Martin House Releasing Hell Below & Stars Above Cans

30 April 2016

Today we get to see two new cans coming from martin House Brewing.  Hell Below is a strong black ale (8.79%-AbV) and Stars Above is a raspberry sour that hits 5.18%-AbV.  These are both 12oz cans and they appear to be a collaboration with the band the Toadies (named after their album).


Stone - EG Conf. 2016 - Greg Koch “True Craft” (Video)

From Stone:

Watch Greg Koch's talk at EG 2016 where he announced, True Craft, an “alternative to being pushed out or bought out from the mega commodity world,” True Craft is Koch’s answer to “market forces that are beginning their march to recompress the beer industry,” he said.

“There is a squeeze coming in the craft beer world,” he said. “True Craft’s goal is simple: Give craft brewers another option than selling a majority interest to private equity or selling out to big beer.”


Fairport Brewing - Patio Pale Session Ale 16oz Cans

Here’s a new can coming from Fairport Brewing in Fairport, NY.  This is Patio Pale Session Ale and it will come in at a sessionable 4.5%-AbV and 24 IBU.  This is a 16oz cans.


Great Lakes Releases Rackhouse Ale

imageFrom Great Lakes:

Thank you to everyone that came and stood in line for our first ever Rackhouse Ale release. It's currently 11:15 AM and we still have some bottles with no line, so if you're in Ohio City stop by before they're gone! Rackhouse Ale IS on draft, too (while supplies last)! Cheers!

With Rackhouse Ale being released on April 30th


Chattanooga Brewing - Chickbock Maibock

This is Chickbock Lager from Chattanooga Brewing in Chattanooga, TN.  This maibock will hit 35 IBU and this looks to be a 12oz can but stay tuned on that one.


WILK Friday BeerBuzz - 29 Apr 2016 - Wyoming Valley Homebrewers w/Chuck Yarmey, Jeff Fusco & George Fredmonski (Video)

29 April 2016


Smuttynose is Getting a Major Packaging Refresh

From Smuttynose:

We were one of the first breweries to use photography to define our visual identity & in 1994, that really made our beer stand out on shelves. In fact, our brand has always been defined by these iconic images. We hear from lots of Smuttynose fans expressing their personal attachment to the scenes and characters that grace our six packs, twelve packs and bottle labels. We even started a Brown Dog Pin-up page on this website for folks who want to share their favorite brown (or black or white) dogs with us. Lately though, some of you have noticed we’ve begun sprucing up our designs. Some of the features of our new label and packaging designs include:

  • Silhouetted iconic images
  • Larger brand type
  • Simplified color story
  • Larger Smutty logos

The reason for these changes are simple. Beer coolers and shelves are increasingly crowded with new brands and bold designs that we couldn’t have imagined in 1994 and our brand can now better stand out in this sea of visual clutter. Instead of adding more visual noise, we distilled our packaging down to its most primal elements. See, back when we started brewing over 20 years ago, a lot of people were confused as to what we were doing, so our packaging was about the only way to tell a lot of our story. Fast forward 22 years. With the advent of Al Gore’s internet, we have lots of great ways to tell our story without trying to cram it all on our packaging. Hence our new, streamlined look.

The biggest question people have been asking is “Where’s Cy?” Cy is the gentleman in the green hat on the Finestkind IPA label. Even though he wasn’t in the first round of new-style Finestkind labels, his future as a label model is incredibly safe; we want to assure you Cy isn’t going anywhere. He’s on all our 6- and 12-packs for both cans and bottles, but that’s not all. He will be turning up elsewhere as well. Stay tuned.

The biggest single change is a brand-new, custom image for Vunderbar Pilsner. Vunderbar was originally a “Now & Then” release that came out, well, now and then, until it joined our full-time lineup in late 2014. As a delicious any-time-of-the-year pilsner, we thought it best to retire the Lederhosen-clad gentleman and his babushka-wearing lady friend to avoid any confusion that Vunderbar may be a seasonal release. Keeping in line with the German imagery (and beer style), you can now admire our homage to Lola Lola (look it up and see for yourself). 

Change can be hard, but sometimes it’s needed and it can be fun. So have a little fun with us while you enjoy Smuttynose beer.


Kona Bringing Magic Sands Saison Draft To CA & FL

imageFrom Kona:

Kailua-Kona, Hawaii (April 29, 2016) – Tropical island ingredients, craft beer wizardry and a

distinctive blend of flavors is casting a spell over pubs throughout California and Florida with

Kona Brewing Co.’s crisp, refreshing Magic Sands Saison – now available to enjoy.

The saison is named after one of Hawaii Island’s most intriguing stretches of sand known as

Magic Sands (also called Laʻaloa). During the winter, the beach often “disappears” when the

waves wash over the small white-sand parcel. Like the beach, Magic Sands Saison is equally

popular but only for those lucky enough to enjoy this enchanting craft beer while it lasts.

Kona Brewing Co. is sending Magic Sands (ABV

5.5%, 18 IBU) to the Golden and Sunshine States

because of their penchant for a laid-back approach

to life and affinity for well-made beer. The beer is

reaching the shores just as the weather warms and

beer drinkers seek an easy-drinking brew that goes

down as delightfully as the setting sun. That’s

because whichever state they happen to find

themselves in, this beer miraculously transports

them to Hawaii – not the place, but the state of mind. Where cruising is elevated to an art

form and relaxing is a well-deserved reward. When you order a Magic Sands Saison, you’re

saying, “I’m ready to slow down and savor this moment.”

For this special release, Kona’s traditional farmhouse style ale with Keitt mangoes and French

Saison yeast conjures a uniquely Hawaiian twist of citrus and spice flavors with a touch of

tartness. Made with Millennium, Hallertauer, and Citra hops, Magic Sands Saison pairs

powerfully well with fresh fish and light meats, like chicken, and its crisp finish presents a

bewitching compliment to a strawberry spinach salad.

“Fruit-forward brews are a big hit here in the Islands, so we thought beer lovers on opposite

coasts would enjoy them just as much,” said Sandi Shriver, head of Kona Brewing Co.’s

brewery operations. “This beer’s distinctive mango flavor and citrusy aroma have a magical

effect after a long day at the beach, on the water or anywhere you’re kicking back to unwind.”

Magic Sands is the latest beer in Kona Brewing’s Lanai Series - a collection of island-inspired

small batch beers released for a limited time in draft only on the Mainland. Each specialty

beer was handpicked by the Kona Brewing team to showcase the unique flavors of Hawaii and

to share the brews that locals reach for when they kick back and relax.

