Coronado Brewing Sock Knocker Imperial IPA - Returns This May

30 April 2014

imageFrom Coronado:  Coronado, CA, April 30, 2014Coronado Brewing Company's bold and fruity Sock Knocker Imperial IPA launches this May as part of the company's Brewer's Series. This seasonal series features beer produced in partnership with fellow brewers, and in Sock Knocker's case, small-batch brews. Sock Knocker pours golden orange, with a hoppy, citrus flavor that lingers well into the finish. Amarillo, Centennial, Columbus and Simcoe hops unite to create an immensely floral, botanical nose and a veritable explosion of citrus and pine on the palate. With an even more obscene hop overload than Coronado's infamous Idiot IPA, Sock Knocker is an India Pale Ale truly deserving of its imperial crown.

Sock Knocker IIPA specs:

Style:                   Imperial India Pale Ale

ABV:                     8.5%
Bitterness:         90 IBU
Package:             22 ounce bottles, draught 1/6 bbl and 1/2 bbl
Release:              May 2014
Malts:                  Wheat malt, biscuit malt, 2 row
Hops:                   Columbus, Centennial, Simcoe, Amarillo
Yeast:                  Cal Ale

Where to find it:

Sock Knocker IIPA will be available in Alberta, Canada and 12 states: Arizona, California, Florida, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Nevada, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, South Carolina, Virginia and Washington. It will also go to Japan, New Zealand and Sweden.



Twitter: @CoronadoBrewing



Baxter Brewing & DC Brau CO -Brew “The Daughters Of Poseidon” Black IPA w/Oysters

image From Baxter & DC Brau:

LEWISTON – AUBURN, MAINE; April 30, 2014: “One of the things I like best about the craft beer industry,” says Luke Livingston, founder of Baxter Brewing Co., in Lewiston, Maine, “is the chance to meet such great people. The industry is like a big club, and we all look out for one another. We work together, we play together, and we all do what we can to grow consumer interest in great beer. And now we’ve had the chance to work with our good friends at DC Brau to produce an outstanding new beer together, a collaboration that introduces a whole new style to our fans,” he added.

DC Brau, founded in 2009, is the first production brewery in Washington, DC since the end of prohibition. Baxter Brewing, founded in 2010, was the first brewery in New England to package all its beers in cans, introducing the new micro-canning technology that has since become widespread throughout the northeast.

“When we first talked to DC Brau about doing a collaboration brew, we wanted to use an ingredient that was common to both places, and oysters came to mind,” Livingston said. “So we put 800 pounds of whole oysters into the mash of Daughters of Poseidon. We know what you’re thinking… Yes, seriously. Oysters.” The result is a unique recipe, more like a dark IPA than a stout, brewed with precisely the same ingredients at both DC Brau and Baxter. Except that the DC version uses locally sourced Rappahannock Oyster Co. Olde Salt oysters, and the Maine version uses oysters from Glidden Point Oyster Company in the Pemaquid (ME) area.

“The kinship we share with Baxter goes beyond the fact that we are both proud canning breweries. It is rooted in our friendship,” said Brandon Skall, founder of DC Brau. “A friendship that began two years ago in Boston at ACBF (American Craft Beer Festival) and has grown as our businesses have done the same. The concept of the brew shines a nostalgic light on the time we spent together in Boston enjoying fresh New England oysters on the waterfront.”
Here’s the Baxter Brewing version.

A limited edition, one-off beer, Daughters of Poseidon will be sold in four-packs of 16-oz. cans, emblazoned with the logos of both DC Brau and Baxter. The public will get its first taste of the distinctive new brew at a release party at Meridian Pint in Washington, 5:00pm on May 8, where the DC Brau version will be introduced along with 11 other taps of both DC Brau and Baxter’s beers. It will be Baxter’s first time in Washington.

Both DC Brau and Baxter’s versions of the beer will come to New England at Boston’s Deep Ellum, on May 29, along with lots of other varieties from both breweries, followed by both versions being poured at the American Craft Beer Festival, the largest beer fest on the east coast, May 30-31 at the World Trade Center in Boston. And then the beer will arrive in Maine the next day, with a joint release party in Lewiston, where cans will be for sale for the first time. Founders and brewers from both breweries will be on hand at all events.

“We’re both young breweries,” Livingston said, “and this is definitely one of the most exciting things we’ve gotten to do so far.” Skall agreed, “We can’t wait for our fans and friends, both here in Washington and up in Maine, to get to taste this great new beer! This collaboration has been great fun and it’s produced something we’re all really proud of.”


Troegs Hop Knife Harvest Ale 12oz Bottles

We brought you news of the Troegs Hop Cycle series, and even a peek at the keg label for their new Hop Knife, so I’m excited to be the first to show you the actual 12oz bottle label.  This is Troegs Hop Knife Harvest ale and it will be the Fall 2014 release in the Hop Cycle series of beers.  Look for Hop Knife to come in at 6.8% ABV.


BluMarble Partners with New Belgium Brewing to Save the Colorado River

From BluMarble & New Belgium:

Sustainable brewery, New Belgium, has partnered with well-known glassware repurposing company, BluMarble, to give these bottles a second life after the beer is gone.

As two eco-friendly businesses basing their company’s practices on sustainability, New Belgium will be sending BluMarble an extensive amount of their “Lips of Faith” beer bottles to be repurposed into beer Tumblers for everyday use. 20% of sales from all Tumbler purchases will go directly towards supporting the Colorado River.

When bottles are too pretty to throw out when empty, BluMarble comes to the rescue. BluMarble actively participates in collecting and receiving used bottles from several different alcohol brands and repurposes them into vases, tumblers, cheese trays, jewelry and much more.

"Being a Colorado Native, I have fallen in love with not only New Belgium's beer but everything that they stand for,” says BluMarble co-founder Rachel Cohen. “We couldn't be more thankful to have such a wonderful sustainability partner. The Lips of Faith Tumblers are my ‘china’ at home and I hope everyone can enjoy them as much as I do. Most Las Vegans don't realize how much we depend on the Colorado River for water. Almost 90% of our water comes from that waterway. This is a fabulous way to help a great cause and give back to our community."


Grand Teton Brewing Releasing Splash Down Belgian-Style Golden Ale 5/15

From Grand Teton Brewing:

VICTOR, ID – Grand Teton Brewing Company, known throughout the West for their exceptional craft brews, is proud to announce the release of Splash Down Belgian-Style Golden Ale, the second offering in their 2014 Cellar Reserve series.

