Dogfish Head Adding Missouri Distribution

27 March 2017

imageFrom Dogfish Head:

We are beyond happy to announce that we'll be releasing our entire collection of off-centered brews to beer lovers in Missouri, expanding our distribution footprint to 34 markets! It's been a long time coming and we're stoked to be heading to the Show-Me State!

There's one Dogfish fan that has gone above and beyond in his pursuit of bringing our beers to Missouri, launching a daily, five-year Twitter campaign with one goal in mind, bringing off-centered ales to his home state. In 2012, Dogfish super-fan and all around super-guy, Skylar Wallace, embarked on a tweet-a-day crusade! He would post a daily Twitter update to our page or about his devotion to Dogfish in an effort to show love and loyalty to his beloved, off-centered brewery, and hopefully convince us to begin distributing in the state. After more than 1600 tweets and daily #DFB2KC (Dogfish Beer to Kansas City) posts, the mission was realized.

“I am so happy that you guys are finally coming to Missouri,” says Skylar. “Sam and his incredible passion for Dogfish beer took root in me, and I owe my love of craft beer to him - I couldn’t get past the contagious passion he showed towards beer and wanted to try and be a part of it in any way I could.” Skylar and Sam met in Kansas City in 2014 and the two hit it off, sharing stories of craft beer love.

“I wanted to give Skylar a Dogfish shirt when we met but I didn’t have a spare, so I took off the shirt I was wearing, and gave it to my new beer buddy,” says Sam. “Since we’ll be spending more time in Missouri going forward, I hope to share a Flesh & Blood IPA with Skylar, check on my old shirt and bring him some never-worn Dogfish Head swag.”

Our Missouri fans can expect to enjoy a full line-up of iconic, fan-favorite brews, including 90 Minute IPA, Namaste White, Indian Brown, 60 Minute IPA, SeaQuench Ale, Flesh & Blood IPA, Palo Santo Marron, Burton Baton, Midas Touch, and seasonal releases. Limited quantities of specialty beers and occasional rarities will also be available throughout the year.

Curious how our off-centered ales are going to pair with some classic Missouri munchies? Here's what we're thinking...

Flesh and Blood IPA, an honest to goodness India Pale Ale brewed with a bevy of real citrus, is the ideal refreshment to pair with a plate of sweet and spicy Kansas City barbeque. The bold hops and citrus-forward flavors perfectly balance out the savory, saucy tastes. It’s the ideal brew for the ‘cue-niverse!

The next time you order a delicious St. Louis style pizza, be sure to reach for a 60 Minute IPA, a fan-favorite, Dogfish Head continually hopped India Pale Ale. The powerful but balanced East Coast IPA is the ideal brew for a thin, crispy pie.

Try pairing an Indian Brown, the prototypical dark IPA, with a delicious serving of Toasted Ravioli, a mouthwatering Missouri staple! The roasty malt profile of Indian Brown provides a nice complement to the cheesy flavors in the toasted ravioli, as the roasty malt and well-balanced hops pair well with this deep-fried treat.


New Holland Brewing Releases Dragon’s Milk Reserve Mexican Spice Cake

imageWe brought you a peek at this beer, and now the release details from New Holland:

New Holland Brewing Co. announces the second Dragon’s Milk Reserve of 2017: Dragon’s Milk Reserve Mexican Spice Cake. This limited release variant of New Holland’s year-round, Bourbon Barrel Stout, hits shelves and taps beginning April 1, where New Holland is sold. This reserve blend is aged in bourbon barrels for three months, with toasted chiles, cocoa nibs, vanilla, and cinnamon added during aging.

“We first brewed this variation for Michigan Brewers’ Guild Winter Beer Fest (WBF) in February 2016,” says Brett VanderKamp, president of New Holland. “And it’s been a fan favorite ever since. People couldn’t get enough at that beer fest, at the handful of small events across the country in which we tested it, and again at this year’s WBF. It was time for this variant to own the spotlight.”