Magic Sands replaces the previous Lanai Series beer, Da Grind Buzz Coffee Stout (ABV 8.3%,

51 IBU). Da Grind Buzz is made with 100 percent Kona Coffee grown on Hawaii Island’s

Cornwell Estate. The stout is bold in flavor and alcohol content and features a deep black

color. The brew’s assertive maltiness is balanced by liberal amounts of hops (Apollo,

Centennial, Northern Brewer, Cascade) added throughout the brewing process.


In 2014, the company achieved a milestone in its home state, selling more than 1 million cases

in the Islands for the first time in its history. Kona Brewing has become one of the top craft

beer brands in the world, while remaining steadfastly committed to its home market through a

strong focus on innovation, sustainability and community outreach.

In early 2016, Kona Brewing broke ground on its new $20 million brewing and canning facility

in Kailua-Kona that will be capable of producing 100,000 barrels (BBLs) annually. The brewery

will feature a state-of-the-art water recycling system with the ability to generate 50 percent of

its own energy. The new brewery is scheduled to open in 2018.


Green Flash - Cellar 3 Turns ONE w/Barrelmaster’s Reserve Bottle Release

From Green Flash:

American Craft Beer Week takes place from May 16-22, and is a time to raise a glass to everything that makes the craft beer industry great. This year, we are marking the occasion by celebrating the one-year anniversary of Cellar 3. Join us on Saturday, May 21st from 12pm - 9pm  at Cellar 3 for a day of live music, rare beer tasting, and the release of Lustrous Frumento with Coffee – the first release in our Barrelmaster’s Reserve series. This is an extremely limited beer, with only 600 bottle available, so make sure you are here for your chance to take home a bottle of this delicious bourbon barrel-aged delicacy. Limit 2 bottles per person. Arrive at noon for the bottle release and stay for the party

Treat your mom with two of her favorite things this Mother’s Day: flowers and beer! Join us at Cellar 3 on Sunday, May 8th from 1pm- 3pm for our 2nd ever Blossoms and Brews. We have teamed up with A Wedding & Event Flower Company for this hands-on workshop where she will create custom arrangements while sipping delicious beer. What more could mom want? We will tap a special cask just for this event and delicious eats will be available from a local food truck. Space is limited, so get your tickets today!


Dogfish Head Bière de Provence, Festine Peche & Namaste Coming In May

imageFrom Dogfish Head:

Are you ready for an off-centered summer? Thanks to these three beers we're ready to tackle the sweaty months!

Bière de Provence was inspired by the aromatic and flavorful Herbs de Provence of Southern France, this complex and refreshing Saison was brewed with lavender, bay leaf, marjoram and chervil. Begins shipping 5/16.

Festina Peche is our tart summer session sour brewed with peach juice. Begins shipping 5/16.

Namaste is our Belgian-style Witbier brewed with dried organic orange slices, fresh-cut lemongrass, coriander and bursting with good karma. Available year-round.

Show me more!

A celebration of all-things indie craft and now in its sixth year,Analog-A-Go-Go will be moving to Bellevue State Park near Wilmington, DE to accommodate a lineup that’s bigger and better than ever before! The 2016 event will feature six live bands, a cask beer festival and distillery garden, an artisan marketplace, and tons of great local and food trucks from throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. It’s going down September 17 from 1 - 10 p.m.

Just what can you expect?


Carton & Against The Grain Collaborate On SS Kentucky 16oz Cans

Here’s your first look at a new can coming from Carton Brewing and Against The Grain.  This is SS Kentucky and it is based on the “Need a Bigger Boat” recipe with Zythos and Pacific Jade dry-hopping as well as smoked pineapples.  This Imperial IPA will be packaged in 16oz cans and the beer sails in at 8.4%-AbV and 80 IBU.


Harpoon Releasing Hibiscus Cider 5/11

From Harpoon:

Get your hula on with the ladies (and dude) behind our newest cider seasonal - Harpoon Hibiscus Cider! Effervescent and deep pink with aromas of tropical flowers and fresh apples, this dry, crisp cider is like sipping pure summertime. This of course means that it only makes sense to kick things off with a luau themed party (yes...there will be a pig roast and pineapple).
-2 Pints of Hibiscus Cider
- Luau Themed Bites from Barracuda Tavern (aka a pig roast...duh)
- Meet & Greet with the ladies (& dude) behind Hibiscus Cider
Tickets go on sale May 2nd at 11 AM! Get them here:

Here’s the full PR:

BOSTON, MA (April 28, 2016) – The Harpoon Brewery is putting a tropical twist on the New

England summer. Introducing Harpoon Hibiscus Cider, Harpoon’s new summer seasonal cider

brewed with hibiscus flowers. This all natural cider is brewed to make the most of every summer

gathering – rooftop parties, backyard barbecues, beach days, bonfire nights, and every summer

celebration in between.

Effervescent and deep pink, with aromas of tropical flowers and fresh apples, this dry, crisp cider is

like sipping pure summertime. The hibiscus flowers – 8 lbs. for every 320 gallons of cider – give the

cider its festive pink hue and floral tartness that complements the sweetness from the freshly pressed


Harpoon Hibiscus Cider was first brewed for Harpoon’s annual employee brewing competition.

Four hibiscus-loving women – Julia Falk, Cait Kelliher, Jordan McMillan, and Carolyn Orth – and

Harpoon brewer Rich Eyring developed the recipe, brewed it, and entered it into the competition.

The Hibiscus Cider was so popular among Harpooners that it was agreed the day of the competition

that it would become Harpoon’s new summer seasonal cider.

“When it came time for the brewing competition, we knew that we wanted to brew something with

hibiscus. We all love the subtle floral tartness and the pink hue the hibiscus flower creates,” says

Jordan McMillan, Harpoon Digital Content Coordinator. “At first we thought we’d brew a beer, but

as we talked about different styles the idea of brewing a cider with hibiscus came up. We thought

why not combine our love for hibiscus with our love of cider? So we did, and voila! It came out

really well and everyone loved it.”