Splash Down Belgian-Style Golden Ale is a smooth and crisp Golden Ale, brewed with Belgian practices and techniques in mind. True to style, this beer starts sweet, then finishes dry with a mild yet progressive bitterness from European Noble hops. Though pale in color, Splash Down proves to be complex and inviting, with intriguing spiciness created during fermentation by Belgian Abbey yeast.

Splash Down contains Idaho 2-row barley that provides the pale golden color.  A hint of Belgian caramel malt adds color in the cheeks and sweetness on the tongue. Clear Belgian candi sugar was added during the boil to help increase alcohol content while allowing for a dry finish and light body.

Their Belgian Abbey yeast ferments warm and produces tastes and aromas like sweet bananas, bubble gum and cotton candy. A small kettle hop addition of Czech Saaz hops gives a spicy and earthy hop aroma, while imparting bitterness on the front of the palate that slowly fades to the back of the tongue.

This Belgian-Style Golden Ale is perfect for summertime drinking and also for prolonged cellaring. Even with an alcohol by volume of 7.5%, this Belgian-Style Golden drinks smooth and easy and is very refreshing. Consume this beer thoroughly chilled. Enjoy with pungent cheeses, a simple arugula salad or grilled white meats such as chicken or fish lightly seasoned with ground black pepper and fresh squeezed lemon. A tart dessert like lemon meringue pie will balance well with the residual sweetness of this delicious summer seasonal.

Alcohol by Volume:  7.5% * Original Gravity (Plato): 18˚ P International

Bitterness Units: 25 * Color (Lovibond): 8˚

Splash Down Belgian-Style Golden Ale will be available May 15, 2014 in 1/2 and 1/6 bbl kegs and bottle-conditioned 750 mL cases.


Cans Coming Soon from Denver Beer Co.

From Denver Beer Co:

Denver, Colo. (April 30, 2014) – Denver Beer Co. today announced Graham Cracker Porter and Incredible Pedal IPA will be available in cans, year-round , beginning in July, 2014. Additional seasonal favorites will be introduced on a rolling schedule including Hey!Pumpkin in the fall of 2014, and a winter seasonal in late 2014. The brewery also released the can design for these first two varietals which will be sold at Denver-area liquor stores and on premises at both the Platte Street and Jason Street brewery locations.

Denver Beer Co. selected Graham Cracker Porter and Incredible Pedal IPA as their first canned varietals based on their popularity among customers in the tap room.  Graham Cracker Porter is a Bronze Medal winner from the Great American Beer Festival.  Described as a campfire in a glass, Graham Cracker Porter is a robust brew with notes of vanilla, smoked cedar, mulling spices, and is 5.6% ABV.  Incredible Pedal is a hoppy IPA with lush floral, citrus, and tropical fruit notes, and is 7% ABV.

The can designs for Graham Cracker Porter and Incredible Pedal IPA reflect Denver Beer Co.’s and its customers’ love for the great outdoors and adventure. Designed by Andrew Klein of Unleaded Group, each can features a longitudinal and latitudinal coordinate for a favorite spot in Colorado.  Denver Beer Co. will announce details on the Denver Beer Co. Explorer Race, a scavenger hunt type of contest associated with these coordinates, in early summer.

“We expect folks to take these cans into the woods, on fishing and rafting trips, picnics, and to their favorite outdoor places,” stated Co-owner and Brewer, Charlie Berger.  “We hope these beers become companions to all your Colorado adventures.”

“While working on the Denver Beer Co. can concept, I took cues from classic beer can design. I didn’t want to overdesign the cans as the beer quality should do the talking,” stated Andrew Klein, Creative Director for Unleaded Group. “I wanted to represent the Colorado lifestyle that both Denver Beer Co. and its customers love, and so the resulting can design features a topo map and retro patches for the background imagery, with a central focus on the Denver Beer Co. logo.”

The beer for the Denver Beer Co. canned offerings will be brewed at the new production brewing facility located at 4455 Jason Street in Denver, also known as “Canworks.” Canworks will focus primarily on canning and bottling beer for distribution. Additionally the facility will feature a small tap room, and host beer festivals and parties. Canworks houses a new thirty (30) barrel brew house and four (4) sixty (60) barrel fermenters and has an initial brewing capacity of 5,000 barrels per year.

Canworks will use existing Denver Beer Co. recipes and will continue the brewery’s tradition of brewing a variety of beers throughout the changing seasons.  Offerings will include six-pack cans, seasonal mixed packs, and 22 oz. bombers of specialty batches.  The canned and bottled offerings from Denver Beer Co. will be available in Denver area liquor stores starting in summer, 2014.  Distribution will begin with Denver metro locations and will expand to stores throughout the Front Range and mountain towns.  Denver Beer Co. plans to self-distribute canned and bottled brews.  For more information, visit



Oskar Blues - Burning Can (Video)

From Oskar Blues


Half Acre Galactic Double Daisy Cutter Coming 5/2

From Half Acre:

What we're offering is the generous and tactical use of Galaxy hops bled dry of their tropical oils and a two headed donkey dodging interplanetary enemies.

This the 4th year we've brewed Galactic Double Daisy Cutter in honor of Chicago Craft Beer Week.

If you've had it in the past, you'll remember this beer dangles in the brackish waters of modern day hop farming and youthful brewing. Australian hop producers bred a strain that fires out passionfruit and citrus so brewers can stroke brains into island driven sensory showdowns. This Double Daisy Cutter variant is brewed once a year and is well suited for outside dining, wasting time and making fun of your closest friends.

So, if you're free please do stop over and stock up on some of this sticky snack.


  • Release Date: 5/2/14 @ noon
  • 22oz Bottle: $9.99 (limit 4 per person)


Iron Maiden / Robinson’s - Trooper Ale 16.9oz Bottles

Here’s an updated packaged from Robinson’s Brewery for their Iron Maiden co-brewed Trooper.  This is a new 16.9oz bottle package and the beer remains at 4.7% ABV (and charged with flavour!)


BrewDog Apologizes for Not Giving a Sh*t About The Portman Group’s Ruling

From BrewDog:

Today the Portman Group has officially banned BrewDog's Dead Pony Club 3.8% ale. See

On behalf of BrewDog PLC and its 14,691 individual shareholders, I would like to issue a formal apology to the Portman Group for not giving a shit about today’s ruling. Indeed, we are sorry for never giving a shit about anything the Portman Group has to say, and treating all of its statements with callous indifference and nonchalance.

