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26 April 2017


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Flying Dog - Dead Rise Returns 5/5

imageFrom Flying Dog:

There is a light at the end of the tunnel, and that light is knowing that Dead Rise returns on Friday, May 5. That euphoric feeling is natural. Let it wash over you. We’ll wait.

It also feels good to know we put the world’s first and only OLD BAY Summer Ale in a can. After that they jumped into boxes twelve-at-a-time, creating the perfect briefcase for your summer office…if your summer office is located on a beach, a boat, a hammock or a newspaper-lined picnic table.

To celebrate this aligning of the galaxy, we’ve arranged an evening marking the return of the crab. We’ll have crab cakes from Roasthouse Pub and a Dead Rise crab-shaped cake from the other wizards in DC, Buttercream Bake Shop. Add cans of Dead Rise into the mix on our patio for a Friday that would make any Marylander proud. Sperrys not required, but you do have to wear something on your feet. We’re not savages.----

The Summer of Dead Rise has returned. Make room in the cooler and start your summer here.


Braxton Brewing to Release Authentic German Lager in Cans: Twisted Bit

imageFrom Braxton:

Braxton Brewing Co. is excited to begin canning it’s fourth and final core style. Beginning during the first week of May, the Covington-based brewery’s Twisted Bit Dortmunder Lager will be available in 6-packs of 12 oz. cans.

Join the taproom can release party here.

“Twisted Bit was the first lager we ever produced at Braxton, and now it is finally coming to cans,” said Evan Rouse, Braxton Brewing Company Co-Founder & COO. “As a team with extensive backgrounds in lager production we were more than excited to get this on tap. After reviewing the market and seeing a lack of craft lager availability, the Dortmunder style truly stood out!”

Twisted Bit is a traditional Dortmunder Lager brewed the authentic German way. Before the beer is brewed, Braxton Brewing Co. infuses Covington water with minerals to match the water profile of Dortmund, Germany.

“The most crucial ingredient, and often neglected ingredient, in beer is water” said Richard Dubé, Braxton Brewing Company Co-Founder & Brewmaster. “Centuries ago, European cities became famous for their IPA, Export Lager, Dunkel, Dry Stouts and more. Consequently, water needs to be adjusted to mimic traditional styles brewed in specific regions. By doing so, the functionality of the mashing enzymes is affected and also the activity and behavior of the yeast during fermentation. All of this, has a significant impact on the final taste.”

Early in the brewing process, Braxton also uses a method called decoction. This is the traditional method for lagers. Decoction is boiling a portion of the mash to create a rich and complex malt backbone for the beer. Only decoction imparts this truly unique malt depth that traditional German lagers are famous for.

“The decoction process is time-consuming, and adds additional complexity to the brew day,” said Adam Rauckhorst, Braxton Brewing Company Head Brewer. “But we have found it to be incredibly important to providing the depth of flavor we wanted for this beer.”

This is the fourth Braxton core style beer to be canned. Storm Golden Cream Ale, Revamp IPA, Dead Blow Tropical Stout and Twisted Bit Dortmunder Lager are all available year round on draft. Storm and Revamp are also available in cans year round. Dead Blow and Twisted Bit will rotate in cans during the Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer months, respectively.

When Braxton opened in 2015, Twisted Bit was not a core style. It began as a small batch, Garage Series beer. Due to its popularity and the brewing team’s lager expertise, the brewery decided to make a commitment to lagers and Twisted Bit is now available year round.

The Dortmunder Lager checks in at 5.8% ABV and 30 IBU. It has the malt profile of a Helles and hop character of a Pilsner but is slightly stronger than both.

The 6-packs of 12 oz. cans will be available throughout Braxton’s distribution network in Northern Kentucky, Cincinnati, Louisville, Lexington and Dayton beginning during the first week of May.


Straub Brewery Launches "1872 Pre-Prohibition Lager" as Newest Year-Round Craft Beer

imageFrom Straub:

St. Marys, PACelebrating its 145-year history as one of the country’s oldest craft brewers, Straub Brewery is debuting its popular 1872 Pre-Prohibition Lager as the company’s newest year-round offering. The German-style craft beer is available throughout Pennsylvania in 12-packs, as well as limited draft at your local tavern.

Inspired by Straub Brewery Founder Peter Straub—who began brewing in St. Marys, PA, in 1872 at a time when pale lagers had more color, a more pronounced malt flavor, and were a touch hoppier than they are these days—1872 is a classic pre-Prohibition-style lager. Straub Brewery first started producing 1872 as a seasonal in 2012.