New Holland’s locations, Pub on 8th in Holland and The Knickerbocker in Grand Rapids, will host official release parties for Dragon’s Milk Reserve Mexican Spice on Saturday, April 1. The beer will be on tap, available in special Dragon’s Milk flights, and available for purchase by the 4pack and case in the retail spaces. Doors open at 11am and the first 20 people in line will get a Dragon’s Milk swag bag.

“This variant is so simple,” says VP of Beer Marketing, Joel Petersen. “The chocolate character in Dragon’s Milk is enhanced by the soft chili heat and mellowed out by the flavors of vanilla and cinnamon. It’s simply delicious and continues to show how well Dragon’s Milk can play with new flavors..”

The third Dragon’s Milk Reserve variant is scheduled to release in July.

All Dragon’s Milk reserves will be released in limited quantities across the areas in which New Holland distributes. To find Dragon’s Milk Reserve Mexican Spice Cake in your area, use our Beer & Spirits Finder or ask your local retailer.

First released in 2001, Dragon’s Milk was one of the early bourbon barrel-aged stouts in the US. The barrel-aging scene has since exploded. Once a single-batch annual release, Dragon’s Milk has become New Holland’s largest selling year-round beer, gaining accolades and recognition internationally, including a silver medal in the Brussels Beer Challenge. In 2015, New Holland renovated its production facility to expand its Dragon’s Milk cellar where more than 3,500 oak barrels can reside at one time.


Odell Brewing Releases Flemish Giant

imageWe brought you an early peek at this beer, and now the release details from Odell:

Fort Collins, CO. - On March 27, 2017 Odell Brewing will release Flemish Giant, a new 750ml single run barrel aged Flanders-Style Sour Red Ale.

imageMarking the second release of the 2017 Cellar Series and coming in at 6.5%, Flemish Giant begins with notes of tart ruby red grapefruit and cherry, finishing with sweet raisin and fig.

“At Odell Brewing, we often brew hop forward styles and this beer presented an opportunity to explore a malt forward profile that let the oak barrels take center stage,” said COO, Brendan McGivney. He added, “Blending is an important part of our process and we used about 60 different barrels to bring this beer together. Woodcut toasted oak barrels, Bourbon barrels, rum barrels, and chardonnay barrels all contribute different layers and depth to the final beer.”

The name Flemish Giant pays tribute to a curious breed of rabbit which can grow up to 20 lbs. Native to Belgium, the birthplace of the Flanders-Style Sour Red Ale, the Flemish Giant dates back to the 16th century.

Odell is planning six Cellar Series releases for 2017, each available for a limited time in single 750ml bottles across Odell’s 14-state distribution footprint.


Founders Replacing Centennial IPA 12-Packs With 15-Packs

imageFrom Founders:

Great news: Centennial IPA is getting the more-bang-for-your-buck treatment and will soon be available in 15-pack cans! Yup, that’s right, it will join the ranks of All Day IPA, PC Pils, Mosaic Promise and Azacca IPA as yet another beer available in a 15-pack. The new 15-packs will be priced the same as the existing 12-packs, with a suggested retail price of $17.99. 

This does mean that you should say goodbye to the Centennial 12-pack while you still  “can” (sorry, we had to). You’ll start to see this shiny new pack hit shelves very soon.


Avery - Twenty Four Imperial IPA 2017 Anniversary Edition

Happy 24th Anniversary to Avery Brewing.  To celebrate the occasion, Avery will be brewing Twenty Four 2017 Anniversary Edition.  This beer is an imperial IPA that uses “one hop, two hop, dry hop, new hop” as well as Belgian candi sugar.  Look for Twenty Four to hit 9%-AbV and it will be packaged in 22oz bottles and kegs.  Stay tuned for Feb 2017 release details.


New Belgium Updating Abbey & Trippel Packaging

We’ve seem some other packaging changes and now we get to see two more from New Belgium.  Today we have their Abbey Belgian-style dubbel (7%-AbV) & Trippel Belgian-style ale (8.5%-AbV).  These are the 12oz bottle labels with the 22oz bottle label below.