Unfortunately, the Portman Group is a gloomy gaggle of killjoy jobsworths, funded by navel-gazing international drinks giants. Their raison d’être is to provide a diversion for the true evils of this industry, perpetrated by the gigantic faceless brands that pay their wages. Blinkered by this soulless mission, they treat beer drinkers like brain dead zombies and vilify creativity and competition. Therefore, we have never given a second thought to any of the grubby newspeak they disseminate periodically.
While the Portman Group lives out its days deliberating whether a joke on a bottle of beer is responsible or irresponsible use of humour, at BrewDog we will just get on with brewing awesome beer and treating our customers like adults. I’m sure that makes Henry Ashworth cry a salty tear into his shatterproof tankard of Directors as he tries to enforce his futile and toothless little marketing code, but we couldn’t give a shit about that, either.

The Portman Group took objection to the phrase "rip it up down empty streets"? Mr Portman, you seem to like taking things literally. Can you please explain how something can be ‘anti-social’ if the streets are empty? Anti-social is defined as ‘contrary to the laws and customs of society, in a way that causes annoyance and disapproval in others.’ If the streets are empty, there are no ‘others’ to annoy.  
As for not agreeing with "we believe faster is better", well I think the archaic existence of the Portman Group proves just how bad "slow" can really be. Maybe they should try and catch up with the rest of the world instead of insulting the intelligence of consumers with such a thin veneer of impartiality. It is an embarrassing condemnation of the mega brewers who provide their funding, the same mega brewers whose pricing reaps havoc on society.  

Mr Portman, we'd be appreciative if you could now kindly save some trees and stop sending us meaningless letters.

We sincerely hope that the sarcasm of this message fits the Portman Group criteria of responsible use of humour.


Brewhouse Coming To Easton PA’s Two Rivers Brewing In May, Doors Open In Aug

From theimage Morning Call:

With an extensive renovation that created dining rooms on the first and second floors in the front of the hotel, another began. With a new steel and concrete skeleton, the rear portion of the old Mount Vernon will take on the tanks and fermenters in late May. Reynard said beer should flow by August.


DC Brau Announces Washington DC & Virginia Distribution w/Premium Distributors

From DC Brau:

Brewery to Continue Self-Distributing in Montgomery County, MD

Washington, DC – DC Brau Brewing Company is pleased to announce its partnership with Reyes Beverage Group's Premium Distributors of Washington, DC and Virginia. Effective immediately, all DC Brau beers will be available for distribution via Premium throughout the District and all of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

"This new partnership with Premium Distributors will allow us to keep DC Brau affordable and accessible in our growing metropolitan markets," says Brandon Skall, CEO & co-­-founder of DC Brau Brewing Company. "Premium has the proven track record in the marketplace for marketing, sales and distribution that we are looking for to support us as we grow."

"In 3 short years, Brandon, Jeff and the DC Brau team have built a successful local business that not only brews great craft beer, but has become an important part of our community here in the District. We are proud and committed to bringing their beer to market for them," says James V. Reyes, Director, Reyes Holdings.

Since January 1, 2014, DC Brau has expanded its distribution exponentially, adding availability now in more than 25 counties in Maryland, eastern Pennsylvania, and Connecticut. DC Brau is also distributed in New Jersey.


Night Shift Releasing Grove Bottles Today - New Brewery Mid-May

From Night Shift:

We're excited to announce that bottles of our new warm-weather saison, Grove, will go on sale at 3pm today at the Night Shift taproom! Many, many hours of hand-juicing and zesting went into this saison, giving it a tart, juicy bite and some incredible citrus flavors. We're also distributing bottles to most of our partner retail accounts (as well as some kegs to our bar/restaurant partners), so there's plenty of Grove to share in and around Boston!
Three other NSB updates:

  • We upped the bottle limit on Ever Weisse to 4 per person - come cure your sour fever!
  • Our experimental west-coast IPA - Art #22: "Michaelangelo" - is still on tap for growlers and drafts!
  • Our move to the new brewery is fast-approaching! Opening date will likely be in mid-May - more details forthcoming.


Arbor Brewing - Bollywood Blonde Ale

Under the category of “I know my audience demographic,” today you get to see Arbor Brewing Bollywood Blonde Ale.  This is a 12oz bottle label.


Kelsen Brewing - Spacetown Pale Ale

Sometimes I find a label that just looks great…so today you get to see Kelsen Brewing (Derry, NH) Spacetown Pale Ale.  This is a 22oz bottle and it will come in at 5.5% ABV.


New “Beer Mile” Record Set By James Nielsen - 4:57 (Video)


Funk Brewing - Honor Saison

Here’s a new one coming from Emmaus PA’s Funk Brewing.  This is Honor Saison and it will come in at 4.8% ABV.  Stay tuned for more details.


Diane Keaton Cheats At Beer Pong With Jimmy Fallon (Video)


Highland Brewing Announces New Summer Seasonal - Razor Wit

From Highland Brewing:

Asheville, N.C. – This summer brings Highland’s twist on a wit: complexity created with ginger, grains of paradise, and cumin, in addition to the traditional coriander and orange peel. “I love the ginger,” said head brewer Joey Justice. “Ginger can dry the beer out, and grains of paradise are sort of hot, so we started with a slightly sweeter base and more body to compensate for the spices.”

Trying to find the balance of flavors was a fun challenge with Razor Wit. “We ground the spices, heated them in water to simulate what would happen in the boiling process, and dosed each one in a neutral beer,” said Justice. “We identified the flavors we got from each spice… and talked about how they would work together.” Several combinations in varying proportions were tested. No single ingredient or flavor was to dominate. “There’s a lot of talk about ‘creativity’ meaning the hottest hot sauce or the strongest coffee, but we look for a way to find balance. There’s a lot to be said for subtlety in being creative,” said Justice.

This “Moorish” style wit is refreshing with a savory, not sweet, blend of flavors, and a clean finish. Razor Wit will replace Cattail Peak Wheat in May and will be available through August.

Like Little Hump, Cold Mountain, and all other Highland seasonals, Razor Wit is named after a prominent North Carolina mountain peak. Every seasonal release is combined with a presentation in the brewery tasting room and a hike to, or near, the named peak (with the appropriate beer served at the top). For all seasonal events and hikes, Highland partners with the Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy (SAHC). They work to protect the NC and TN Appalachians – the world’s oldest mountains – including their unique plant and animal habitat, water, farmland and scenic beauty that is vital to Highland and the Asheville area. All are welcome! Please sign up on the SAHC site, under News and Events/Group Hikes.