Pouring a light tan with a lingering head of small tight bubbles, 1872 has a mild spice-and-floral hop aroma balanced with a slight malty sweetness and some light toasty notes, and is punctuated by a clean, crisp finish.

image“Ever since we first brewed 1872 in 2012, people have been asking us to make it available throughout the year,” said Straub Brewmaster Vince Assetta. “So, I am especially happy that 1872 Pre-Prohibition Lager will indeed now be available year-round as part of the new Peter Straub Signature Brew lineup. This classic American beer is crisp and full-bodied, but yet has a drinkability that makes it go well with just about any occasion.”

For meals and parties, 1872 pairs well with a variety of dishes, including cheesy party dips; brunch dishes, such as omelets and French toast; marinated chicken, steak, or tofu; jerky; pizza; stuffed pork chops; chili and vegetable soup; and baked hams and turkeys.

1872 will also be available as part of the “Peter Straub Signature Brews” Adventure Series 3 sampler, which will be released later this year. Adventure Series 1—featuring Wild*Boy Hopped Lager , Tight Lines Ale, Boulder, and Ridge Top Runner—is currently available.


Nigh Shift Releasing To Helles and Bock, Thievery, Matisse & Nite Lite

imageFrom Night Shift:

It wouldn't be an NSB fest without some awesome releases! Last week we announced the killer music lineup that The Ballroom Thieves curated for our May 6th Springfest, and now we're delivering on our side of the bargain: a beer lineup to match! The list is highlighted by a nod to our co-conspirators in creating this amazing day - a brand new, bright and crisp American pale ale called Thievery. The Thieves helped us conceptualize and design the can artwork, and we're stoked to roll out this easy-drinker for you all to try.
In addition to Thievery, we'll have two brand new releases in cans and on draft for May 6th:
To Helles and Bock: a German-style maibock
Matisse: a saison with lavender
PLUS the return of... Nite Lite: our beloved American light lager!
Alex Weaver from BostInno
has a great article about the full Springfest rundown - check us out over on Facebook for in-depth profiles of each release in the coming week!


Craft Brewers Conference Industry Keynote Address (Video)

From the Brewers Association:

Brewer and Author Dick Cantwell presents a keynote address during the second General Session of the Craft Brewers Conference in Washington, D.C. on April 12.


Magic Hat Begins Pleasing Palates on Entirely New Level

imageFrom Magic Hat:

The Artifactory®, Magic Hat’s epicenter of ales and arts, has begun healing hunger and slaking thirst in an all-new way. After much reordering and renovation, lovers of the brewer’s ales and odd notions can now enjoy fresh, locally sourced food selections. The grand opening will take place on Thursday, May 4, from 6-8:30pm, with a party that is free to attend and open to the beer-loving public.

The new menu was created by Wilson Ballantyne, one of Magic Hat’s brewers and a graduate of the New England Culinary Institute in Montpelier, VT. Ballantyne has created a delectable menu of unique paninis, salads and cheese plates, each incorporating ingredients from local Vermont purveyors.

Pints of Magic Hat’s elixirs will also be available on a full-time basis. The bar at The Artifactory regularly features around 15 different beers, from new and old favorites, to brewery-only offerings from the brewer’s Pilot Batch system, to elusive ales from the Humdinger Collection. Should visitors become particularly attached to a beer, Magic Hat will continue to offer growlers for folks to take home.

“The Artifactory has always been a place of celebration for innovation, no matter the medium, and we are thrilled to finally round it all out by introducing food and building on our beer offerings,” said Mark Hegedus, President of Magic Hat. “Any space where beautiful art, inspiring music, good eats, and delicious beer come together sounds like one heck of a party, and we look forward to continuing the fun for the Burlington community here at our brewery and performing arts center.”

To tie the new Artifactory space together, even more artistically inspired architecture has been added, courtesy of Vermont-based artist, Russ Bennett. Bennett, renowned for his sculpture and design at major music festivals like Bonnaroo, Outside Lands and the Phish festivals, also played a major role in designing The Artifactory during Magic Hat’s 2008 brewery overhaul. Visitors can now sidle up to a new standing bar or take a load off at one of Bennett’s brushed steel tables.

The Magic Hat Artifactory is located at 5 Bartlett Bay Rd., South Burlington, VT, 05403, and it is open for business 11am-7pm Monday-Saturday and Noon-5pm on Sunday.


No Label Releasing Perpetual Peace, Cape Comorin DIPA & Citrus Ginger Gose

imageFrom No Label brewing:

It's time for PERPETUAL PEACE.