Terrapin Side Project # 30 - Blueberry Thyme Saison Ale 500ml Bottles

Good morning Georgia...this morning you get your very first look at the 30th release in the Terrapin Side Project Series.  This is Blueberry Thyme Saison Ale and yes it is a saison brewed with ripe blueberries and thyme.  Look for this beer to hit 7.7%-AbV and it will be packaged in 500ml bottles and kegs.  Stay tuned for release details.image


Short’s Releasing The Curl To Michigan Only

imageFrom Short’s:

The Curl, one of the first Imperial beers ever brewed at Short’s, is back in bottles. Originally brewed at the request of former employee and current proprietor of Bee Well Meadery, Jeremy VanSice, The Curl was last released to thirsty fans in 2014. Sliding back onto Michigan store shelves this week, it’s time to get your curl on!

The Curl (7.5% – 50 IBU) was one of the first Imperial beers made at Short’s. This American Pilsner has an appealing clear, bright, and golden straw color. Faint esters of grain and aromas of fresh baked bread are prominent throughout the beer. The flavor results from the abundance of flaked maize used in this recipe. There are also hefty doses of hops that create a pronounced dryness that seamlessly blends into a crisp, clean finish.

We’re not sure what’s more impressive. The Curl (the beer) or the semi-ridiculous bartending trick that is “The Curl.” Named in honor of the pints of Short’s brew hoisted high above Jeremy’s head . . . on the end of a pole . . . balanced precariously on his chin, we are sure that The Curl is headed back to a store or tap near you! But get it fast, this American Pilsner is sure to be sold out, lickity-split!  

P.S. Be sure to visit Jeremy “The Curl” VanSice at the new Bee Well Meadery taproom in Bellaire on your next trip north!


Grand Teton Releasing Teton Range IPA Year Round & New Brewmaster

imageFrom Grand Teton:

After 18 months, 18 pilot batches and dozens of side projects with our pilot system, Teton Range IPA has been added to our year-round lineup.

For Teton Range IPA, Idaho grown and malted barley make up 90% of the grain bill. We use a variety of Idaho hops including one of our new favorites, Idaho 7. The combination of these unique hops makes Teton Range IPA an amazingly aromatic and flavorful beer. We focus on late hop additions in the kettle to boost the aroma and keep the bitterness low. Pungent aromas of tropical fruits like mango and papaya, hints of pine, hard candy and citrus rind are prominent. The flavor is juicy, like fresh squeezed tropical fruit with some pine in the background. The beer has a deep gold color and strong head retention. The crisp, balanced flavors of Teton Range IPA create a delicious, drinkable beer.

Teton Range IPA is available year-round in 1/6th and 1/2 barrel kegs and will be available in 12 oz. six-packs in select markets starting April 2017.

Max Shafer, 26, has been appointed Brewmaster of Grand Teton Brewing. Max grew up in Chicago and loved spending every summer in the Tetons with his grandparents. His passion for fishing, the mountains, and the outdoors led him to major in Conservation Biology in college. At the same time, his interest in homebrewing was sparked and he began actively experimenting with new recipes. Upon graduation, he once again spent the summer in the Tetons and met former Grand Teton Brewing Brewmaster, Rob Mullin. Max realized he could combine his two passions in one place and joined Grand Teton Brewing’s production team in August 2012.  He began the Barrel-Aging Program and quickly increased it from 12 barrels to 200 barrels today.  In order to increase his knowledge of the brewing world, Max attended the Siebel Institute of Technology in early 2016 and has since served as our Cellar Master. We are looking forward to great things from Max as Brewmaster!


Allagash - One T 2017 Dry-Hopped Brettanomyces Beer

Here’s the latest packaging for Allagash One T.  This dry-hopped beer is fermented with brettanomyces and for 2017 it will hit 7.1%-AbV.  This is the 12oz bottle.