For more on Highland Brewing:

For more on SAHC:
Grain: 64% barley and 36% wheat
Original Gravity: 11 degrees Plato
Hops: Hallertau Mittelfruh, Mt. Hood
ABV: 4.5% – 5%
IBU: 25 IBU’s


Cedar Creek Announces New Mexico Distribution

From Cedar Creek Brewery:

Cedar Creek is expanding its distribution area into New Mexico this week. The brewery’s distributor, Favorite Brands, LLC. has an established presence in New Mexico and will handle distribution there as well.

Said brewery owner Jim Elliott, “I am really excited to enter into a new market in a new state. It is a big step for our company. Texas is a big place and we certainly have a lot of work ahead of us here. The opportunity for us to enter New Mexico came to us so we jumped on it. New Mexico sells a lot of craft beer in cans already. I think our Texas Craft will be a huge success.”

The Lawn Ranger Cream Ale, Elliott’s Phoned Home Pale Ale, and Scruffy’s Smoked Alt will be available as four-packs of 16 ounce cans in New Mexico, with Dankosaurus IPA being released in coming months.


Southern Brewing Celebrates Cinco de Mayo with Pepper Beer Releases

From Southern Brewing:

TAMPA, FL – Southern Brewing & Winemaking (Southern) is celebrating Cinco de Mayo with a special beer and mead release party on May 5th. They’ll be tapping six pepper treated beers, a pepper mead, and a Mexican fruit mead.

“We’ve worked with peppers in our brews before, but they were mostly just an accent,” stated brewer Rick Etshman. “This time, the peppers are the main focus of the flavor profile in the beer. It’s been really fun to play with different flavor combinations to create unexpected but delicious beers.”

Etshman drew inspiration for the beers from both traditional pepper flavor palates and new surprising combinations. Each beer was treated in the conditioning tank, instead of adding the peppers during the boiling process, in order to keep a more controlled hand on the exact pepper flavor imparted on the different beers.

Treatments available at the party will include:

- Bungalow Weisse with Jalapeno Peppers, Cilantro, and Lime
- Saison le Chiffre with Brettanomyces L and Guajillo Peppers
- Heights’ Brown with Habanero Peppers
- Kelly’s Wit with Poblano Peppers
- Prohibition Pilsner with Jalapeno Peppers
- Moonraker with Ancho Peppers, Guajillo Peppers, and Cacao Nibs
- Tangerine Mango Habanero Mead
- Guava Pineapple Mead

All treatments will be tapped at 6pm and will be available for growler fills.

The release party will also feature live music from Dean Johanesen in the taproom. Flaming Taco will be on site serving fresh tacos with their special new mango habanero sauce.

The Cinco de Mayo celebration will last from 6-11p on Monday, May 5th. The event is family and pet friendly. For more information, call Southern at 813-238-7800 or visit their Facebook Page.


Karbach Brewing Station 68 Coming In May

From Karbach:

Charity brew to raise funds and awareness for the Robert Garner Firefighter Foundation

In 2013, Karbach Brewing began working with the Robert Garner Firefighter Foundation in order to raise awareness and funds to support the charity’s mission. Now, the Houston-based brewery is pleased to announce the creation of Station 68, a brew specifically designed for the foundation and named for the station where Robert Garner served. Station 68 is a bold, opulent beer featuring a refined smooth roasted nuttiness complimented by vanilla and raisin sweetness. This beer has been finished on oak, creating an enduring subtle wood character. Extremely smooth and drinkable, this beer has extraordinary depth and complexity.

Proceeds from Station 68 will go directly to the foundation, allowing more aspiring heroes to go through fire academy without the financial burden. The beer will be on draft in May to honor the fallen firefighters who perished in last year’s deadly motel blaze. The honorary first tapping will take place on May 10th at Celtic Garden during the Karbach Charity Pub Crawl. For more information on where the beer will be available visit: To learn more about RGFF and their mission:


Angry Orchard Wins MSS Most Often Recommended Brand Award for Cider

imageFrom the MSS & Angry Orchard:

The 2013 Most Often Recommended Cider brand results are in and Angry Orchard tops the list as the brand most often recommended by bartenders.

“Cider has exploded over the past three years, going from a regional taste primarily in the Northeast, Northwest and the Great Lakes to the most exciting new segment in the beer category” says Kevin Moran, President of MSS. “The fact that this is occurring short on the heels of a consumer trend away from premium toward craft beers, shows a lot of dynamism being infused into the beer category.”

The MSS US Bartender Influencer Study, now in its 9th year, asks over 15,000 bartenders their opinions and rankings of the major Cider brands. A key metric collected is share of recommendations. MSS’ MORBA award program recognizes the Cider brand with the highest share of recommendations among bartenders in the annual MSS Bartender Influencer Study. Additional information is provided to participating suppliers on product image, programming exposure and effectiveness and other metrics that enable them to make more informed strategic decisions on how to position their brand among Influencers and program optimally to drive recommendations and sales. Influencers make greater than 13,000 recommendations per year on average for beer and spirits combined, with beer holding the single largest number of recommendations of all categories tracked (roughly 90% greater than vodka)!

“Speaking with thousands of bartenders every year allows us to keep abreast of the latest trends in the on premise. We have been watching the appetite for craft / specialty beers continue to gain momentum among consumers and bartenders alike. But Ciders have a unique crossover appeal given their sweeter profiles, and ability to attract women to a category long dominated by males. This increases the audience to which bartenders are recommending the category and driving brand purchase,” says Moran.

MSS offers affordable, multi-sponsored, 'near custom' market research to help marketers develop tools to optimize their brand’s direct to the trade marketing and sales programming to drive brand recommendations at the point of purchase. “Over the years, we have quantified and validated the importance of the Influencer,” said Moran. “His critical role in driving sales to consumers at the point of purchase cannot be ignored.”

MSS’ staff is composed of highly trained, research professionals with a vast array of expertise on a global basis. MSS performs at the very highest standards of research protocol and provides a wealth of actionable information about Influencers in 19 categories from beverages to passenger car lubricants in over 30 countries, at a cost-effective price. For more information, about our alcohol/beverage studies visit us at or call 480-595-4754 ext. 1227.

Notes: The 2013 US Bartender Influencer Study surveyed thousands of bartenders in the top ten US MSAs between June and August. Results are based on measures of recommendation by Influencers that are proprietary to MSS. Awards are based on numerical scores, and not necessarily on statistical significance and provided among only those brands included for ratings in MSS Influencer studies.


Saint Archer Releases Very Limited Run of Double IPA

From Saint Archer:

San Diego's Saint Archer Brewing Company is proud to announce a (very) limited run of their Double IPA, a popular staple at their tasting room.  The beer is brewed in limited quantities to ensure its enjoyed as fresh as possible.  This 400 case run (available in 22oz bottles and on draft) will be limited to Southern California and might give fans outside the San Diego area a deeper look into Brewmaster Yiga Miyashiro's diverse skill set.