We thought we would start with that for this newsletter. We get many emails, messages, phone calls about our Perpetual Peace (a delicious bourbon barrel aged Wee Heavy). We usually release this beer in late December/early January. When our brewers tried it in December, they came to the conclusion the beer needed to age longer. So we aged it. For 200 days. Then we tasted it. It was delicious and rich and.....perfect. We switched this beer to a 4-pack instead of a bomber. We had a few reasons for this. The first being our Bomber Bottling Line was a difficult piece of machinery. We felt it wasn't as consistent as our regular bottling line. So much so, there were many days our employees would have loved to take a bat to it, just like in Office Space. We also felt the value for the consumer would be great with 4 beers vs. 1 bomber (that you would need to finish immediately once opened). Perpetual Peace is a beer that needs to be shared with great friends and family. At 11.6% ABV, it should not disappoint. We feel this is one of our favorites versions we've done. Now available in our No Label Taproom and at several bars & restaurants, this beer should not be one you ignore. Perpetual Peace is very limited. We want to thank you for waiting patiently and we apologize for the delay. We just couldn't release this beer until it was PERFECT. 

Another wonderfully exciting beer we've been working on it our NEW Cape Comorin DIPA. This delicious beer is made with 4 different hops and stands at 8.8% ABV. We are releasing Cape Comorin May 1st. Visit our brewery, local bar/restaurant or stores to try. Look for the 4-pack under our Off Label Series when searching for this beer. We hope you enjoy!

Last but certainly not least, our Citrus Ginger Gose. This is a beer in our Havana Night Series, along with Mojito Lime Gose which will be released in June.

This refreshing summertime beer will be available starting May in most stores. With ginger and tangerine orange, it's unique yet not overpowering. At 5% ABV, this tangy whet ale has a pinch of salt to give it just the right balance. On tap now at No Label.

We're thrilled about our NEW lineup and hope you enjoy it as much as we have enjoyed making it. ----

Thank you for your support and don't forget- #fortheloveofcraft


The Tank Brewing Company To Open Expansive, Long-Anticipated Tasting Room in Miami

imageFrom The Tank:

The Tank Brewing Company, one of Miami’s newest and most exciting breweries, will officially open its tasting room on Friday, April 28 at 4:00 p.m. Located at 5100 NW 72nd Avenue just north of Miami International Airport, the 25,000 square foot, 120-seat brewery will feature up to 16 beers on tap, including its popular core brews, seasonal and special releases, as well as guest taps from regional breweries. With a total capacity of up to 600, the tasting room will offer guests the opportunity to view The Tank’s entire brewing process from every seat. The venue will also host numerous events and activities for people of varied interests, and will be available for private parties and corporate functions.

The Tank Brewing Company’s owner Carlos Padron and his team have been working over two years to fully bring the brewery to life. Inspired by Miami's unique flavors and influence, The Tank’s beers are expertly crafted using only the finest ingredients from mash to tap, and made by combining the latest technology in brewing innovations with superior attention to detail and time-honored brewing techniques. In May 2016, The Tank launched its core craft beers – La Finca Miami, Freedom Tower Amber, and El Farito IPA – which have become a staple at more than 250 South Florida bars, restaurants and establish

ments. Recently, due to overwhelming demand, the brewery ordered additional tanks for its cellar, doubling its production capacity.

“We are so excited to finally open The Tank Brewing Company’s tasting room and welcome beer enthusiasts, locals and tourists alike,” said Padron. “Miami is a diverse city where you can find interesting people from all walks of life, and this ‘eclecticism’ mirrors the way that our beers come together, and how we want them to be enjoyed. We want guests to feel comfortable at The Tank as they enjoy our beers right where they are crafted,” added Padron.

“Those who enjoy La Finca Miami, Freedom Tower Amber, or El Farito IPA will taste the flavors of tradition, artistry, and fellowship; what we call our liquid innovation,” said Matthew Weintraub, The Tank’s head brewer, and a former adjunct professor at Florida International University’s state-of-the-art brewing science lab. “From the purity of the water and the extensive care that is taken in curating ingredients, to the thinking behind our craft beer names, our goal is to ensure quality and consistency in every sip,” added Weintraub.

Twisted Fork Kitchen, led by Chef Richard Plasencia, will offer guests a menu created especially for The Tank, featuring a variety of flavors to pair with the brewery’s signature beers. “I wanted to create a menu founded in progressive American cuisine without pretension or stuffiness,” said Chef Richard Plasencia. “Our goal is to take guests on a journey using food as the catalyst – with playful dishes that introduce new flavors and complement The Tank's stellar beers,” added Plasencia.

A first in the industry, The Tank also features a Cigar Shop and Lounge where guests will find some of the world’s top-rated cigars, including Plasencia, Rocky Patel, Aging Room, Casa Magna and Alec Bradley, to name a few.

To celebrate its opening, The Tank will host a series of events throughout May, including an official grand opening celebration on Saturday, May 20, where guests will enjoy live entertainment, great food, and the exclusive chance to taste a “special release” beer.

The tasting room will operate Monday through Thursday, from 4:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.; Fridays, 4:00 p.m. to midnight; Saturdays, noon to 1:00 a.m.; and Sundays, noon to 10:00 p.m.

