Stone Groundbreaking Collaborations: The Lost Abbey & Mystery Collaborator (Video)

31 July 2014

From Stone & The Lost Abbey:

  • Voucher for one (1) 1.5-liter bottle of beer, which is the size of two 750-milliliter bottles (yay, math!). Such a deal for what will be an awesome beer.
  • The Lost Abbey and Stone promise that they’re going to make you a beer that will take time and a lot of money to brew, and it will be worth that time and money. 
  • An official Thank-you with your name in the credits of the video we will make to document the brew day for this beer featuring Tomme, Greg and our yet-to-be-determined Belgian brewing powerhouse.


RJ Rockers Releases Hop Quake IPA

From RJ Rockers:

RJR is proud to announce the release of a new year round product available in 6 pack and on draft!

This IPA is a delightful balance of caramel maltiness and both hop bitterness and flavor.  Five different malt varieties, and flaked oats, combine to provide a sturdy foundation for the Columbus, Cascade, and Centennial hops that are added at various times during the boil.  Hop Quake has a slightly earthy bitterness that is met with a citrusy, floral hop flavor and powerful aroma that is certain to give the drinker a clean and enjoyable IPA experience.


Elevation Beer Releasing NEW Summer Seasonals in August: Wildflowers & Fanboy

imageFrom Elevation Beer:

July 31th, 2014 Poncha Springs, Colorado-  Elevation Beer Company® is set to release its next seasonals in its Black Series and Double Black Series of Seasonal specialty and barrel-aged beers.

Elevation will release its Wild Flowers Imperial Saison in the Black Series, while Fanboy it’s virgin oak barrel-aged Double IPA will be released in its Double Black Series.

“We changed up Wild Flowers this year, using a different Saison yeast strain, says head brewer and Elevation Co-founder Christian Koch, “This resulted in a drier finish, which has made the beer a tad more traditional to the style.”

Elevation was rewarded for this slight change in recipe with a Gold Medal for Wild Flowers in the Saison/Farmhouse Category earlier this month at the US Open Beer Championship.  Marking this their fourth medal in that contest over the past two years.

Elevation is also re-releasing Fanboy, which was aged this year in a combination of first and second use Virgin Oak barrels custom made for the brewery. 

“Fanboy sat in barrels for 8 months before being blended with a fresh Double IPA base and then dry-hopped to giving it its signature blend of oak, vanilla, and citrus.  It is a big grapefruit bomb this year and we are extremely excited for it.”  Exclaims Koch.
Fanboy is currently rated 92+ on and is one of only a handful of virgin oak barrel-aged beers made in the US.

Both beers will be finding their way to liquor stores and beer bars in Arizona, Colorado, and Texas starting in August.


10-Barrel Brewing Recalls Swill & Cherry Tart Beer # 1 Bottles

imageFrom 10-Barrel Brewing:

A Note from 10 Barrel Brewing Company
We Are Voluntarily Recalling Swill

To our retailers and consumer friends,
10 Barrel Brewing Company is conducting a voluntary recall of Swill in all 12 and 22 ounce bottles. It has come to our attention that some of this product may be experiencing secondary fermentation in the bottle, causing over carbonation. This consistency issue does not meet 10 Barrel Brewing’s quality standards and, as a precaution, we are removing all inventory of Swill from our wholesalers and retail shelves and we are asking that consumers immediately dispose of any Swill already purchased. Swill is brewed with a completely different process than any of our other beers, isolating this issue to only Swill. This recall does not affect any of 10 Barrel Brewing’s other products.

Consumers: if you have any Swill in your home, please do not open it, attempt to transport it, or return it to your retail store. Dispose of the product by following these steps: (i) Before disposing of any bottles of Swill, please put on protective gloves and eye wear; (ii) Place all remaining Swill bottles in a closed box and place immediately in a secured dumpster or trash container outside.

We take the utmost pride in producing an extremely high quality product and continuously striving for new and innovative beers to send to the consumer. Unfortunately in this instance, despite a rigorous testing and brewing quality-check process, we didn’t hit the mark. We have an amazing completely new beer coming out in a few weeks to replace it so keep an eye out for something new in stores.

If you have any questions regarding this voluntary recall, please call 10 Barrel Brewing at (541) 678-5427 or send an email to If you have any of the potentially affected product and would like a refund, you can use the same phone number or email address.