Harpoon Hibiscus Cider is available now in 12 oz. bottles and on draft. An event celebrating the

release of the cider, featuring Julia, Cait, Jordan, Carolyn, and Rich will be held at Harpoon in

Windsor, VT on Tuesday, May 10 th (info: and

at the Harpoon Beer Hall in Boston, MA on Wednesday, May 11 th (info:

Hibiscus Cider is the second seasonal in the brewery’s line of ciders, which includes the year-round

Harpoon Craft Cider and their fall offering, Harpoon Pumpkin Cider. Made from freshly pressed

apples and the brewery’s proprietary yeast, Harpoon craft ciders are all natural – no artificial flavors,

no preservatives, no sweeteners, no added colors – and gluten free.

Harpoon Hibiscus Cider Specs:

ABV: 4.8%

EBC: 10

Harpoon Hibiscus Cider Tasting Notes

Appearance: Deep pink, effervescent

Aroma: Apple, floral, wine

Mouthfeel: Light-bodied

Taste:  Tart, sweet, apples, floral, tropical

Finish:  Dry and crisp

Pairing Suggestions: Kalua pork, chopped apple salad, quiche, charcuterie

Availability: May-August 2016


Victory Brewing Company Celebrates the Art of American Craft Beer

imageFrom Victory:

Downingtown, PA, April 29, 2016 – Victory  Brewing Company (Victory), is excited to announce that they will host the fourth annual beer tasting and art exhibition, Amber  Waves, in conjunction with the 2016 Craft Brewers Conference (CBC). The event will take place Thursday, May 5 from 5:30 – 8:30 p.m. at the National Museum of American Jewish History in Victory’s hometown of Philadelphia.

Amber Waves is a non-traditional art exhibit showcasing American art and American craft beer from across the country. Each of the 27 participating brewers will showcase a commissioned piece of art alongside an amber-hued beer. The artwork will be offered in a silent auction during the event, the proceeds of which will benefit the City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program (Mural Arts). By challenging brewers to serve beers of the same amber color, guests will use the smell, taste and feel of the beers to draw upon the distinct differences and wide range of flavors possible within beers that appear identical. This monochromatic approach to the beverages also allows the diversity of the visual art to take center stage. 

“To be holding this event in a museum dedicated to preserving the history of an American people, on the edge of Independence Mall, truly captures the spirit of Amber Waves,” said Bill Covaleski, Victory’s President and Brewmaster. “Working with Mural Arts is exciting to us as well. Their dedication to public art and fervent belief that art can change a community speaks to craft brewing’s desire to create communal experiences that brings joy.”

Amber Waves will be held at the National Museum of American Jewish History (101 S. Independence Mall, Philadelphia, PA 19106) on May 5 from 5:30 – 8:30 p.m. Tickets for general admission are available at The cost of admission is $35 and includes full access to the event offering 27 unique, amber-colored beers, a chance to bid on beer-inspired pieces of art commissioned by each brewer, hors d’oeuvres from Victory Brewing Company and a souvenir tasting glass. The event is free for brewing industry professionals with a valid 2016 CBC badge, with a suggested $10 donation to Mural Arts at the door. 

The 2016 Amber Waves lineup:

Allagash Brewing Company

Carson’s Brewery

Conshohocken Brewing Company

Dogfish Head Craft Brewery

Drake's Brewing Company

Ecliptic Brewing

Evolution Craft Brewing Company

Fate Brewing Company

Flying Fish Brewing Co.

Fordham & Dominion Brewing  Company

Great Divide Brewing Co.

Lagunitas Brewing Company

Maui Brewing Co.

Naked Brewing Co.

Port Brewing and The Lost Abbey

Real Ale Brewing Co.

Roadhouse Brewing Co.

Saint Benjamin Brewing Company

Sierra Nevada Brewing Company

Ska Brewing

Sly Fox

Southern Tier Brewing Company

Stoudts Brewing Company

Vault Brewing Company

Victory Brewing Company


Yards Brewing Company

For more information about this event, visit


Southern Tier Cellar Vault Series - Nitro Milk Stout Aged In Maple Bourbon Barrels

It’s only a keg label, but here we have a new entry in the Southern Tier Cellar Vault Series.  This is Nitro Milk Stout Aged In Maple Bourbon Barrels and the beer will hit 8%-AbV.


Magners Extend Partnership with Celtic Football Club

imageFrom Magners Irish Cider:

GLASGOW, Scotland -  Magners Irish Cider today underlined its continuing domestic and international ambitions by announcing a four year extension of the partnership with Celtic Football Club, which will see their backing of the Scottish Champions run until the end of season 2019/20.

Magners will continue to feature on the famous green and white hoops, in a partnership that will cement Magners’ backing of the Scottish Champions over a seven year period.

The cider brand, which has featured on the front of the Hoops’ jersey since 2013, will adopt a new position across the shoulders on the back of the jersey from the start of the 2016/17 season. The Magners name will also continue to appear on the clubs training kit.

Paul Condron, Marketing Director for Magners, said: “Magners has enjoyed three fantastic years as the shirt sponsor of Celtic FC and we’re very proud to extend that partnership in a deal that will see our association with the club stretch to seven years – a number with great significance in the club’s illustrious history.

Since 2013, we’ve worked closely with the club in a number of areas – from support of the team and fans to the valuable work of Celtic FC Foundation and we’re very much looking forward to continuing this over the next four years.”

Celtic Chief Executive, Peter Lawwell, commented: “Today’s announcement is great news for both the Club and our fans and means we will enjoy at least a seven year partnership with Magners, a magnificent brand and a strong and passionate supporter of both the Club and our charitable dimension.”

“As Champions of Scotland and one of the world’s great football clubs, Celtic continues to be a highly sought after partner for many major brands such as Magners.”

“As we aim for our fifth consecutive title we are very pleased to be able to make such an important announcement of long term continued support and partnership, something which is highly positive for the Club as we look to next season and beyond.” 

For more on Magners support of Celtic FC, visit or follow @MagnersUK


Modern Times Releases Mega Black House

imageFrom Modern Times:

Our newest special release has emerged from the tanks, and holy hell is it delicious. Mega Black House is what happens when you take our year-round oatmeal coffee stout and juice it with 1.21 gigawatts of pure awesome. Coming in at 10% ABV, this imperialized version of our celebrated Black House is loaded up with preposterous amounts of house-roasted coffee, which is a heavenly match for the huge, chewy malt profile underneath. This beer is best enjoyed in sips, with ample time to experience its beautiful, evolving complexity, and ample room to gesticulate wildly with pleasure.

Mega Black House is on shelves and taps in our distro areas now, and available on draft and in bottles at both tasting rooms.