"This beer encompasses everything we love about Double India Pale Ales—HOPS!" explains Miyashiro. "We used a simple two-row base malt as a vehicle to bring a burst of hops to your palate. A healthy dose of Chinook, Simcoe, and Citra is the reason we love brewing this beer." 


  8.3% ABV  |  92 points  |  88 points

Since Saint Archer debuted its Double during San Diego Beer Week in 2013, it has built quite a following among the Craft Beer Enthusiasts and Connoisseurs alike: "A bouquet of hops burst out of the bottle upon opening. The Double IPA pours smooth and boasting a sexy golden body crowned with a crisp white head. The nose is full of tropical mango and citrus scents that start to make my mouth water. Delicious and hoppy, with strong flavors of mangoes and citrus, and finishes dry, crisp and bitter. This Double IPA is legit… Hopheads alike are going to love this beer!"

San Diego Reader: "The 8.3% ABV Double IPA bursts with citrus and tropical fruit, bringing on everything those familiar with Miyashiro’s work would hope for."

"This Double IPA has kind of become our cult 'beer geek beer' and is getting tons of great reviews," says Miyashiro. "After they've tried it on tap, people froth over this one on social media. Truth is, if we could get enough specialty hops we’d make it full time, but the hop requirement keeps it very exclusive. These 400 cases will get snapped up quick…"

Expect to see this beer for a very limited time in a few specialty grocery outlets (Whole Foods, Total Wine, and Trader Joe’s), plus local liquor stores and on tap at select bars through southern and central California. 


Anheuser-Busch Issues Statement On Donald Sterling Decision

From Anheuser-Busch:

For Attribution to

Blaise D’Sylva

Vice President, Media, Sports & Entertainment Marketing

Anheuser-Busch :

We applaud the NBA for taking swift and definitive action to address the offensive and reprehensible comments by Clippers owner Donald Sterling. There is no place for such intolerance in the NBA,  in sport, or anywhere else for that matter. Commissioner Adam Silver has risen to the occasion and proven that the league continues to be a leader in promoting diversity and sportsmanship.


Grapevine Craft Brewery - Lakefire Rye Pale Ale Cans

Designed by Buzzbomb Creative


Caldera Brewing Expands Distribution To Arkansas

From ArkBeerScene:

It's official! Another great brewery is headed to Arkansas via Glidewell Distributing... Oregon's fantastic Caldera Brewing Company should be landing in 4-6 weeks.


Fulton Beer Now Available In Central Minnesota

From Fulton Beer:

Starting this week, all you beer lovers throughout Central Minnesota will finally find Fulton a little closer to home -- or the cabin, as it may be. We've partnered with C&L Distributing to bring Sweet Child of Vine, Lonely Blonde, The Ringer, and more to your local watering hole. The first few months will be draft only, and later this year as our new brewery comes online, bottles will be coming as well. We'll be travelling through the area all summer doing release events and special tappings, so if you see us out, come say hi and we'll buy you a beer. 


Rochester Mills Teams Up With Meijer Stores In Michigan

From Rochester Mills Beer:

Rochester Mills is excited to

announce expanded distribution of two of its core brands, Lazy Daze Amber Lager and Milkshake Stout, to 99 Meijer stores across Michigan.

“Meijer is committed to supporting Michigan breweries, as evident in the growing number of quality, locally brewed craft beers they offer,” said Mike Plesz, founder of Rochester Mills Production Brewery. “It is especially gratifying to see Rochester Mills beers added to shelves of stores we have shopped at for years.”

Lazy Daze Amber is a Vienna Style Lager. A clear filtered beer that boasts a rich amber color and medium-bodied flavor from a combination of German hops and Munich malt for a subtle sweetness. Milkshake Stout is a deep dark beer featuring a smooth texture and surprisingly light body. The combination of four different malts with a low hop level creates rich, sweet roasted chocolate, caramel and coffee flavors.

“We’ve focused on a careful and controlled rollout of Rochester Mills brands beyond the brewpub with a consistent supply to our wholesalers,” said Earl Smith, CEO of Rochester Mills Production Brewery. “We have also continually made significant investments to increase the capacity of our brewing operations to meet the demand for our beer as its popularity grows.”


Brewers Art Renamed Ozzy Ale To Beazly After Ozzy Osbourne Cease & Desist

29 April 2014

I brought you news that Brewers Art was being forced to change the name of their popular beer Ozzy after a cease & desist letter from Ozzy Osbourne himself.  Now comes word that the new name will be Beazly and it was named after

Mark Barcus, a bartender at Brewers Art for nearly 17 years. His nickname at the bar is Beazly.  Stay tuned for packaging and release details.


BridgePort Releasing Trilogy 2 Aussie Salute In Early May

imageWe brought you news of this beer, and now the official release details from BridgePort:

PORTLAND, Ore.April 23, 2014 BridgePort is proud to announce the next beer in its Trilogy Series, celebrating its history as Oregon’s oldest craft brewery. Trilogy 2, a cross continental collaboration between current brewmaster Jeff Edgerton and past brewmaster Phil Sexton, was created to mark a major milestone in BridgePort’s second decade of brewing – the creation of BridgePort IPA. Now widely seen as the brewery’s flagship beer, back in the mid 1990s it was labeled as aggressive and extravagantly hopped.

“When we created BridgePort IPA, the market was saturated with American Pale Ales,” recalls past brewmaster Phil Sexton, who now resides close to Melbourne, Australia. “We wanted to take the pale ale one step further and after reading about IPAs in old beer texts, I knew I’d found a beer that beer drinkers could get behind.”

Now the IPA is a dominant offering in craft beer with subcategories including Double IPAs, Black IPAs, Imperial IPAs and Rye IPAs among others. BridgePort’s Aussie Salute IPA is a built on equal parts Two-Row Pale and Maris Otter malts and sent through the hop jack with Centennial and Chinook hops from Oregon’s Willamette Valley. These local hops are complimented by a dry hopping of two Australian varieties, Galaxy and Ella hops. The result is a hearty and hazy IPA that pays tribute to Phil and all the brewers past and present. ABV 5.8% | OG: 15.0 | IBUs 55

“This is the first time we’ve done a collaboration beer,” commented current BridgePort brewmaster Jeff Edgerton. “I really can’t think of a better guy to collaborate with than Phil. We talked mostly via email, bouncing ideas around. It’ll be great to hear what our fans think of this cross continental brew.”