Green Flash Barrelmaster’s Reserve Series Returns With Brilliant Sauvage In April

imageFrom Green Flash:

Green Flash Brewing Co. announces 2017 plans to continue their popular Barrelmaster’s Reserve series of extremely limited edition, barrel-aged beers from their Cellar 3 facility. Last year, the small-batch series introduced three one-offs, with each release selling out within hours of going on sale. This year, the series will continue to reveal some of the exciting innovation that Pat Korn and the entire brewing team have been developing, including Brilliant Sauvage, the first 600-bottle release which will be sold exclusively in the Cellar 3 tasting room on Saturday, April 8th.

Brilliant Sauvage is a wild ale aged in red wine barrels with passion fruit. Other releases for the year will include a barrel-aged wild ale with added mango, a barrel-aged stout, and a Holiday-inspired ale. Each Barrelmaster’s Reserve beer is truly experimental, with strong emphasis on the importance of collaboration between the talented Green Flash brewing team, who work closely with Pat on both ideation and execution. This series offers consumers an opportunity to sample some of the most elusive one-offs that are coming from this innovative production facility.

“The results of our recent experimentation at Cellar 3 is exceeding expectations,” says Barrelmaster, Pat Korn. “We are inspired by the great Belgian sour producers, reinterpreting classic flavors and adding our own distinctly Californian twist. This year’s series will feature the most innovative efforts to date, and we are excited to be able to bottle and share a little of our pride and joy with the community.”

April release – Brilliant Sauvage

Initially brewed with passion fruit puree and passion fruit tea, this exceptional ale is then skillfully inoculated with the house brett strain and aged for 8 months in a brilliant blend of Grenache, Syrah, and Mouvedre barrels from Halter Ranch. Encouraged by the wood and wild yeast, it emerges with an earthy and vivid complexity. A cold brew blend of passion fruit tea is then added, as a finishing touch. An aromatic celebration of passion fruit and verbena, Brilliant Sauvage offers flavors of tart mango and red wine with distinct brett-notes of damp earth and a satisfying barnyard funk. 6.1% ABV

All Barrelmaster’s Reserve series beers are produced in extremely limited quantities, with 600-1800 bottles per release as well as in smallquantities on draft, with an allocation available for special occasions and select retailers nationwide. Cellar 3 also offers a lineup of rare and barrel-aged beers that are nationally available.

About Pat Korn, Barrelmaster

Pat Korn is the Barrelmaster at Green Flash Brewing Co. and oversees Cellar 3 beer production – a series of rare, barrel-aged beer offerings and the brewery’s 2nd San Diego facility. As Barrelmaster, Pat oversees Cellar 3 operations on-site, including choosing the barrels used and creating the recipes for innovative Cellar 3 ales.

Originally from San Francisco, Pat developed a solid foundation as cellarman with a winery in Northern California where he assisted the winemaker in every facet of production and in the vineyards. He moved to San Diego in the early 90s, and transitioned into brewing, working with Karl Strauss and La Jolla Brewhouse. A longtime friend and admirer of Green Flash, Pat joined the brewing team in 2010 while the company was expanding from small brewhouse in Vista to their current headquarters in Mira Mesa. While he has focused on all areas of production at Green Flash, he developed a special interest in the brewery’s burgeoning barrel program almost immediately. Pat officially took on the role of Barrelmaster in 2015, and has been instrumental in getting the Cellar 3 project off the ground. He is committed to taking a craft that is inherently random and working to produce a consistently great product that tastes the same whether you are in the tasting room or across the country.


Hi-Wire Brewing Announces New Specialty Releases & Summer Seasonals

imageFrom Hi-Wire:

With the weather getting warmer, Hi-Wire Brewing is excited to announce the release of their summer seasonals, and two new specialty beers. Customers will soon be able to enjoy four releases from Hi-Wire Brewing including specialties Man Eater Double IPA and Blackberry Sour, and seasonals, Aerialist Summer Lager and Uprisin’ Hefeweizen.

The Man Eater Double IPA (8.3% ABV) triumphantly returns in 4-packs of 16oz cans. Hopped at a rate of 3.5 pounds per barrel, this is a seriously hopped Double IPA. Man Eater marries Amarillo’s spicy aromas with Citra’s classic notes of lemon zest and mandarin orange. These big hop aromas accompany a spicy, citrusy, floral flavor with a warming alcohol finish. Man Eater is now available in both of Hi-Wire’s taprooms and will see limited distribution in Hi-Wire Brewing’s footprint.