Guests are invited to share photos and comments using #SipAndDiscuss on The Tank’s social channels: @TheTankBrewing on Instagram, The Tank Brewing Company on Facebook, and @TheTankBrewing on Twitter. For additional information, visit

About The Tank Brewing Company
Founded by Carlos Padron with brewers Matt Weintraub and Moh Saade, Miami-based The Tank Brewing Company embodies a homegrown passion for brewing honest, expertly-crafted artisanal beer using only the finest ingredients from mash to tap; from the purity of the water to the extensive care that is taken in curating ingredients. Every drop, every step of the process, and every detail are tended to with pure love of beer in mind — and you can taste it in every sip. The Tank’s popular core beers La Finca Miami, Freedom Tower Amber and El Farito IPA were all inspired by the brewers’ love for their hometown, Miami.

About The Tank’s Beers
La Finca Miami is a crisp and refreshing wheat ale inspired by the “saison” beer style, originally brewed by the farmers of Belgium. The Tank chose the Spanish “La Finca,” which roughly translates as “the farmhouse estate” to honor this heritage. Like the farmhands who labor together tirelessly to yield a fruitful crop, the combined efforts of numerous people from diverse backgrounds have crafted Miami into the cultural gem that it is.

Freedom Tower Amber is named after Miami’s most iconic building and the freedom that it symbolizes to many who have sought refuge in the city. Freedom Tower Amber sports a gorgeous red hue, and features lush caramel-malt flavors, with hints of peach and apricot on the finish.

El Farito is a reference to the beloved Cape Florida lighthouse, the oldest standing structure in Miami. Originally built in 1825, El Farito has been rebuilt and relit multiple times throughout its history, and stands as a symbol of Miami’s endurance. El Farito IPA boasts an intense hoppy nose of citrus and tropical fruit over a subtle honey-like base. This bright IPA will satisfy your hop fix anytime of day.


Wiseacre Brewing - Unicornucopia Tequila Barrel-Aged Belgian Single w/Grapefruit

imageHere’s an interesting new bottle coming from Wiseacre brewing in Memphis, TN.  This is Unicornucopia 2017 and it is a Belgian-style single ale aged in Tequila barrels with grapefruit.  This beer will ride in at 5.3%-AbV and you’re looking at the 22oz bottle.


Singin’ River Brewing - Tiger Chainsaw Arms

imageHere’s my nominee for today’s “beer name of the day.”  This is Tiger Chainsaw Arms from Singin’ River Brewing in Florence, AL.  This beer is a Belgian-style Abbey tripel-American IPA that will saw in at 12.2%-AbV.  This looks to be a 12oz bottle, but stay tuned for more details.   Singin’ River has confirmed it is a can.


Witch’s Hat Brewing - Defloured NEIPA

imageThis is Defloured NEIPA from Witch’s Hat Brewing in South Lyon, MI.  This IPA brewed with oats will hit 6.5%-AbV and this looks to be a 12oz bottle but stay tune don that.


Jaws Brewery - Jaws Porter (Russia)

imageThis is Jaws Porter from Jaws Brewery in Russia.  This coconut porter hits 8.2%-AbV and you’re looking at the 500ml bottle for U.S. distribution.


Backlash Beer - Allston New England IPA 16oz Cans

imageHere we have a new can coming from Backlash Beer.  This is Allston and it is a New England-style IPA that will drive in at 7%-AbV.  This beer will be packaged in 16oz cans at Dorchester Brewing in Boston, MA.


Flat Tail Brewing - Dam Wild Cuve’e

imageThis is Dam Wild Cuve’e from Flat Tail Brewing in Corvallis, OR.  This sour ale is brewed with raspberry, lime and oak staves and the beer hits 7.5%-AbV.  This is the 22oz bottle.


Gig Harbor Brewing - Giggly Blonde

imageThis is Giggly Blonde from Gig Harbor Brewing in Tacoma, WA.  This American blonde ale swings in at 6%-AbV and 48 IBU and you’re looking at the 12oz can.


Highland Brewing Releasing Big Briar Tart Raspberry Ale

25 April 2017

imageWe brought you a peek and how this from Highland Brewing:

Berry up to the bar for Big Briar Tart Raspberry Ale from Highland Brewing in Asheville, NC. This new seasonal hits the market in late April but the first kegs are tapped April 28 at the brewery.

Big Briar hits the spring sweet spot at an approachable 5.4% ABV with a touch of tartness and all natural ingredients. It even looks like spring with its coral color.