UPDATE 1 Aug 2014 from

Update on Swill Recall Notice

After two days of continuous testing, researching, and investigating by our entire team (including outside help), we have been able to discover the root cause of the issue. We used a unique and specific enzyme in the brewing process thats purpose is to break down complex starch strains and reinvigorate early fermentation in some of our sour beers. This enzyme is the cause of the issue we are having. It's important to note that there are no health concerns if this product has been consumed.

With this discovery comes an ADDITIONAL RECALL notice. This enzyme was also used in the first beer of our number series, a Cherry Tart named Beer #1. Though this beer was brewed and sold a couple of months ago, we fear that there is still some remaining in your beer cellars, refrigerators, or other storage areas. Please, if you still have Beer #1, dispose of it in the same method that we asked for Swill in the below post.

To contact the brewery regarding a refund, please call or email the same information for the Swill recall. or
(541) 678-5427.

We apologize greatly for these issues and inconveniences. We are absolutely confident that this discovery will prevent this issue from happening in the future in any of our beers. We thank you all for following the instructions of the recall, as well as your support.



Troegs Scratch Series - Pale Ale

This ones pretty generic, but today we get to see the keg label for a new Scratch Series beer from Troegs.  This is simply Pale Ale so stay tuned for more details and release dates.


Brooklyn Brewmaster’s Reserve Weizenhammer Coming In Aug

The private release party will be held 8/4 with the general release to follow shortly there after.  Details from Brooklyn:

We still remember well the first time we saw them, the tall glasses of Hefeweizen in the vast Bavarian beer gardens, the summer sun glowing through them under the linden trees. Many years later, here in Brooklyn, our very first batches were Hefeweizens, and we loved them so much that we brewed nothing else for six months. And yet, even as we labored happily and brought much joy to the people, we recalled the legend of even better times.

Once, long ago, there was a wheat beer so mighty that even the linden trees bowed in its presence. Known as Der Weizenhammer, this beer brought the warmth and sunshine of summer to its greatest heights and sustained the people as they prepared for a bountiful harvest. For ages, Der Weizenhammer was lost, but now it has been re-forged here in Brooklyn.

Brooklyn Weizenhammer stands tall in the glass, radiating a hazy deep golden hue and raising a pillowy white foam as beautiful as the songs of old. A big, brash weizenbock, the Weizenhammer smashes in with a rush of bold, juicy flavors and a bright zing of hops, then veers to a surprisingly dry finish. Another sip will beckon. Summer tomatoes will soar. Barbecue will be ennobled. Hamburgers will swoon. Come and swing the Weizenhammer.


Bud Light Releases Latest Whatever, USA Commercial (Video)

From Anheuser-Busch & Bud Light:

Watch the Bud Light commercial, "Real," featuring Whatever, USA: A town you can visit this summer. Learn more at #UpForWhatever


West Flanders Brewing - Black Immaculate

Here’s a new brew heading to bottles from West Flanders Brewing.  This is Black Immaculate and it is a Black IPA that uses Northern Brewer, Cascade, Columbus and Falconer’s Flight hops.  This beer will be packaged in 750ml bottles and come in at 9.2% ABV and 85 IBU.


Liquid Hero - What The Floc 2X IPA Coming To Cans

Here’s your first look at Liquid Hero What The Floc as it heads to cans.  This 2X IPA is named for flocculation (when yeast comes out of suspension after fermentation), it will be packaged in 16oz cans and come in at 9.5% ABV and 120 IBU.


Coney Island - The Plunge Winter Seasonal

Here’s a peek at the 2014 Winter Seasonal coming from Coney Island.  This is The Plunge and it Is a Belgian-Style ale with ginger, orange peel and fennel seed.  This beer is packaged in 12oz bottles and come in at 6.9% ABV.


Elysian Space Dust IPA Returns In Mid-August

From Elysian:

It's safe to say that Space Dust, last summer's Manic IPA offering, sent hoppy beer lovers into orbit with its delicious blend of Yakima Valley Citra and Amarillo hops.  But like anything cyclical, Space Dust gave way to Valhalla, and then Savant and Dayglow in the celestial rotation of Seattle's Elysian Brewing Company.  Now Dusty the space hop is back, streaking across the sky beginning mid-August in 22-ounce bottles and on draft.  Look for Space Dust's ethereal lupuliciousness in stores, restaurants and taverns in all markets.