IN OTHER NEWS, May is about to play host to a mass-tapping of barrel-aged Monsters' Park the likes of which the world has never seen. Starting mid-month, we'll be hooking up a select number of extremely rad bars in each of our distro areas with kegs and bottles of Monsters' Park Aged in Bourbon Barrels, as well as some of its even more elusive variants. What's even more exciting than how much of this danksauce we're delivering is how good it is. These last barrel-aged batches have been our best yet, and we can't wait to share them with you.


Chuckanut Mexican-Style Lager Coming 5/5

imageFrom Chuckanut:

Chuckanut Brewery & Kitchen at 601 W. Holly St, Bellingham is celebrating Cinco De Mayo with sabroso food specials and exclusive Cinco De Mayo brews! Chuckanut’s Mexican-style lager with a twist will be on tap starting May 5th and will available for pints and growler fills through the weekend until May 8th.

What makes Chuckanut Brewery’s Mexican-style lager unique is the use of northwest grown and malted Alba Barley straight from Skagit Valley! Skagit Valley Malting Company teamed up with Chuckanut to create malt low in color by malting the grain at a low temperature for a longer duration. This created a lager that is light in color and similar to Mexican beers such as Corona, Pacifico, etc. It tastes wonderful with a slice of lime on a spring day!

Pair the Mexican-style lager with Ancho Chile Pulled Pork Tacos! The pork is braised with Ancho chili and served with pickled red cabbage slaw & radishes! If seafood sounds better, try a Ceviche Tostada with NW salmon sliced thin and marinated in lime juice on a fried corn tortilla with avocado crema & mango salsa! Great beer, delicious food and fun for everyone this Cinco De Mayo Weekend!


Council Brewing Releasing Deadlock Bottles 4/29

28 April 2016

imageFrom Council Brewing:

Join us today, Friday, April 29th as we celebrate the release of Deadlock, Dark Sour with Black Currants. Deadlock will be on tap, and we will have additional bottles for sale.
Additional details on Deadlock can be found here:(


Cascade to Release 4-Year Vertical Reserve Box Set

imageFrom Cascade:

Cascade Brewing announces release of Vertical Reserve Box Set of its Popular Kriek Ale

PORTLAND, Ore. – Cascade Brewing is releasing a limited series of Vertical Reserve Box Sets. Each release will feature 100 four-packs that will contain bottles of a single brand from each of the past four years’ releases: 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015. Each box set will retail for $100.

The first release will be Kriek and will take place starting at Noon on Friday, May 6 at the Cascade Brewing Barrel House at 939 SE Belmont St. in Portland.

Kriek is a blend of sour red ales aged in oak wine barrels for up to 17 months with Bing and sour pie cherries. One of the brewery’s flagship products, Kriek features complex flavors of cherries, roast malts, oak and spice.

Look for future Vertical Reserve Box Set releases on the first Friday of each month.


Sly Fox & Stone Collaborate On Fuchstein Pils (Video)

From Sly Fox & Stone:

In celebration of the Craft Brewers Conference, held in Philadelphia this year, Stone & Sly Fox are proud to introduce Fuchstein Pils, a mouth-watering dry-hopped Pilsner that translates from German as "Fox-stone."

Brewed with a blend of French and German pils malt and abundant quantities of Czech Saaz, German Hallertau, and US Sterling hops, Fuchstein Pils is as enjoyable to drink as it was to make.

12.5 OG / 46 IBUs / 5.4% ABV

Look for Fuchstein Pils pouring at craft beer destinations throughout Philadelphia during the Craft Brewer's Conference in early May, on tap at both Sly Fox locations and at select taprooms in the PA, DC, & NYC markets.


Speakeasy Ales & Lagers Releasing Teatotaler San Francisco Common Lager

imageFrom Speakeasy:

Hot nights in the city or sticky afternoons in the park. Don’t sweat it out this spring and summer like a prohibition era teetotaler, abstaining from alcohol. Take the edge off with Teatotaler, a San Francisco Common Lager. A beer that tastes like lemonade and iced tea. It’s the latest draft only release in the Speakeasy Ales & Lagers Perfect Crime Series, and will be shipped to distributors this week.

Made with 100% pilsner malt, Teatotaler underwent a warm lager fermentation, producing a citrus tang. Then one pound per barrel of China Black Tea was added to the fermentor. Mandarina Bavaria, Citra, and Simcoe hops add additional layers of lemon, pineapple, and passion fruit flavors. The resulting blend creates an Arnold Palmer like experience. Enjoy the beer with a slice of lemon or bergamot orange.

Teatotaler is a draft only release. It will be served for the first time during a release party at the Speakeasy Tap Room on Saturday, April 30th. Then the beer will be distributed throughout California and a handful of our distribution territories. Don’t miss this refreshing take on a classic warm weather beverage.

About the Perfect Crime Series
Perfect Crime Series features ingenious, small batch, and experimental beers that are carefully contrived and executed by Speakeasy brewers. Each release is limited to draft only, and may only appear once, so the perpetrator can’t be brought to justice.


Triple C Brewing Releasing Baby Maker Cans 4/30

From Triple C:

The taproom opens at noon with Baby Maker Double IPA cans for sale for the first time ever! Stop by and grab a fresh 4 pack. Sauce Boss food truck joins us today and have live music from Wicked Powers from 430-730. We are open until 9.


Oskar Blues Adding Distribution To Australia

imageFrom Oskar Blues:

Longmont, CO; Brevard, NC; Austin, TX  - As Oskar Blues Brewery expands its efforts to get cans of Dale's Pale Ale into the hands of thirsty beer drinkers around the globe, the brewery will make its first foray into the Southern Hemisphere by entering the Australian market in July. The brewery will partner with Phoenix Beers and initially sell the six core Oskar Blues brands: Dale's Pale Ale, Mama's Little Yella Pils, Pinner Throwback IPA, Oskar Blues IPA, Old Chub Scotch Ale and Beerito Mexican Lager. The brands will available in cans as well as on draft in one-way kegs.

"We feel that our cans & kegs of American craft-brewed flavor will be a great fit for the Aussies, and, considering that our newest IPA - Oskar Blues IPA - is made with all-Australian hops from Bushy Park Estates in Tasmania and Rostrevor Farms in Victoria, we think that the timing couldn't be any better. It's like a homecoming... for our hops," says Tim Matthews, Oskar Blues Director of Brewing Operations.