The brewing team uses seven and a half pounds of 100% raspberry puree per barrel of beer, adding the berries at the most aggressive stage of fermentation. “There’s natural convection when we add the raspberry. The yeast is churning so much that the berries distribute naturally in a 200-barrel tank, top to bottom. The blowoff is pink,” said Brewmaster Hollie Stephenson. Her approach lets the yeast eat the berries’ natural sugar, removing sweetness and leaving raspberry essence in aroma, color and tartness. To avoid stripping the desired berry character after fermentation, a coarse filter is used, leaving tiny particles mostly invisible to the eye. Because it’s not all about the berry, the base beer is led by El Dorado hops, one of Hollie’s favorites, which add complementary lemon notes to the raspberry aroma and flavor. 

All of Highland’s distribution areas will feature Big Briar. Those distribution areas are part of, or one state away from, the Southern Appalachian Mountains. And the mountains are connected to the name Big Briar.

Big Briar Cove is a conservation easement donated in memory of inventor and electronic music pioneer, Bob Moog. Big Briar is part of a network of 10,000 protected acres in the wider Sandy Mush area of the French Broad River watershed in North Carolina. All of Highland’s seasonal beers are named after a land or water feature protected by our partners at Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy, and $1 per pour at each release party benefits the work they do, for all of us. To donate your dollar, join the April 28brewery release, featuring free live music with Bloodkin from 7-9pm and food trucks on site, each creating a special food pairing for Big Briar Tart Raspberry Ale.

About Big Briar Tart Raspberry Ale

Fresh pureed raspberries headline this approachably tart beer. Pairing berries with the lemon candy notes of El Dorado® hops creates an unapologetically nuanced brew, coral in color, with compelling fruit aromatics. Meet the perfect companion for your spring and summer evenings.

Grist – 2 Row Brewers Malt, White Wheat, Caramel 20, & Sauermaltz

Original gravity – 12.7° Plato

Hops – El Dorado®

Alcohol – 5.4% by volume

IBU – 50


Terrapin Adding Side Project 31 - Himalayan Pink Sea Salt Lime Gose

imageWe brought you an early peek at this beer, and as promised we’re the first to bring you the full packaging.  This is Terrapin Himalayan Pink Sea Salt Lime Gose and it will be released as Side Project # 31.  This gose-style beer is brewed with Himalayan pink sea salt, coriander and Makrut lime juice and this beer will be packaged in 500ml bottles.  Look for Himalayan Pink Sea Salt Lime Gose to hit 4.5%-AbV and stay tuned here for release details.


Founders Adding 2nd Taproom & Brewery In Detroit

imageFrom Founders:

Dave and I have always considered our taproom the heart of the brewery, the place where the Founders culture and spirit is most alive, the thing that consistently reminds us of why we embarked on this journey in the first place.|

It is there where titles are checked at the door and you can rub elbows with some unlikely characters (and find you have more in common with them than not). It is a place where a love of great beer, delicious food and a good time is all that’s needed to enjoy. It’s our home and all are welcome in it.

We have a strong love for our hometown of Grand Rapids, but more than anything, we’re Michiganders with a strong love and commitment for our beautiful state. Out of that commitment comes our decision to open a second taproom location in Detroit and let our fans on the east side of the state experience the something special that takes place in our taproom day in and day out.

The city of Detroit and Founders have a lot in common – we hit rock bottom and we bounced right back. It took years of hard work, tenacity and a regret nothing attitude, but we did it and we see those struggles reflected in the struggles and ultimate triumph of Detroit. And the people that live there? Tough-as-nails, industrious, culturally diverse, passionate and incredibly vocal about their love for Founders. This taproom is for them.

Our taproom will be located in the lower Cass Corridor neighborhood, an area rich with history and ripe for a turnaround. It will be within walking distance to sports arenas, music venues and more. In fact, it is directly behind one of Detroit’s oldest and most storied buildings, the Detroit Masonic Temple, which is one of the most popular venues in the city.

We’re not looking to build a carbon copy of our home-base taproom here in Grand Rapids. There are few other cities who know who they are as much as Detroit does and we want that confidence and attitude to inform the feel of our Detroit taproom. While we’re still in the process of developing menus, building design, layout and logistics, we expect there to be some parallels, but without the cookie-cutter franchise feel.----

Construction will start this summer and we aim to open next winter. Here’s to the next chapter in Founders history – we’re sure it’s going to be a good one.


Mike Stevens, Co-Founder and CEO


Q: What are we doing?
A: Strengthening our commitment to our beautiful home state of Michigan and opening a 14,000 square foot second taproom facility in the lower Cass Corridor neighborhood of Midtown, Detroit, MI.

Q: Why are we opening a taproom in Detroit?
A: Our commitment to our home state of Michigan was established long ago and we intend to continue fulfilling it, even as our reach elsewhere increases. We have toyed with the idea of opening another taproom for years now and, when finally moving forward, it was a no-brainer choosing Detroit as the city to host it. Not only do we have tons of fans on the east side of the state, we also have a personal history and love for Detroit. Both our Culinary Director and Vice President of Retail Operations hail from metro Detroit and have long been petitioning that we deepen our roots there.