In case you spent last summer on the dark side of one of Saturn's moons, Space Dust is built on a simple grist of Northwest pale, C-15 Crystal and Dextri-pils malts, brewed to around 7% alcohol by volume.  But it's the hopping that cues the music of the spheres, topping out at 65 IBU.  Chinook holds down the bittering and makes a flavor contribution as well, but then Amarillo and Citra reach escape velocity in three separate brewhouse additions, as well as a dry-hopping presence weighty as a dwarf star.  Look for Space Dust's reentry later this summer wherever Elysian beer is sold.


Dick Cantwell


Draft & 22oz bottles


Millbock - Oaked Funky Toos

Here’s a new version of Millbock Golden Toos coming to bottles.  Our pals Alan Miller and Albert Debock have now created Oaked Funky Toos…a Belgian style honey ale fermented with Brett yeast.   This beer will be packaged in 750ml bottles.


Boston Beer Reports Second Quarter 2014 Results

imageFrom Boston Beer / Samuel Adams:

BOSTON, MA  The Boston Beer Company, Inc. (NYSE: SAM) reported second quarter 2014 net revenue of$231.6 million, an increase of $50.3 million or 28%, over the same period last year, mainly due to core shipment growth of 25%. Net income for the second quarter was $25.4 million, or $1.88 per diluted share, an increase of $5.7 million or $0.43 per diluted share from the second quarter of 2013.  This increase was primarily due to shipment increases, partially offset by increased investments in advertising, promotional and selling expenses.

Earnings per diluted share for the 26-week period ended June 28, 2014 were $2.49, an increase of $0.53 from the comparable 26-week period in 2013.  Net revenue for the 26-week period ended June 28, 2014 was $415.5 million, an increase of $98.2 million, or 31%, from the comparable 26-week period in 2013.

Highlights of this release include:

  • Depletions grew 23% and 28% from the comparable 13 and 26 week periods in the prior year.
  • Gross margin of 53.1% for the second quarter and 51.4% for first half, with the Company maintaining its full year gross margin target of between 51% and 53%.
  • Advertising, promotional and selling expense increased by $15.7 million or 31% in the quarter, primarily due to planned increased investments behind the Company's brands.
  • Full year 2014 depletions growth is now estimated to be between 20% and 24%, an increase from the previously communicated estimate of 16% to 20%.
  • Full year 2014 estimated earnings per diluted share remain unchanged at $6.00 to $6.40.
  • Full year 2014 capital spending is now estimated to be between $160 million to $185 million, a narrowing of the range from the previously communicated estimate of $160 million to $220 million.

Jim Koch, Chairman and Founder of the Company, commented, "We achieved depletions growth of 23% and record total depletions in the second quarter.   I am tremendously proud of the efforts of our employees in achieving this record, while maintaining a focus on brewing quality and innovation.  We believe that our depletions growth is attributable to strong sales execution and support from our distributors and retailers as well as our quality beers and strong brands.  We were also delighted to learn that, for the sixth year in a row, our distributors ranked us the number one beer supplier in the industry, in the annual poll of beer distributors conducted by Tamarron Consulting, a consulting firm specializing in the alcohol beverage distribution industry.  This is a testament to the efforts of all Boston Beer employees to service and support our distributors' business and to the relationships we have built with them.  Overall, our brand portfolio is healthy and we remain positive about the future of craft beer."

Martin Roper, the Company's President and CEO stated, "In the second quarter, our depletions growth benefited from the strength of our Samuel Adams, Angry Orchard and Twisted Tea brands.  We believe that the growth we see in our main brands reflects a response to our increased investments in media, local marketing and point of sale and the efforts of our increased sales force, even as we face a more competitive environment. Accordingly, we have increased our expectations for full year depletions growth to between 20% and 24% to reflect the most recent trends.  We are planning continued increases in investments in advertising, promotional and selling expenses behind existing brands in an attempt to maintain the momentum, as well as in innovation, commensurate with the opportunities and the increased competition that we see."

Mr. Roper went on to say, "Our supply chain performance still remains below our expectations but is improving. The high demand levels and the large number of expansion and efficiency projects ongoing during the quarter caused us to experience higher operational costs than we had originally expected.  We are also seeing pressure from our transportation suppliers and experiencing increased freight costs to secure the performance and capacity that we need.  Despite our best efforts, we had some continued product shortages and service issues during the quarter.  Many of our major capital projects were completed during the last 45 days, allowing us to focus more on training, process improvement and predictable operations. We are appreciative of the tremendous effort of our Brewery and Engineering teams to complete these projects successfully while we operate at peak levels.  Looking forward, we expect a continued high level of brand and capital investments, as we pursue growth and innovation.  We are prepared to forsake the earnings that may be lost as a result of these investments in the short term, as we pursue long term profitable growth."