Phoenix Beers will be holding launch events across the continent to announce Oskar Blues' arrival, and to celebrate the fact that the brewery's beers will be officially available for Aussies to enjoy on a regular basis. Details on these events will be finalized and announced via social media in the coming weeks. Follow Oskar Blues on Facebook and Twitter for details.


Smoketown Brewing Station Announces Grand Opening for 4/30

Fimagerom Smoketown Brewing Station:


Smoketown Brewing Station is proud to announce the grand opening of its taproom and brewery in Brunswick, Maryland. Founded by David Blackmon, the location at 223 W. Potomac Street in Brunswick, brews traditional craft beers in their 7 barrel brewhouse. The 16,000 square foot, two story building was previously home of the Brunswick Volunteer Fire Station. David had a vision to recreate a place where people would come from the community, but also a place local tourists can visit. The location is just steps from the Potomac River, C&O Canal and MARC train.

“This project has been in the works for 18 months. Our “soft opening” the last few weeks has been awesome. It is great seeing people come out to Brunswick and enjoy the area”, said Blackmon. Head brewer, Mitch Pilchuk, joined Smoketown Brewing Station team in October. Owner, David, is thrilled to have him on his team: “Mitch is an amazingly, talented, brewer. He strives for consistency, quality, and great flavor in every beer he makes. I have given him full creative control in the brew house and he’s running full steam ahead.”

To celebrate, the taproom will be hosting a Grand Opening on April 30, 2016. There will be a ribbon cutting ceremony and private event from 12-2 pm, then doors open to the public. The taproom will be open offering five signature beers and one limited cask release. There will be food available for those that need something in their belly provided by Market Table Bistro. Visitors can try any of their six various beers on draft and can purchase growlers to go. A portion of the day’s proceeds will be donated to the Brunswick Volunteer Fire Department.

April 30, 2016
Ribbon Cutting 11:45 am
Private Event 12-2 pm


Asheville Brewing Adds Perfect Day IPA Cans

imageFrom Asheville Brewing:

“It makes perfect sense to put Perfect Day in a can for the perfect days of summer,” said Mike Rangel, president of Asheville Brewing Company. “On a river, in the woods, at an outdoor concert—Perfect Day will make all those outdoor adventures even better. As we say on the label ‘Carpe Perfect Dayum!’”


Odell Brewing Releases St. Lupulin in Twelve Pack Cans

imageFrom Odell:

Fort Collins, CO. – Odell Brewing releases its first seasonal can offering – St. Lupulin Extra Pale Ale. The brewery’s new state-of-the-art canning line fills about 310 cans per minute. 

"We are thrilled that one of our most anticipated seasonal offerings & brewery favorite is now available in cans,” said Eric Smith, CSMO. “The opportunity to include St. Lupulin with so many more summer activities than in the past is a welcomed addition to our roll out of cans.”

St. Lupulin, a dry-hopped extra pale ale with an undeniably pleasing floral aroma and clean, crisp finish, returns for the season. The story at Odell Brewing says, “A mystical legend echoes in our brew house—that of St. Lupulin (loop-you-lin), the archetypal hophead. He devoted endless summers to endless rows of hops, tending to the flowers and the beloved resin within—lupulin. One sip of this seasonal summer ale and you too will believe.”

St. Lupulin will be available in 12-pack 12oz cans, 6-pack 12oz bottles and draft. These seasonal offerings will be available in the brewery’s 12 state distribution footprint.


Jester King Introduces New Tired Hands Collaboration: Cloudfeeder

imageFrom Jester King & Tired Hands:

We’re pleased to introduce Cloudfeeder — our collaboration with Tired Hands Brewing Company in Ardmore, Pennsylvania! Cloudfeeder is a farmhouse ale fermented with Pennsylvania honey, Texas grapefruit, Texas limes, and dry hopped with Nelson Sauvin and Simcoe hops. It was brewed at Jester King with Tired Hands in preparation for the upcoming Craft Brewers Conference (CBC) in Philadelphia.

For Cloudfeeder, our intent was to create a low alcohol, highly drinkable beer, that when fresh, would exhibit characteristics similar to American India Pale Ale. When working with our mixed culture of brewers yeast and native yeast and bacteria, our beer presents relatively clean when it’s young, especially if we brew it with a fair amount of hops. As we’ve pointed out before, farmhouse ales were historically either very bitter or sour. On occasion, as we did with Cloudfeeder, we used a combination of hops, fairly high fermentation temperature (78F), and the absence of long-term aging, to create a beer that’s bitter and not particularly sour/tart — at least not yet. Time, temperature, and hops are the levers by which we aim to balance the acidity in our beer, all the while knowing that the microorganisms will ultimately “decide” the character of the beer.

Cloudfeeder was brewed on March 21, 2016 at Jester King with Hill Country well water, malted barely, malted spelt, oats and hops. It was fermented with our mixed culture of brewers yeast and native yeast and bacteria harvested from the land and air around our brewery. It was then refermented with Pennsylvania honey and zest and juice from Texas limes and grapefruits, and dry hopped with Nelson Sauvin and Simcoe hops. Cloudfeeder was packaged on April 11, 2016 and 100% naturally conditioned in bottles, kegs, and casks. At the time of packaging, the beer was 3.8% alcohol by volume, 4.2 pH, 51 IBU, and had a gravity of 1.001 (0.25 degrees Plato).

The art for Cloudfeeder was created by Jester King’s Josh Cockrell in collaboration with Jean Broillet IV of Tired Hands. The beer will be released by the glass on draught at Jester King on Friday, April 29th at 4pm. It will also be available on draught at various bars in Philadelphia during the CBC. Shortly following CBC, bottles of Cloudfeeder will be released at Jester King.


Shipyard Releasing Island Time Session IPA Year-Round

imageFrom Shipyard:

PORTLAND, MAINE – (April 28, 2016) – Shipyard Brewing Company announces the release of Shipyard Island Time Session IPA. This new year-round beer is an easy drinking IPA built with a variety of Northwest hops which contribute to the grapefruit and pine nose and spicy hop finish.

Shipyard’s vice president of sales and marketing, Bruce Forsley says “while there is still a place for highly-hopped, strong IPA, many IPA lovers are moving to fresher, easier to drink session IPAs." Bruce notes that Shipyard’s latest IPA “strikes a beautiful balance by delivering the citrus and pine element of pacific hops and moderate alcohol strength.”

Shipyard will be celebrating the launch of Island Time IPA in Portland, Maine at $3 Dewey’s on Thursday, May 5th from 5pm-8pm. 

