southern Jersey starts in February. The beloved rookie India Pale Ale is headed for the 12-pack.

The brewing elves at Captain Lawrence created a stunning 46 small-batch beers this year, including the malty Young Wolfington brown saison, the Snickelfritz pilsner-lager and the Knickerhopper dry-hopped ale, among many others (most named for their dogs or cats). Expect more in 2014. “We look to best that in calendar ’14,” says Scott. “If you haven’t made it into the tasting room this year, you’re missing out in a world of flavor.”

–Michael Malone (


O’Fallon - Wee Heavy Scotch Ale

Today we get to see the 12oz bottle label for O’Fallon Wee Heavy Scotch Ale.  This beer will come in at 8.5% ABV and be packaged in both O’Fallon MO and Stevens Point, WI.


Grand Canyon Brewing Announces New Production Facility & Expanded Distribution Coming In 2014

From Grand Canyon Brewing:

Phoenix, AZ (December 30, 2013) – Simply put, we need to produce more beer - that’s how John Peasley, owner of the Grand Canyon Brewing Company sees it, “Now that we’ve expanded into the Nevada market and have started increasing our retail presence, we need to make more beer on an annual basis to meet demand.”

Since opening in 2007, the Grand Canyon Brewing Company has grown from a little neighborhood pub to brewing just under 6,000 bbl (barrels of beer) in 2013, – all accomplished in a 6,000 sq. ft. brewing space located along historic Route 66 in Williams, AZ.

“When we started this back in 2007, we never dreamt of the success we’ve experienced so far. Our beer is outdoorsy, rustic and all about the extreme thrill of exploration and adventure. We’re looking forward to sharing that feeling with everyone who enjoys our beer,” remarked, Peasley.

The new production facility is 27,000 sq. feet with 20,000 sq. feet of that space dedicated to brewing in a 40 barrel brewing system capable of producing an estimated 40,000 bbl – the state limit – once fully developed. The new facility is located at 301 N Seventh Street, Williams, AZ.

With an investment of nearly $2.7M, the facility will allow the Grand Canyon Brewing Company to meet current demand, increase their retail market and to expand into new states including California, New Mexico and Colorado. Brewing is expected to begin in May, 2014.

Additionally, Peasley plans to hire at least one more full-time brewer, two cellar men and two deck mates to staff the production facility.

As for the existing brewery, it will be outfitted with a new nano-brewing system for testing out new flavor combinations and brewing methods. Also, a tasting room, bar, pool tables, and large screen tv’s will be added.


La Rulles - Blonde & Brune

Here’s a peek at two 750ml bottles coming from Brasserie Artisanale La Rulles.  Blonde will come in at 7% ABV and Brune 6.5% ABV.  These are both unfiltered bottle-conditioned beers.


Colt 45 High Gravity - Works Every Time

With a slogan like that, who could resist showing off this malt beverage.  This is the classic Colt 45 High Gravity and yes, at 8.5% ABV it Works Every Time.  This is a 16oz can packaged by Miller Coors.


Old Milwaukee & Old Milwaukee Light Cans

image I know what you’re saying, but you’d be surprised how many people love these beers.  These are can labels for the classic Schlitz (aka Miller Coors) Old Milwaukee Beer (12oz can) and Old Milwaukee Light (16oz--110 calories per 12oz serving).


Brew Dog / Fyne Ales - 48 Miles Later

This beer is part of BrewDog’s recent #clamfest series of beers and it’s a Smoked Chili Black Ale.

Designed by Freytag Anderson, Glasgow, UK



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