2nd Quarter 2014 Summary of Results

Depletions grew 23% from the comparable 13-week period in the prior year primarily due to increases in the Company's Angry Orchard®, Samuel Adams® and Twisted Tea® brand products.

Core shipment volume was approximately 1.1 million barrels, a 25% increase compared to the second quarter of 2013.

The Company believes distributor inventory levels at June 28, 2014 were at appropriate levels. Inventory at distributors participating in the Freshest Beer Program at June 28, 2014 increased slightly in terms of days of inventory on hand when compared to June 29, 2013. The Company has over 65% of its volume on the Freshest Beer Program and it believes participation in the Program could reach up to 70% of its volume by the end of 2014.

Gross margin decreased to 53.1% from the 53.6% achieved in the second quarter of 2013.  The margin decrease was a result of product mix effects and increases in packaging and ingredient costs that were only partially offset by price increases.

Advertising, promotional and selling expenses were $15.7 million higher than costs incurred in the second quarter of 2013. The increase was primarily a result of increased investments in media advertising, increased costs for additional sales personnel and commissions, point of sale and local marketing, and increased freight to distributors due to higher volumes.

General and administrative expenses increased $1.8 million compared to the second quarter of 2013, primarily due to increases in salary and benefit costs.

Year to Date 2014 Summary of Results

Depletions grew by 28% from the comparable 26-week period in 2013, primarily due to increases in Angry Orchard, Samuel Adams, and Twisted Tea brand products.

Core shipment volume was approximately 1.9 million barrels, a 28% increase from the comparable 26-week period in 2013.

Advertising, promotional and selling expenses were $33.6 million higher than costs incurred in the comparable 26-week period in 2013. The increase was primarily a result of increased investments in media advertising, point of sale and local marketing, increased costs for additional sales personnel and commissions, and increased freight to distributors due to higher volumes.

General and administrative expenses increased by $3.0 million from the comparable 26-week period in 2013, due to increases in salary and benefit costs and consulting costs.

The Company's effective tax rate increased to 37% from 36% in the comparable 26-week period in 2013.  The lower 2013 rate was primarily a result of the favorable impact of a federal income tax settlement of $0.07 per diluted share in 2013.

The Company expects that its June 28, 2014 cash balance of $31.3 million, together with its future operating cash flows and its $150.0 million line of credit, will be sufficient to fund future cash requirements.

Depletion estimates

Year-to-date depletions through the 29 weeks ended July 19, 2014 are estimated by the Company to be up approximately 27% from the comparable period in 2013.


The Company has left unchanged its projected 2014 earnings per diluted share of between $6.00 and $6.40.  The Company's actual 2014 earnings per share could vary significantly from the current projection.  Underlying the Company's current projection are the following estimates and targets:

  • Depletions and shipments growth of between 20% and 24%.
  • National price increases of approximately 2%.
  • Gross margins of between 51% and 53%.
  • Increased investment in advertising, promotional and selling expenses of between $37 million and $45 million, an increase of the range from the previously communicated estimate of $34 million to $42 million.  This does not include any increases in freight costs for the shipment of products to the Company's distributors.
  • Increased expenditures of between $3 million and $5 million for continued brand investments in existing Alchemy & Science brands, which are included in our full year estimated increases in advertising, promotional and selling expenses.  These estimates could change significantly and 2014 volume from these brands is unlikely to cover these and other expenditures related to these projects that could be incurred.
  • Effective tax rate of approximately 38%.
  • Capital spending of between $160 million and $185 million, which could be significantly higher, dependent on capital required to meet future growth. These estimates include capital investments for existing Alchemy & Science projects of between $7 million and $9 million.


Modern Times Releasing Phalanx IPA Bottles 8/1

From Modern Times:

Well, Oneida bottles were so popular, we've decided to do the whole bottle thing again. Our second bottled beer: Phalanx, a 7.5% ABV, 100 IBU IPA that's overloaded with rare Australian Summer hops. Phalanx oozes peach, apricot, and citrus hop aroma & flavor, supported by a juicy malt backbone. 

The batch going into bottles is drier, lighter in color & body, and good bit hoppier than the batch on-tap in the tasting rooms. We think it's a more refined, intense, and hop-focused version of the beer, and we're really, REALLY digging how it turned out. 