While our Grand Rapids taproom is and always will be home to us, we feel it is important to spread the Founders love and allow even more of our fans the opportunity to experience drinking from the source themselves.

Q: When are we doing this?
A: Construction should start in summer 2017, with the grand-opening taking place sometime in winter 2017.

Q: Where exactly is the taproom located?
456 Charlotte St. Detroit, MI 48201.

Q: What will the taproom experience be like?
A: We are in the initial planning stages so there is not much information to share at this point, but we will keep you all updated as the project progresses.

Q: Will the taproom be modeled after the Grand Rapids taproom?
A: The Detroit taproom will certainly take inspiration from the Grand Rapids location, but it isn’t intended to feel like a duplicate of it. We recognize and appreciate that Detroit and Grand Rapids, despite being in the same state, have a number of distinctions and our intention is to celebrate and embrace those. Every effort will be taken to ensure that the Founders culture represented in the Grand Rapids taproom comes through just as passionately in our Detroit location.

Q: Will we brew at this location?
Yes, we plan on brewing at this location and will create beers unique only to it. In addition to those, we will also offer our year-round, seasonal and specialty beers on tap as well. Our Barrel-Aged Series beers will be on tap depending on availability.

Q: How are we staffing this location?
A: We will open up a select number of positions internally to our current staff however the vast majority of jobs will be new hires and filled locally – we anticipate over 100 new jobs total. This process will extend from summer 2017 through winter 2017.

Q: How will this impact the local economy?
A: Not only will the presence of this taproom create jobs in Detroit, we anticipate it will drive in more traffic to the lower Cass Corridor neighborhood. Located adjacent to arenas and music venues, the location is already seeing the beginnings of revitalization and we strive to be at the forefront of it. Our Grand Rapids location helped to spur the revitalization of the downtown neighborhood it is located in and we anticipate the same will happen in the lower Cass Corridor.

Q: What construction company are we working with?
A: We have not selected yet, however that process will start soon.


Uinta Adding West Coast-Style IPA Bottles & Cans (Gluten Reduced)

imageThis morning you get your first look at a new beer coming from Uinta Brewing in Salt Lake City, UT.  This is West Coast-Style IPA and it is a west coast-style IPA that will ride in at 6.3%-AbV.  This “Gluten Reduced” beer will be packaged in 12oz bottles and cans (below)…stay tuned for release details.image


Odell Brewing - Pyrus & Prunus Sour Coming To Cellar Series 2017

imageThis morning we get our first look at a new beer coming to the Cellar Series in 2017 from Odell Brewing.  This is Pyrus & Prunus and it is a pear and peach sour golden ale that is aged in oak barrels.  Look for Pyrus & Prunus t hit 6.5%-AbV and the beer will be packaged in 750ml bottles.  Stay tuned for release details.


Bruery Terreux - Frucht: Mango

imageThis morning we have another new “Frucht” bottle coming from Bruery Terreux.  This is Frucht: Mango and it is a Berlin-style tart wheat beer aged in oak foeders with mango.  This beer hits 4.5%-AbV and this is the 750ml bottle.


Stillwater Artisanal - Mango Dream & Tangerine Haze Cans

imageToday we have Stillwater Artisanal Mango Dream.  This “juicy dry-hopped sour ale” is brewed with mango and the beer hits 6.5%-AbV.  We also have the latest packaging for Tangerine Haze and it is now described as a juicy dry-hopped sour ale with tangerine (7%-AbV).  These are both packaged in 12oz cans at Overshores Brewing in East Haven, CT.  Tangerine Haze is coming in June and Mango Dream in July.image


Ballast Point Launches Family Reunion Collaboration Series w/Cy Henley of Amplified Ale Works

imageFrom Ballast Point:

Today's brew day with Cy Henley of Amplified Ale Works kicks off our "Family Reunion" Collaboration Series! To help celebrate Home Brew Mart’s 25th anniversary this year, we’re doing a series of collabs with former employees who are now head brewers or brewery owners. Cy was a homebrew clerk at Home Brew Mart, and today he and Colby brewed a Barleywine with Crystal Rye Malt and Cherrywood Smoked Malt. A day filled with BBQ, brews, old stories and new beers—exactly what homebrewing and collaboration are all about. Stay tuned for the next in the series...