Trilogy 2 hits the shelves the first week of May in all major markets where BridgePort is sold. Fans of the Trilogy Series can expect the third and final beer, Trilogy 3, this September. For more information, visit


Troegs Ships Sunshine Pils Cans & Date Coding Decoded

From Troegs:

Sunshine Pils Cans

We have begun shipping Sunshine Pils cans across all of Pennsylvania, and plan to follow with distribution into our remaining markets through early May. Sunshine Pils joins Perpetual IPA and Troegenator in our line-up of Tröegs beers available in cans. We will continue to package Sunshine Pils in 12 ounce bottles, 1/2 kegs and 1/6 kegs throughout the summer season.

Sunshine Pils UPC Codes - Cans:

Single – 6 37704 07101 4
12-pack – 6 37704 07300 1
Case – 6 37704 07402 2

Date Coding

The continued success between Tröegs and its distributors depends upon the presentation of beer to consumers that is crafted with care, fresh when consumed, and consistent. Through strict adherence to our Quality Assurance Standards, we can ensure that our beer successfully completes its journey from our brewery to the palates of our thirsty customers. We recommend the majority of our beers are enjoyed within 4 to 6 months of packaging. A few exceptions apply to our higher gravity beers such as Mad Elf and LaGrave. To guarantee our customers receive the freshest beer possible, we stamp each bottle of Tröegs beer with a “bottled on” date as well as a production “batch date.” Additionally, each case is stamped with a recommended “freshest by” date and should not be sold once this date has passed. Kegs are stamped with a “kegged on” date and should be consumed within 120 days. Please see below for details on our “freshest by” dates and the corresponding bottled beers:

4 Months – Blizzard of Hops, Cultivator, DreamWeaver, HopBack, Hop Knife, Pale Ale, Perpetual IPA, Sunshine Pils
6 Months – JavaHead, Troegenator
1 Year – La Grave, Mad Elf


Flying Dog Dead Rise Old Bay Summer Ale Debuts 5/2

We brought you news of this beer, and now the official release details from Flying Dog:

Frederick, MD – To commemorate the 75th

partnered with the iconic Maryland seasoning on Dead Rise OLD BAY Summer Ale.

Dead Rise is premiering on tap at the brewery Friday and available throughout the mid-Atlantic through Labor Day.

The brewers at Flying Dog worked closely with the flavor experts at OLD BAY for over six

months to develop the recipe for Dead Rise. The beer begins with OLD BAY and citrus

notes on the nose, which develop into citrus hop flavors and end with a crisp, tart finish.

At 5.6% ABV, it will quickly take its place alongside tins of OLD BAY on tables piled high

with steaming crabs this summer.

“We wanted to create something that highlights the bold character of OLD BAY through

bright and refreshing citrus hop character,” Flying Dog Brewmaster Matt Brophy said.

“And something that’s easy-drinking with a lower alcohol content is essential for the hot

and humid summers we have here in the mid-Atlantic.”

As with all of Flying Dog beers, the legendary Gonzo artist Ralph Steadman created

original art for Dead Rise, depicting a Maryland Blue Crab in his signature style of

calculated chaos.

Dead Rise gets its name from boats specifically designed to navigate the unique

waterways of the Chesapeake. The term describes the lines of the fishing vessel, which

is still preferred by today’s watermen.

“The characteristics of a deadrise allow watermen to work in some of the Bay’s worst

conditions,” Jerry Pruit, a boat builder from Tangier Island, Virginia. “The bow is V-shaped to cut through choppy water and it flattens out closer to the stern, making it

navigable in shallow water.”

Flying Dog and OLD BAY will donate a portion of the proceeds from Dead Rise to True

Blue, a program that advocates on behalf of the Chesapeake Bay’s 5,500 watermen and

promotes sustainably harvested Maryland Blue Crab.

“OLD BAY is proud to partner with Flying Dog to offer this distinctive ale in celebration

of our 75th

traditions of the Chesapeake watermen,” Jessica Schatz, brand manager for OLD BAY,

said. “We’re especially excited to join together with someone that has the same love for

anniversary of OLD BAY®, Flying Dog

. We can’t think of a better way to honor and help preserve the history and

this community.”

Now in its third year, the True Blue program created a $7 million increase in business

for local crabbers in its first year alone through a restaurant certification and consumer

awareness program.

“Since 2004, the number of commercial crabbers working the Bay has decreased

by nearly 50 percent,” Steve Vilnit, director of fisheries marketing for the Maryland

Department of Natural Resources and head of the True Blue program said. “There is a

tremendous amount of pride in the Maryland Blue Crab and it's the True Blue program’s

goal to encourage restaurants and consumers to buy local to make sure that number

doesn’t drop any lower.”

True Blue empowers the public to buy local through its interactive map of restaurants

that serve at least 75 percent of Maryland crabmeat at

The Chesapeake region’s crab pride comes from more than just nostalgia. Vilnit

explained that in blind taste tests, Maryland Blue Crab is continuously preferred over

other types of crab by chefs and consumers alike.

“Blue crabs withstand colder waters than their imported counterparts,” Vilnit said. “So,

they develop more fat, which serves as insulation, but also gives the meat its identifiably

rich, buttery flavor.”

To complement what is arguably the best beer to drink while picking crabs, Flying Dog

teamed up with the region’s most notorious and cutting-edge chefs – including Mike

Isabella, Spike Gjerde, and Bryan Voltaggio – to create The Dead Rise Cookbook.

Each of the 17 celebrity chefs were asked to get their inspiration from the Chesapeake

and incorporate OLD BAY into their recipes, which include falafels with crab yogurt,

grilled oysters with peaches, crab macaroni and cheese, catfish tacos, and OLD BAY

peanut brittle ice cream.

Proceeds from The Dead Rise Cookbook will also benefit True Blue. The cookbook will be

available mid-May through Flying Dog’s website and in the brewery gift shop.


What’s Up Brewer w/Dogfish Head’s Sam Calagione - “Let Germany Brew Your Beer”

From Sam Calagione and Medium:

This is the first installment of a column I will be writing for Medium. I plan to share some of the excitement, history, trends and stories of the craft brewing renaissance not only through my experience as a brewery owner, but also through the experiences of my brewing brethren. I will interview brewing rock stars from around the world and cover beer and food pairing, beer tourism and hard-to-find beer experiences worth seeking out.

I’ll also be celebrating trailblazers, usually with positivity and excitement. But occasionally, your heroes let you down.