Bottles are available for purchase tomorrow in both of our tasting rooms for $7.99; there is no bottle limit. Phalanx will start showing up on shelves around SoCal starting next week.

In other news, The Mad Fermentationist is (almost) back! After spending two months with us last year, Mike is joining us again this summer for a week of blending and bottling sour beers. 

On Sunday, August 10th, Mike will be leading a discussion & tasting featuring 5 hearty pours of Modern Times sour beers. This is your chance to drink 5 extraordinary sours (including beers that were not poured at the Anniversary Party) while hearing one of the foremost experts in the field explain the intricate process of making them. He'll explain bug sourcing, recipe formulation, brewing, fermenting, barrel-aging, and fruit additions, while reserving plenty of time to answer questions.
Tickets are available here.

If you can't make it to the tasting, we'll be hosting a book signing/mix 'n mingleevent with Mike on Thursday, August 14th from 6-9pm at the Lomaland Fermentorium. We'll have copies of his incredible, standard-setting new book, "American Sour Beers", available for purchase, which Mike would be happy to sign for you. This event is free. 


Steel & Oak Brewing - New Packaging

Designed by Also Known As: Brand Packaging


Galana Cerveza Natural Artesana - New Packaging

Designed by Estudio Modesto


Foret - Blanche Belgian White Beer

Here’s the U.S. bottle package for Foret Blanche.  This Belgian White Beer is brewed with un-malted wheat, coriander and orange peel and it will be packaged in 11.2oz bottles and comes in at 5.5% ABV.


Newcastle - Scotch Ale

Who knew that Newcastle has a Scotch Ale…and better yet, who knew it was coming to the U.S.  This is the somewhat boring keg label and the beer will come in at 6.4% ABV.


Blue Moon Brewing Company® Introduces Blue Moon® Cinnamon Horchata Ale

imageWe brought you a peek at this beer back in April, and now the official release details from Blue Moon:

CHICAGO, IL -This August, Blue Moon Brewing Company is introducing Blue Moon® Cinnamon Horchata Ale. Crafted with cinnamon, Belgian dark candy sugar and long-grain rice, the ale delivers a subtle sweetness and a smooth, creamy finish that is sure to delight Blue Moon drinkers over 21 years-of-age. The ale is inspired by the traditional and popular Latin American drink known as Horchata.

Blue Moon's Cinnamon Horchata Ale was created by Keith Villa, founder and head brewmaster at Blue Moon Brewing Company. Villa sought inspiration from his Mexican heritage to create the unfiltered ale that delivers a clean cinnamon flavor. The brew starts out slightly sweet, ends slowly with residual cinnamon spice and is 5.5 percent alcohol by volume (ABV).

"Growing up in a Mexican family, I had Horchata all the time when I was young, but then I rediscovered it in recent trips to Latin America," said Keith Villa.  "I wanted to develop a brew for adults that combined the refreshing and creamy attributes of the traditional Horchata, so I'm beyond pleased that we finally made it a reality. It brings me great pride to introduce this brew into the market."

Villa earned his Ph.D. in brewing from the University of Brussels in Belgium, an honor only a handful of brewers have achieved. Villa came back stateside and founded Blue Moon Brewing Company in 1995 to craft beers inspired by Belgian styles. His first interpretation turned out to be the brewer's most popular beer, Blue Moon Belgian White, Belgian Style Wheat Ale. Since then, he has brewed several award-winning beers and continues to play an active role in creating new beers for the brewery. The new Blue Moon Cinnamon Horchata Ale is his latest creation and one inspired by his heritage.

Cinnamon Horchata Ale will be part of the Blue Moon line up, which includes Blue Moon Belgian White, the #1 craft beer in America. Blue Moon Belgian White is artfully crafted with Valencia orange peel for a subtle sweetness, coriander for a hint of spice, and oats for a creamy texture.

Cinnamon Horchata Ale will be included in the Blue Moon fall and winter brewmaster sampler packs, which will be available nationwide. A limited supply of the new Blue Moon Cinnamon Horchata Ale will be available in 6-packs starting Aug. 1 in select cities in Texas,California, New York and Colorado.


Mispillion River Beach Bum Joe Cans Available Now


From Mispillion River:

Milford, DE – Mispillion River Brewing has released Beach Bum Joe to the market this week.