Stone Tangerine Express IPA Coming To 12oz Bottles


Today we get to see some new packaging from Stone.  This is Tangerine Express IPA and it is an IPA brewed with whole tangerine puree.  This beer will remain at 6.7%-AbV and you’re looking at the new 12oz bottle.image



Fort Collins Releases Kettle-Soured Dark Cherry Imperial Red Ale

imageFrom Fort Collins:

Fort Collins, CO  – Fort Collins  Brewery (FCB) announces the second season of their top-rated Savor Series beer, Kettle-Soured Dark Cherry Imperial Red Ale. Continuing with FCB’s commitment to sustainability this Imperial Red Ale is now available in single 16-ounce cans. FCB’s Savor Series is a limited batch reserve series, featuring beer styles that are innovative and on the forefront of bold flavors and styles. Producing a deep mahogany hue and aromas of rich cherry flavors with a hint of candy sweetness, this captivating brew is perfect for any beer lover with an adventurous palate.

Kettle-Soured Dark Cherry Imperial Red Ale undergoes a two-day brew process, utilizing traditional kettle-souring techniques. The addition of lactobacillus to the wort in the boil kettle provides this exquisite beer with a tart, lactic kick. “Dark cherries are added during the fermentation process”, says FCB Lead Brewer Taylor Krantz. “This addition provides a hint of sweetness that matches nicely to the beer’s sour profile.” The moderately high alcohol content, use of caramel malts, and a slight touch of salinity nicely balance out the beer’s two distinct flavor profiles.

This limited edition, Kettle-Soured Dark Cherry Imperial Red Ale is ideal for the beer connoisseur, as it is intended to savor one now and cellar one for that special occasion down the road. With an 8.3% ABV, this Imperial Red Ale provides beer lovers with a medium mouthfeel and a dry finish, certain to keep you coming back for more.


The Rare Barrel Home, Sour Home Bottles Coming 4/29

imageFrom The Rare Barrel:

Bottle Release, Saturday, April 29th | Home, Sour Home

Home, Sour Home, our attempt at creating a peach cobbler in a glass, is a blend of 3 different batches of golden sour beers aged in oak barrels. The first portion of this blend was fermented with English Ale yeast, various strains of Brettanomyces, and Pediococcus bacteria. We then blended this batch with barrels of golden sour beer that were only fermented with Brettanomyces yeast and Pediococcus bacteria. The final component to this blend was a golden sour beer that was fermented with English Ale yeast and then racked into unrinsed barrels that previously housed Brettanomyces bruxellensis var. Drei yeast and Lactobacillus delbrueckii bacteria. This base beer blend featured light tones of dried peaches and apricots as well a low to medium acidity and a dry finish, all characteristics that we thought would support the juicy flavors of peaches added as well as compliment subtle notes of cinnamon spice and smooth vanilla bean.

Join us this Saturday, April 29th in the Tasting Room to celebrate the release of Home, Sour Home. Bottles priced at $25/750mL (limit 12). We will also be serving up some Home, Sour Home variants and have a limited amount of treats to pair with this beer. Open to the public, doors open at 1PM.


Sun King Adding Alrye’d Alrye’d Alrye’d 16oz Cans

imageHere’s a beer that even Matthew McConaughey can approve of.  This is Sun King Alrye’d Alrye’d Alrye’d and it is an IPA brewed with Michigan Crystal hops and rye malt.  Look for this beer to be packaged in 16oz cans and stay tuned for AbV and release details.  Just think how much fun this beer will be to order.


Portland Brewing Embraces Earth Day

imageFrom Portland Brewing:

PORTLAND, OR . (April 25, 2017) Portland Brewing Company made a positive contribution to the environment this Earth Day by volunteering with the Hoyt Arboretum Visitor Center. Brewery employees removed ivy and other debris from the Rhododendron collection, improving trails, maintaining the integrity of the trees and sustaining arbor collections. Portland Brewing had 38 employees participate with the cleanup at Hoyt Arboretum Visitor Center, donating a total of 114 hours.

This effort marks the second consecutive year that employees used Earth Day to help compensate for the Brewery’s use of natural resources by creating positive environmental value in the community.

“We’re always looking to measure and reduce the environmental impacts we have on our community,” said Robert Rentsch, general manager for Portland Brewing. “Volunteerism is another way we can protect and steward our natural resources and improve our footprint. Through our volunteer time off program, we pay our employees to help keep our shorelines clean, maintain our nature trails and keep litter and waste out of our neighborhoods.”

Portland Brewing’s parent company North American Breweries plans to invest a minimum of 6,000 volunteer hours this year to impact communities all over the United States. Employees are asked to volunteer between 8 to 16 hours each, with emphasis on environmental projects.

“As a brewery, we are measured by our ability to not only brew and sell beer but to also contribute to issues that are important to our communities and connect back to our footprints,” said Rentsch. “Our employees look forward to partnering with organizations that preserve our environment through our volunteer time off program.”


DESTIHL Launches New Wild Sour Series With Blueberry Gose

imageFrom DESTIHL:

DESTIHlL Brewery has announced today that it is set to release a seasonal edition of their highly celebrated WiLD Sour Series in the form of Blueberry Gose, a kettle soured Leipzig-style Gose with blueberries.