I never thought I would be that guy, but I yelled “Judas!” as I pointed my finger at Bob Dylan. No, I wasn’t at the Newport Folk Fest in 1965 when he went electric and pissed off the old-guard folkies. I wish I’d been there, but I wasn’t born until 1969. My Judas moment came much later, during this year’s Super Bowl.

There was a pivotal moment during that ’60s folk festival when Dylan plugged into amplifiers and rocked amid cries of Judas and insults from the offended old guard. But make no mistake — a small group of passionate individuals reinvigorated by Dylan’s audacity to color outside the lines were present as well. The bands that took the stage that weekend in Newport included the Kingston Trio and Peter, Paul & Mary, who presented a very polished, innocuous and popular form of folk music — the easy-listening equivalent of easy-drinking.

But just because this music was popular doesn’t mean that everyone loved it. There were a growing number of listeners who wanted more from their music than something to tap their toes to — they wanted music and lyrics that represented the challenging, vibrant and sometimes incongruous time in which they were living. They were leading exciting lives, but there was no music that honestly reflected their excitement. Dylan had the courage to stand up there and express himself, to invent, innovate, experiment and follow his own muse. Maybe he knew the reaction he would receive from the carriers of the status-quo torch who invited him to play, and maybe he didn’t care. He was a true risk-taking artistic entrepreneur if there ever was one. Here is what he had to say about the reaction:

“There were a lot of old people there too. Lots of whole families had driven down from Vermont, lots of nurses with their patients, and, well, like they just came to hear something relaxing — hoedowns, you know an Indian polka or two, and just when everything is going alright, here I come on, and the whole place turns into a beer factory.”

I shit you not, Dylan called the scene a “beer factory.” I hate hearing a brewery called a beer factory, don’t you? But Dylan wasn’t referring to an actual brewery. He was referring to a bunch of old-guard folkies that feared change, diversity and confrontation. They wanted to define for everyone what folk music meant, whereas Dylan was calling out to the individual listener and saying, “You have ears. You have a mind. You are more capable of defining what folk music means to you than anyone else is. Screw the establishment. Create your own establishment.” What is more punk rock than saying, “How does it feel — to be on your own?”

I think every American craft brewer knows how that feels. Competing with international brewing conglomerates that dominate market share feels pretty exhilarating.

The Judas moment

My Judas moment happened earlier this year when I was suffering like so many people through one of the worst Super Bowls in history. Dylan appeared in a car commercial, and this is what he said:

“So let Germany brew your beer. Let Switzerland make your watch. Let Asia assemble your phone. We will build your car.”

Dylan’s script in this ad echoes his protest song “Union Sundown,” and although I can’t be sure, I’d bet that he wrote it. As one of thousands of American craft brewers making world-class beers and providing tens of thousands of jobs in every state, I am sure you can sense the reasons behind my disappointment.

Dylan is a one-man vortex of folk, rock, country, blues, psychedelia and more. With music, as with craft brewing, it’s the archaic artist who howls into the zeitgeist and alters it, and if the artist has hit the mark, the zeitgeist begins to howl back. Sorry Bob, but we have come too far as a nation of world-class small indie beer producers and passionate beer enthusiasts to let the Germans brew our beer.
American craft brewers are now recognized globally for brewing innovative, world-class beers, and the American beer drinker is the biggest beneficiary. There has never been a better time to be a beer lover in terms of diverse, distinct, flavorful offerings.

I have brewed beer in Italy, New Zealand, the Czech Republic, Sweden and many other countries, and it’s awe-inspiring to see the brewers in these burgeoning craft communities championing and referencing our American brewing innovations with their double IPAs and coffee-infused stouts. So many peers in the American craft brewing community collaborate with our counterparts around the world to brew beers, host events and drink the fruits of one-another’s labor. But it’s also symbolic that great beer, made by and for great people, knows no borders. We share a philosophy that centers around our passion for beer being primal and primary over our passion for business. I think many beer consumers see this and support us in part because of this philosophy, which makes many of our small businesses successful.

The average American now lives within 10 miles of a local brewery, and there are on average 1.2 new small commercial breweries opening every day in this county. Get ready: There will soon be a boatload of new exciting, creative, world-class, locally made beers coming your way.

Be on the look out for the next edition of What’s up Brewer?! We will be cracking open a couple of bottles of Vintage Life & Limb as I interview Sierra Nevada Brewery Founder Ken Grossman. Ken and I will chat about Sierra’s new North Carolina Brewery, the success of releases like Torpedo and Kellerweiss, and what is was like to open a craft brewery before the term “craft brewery” even existed.


Florida Passes SB 1714 Bill to Regulate (“Damage”) Craft Breweries

We’ve been following Florida Bill SB 1714 that would add new regulations to craft brewers in the state.  Cigar City has even threatened to leave the state if SB 1714 passes, and I’m sad to report the bill has passed.  Some details from tbo:

The Senate voted 30-10 on Tuesday for a bill that would restrict the amount of packaged beer breweries can sell directly to visitors. 

Craft brewers opposed the bill. They currently can sell unlimited amounts of their kegged, canned and bottled beer at the breweries. 

Sen. Kelli Stargel, R-Lakeland, argued the brewers are now operating under a loophole created for Busch Gardens in Tampa, and that the bill would clear up ambiguity in the law. 

But Sen. Jack Latvala, R-Clearwater, said the bill will stifle the growing craft beer industry and cost jobs.

Current law allows brewers to make and sell their own beer from tasting rooms next to their brewhouses, but does not allow a 64-ounce “growler” — the glass or ceramic jugs that craft beer often is sold in after being drawn from a tap. They’re legal everywhere but here, Mississippi and Idaho.

Among other provisions, the bill (SB 1714) legalizes 64-ounce growlers, but also requires brewers who produce more than 2,000 kegs worth of beer a year to sell their bottled or canned products to distributors, which they then must buy back to sell in tasting rooms.

Stargel says it preserves the three-tier system of regulating alcoholic beverages that insulates brewers, distributors and retailers from price-fixing.


Summit Brewing Union Series #3: Southern Cape Sparkling Ale (Video)

We brought you news of this beer, and now this from Summit Brewing:

We are pleased to announce the plan behind our upcoming Union Series #3: Southern Cape Sparkling Ale. Head Brewer Damian McConn recently took a few moments out of his busy day to tell us more about the idea behind this beer, one brewed exclusively with ingredients from the Southern Hemisphere and sure to be perfect for summer beer enjoyment. See video for details. We will update this page as more details and actual tasting notes become available after brew day. Cheers!