Beach Bum Joe, silver medalist at the 2014 World Beer Cup® in the Belgo-American Ale

category, is a combination between an American Pale Ale and a Belgian Golden Ale. Belgian

yeast provides fruity notes and Citra hops contribute tropical notes to this light, crisp, refreshing

beer. First conceptualized on a Floridian beach by two friends with a few too many beers on a

Sunday Funday long ago, this 5.5% ABV immortalizes one of its creators in its name.

El Presidente, Eric Williams, stated, “I am also super excited about this.”

Beach Bum Joe will be joining Reach Around IPA as a year-round brew and is only available in



Monday Night Brewing Coming To Alabama 8/4

imageFrom Monday Night Brewing:

The same week that we celebrate our 3rd anniversary is also  the first week that Monday Night will be available in a state that is not Georgia. Alabama, watch out, we’re gunning for you. We’re touring Birmingham, Pelham and Auburn, bringing weeknight-lover’s craft beer to the thirsty.

We’d love to have you join us. No, seriously. Join us.

Monday, August 4
Tuesday, August 5
Wednesday, August 6
Wednesday, August 6
Thursday, August 7


Sietsema Orchards Introduces New Cider Varieties For Summer


Sietsema Orchards:

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., July 28, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- This summer, Sietsema Orchards introduces two new varieties of their delicious award-winning hard cider, both made with the freshest local ingredients available in West Michigan.


opped Up combines the finest in local hops with Sietsema's freshly grown apples. After allowing the mixture to age for two weeks, the result is an unbeatable fusion of hoppy bite and tangy fruit goodness. The other new cider, Lemongrass, is for those with a taste for brightness. A bold blend of refreshing lemongrass and crisp apple zest, Lemongrass is aged to create a unique taste that stimulates with its citrusy sweet flavor.

Both cider varieties will be available this summer at select locations throughout West Michigan, or on tap at Sietsema Orchards.

Sietsema Orchards is an Ada, Michigan based company that provides quality apples and a family orchard experience to West Michigan residents. Since 1934, Sietsema Orchards has been keeping the family farming tradition alive. In 2010, the fourth generation farmers opened their doors to the public, and continue to provide a family farm experience today.


Stone & Greg Koch Launch New Berlin Brewery By Crushing Macro-Lagers With a Rock

30 July 2014

From Stone:

Recently, Stone Co-founder Greg Koch kicked off a speech on our upcoming ‪#‎Berlin‬ brewery by disposing of some macro-lagers from countries spanning the globe in a most unique way. Cheers to‪#‎craftbeer‬...and forklifts!


Troegs Releasing Hop Cycle Series Hop Knife 8/4

imageWe brought you news of this beer…and now Hop Knife release details from Troegs:

Recognizing the meticulous, time-honored tradition of hand-harvesting hops at the peak of maturity, we bring you our latest hand-crafted brew - Hop Knife Harvest Ale. Available Aug. 4 in Central PA followed by all other markets through the first two weeks of August. #craftbeer #pabeer #troegsbeer #hopcycle #hopknife


Long Trail Brush & Barrel Series - Imperial Stout

Here’s the next release in the Long Trail Brush & Barrel Series.  This beer is called Imperial Stout and it was created by our pal Dave Hartmann.  The artwork is by Tom Cullins, this is a 22oz bottle and the beer comes in at 8.8% ABV.


Lingerie Football Quarterback Scores a Touchdown & Drinks a Beer (Video)

Sorry but I couldn’t resist….and if it’s any consolation…she didn’t drink much.
Winking smile


GABF Public Ticket Sales Begin Today @ Noon EST

From the GABF:

Head directly to Ticketmaster for today's #GABF public tix sale @ noon Eastern: #beer #craftbeer.

And they’re sold out in less than an hour:

#GABF 2014 public tickets have all sold out! Thanks everyone for your support of the festival. See you in Denver this October. Cheers!


Rising Tide - Ursa Minor & Calcutta Cutter Imperial IPA

Here’s the new packaging coming from Rising Tide Brewing.  Up first is Ursa Minor and it is a Weizen Stout that will come in at 6.7% ABV.  Next we have Calcutta Cutter and it is am Imperial IPA that will come in at 8.7% ABV.  These are both 12oz bottles and stay tuned for release details.


Boulevard Brewing - Za’Tart Spiced Sour Ale

This is a keg-only release so far, but today we get to see Boulevard Brewing Za’Tart Spiced Sour Ale.  This ale brewed with spices will come in at 4.7% ABV.