Island Time will be available nationwide in bottles, cans and on draft beginning this May. More about Island Time IPA can be found at:

Island Time Session IPA:

Malts: Pale, Carafoam
Hops: Amarillo, Simcoe
Color: Gold
OG: 1.048
ABV: 4.5%
IBUs: 40
Available in:  12 oz bottle, 12 oz can, Keg


SweetWater Goin’ Coastal IPA with Pineapple Coming 5/2

imageWe brought you the news of this beer in Feb, and now this from SweetWater:

Slide into summer and step off the grid with Goin’ Coastal IPA laced with pineapple. The bright aromas of the five citrus hop additions are accentuated by the tropical fruit of the pineapple – and just like those three day weekends, its finish is quick. Cash in a sick day and grab another!

We're slingin' this beauty in 6 packs of 12 oz bottles and suitcases of 16oz cans. Flowing onto shelves May 2 through right about August.

Nitty Gritty

Malts: 2 Row, Munich, Wheat, Premium English, Crystal
Hops: Columbus, Cascade. Simcoe, Goldings, Centennial
ABV: 6.1%
IBUs: 50


The Bruery Poterie Becomes 1st Second Quarter Preservation Society Release

From The Bruery:

We're happy to announce the 1st beer to be included in the Second Quarter Preservation Society package: Poterie!


Sam Adams Celebrates 20 Years of Homebrewing with the 2016 Longshot American Homebrew Contest

imageFrom Samuel Adams:

BOSTON, April 28, 2016— The brewers at Samuel Adams proudly announce a call for entries for the 2016 LongShot American Homebrew contest, and the release of the LongShot Variety six-pack featuring the winning homebrews from last year. This year marks the 20th anniversary of the national contest, which Sam Adams founder and brewer Jim Koch first started in 1996, when there were barely 1,000 breweries operating in the U.S. Today, there are more than 4,000 American breweries in operation and more than 1.2 million people who brew their own beer at home. Ever since drinkers got their first taste of Boston Lager in 1985, Jim has made it his mission to give back to the craft beer and homebrewing communities through programs such as Samuel Adams Brewing the American Dream and the Craft Brewer Experienceship, Hop Sharing, and the LongShot Homebrew competition. Today, America is the envy of brewers in the rest of the world, where entrepreneurs are taking their inspiration from American craft brewers.

LongShot Homebrew Contest Background:

Jim Koch created the Samuel Adams LongShot American Homebrew Contest to celebrate the innovative spirit of American homebrewers. Jim himself has deep homebrewing roots having brewed the first batch of Samuel Adams Boston Lager in his kitchen 32 years ago, and recently released a book titled “Quench Your Own Thirst,” which details the lessons he’s learned over the past three decades as a brewer and an entrepreneur. A number of past LongShot winners have followed in Jim’s footsteps and gone on to become professional brewers, turning their homebrewing hobby into a full-time career, including Cesar Marron (2013), Don Oliver (2006), Bob Gordash (1996), and 2015 winner Tim Thomssen, who left his full-time job to join a brewery shortly after he won.

“When I first homebrewed Samuel Adams Boston Lager 32 years ago, craft beer didn’t exist as we know it today, and few American beer drinkers had ever tasted a beer with so much flavor,” said Jim Koch, founder and brewer of Samuel Adams. “Today the craft brewing community is flourishing, and we want to recognize our nation’s best homebrewers, by making their delicious brews available to drinkers across the country.”

Calling All Homebrewers for the 2016 Competition:

To celebrate the contest’s 20th anniversary and honor craft beer innovation, Samuel Adams is asking homebrewers to submit their best and most innovative beers for this year’s contest. To be considered for the 2016 LongShot contest, homebrewers must submit a beer whose style is part of the Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) Style Guidelines. A full list of applicable styles can be found at The 2016 judging panel will consist of notable seasoned brewing experts from across the country, and for the first time, past LongShot winners. Winners will be announced in early October at the 2016 Great American Beer Festival in Denver. The ultimate prize: entries from two winning homebrewers and one Samuel Adams employee winner will be featured in the Samuel Adams LongShot variety pack, available nationwide in 2017. Those interested in entering can visit for contest rules, regulations and information on purchasing a homebrewing kit. The homebrew submission window is July 1-July 22, 2016.

While Samuel Adams is accepting entries for the 2016 contest, the Samuel Adams LongShot American Homebrew Contest variety six-pack with winning brews from the 2015 contest will be available nationwide this spring in select retail locations. The variety pack will include two bottles each of Tim’s Raspberry Berliner Weisse, Kevin’s Belgian Golden Ale, and Colin’s Neighborino Flanders Red Ale.


About the 2015 winners:

· Tim Thomssen’s Raspberry Berliner Weisse (Lincoln, Nebraska):

At first look, you notice the big frothy head of this Raspberry Berliner Weisse. The bright notes of raspberries are balanced by refreshing tartness, followed by a wonderful fruity sweetness and clean finish. (4% ABV)

· Kevin Nanzer’s Belgian Golden Ale (Mountain View, California):

This Belgian Golden Ale has notes of fruit, clove and pepper in the aroma, balanced by subtle malt character, with a clean citrus taste and bitterness from the hops. This beer should be sipped slowly to savor the delicious flavors. (9.1 % ABV)

· Colin Foy’s Neighborino Flanders Red Ale (Samuel Adams Employee Winner, Cincinnati, Ohio):

This Flanders Red was brewed the traditional way, with “younger” beer blended with mature beer that has been aged in wood for several months, while Brettanomyces and Lactobacillus labor to produce fruity, tart and acidic flavors. (6.3 % ABV)

How the winners were chosen:

· The beers were judged on the aroma, appearance, flavor and mouthfeel according to the style category under which it was submitted. Eight semi-finalists were selected during the first round of judging conducted at three regional judging locations in New England, California, and Illinois. 

· The final winners were ultimately selected by a panel of industry judges including Jim Koch. The winning brews were judged as the best examples of their style. Industry judges include Bob Townsend of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Tony Forder of Ale Street News, John Holl of All About Beer Magazine, Jason Alstrom of Beer Advocate, Don Russell (aka “Joe Six Pack”) of Philadelphia Daily News and esteemed beer writers Jay Brooks and Lisa Morrison.

· The Sam Adams employee winner is voted on by visitors to the Boston Brewery.