Goose Island / Deschutes - Class of '88 Collaboration (Video)

From our pal Brett Porter at Goose Island:

In celebration of our coinciding 25th Anniversaries, Goose Island and Deschutes got together to brew a very special collaboration beer. There are many ties between the breweries and the resulting beer is a showcase of past and present.


Clown Shoes - Ride The Lion Wee Heavy Ale

image Clown Shoes is giving us a peek at the label for their new Ride The Lion Wee Heavy Ale.  This beer is brewed with heather tips and aged in fresh Bourbon barrels.  Look for Ride The Lion to be packaged in 22oz bottles and come in at 11% ABV.


Flying Fish - Forever Unloved Sandy Returns In 12oz Bottles

Here’s a peek at the 12oz bottle packaging for Flying Fish Forever Unloved Sandy.  This benefit beer will hit smaller packaging for 2104 and it remains at 4.6% ABV.


Black Raven - Nothing But Flowers Session Returns 5/2

From Black Raven:

Release date: Friday, May 2nd @ Noon/

Built on a simple malt base this IPA will let the hops talk straight to your head. The hope behind this beer was to make a low alcohol IPA that has the same hop aroma and flavor profile of a standard IPA & even some double IPAs out there. Take a sip, sit back and ask yourself, can I get used to this lifestyle? Well, with a bouquet of hop aroma blasting us in the face and fruit flavors of peach, melon, nectarine, & grapefruit backed up with a clean/dry bitterness leaving us wanting more, we sure can.

On tap at the brewery and in growler fills.
22oz bottles to be released Friday, May 16th.


Airways Brewing Company Introduces Seat Kicker™ IPA - Coming 5/6

From Airways Brewing:

KENT, Wash. (April 29, 2014) – Will it ever stop? Say hello to Seat Kicker, the newest IPA from Kent-based Airways Brewing. This delicious, Northwest-style IPA joins the brewery’s year-round draught and bottle line-up.

“Seat Kicker is a great addition to our existing lineup of delicious IPAs,” said Alex Dittmar, owner and head brewer at Airways Brewing Company. “We brewed a more citrusy, balanced, and lower alcohol beer that complements our more piney and bitter flagship Sky Hag IPA.  This beer has a bouquet that won’t quit – which is how we developed the beer’s name and character.”

Airways once again tapped the talents of Washington artist Brett Nilsson to create the look of the Seat Kicker. Brett previously created the look of brewery’s “Sky Hag” and “Loud Lady” characters.

Seat Kicker IPA is a 60 IBU beer brewed with more than 24 pounds of Citra, Centennial, Simcoe, Columbus, and Cascade hops added to each 10-barrel batch. Deep gold in color with a strong hop flavor and aroma, this IPA is designed to be balanced and flavorful and comes in at 6.5% ABV.

The newest in the Airways series of annoying airline-related characters will make its debut in Alaska Air’s Seattle Board Room inside SeaTac Airport on May 1st, 2014 from 3-6 pm. Interested Board Room members that are not traveling that day can contact the Seattle Board Room at206-392-9490 ahead of time for admission. “It’s great to see a company like Alaska, my employer for 13-plus years, believe in supporting local businesses and take an interest in locally made craft beer,” said Dittmar. Airways beer will be featured in the Alaska Board Room for the month of May.

The beer will be released on draft and in 22 oz. bottles at both Airways locations and in bottle shops around the Puget Sound area starting May 6th.

In addition to Seat Kicker IPA, craft beer enthusiasts can pick up the brewery’s flagship Sky Hag IPA and Chocolate Stout in 22-ounce bottles. Pre Flight Pilsner and PSA Summer Ale are available in 16-oz cans. Pints, tasters and growlers of all of these beers and more can also be found at the Airways Brewing Tap Room or Airways Brewing Beer & Bistro in historic downtown Kent.

For more information about Airways Brewing and its selection of handcrafted brews, be sure to follow Airways Brewing Company on Facebook ,Twitter, Instagram, or visit

Additional information, photos, and tasting notes are available upon request. Those interested are encouraged to contact Dione Dittmar


Samuel Adams LongShot American Homebrew Contest: Introducing Cesar Marron’s Grätzer

From Samuel Adams:

In the last post of the 2013 LongShot series, we catch up with our final winner Cesar Marron who tells us about how a wedding favor changed the course of his life and his current mission of starting a successful nano brewery in his town of Evanston, IL.

Q: How long have you been a homebrewer? How did you get into it?

A: A little over four years now. I went to a wedding and the favor was a homebrewed IPA. I had never heard of homebrewing and was inspired to find out that you could make beer at home.  I  wanted to prove to myself that I could brew a great beer. My wife soon bought me a brew kit and since then there has almost never been a two week period that’s gone by when I don’t brew a beer.

Q: A Grätzer is a very unique style – what inspired you to brew it for your LongShot submission?

A: I was inspired by the history of Grätzers. They have been brewed in Poland for 500 years or so, and there is an active community of homebrewers in Poland who to this day brew with the recipe that originated in the 1800s.

Q: What does it taste like?

A: It’s a wheat beer made with smoked wheat. It’s made with smoked wheat because the process to kiln the malt 150 years ago was always over a fire. The locals used whatever wood sources were available to them and in Poland, it was oak. Oak provides a high heat and clean smoke – it’s a dryer smoked flavor that has a sort of sweet flavor to it as well.

I also used Saaz hops, which provides herbal notes and a spicy flavor.

Q: What was your reaction to being one of the winners of the LongShot competition?

A: I submitted my beer to Sam Adams to get feedback – I didn’t really think the beer would get selected! Not because it isn’t good, but because I was up against top competition and the beer style is really unique.

Q: How do you see this impacting your future brewing plans?

A: It has already!  I started looking into going pro last year – right around the time I had submitted to the LongShot competition. Winning LongShot gave me a boost of confidence to do it, and gave me credibility in the community.

I’m in the process of opening a nano brewery in Evanston, IL called Sketchbook Brewing Company. Right now we are running a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to purchase two jacketed stainless steel fermenters. We actually met our $15,000 goal within the first week of the campaign, and have upped our goal to $25,000 to help support our sustainability initiatives.

Q: Do you have any advice for homebrewers who are just starting out?

A: One piece of advice I would give is to not view the purpose of homebrewing as only to win competitions – homebrewing is experimental, it is to help people understand where ingredients come from.

That being said, don’t be afraid to submit your beers to competitions. The feedback that you’ll get from judges can be invaluable. You can get great feedback that will cement what you did right or learn how to improve the style that you’re brewing.

Do you have a homebrew that you’re proud of? Interested in having it made available nationally in next year’s LongShot pack? Submit your homebrew here.

- See more at:


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