Smuttynose Brett & I Returns 8/2

From Smuttynose:

Brett & I, the newest Smuttlabs release is packaged and ready to go.

We'll be releasing bottles at the Towle Farm brewery on Saturday, August 2 at 11am. The crown-finished, 375ml bottles are $12 each and there is no bottle limit. We won't be filling growlers with Brett & I, due to the limited amount of beer we have.

If you don't live near the brewery, fret not. Kegs will begin shipping to wholesalers in CT, DC, IL, MA, MD, ME, NC, NH, NY, PA,VA, and VT on Monday, August 4.

What is Brett & I? Brett & I is a 6%, barrel-aged, golden beer that takes 13 months to make. After an initial fermentation with our house Trappist ale yeast, the beer is transferred to red wine barrels where it ages with a Brettanomyces Bruxellensis, a yeast first discovered in British beers. "Brett Brux" adds the slightly sour, earthy accent which makes Brett & I such a rare treat.

We've released Brett & I twice in the past, which means some of you have been waiting patiently for this next release. We hope you enjoy this release too.


Grand Canyon Launching Pumpkin Springs Porter 8/4

imageFrom Grand Canyon Brewing:

Phoenix, AZ (July 30, 2014)—Fall just can’t get here fast enough for the Grand Canyon Brewing Company or fans of their highly anticipated seasonal brew – Pumpkin Springs Porter.  Brewed with the essense of pumpkin pie, this fan favorite porter captures all of the delicious and spicy flavors of fall.

Thirsty craft beer lovers won’t have to wait long, Pumpkin Springs Porter will hit stores across Arizona and Nevada onAugust 4, 2014.

Named after the Grand Canyon phenomena, Pumpkin Springs, this Porter is an ale brewed with pumpkin, squash, sweet potatoes and spices. This porter is dark and smooth with a warm finish and pairs perfectly with the flavors of fall.

Pumpkin Springs is a huge pumpkin shaped pond along the Colorado River, overflowing with merky hot springs water stained orange from trace minerals and arsenic. The Grand Canyon Brewing Company recommends getting your pumpkin fix in a bottle of Pumpkin Springs Porter, the hot springs are for viewing only.

Pumpkin Springs Porter Quick Facts

Style:   Porter

Yeast: 1318

Malt:   SRM39

Hops: Fuggle

OG:     16

ABV:   5.8%

IBU:      32

Availability: Kegs and 22 oz bomber bottles, August 4.

The Pumpkin Springs Porter Bomber will be available at select craft beer bars across Arizona and Nevada including Cruisers 66 in Williams, Papago Brewing, World of Beer Tempe, Taste of Tops, Bourbon Jacks, Boulders on Broadway, The Hungry Monk, Whole Foods Chandler and more, while supplies last.


Bootlegger’s Brewery Releases Soco IPA In Bottles

imageFrom Bootlegger’s:

(Fullerton,CA) - Bootlegger’s Brewery has quite the reputation for making some of the most unique, fresh hoppy ales in Orange County California, and are proud to present our newest bottled offering, Soco IPA.

Soco IPA is our interpretation of a West Coast-Style India Pale Ale. We used generous amounts of late edition new American hops, and keep the body light and crisp so the hops are the star of the show.

Previously only a draft offering, Soco IPA will debut in bottles Friday August 1st at our tasting room in Fullerton,CA (Within the SoCo district) and will begin hitting shelves the following week where Bootlegger’s beers are sold.

Soco IPA Facts

Conceived: Soco IPA began as a pilot beer in our brewery and tasting room in 2010 and was such a favorite with our local customers we kept brewing it. Soco stands for South of Commonwealth, a main street that runs through our home city of Fullerton.

Format: 22 oz. bottles, 1, ⅙ bbl keg, ½ bbl keg.

Availability: Bottles available at retailers where Bootlegger’s beers are sold as well as Bootlegger’s Tasting Room in Fullerton, CA (located in the Soco District), you may find this on draft at food establishments that proudly serve Bootlegger’s beer.

Ingredients: Hops (Amarillo,Citra,Sorachi Ace), Malt (2-Row, Carapils,Dextrose,Crystal 40), Our House Yeast and Water.

Suggested food pairings: Pad Thai, Spicy Curry dishes, aged gouda.

Stay tuned: Our famous DIPA, Knuckle Sandwich release is right around the corner as well as our Seasonal, Pumpkin Ale.