How to get your hands on these beers:

The Samuel Adams LongShot Variety Six-Pack is available nationwide in select retail stores beginning in April for a suggested retail price of $9.99 -$10.00 (prices vary by market).

Samuel Adams, Sam Adams, Boston Lager, Brewing the American Dream, LongShot, and American Homebrew Contest are registered trademarks of The Boston Beer Company.


What’s In The Barrel At BrewDog

imageFrom BrewDog:

Every so often we update you all on the many different beers conditioning away in the steel tanks of our Ellon brewhouse – but we figured it was time to take the longer view and focus instead on the contents of our epic BrewDog barrel store. The many casks therein have a huge influence on the final flavour of the beers, and with the latest barrel-aged special launching today, it’s an opportune moment to peer into the cryptic depths of our barrels!

Abstrakt AB:20

You can buy AB:20 here

First on the list, we have a beer that has recently left that timber embrace. Our latest Abstrakt release launches today, and is now live in our online shop! AB:20 is inspired by one specific thing – tiramisu. Yes, the classic Italian dessert has been recreated in liquid form via the imagination of our brewery team. We brewed a rich, caramel-heavy coffee infused oatmeal milk barley wine and have blended it with rum-aged Paradox to encapsulate this iconic dish.

So at once there is a big hit of coffee which runs in parallel to the sweet caramel flavours from the malt, before the vanilla and oaky flavours from the rum arrive on the finish – along with a boozy warmth. The overall experience is bittersweet, rich and opulent – the perfect summation of one of the world’s classic after-dinner experiences. AB:20 is online now and will launch on draft tonight in UK BrewDog bars from 6pm!

Dog E

You can buy Dog E here

Another beer that recently departed our barrel store for a higher calling is Dog E. Whilst bottles remain in our online shop, this beer is also joining with AB:20 to break cover on draft tonight! Look for yet more toasty oak, alongside warming chilli spice and the twin pillars of cacao and coffee to buttress everything in suitably epic fashion.

Barrel Aged Albino Squid Assassin

One of the next releases to hit our online shop and BrewDog bars is a very special iteration of a red rye IPA that made such an impact towards the end of last year. Following the brew of Albino Squid Assassin, we sequestered some of the beer in rye whiskey casks – and it will be out very soon. Our Equity Punks had first dibs on the barrel-aged version at our #PunkAGM2016; and the feedback was very positive indeed. Check out the evolution of our ten-armed terror shortly!

Paradox Islay

Also forthcoming is the welcome return of one of our most eagerly-awaited series. Yes, Paradox is back. And to reintroduce it in the best possible way we have revisited one of the all-time classics – we have aged the beer in Islay whisky casks. So the deep, dark resonance of our Paradox will be layered by the peaty, smoky notes from one of the world’s most unique flavours – the whiskies of Scotland’s most famous island of distilleries.

Beavertown Collaboration

We also have a series of collaboration beers in barrel at the moment – and one of the most recently-installed was our pairing with London’s finest, Beavertown. Riffing on their modern classic Smog Rocket we have an imperial smoked porter currently enveloped in Islay, bourbon and rye casks. A beer inspired by the industrial history of London, we are currently augmenting that history with a series of amazing flavours from three of the most distinctive whiskies anywhere.

Deschutes Collaboration

Another collab still in barrel is a ‘big bad imperial porter’ brewed with one of the most adventurous craft breweries in the US – the fantastic Deschutes from Oregon. It is almost a year since the guys from the States travelled the long distance from Bend to Ellon and brewed with us, and ever since our co-creation has been taking on flavour in bourbon, Speyside and Islay whisky casks. Once blended, this is going to be an immense beer, in every respect.

B Nektar Collaboration

Last up for the oak-aged alliances, we have another special beer in cask, gaining flavour and evolving as you read this. B Nektar is a stunning meadery (and sometime brewery) in northern Detroit and we welcomed the team to Ellon to produce an historic beer together. Given their expertise, it had to be honey-related, so we combined their key ingredient with one of ours (malt) and produced a braggott - a Celtic-era olde ale brewed with honey. Currently in barrel, watch out for this one.

Riptide Bourbon & Chilli

Finally, one of our own maturing quietly in oak is a very special brew of our near-legendary Riptide. Since blasting onto the scene from Fraserburgh (and being voted the world’s best imperial stout at the 2007 World Beer Awards) we have dipped our toes into the swirling waters every so often. Our barrel store currently has a bourbon cask with a brew of Riptide ageing on chilli – there’s just something about the mix of oaky vanilla, bitter chocolate malt and warming spice that work. But this particular Riptide won't come ashore for some time yet…

Don’t forget, Abstrakt AB:20 and Dog E are available in our online shop now, and both launch on draft in our BrewDog bars at 6pm tonight (Thursday, 28th April). Let us know in the comments below if you’ve tried them, and which of the barrels above you would want to take a sample of, if you could!


Ground Breaker Roll-up Door Series Returns With An Imperial IPA

imageFrom Ground Breaker:

Ground Breaker Brewing, the nation’s first 100% dedicated gluten-free brewery, is rolling out the first release of the year in their Roll Up Door Series. Ground Breaker’s Imperial IPA weighs in at a staggering 10% ABV and 100 IBU. A uniquely American style, this double India Pale Ale boasts enough alcohol and bitterness to satisfy even the most enthusiastic Northwest hophead. It’s a gluten-free beer best enjoyed fresh, before the hop flavor and aroma dissipates.

Ground Breaker’s Imperial IPA will be released Thursday April 27th , and will be available through the Ground Breaker Gastropub and Bring on the Beer, the Pacific Northwest's #1 online craft beer store. 

Ground Breaker will be pouring pints of IIPA during their Taproom Takeover at Cidra Cider Room in Bellingham, Washington on April 29th from 5-7pm. 22oz bottles will also be available for purchase. In addition, the Tap Takeover will feature 7th Avenue Saison and Coffee Pale Ale.

A limited release, Ground Breaker Brewing produces 7 barrels for their Roll Up Door Series of ales, so this hoppy gluten-free beer is sure to sell out quickly. The Imperial IPA first appeared as Roll Up Door Series #1 in the summer of 2015.

Gluten-free hopheads rejoice, Ground Breaker Brewing’s Imperial IPA has returned. 

About Bring on the Beer
Bring on the Beer is a trusted online beer store making the most highly sought after, award-winning, hand crafted beers of the Pacific Northwest available to people across the US. We specialize in delivering the best tasting and hardest to find brews anywhere.