DESTIHL’s highly revered WiLD Sour Series is kettle soured utilizing the brewery’s own culture of wild microflora originally harvested from the air in Central Illinois. This leads to truly unique and authentic sour, tart, fruity and floral characteristics in their WiLD Sour Series beers.

Blueberry Gose is the second of four seasonal releases in 2017 as part of the WiLD Sour Series. The seasonal releases were kicked off in January with DESTIHL’s award-winning WiLD Sour Series: Flanders Red.

In addition to the WiLD Sour Series seasonal releases, DESTIHL has two mainstay offerings in the series including Here Gose Nothin’®, a Leipzig-style Gose, and Synchopathic™, a dry-hopped sour ale.

The highly-anticipated Blueberry Gose will be released in draft and 4-pack 12oz cans through its distribution partners in 19 states plus Washington DC in May. Blueberry Gose will also be available on tap and in cans at both DESTIHL Restaurant & Brew Works locations in Normal, IL and Champaign, IL as well as at the brewery’s new $14 Million production facility and Beer Hall, set to open on May 27th in Normal, IL.

“We’ve really made a name for ourselves when it comes to sour beers, and that’s something that we’ve taken to heart and are very proud of and humbled by,” said Founder, CEO and Brewmaster, Matt Potts. “Blueberry Gose, and the WiLD Sour Series as a whole, just speaks to our focus on sour beers in general for years, including not only kettle sours within the WiLD Sour Series since 2013 but also our original barrel-aged Saint Dekkera® Reserve Sour Ales that started it all in 2008. With Blueberry Gose, we’re taking a beer style that’s already known for its tart and salty characteristics and throwing in another layer of complexity in the form of blueberries, adding not only color but more layers of aromatics and sweetness. Altogether, we’re really trying to introduce people to sour beers through our more approachable interpretations of these styles.”

DESTIHL will reveal the next two 2017 seasonal releases in the WiLD Sour Series later this year.


Blue Moon - Harvest Pumpkin Wheat & Mango Wheat

imageHere’s the latest packaging for a Blue Moon Limited Release beer.  This is Harvest Pumpkin Wheat and it is brewed with real pumpkin and spices.  This beer hits 5.7%-AbV and you’re looking at the 12oz bottle.  We also have the latest packaging for Blue Moon Mango Wheat (5.4%-AbV).imageimage


Lakefront - Barrel-Aged Spiced Winter Lager

imageToday we have a new barrel-aged bottle coming from Lakefront Brewery.  This is Barrel-Aged Spiced Winter Lager and it remains a lager brewed with honey, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, cloves and orange peel.  This beer is aged in Brandy barrels before being packaged in 12oz bottles.  Look for BA Spiced Winter Lager to hit 13.9%-AbV.


New Belgium Brewing Taps Rival IQ for Social Analytics & Competitive Benchmarking

NBLogoFrom New Belgium:

Rival IQ, the leader in social marketing analytics and insights, today announced New Belgium Brewing will be leveraging Rival IQ to benchmark their social media marketing efforts, optimize digital marketing strategies, monitor competitive social activity, craft leading marketing content and learn from other leading global beverage brands. Ranked as a ‘genius’ U.S. beer brand the last two years by L2, New Belgium Brewing is dedicated to continuing to exemplify elite digital marketing practices in the craft beer industry.

“It’s easy to get stuck comparing yourself to yourself,” said Kevin Darst, digital and media manager, New Belgium Brewing. “If you’re only analyzing your business’ metrics, that data isn’t informing you about your progress in the market or the industry. With benchmarks from Rival IQ, we can compare our performance against industry leaders, premium beverage brands, and other craft brewers. Benchmarks give social metrics power; a reference point.”

“We’re proud to help New Belgium Brewing see continued success in their digital marketing efforts,” said John Gallagher, vice president of marketing, Rival IQ. “With Rival IQ, they are better able to inform their digital and social marketing strategies and see exactly how they’re performing where it matters most.”

“Using Rival IQ is like having an extra marketer on staff who can take a deeper dive into trends that we’re seeing and determine if we’re directly influencing social performance or if there’s an external force moving the needle,” said Darst. “What’s great about Rival IQ is that you can spot trends in algorithm changes. For instance, if engagement suddenly drops, we can see if it only happened to us, or if everyone in our landscape experienced the same trend.”----

Companies and marketing agencies interested in learning more about gaining competitive insights, social benchmarking and simplifying reporting may visit for a free trial of Rival IQ.


Narragansett - Bohemian Pils 12oz Cans

imageHere we have the latest packaging for Narragansett Bohemian Pils.  This beer is a “craft-brewed tribute” to the original Narragansett lager and the beer will hit 5.3%-AbV.  This is the new 12oz can.


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