Burnside Brewing Launches Couch Select Lager in Rexam 12 oz. Cans

imageFrom Burnside and Rexam:

CHICAGO, July 30, 2014- Hoping to acquaint even more beer lovers with its distinctive brew, Burnside Brewing Co. has launched Couch Select Lager in Rexam 12 oz. cans. This is the company's first expansion into single serve packaging.

Couch Select Lager is a Helles style pale lager brewed with quality pilsner malt, American Tettnang hops and fermented with the Bohemian lager yeast strain. Cold fermentation produces a pleasing malt flavor with a subtle hop presence. Unlike other Burnsidebeers, this one is filtered to create a bright lager with a crisp finish.

"Cans have a nostalgia to them that is very appealing," said Jay Gilbert, owner and manager, Burnside Brewing Co. "They bring back memories of family gatherings and camping trips with friends. We have a great collection of old cans in our pub that became the inspiration for the Burnside Couch Select's label design. Through our partnership with Rexam, we have a classic, retro-looking package that will attract customers."

In addition to looking good, Burnside Brewing chose to expand into aluminum cans for their many other inherent benefits. Cans are light-weight and provide complete protection from light and oxygen, preserving beer's freshness. They are durable and portable, often permitted at beaches, golf courses and other outdoor venues that don't allow glass. Cans are also the most sustainable beverage package in the world, recycled at more than double the rate of any other option.

Rich Grimley, president and CEO, Rexam BCNA, commented on why cans make sense to help Burnside build its brand and business. "Our cans are the ideal choice for Burnside's expansion into single serve packaging. They help the brand attract attention on store shelves, safeguard beverage integrity and deliver outstanding value by providing superior recycling, filling, distribution and retail display economics."

Couch Select Lager in cans is currently available at New Seasons Markets, Whole Foods and many other independent retailers acrossOregon, with plans for continued West Coast expansion.


Foolproof - Augtoberfest Fest Bier

Looks like Foolproof Brewing is giving into seasonal creep with the naming of their Fest Bier.  This is Augtoberfest and it’s actually brewed for Foolproof’s annual Augtoberfest (in August) celebration

using Caramel & Munich malts as well as American hops.  This is the 22oz bottle package and the beer will come in at 6% ABV.


Straight To Ale - Redstone Oktoberfest

Straight To Ale is getting ready to celebrate ‘fest season as today we get to see the packaging for their Redstone Oktoberfest.  This lager will be packaged in 22oz bottles and no word on ABV or release details.


Stone Announces New Collaboration With AleSmith

29 July 2014

From Stone:

Our newest Stone Groundbreaking Collaboration #beer, a joint-effort with renowned AleSmith Brewing Company, is NOW AVAILABLE on our Indiegogocampaign page. Brewmaster Peter Zien says he's bringing his "A-game!"



Boulder Beer Dragonhosen Imperial Oktoberfest Coming 8/4

imageFrom Boulder Beer:

Boulder, CO – Boulder Beer Company, Colorado’s First Craft Brewery, will release their small batch, limited-edition seasonal beer called Dragonhosen Imperial Oktoberfest the week of August 4th.  This is its second year in their seasonal lineup.

Brewed with generous amounts of Vienna and Munich malts for a rich, full-bodied malty flavor, Dragonhosen begins as a traditional Oktoberfest lager, then stealthily breathes fire with 9% alcohol by volume.  Hallertau and Czech Saaz hops add balance with a mild earthy aroma and flavor with moderate bitterness.

“We received such positive customer feedback on Dragonhosen last year,” said Tess McFadden, Marketing Director at Boulder Beer.  “The only downside was that it wasn’t ready early enough, so we’re releasing Dragonhosen a month earlier this year to make sure it ships to out of state markets in plenty of time for the full Oktoberfest season.”

Dragonhosen Imperial Oktoberfest will be available in most markets where Boulder Beer is sold in 22-ounce bottles and draught.


Surly - 2014 Darkness Russian Imperial Stout

Here’s your very first look at the 2014 packaging for Surly Darkness.  This Russian Imperial Stout remains in 750ml bottles and this year’s artwork if by Erica Williams.


The Bruery Preservation Series 2014 - Ignis Fatuus

Here’s your first look at The Bruery Preservation Series 2014 Ignis Fatuus.  This beer is a porter brewed with pumpkin and spices, it will be packaged in 750ml bottles and come in at 8.3% ABV.  Look for an autumn release.


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