About Cidra Cider Room
Cidra Cider Room opened as Bellingham’s only cider bar in September 2015. They are located inside of the well established Elizabeth Station craft beer bar and bottleshop in Bellingham, Washington.


New Glarus Brewing To Add New Distillery

imageGreat news from New Glarus…they are in the planning stages for a new distillery.  The New Glarus Want Ad above outlines the plan for a new 75L pilot still and 600L commercial still and a trademark application has already been made for “New Glarus Beer Schnapps” so I suspect will see some unique beer & spirit combinations coming from New Glarus.


Wiley Roots Brewing - Jynx Black French Saison

Here’s your very first look at a new beer heading to bottles from Wiley Roots Brewing in Greeley, CO.  This is Jynx, this is a 750ml bottle and the beer hits 6.2%-AbV.  Here are some of the details: Jynx is a black French saison brewed with raspberries and blackberries. Jynx was made with the intent to play tricks on the drinkers mind; pouring pitch black while giving a fruity nose and complex saison taste much like one of lighter color. Jynx clocks in at 6.2% ABV and packaged in 750mL bottles. Jynx is currently available at the Craft Beer Cellar in Fort Collins, Colorado, bottles will be released Friday in our taproom in Greeley this Friday, April 29th and see Northern Colorado distribution to select retailers next week.


Lawson’s Finest Announces New Larger Brewery & Tasting Room

imageFrom Lawson’s Finest:

Here’s news that will thrill beer lovers near and far! Sean and Karen Lawson, proprietors of the award-winning microbrewery Lawson’s Finest Liquids, are in the process of purchasing the warehouse buildings and property located at 155 Carroll Road in Waitsfield, VT with a goal of closing in the spring of 2017. Sean says, “It is our hope that this will become the expanded home of Lawson’s Finest in the Mad River Valley.” The craft beer company plans to open a new larger brewery, a tasting room and offer retail sales.

Currently, Lawson’s Finest is based in Warren VT with a 7 barrel brewery (1 U.S. barrel (bbl) = 31 gallons). In the new space in Waitsfield, they anticipate having a 30 bbl brewery. They plan to move their craft beer-making operation from a tiny 280 square-foot building at their home in Warren to the 7,500-square-foot warehouse in Waitsfield, which means more beer as well as adding employees and new equipment. They plan to keep the 7bbl brewery in Warren operational as a pilot location, with the opportunity for more creativity and experimentation. The Lawson’s also plan to continue brewing their Sip of Sunshine IPA and Super Session beers at Two Roads Brewing in CT now and in the future. Sean elaborates, “We’ve hoped from the beginning that our Sip of Sunshine IPA brewed at Two Roads could get to the big Northeast beer markets that are nearby, but people in Vermont and Connecticut are drinking it faster than we can make it!”

Create a destination for Lawson’s Finest consumers

“One of the things that’s been missing from our business is that due to our residential location, people can’t get to or see the brewery, and taste the beer or meet the brewer; people really want that,” Sean said. The tasting room plans to include a family-friendly space where people can sample a variety of locally produced artisan foods and beverages. The Lawson’s desire to align their project with both the scale and the character of Waitsfield and the surrounding areas of the Mad River Valley.

“While this is an exciting first step,” Lawson said,“our plans are contingent upon the completion of the Winter Park Community waste water system, as well as obtaining all of the necessary permits from the Town of Waitsfield and State of Vermont.” If the permitting phase is successful and they complete the purchase, the Lawson’s anticipate renovations and equipment installation will take an additional 6-12 months, with a potential opening in 2018. “We’ve given ourselves two years to get to an opening date. We want to be completely transparent with our community as we go through this process,” Sean said.

Since its inception, his beers have captured the fancy of beer lovers near and far, creating a cult-like following. Lawson’s Finest has also captured awards in recent years at the Great American Beer Festival, World Beer Cup, and the National IPA Championship, creating heightened interest in their brand. Several factors over the past few years have made them more willing to take the next step in terms of growing the business. They partner with Mad River Food Hub in Waitsfield for local Vermont distribution. “Having warehouse space with both dry and refrigerated storage, trucking capacity, and the distribution facility at the Food Hub have been critical” Sean said.

Lawson’s Finest also brews beer under contract at Two Roads Brewery in Stratford, Connecticut, where they produce Sip of Sunshine and Super Session #2. This experience has given them the confidence that they can take on a larger operation and have the ability to move forward with this project.“We have expected to grow at some point, but we wanted it to be on our terms. Our quality of life is the key driver of our business and now we’re ready to make Waitsfield the home of a bigger brewery and tasting room,” Karen added. “Our kids have become more independent in the last several years; we feel confident in making this move as a company.”

Enhance year-round tourism in the Mad River Valley

The Lawson’s expect to make a substantial contribution to the economic and social vitality of the area. “Vermont is already known as one of the world’s premier beer destinations and we would like the Mad River Valley to be one of the must-visit places for beer enthusiasts and tourists,” Sean remarked. In their first eight years, Lawson’s Finest has evolved as a small home-based business in Warren into a brand recognizable across the country and internationally in the beer industry. The Lawson’s predict that this new brewery will enhance business opportunities for Mad River Valley neighbors and business owners in the local lodging, retail, restaurant, farming and food production sectors by enticing visitors to the area on a year-round basis, which is especially of value during the slow “shoulder” seasons in a tourist driven economy.

Create new livable wage employment opportunities

According to Lawson, this project will create a number of salaried full-time jobs at the new brewery with excellent livable pay rates and benefits. Lawson’s Finest also plans to utilize local professionals and contractors in planning, renovating and operating the brewery, with the goal of creating a more sustainable economic future for local residents and business owners.

Sean currently serves as President of the Vermont Brewers Association (VBA) and he referenced a recent Economic Impact Study by the VBA that points to beer’s contribution to Vermont and its potential contribution to The Valley’s economy. Vermont breweries, he said, hosted over 1.5 million visitors to their locations in 2014, with over 1.2 million from out-state, and they provide over 1,000 jobs at 44 breweries and a direct economic impact of nearly $300 million.

Lawson’s Finest was founded eight years ago by Sean, a longtime home brewer and the director of Mad River Glen’s Naturalist Program, a title he still holds. Sean, 45, and Karen, 42, met on a full moon snowshoe in 1999 at Mad River Glen. They were married in 2001 and will celebrate 15 years together this August. They have two daughters, Ava and Jade.


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