The next release from Hi-Wire Brewing's Sour & Wild Ale program is a Blackberry Sour (8.2% ABV) in 750ml bottles, available Saturday, April 1st at 12pm from their South Slope Speciality Brewery. From stainless, to a blend of rye whisky, red wine, and North Carolina rum barrels before being bottled conditioned, this beer boasts a total fermentation time of 18 months. Think blackberry jam, brett, and oak in this balanced and drinkable ale.

imageThe Aerialist Summer Lager (5.5% ABV), Hi-Wire Brewing’s seasonal lager, pairs two styles of beer: A German-Style Lager and an American IPA. Brewed with their house lager yeast and hopped with Citra, Mandarina Bavaria, and Huell Melon, this drinkable summer beer has big hop flavors of citrus and tropical fruit which give way to more subtle flavors of peach, melon, and apricot with a smooth, balanced finish. “This beer combines the profiles of two of my favorite styles, lagers and IPAs,” says Hi-Wire’s Head Brewer, Luke Holgate. “The light grain bill and clean lager fermentation profile create the perfect canvas for these hops to shine. This is a refreshing, warm-weather beer with a bite.” This beer will hit shelves the week of April 3rd in six-packs across Hi-Wire’s entire distribution footprint (North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Eastern Georgia, and Ohio), and will also be available on draft in numerous bars and restaurants across their territories through July.

imageHi-Wire Brewing’s summer ale seasonal, Uprisin’ Hefeweizen (5% ABV), was brewed with North Carolina grown wheat from Riverbend Malt House located in Asheville, NC. This traditional German Hefeweizen is all about the yeast, with ester notes of banana backed by tones of clove, peppercorn, banana and spice that no one would expect from a traditional take on this beer. The Uprisin' Hefeweizen will see Hi-Wire Brewing’s entire distribution footprint beginning April 14, and will be available in six-packs and on draught.


Mikkeller San Diego - Barrel Series Første Fødselsdag 1-Year Anniversary Beer

imageToday we have an interesting new Barrel Series bottle coming from Mikkeller San Diego.  This is Første Fødselsdag and it translates to “first birthday.”  This beer celebrates 1-year of brewing in San Diego and it is an ale aged on Cabernet Franc grapes and fermented with brettanomyces.  Look for Første Fødselsdag to hit 8.9%-AbV and it will be packaged in 750ml bottles.


Southern Tier Adding Orange Phreshie 16oz Cans

This is a new can coming from Southern TierOrange Phreshie is an IPA with orange extract added and the beer hits 6.5%-AbV.   Look for this fruited IPA to be packaged in 16oz cans and stay tuned here for release details.


East End Brewing - Homewood Reserve 2016

imageThis is Homewood Reserve 2016 from East End Brewing in Pittsburgh, PA.  This Bourbon barrel-aged stout will be packaged in 22oz bottles and stay tuned for more details.


Santa Fe Brewing - 7K IPA 12oz Cans

imageHere’s a new can coming from Santa Fe Brewing in Santa Fe, NM.  This is 7K IPA and the name refers to the 7198 feet above sea level that the brewery resides at.  This west-coast IP hits 6.8%-AbV and this is the 12oz can.


Smuttynose Brewing Company's Rhye IPA Returns as Year-Round Offering 4/3

imageWe brought you this news already but this update from Smuttynose:

HAMPTON, N.H.—From one-time offering to seasonal to all year-round.  Beginning April 3, Smuttynose Brewing Company’s malted-rye IPA, Rhye IPA, will be available in six and 12 packs of 12 oz.  bottles and draft all year-round wherever Smuttynose Brewing Company beers are sold.

“We were overwhelmed by the response to Rhye IPA when we first introduced it in our Big Beer Series,” said Peter Egelston, founder and president of Smuttynose Brewing Company.  “We added it to the seasonal rotation, but consumers, wholesalers, and retailers alike still asked about it, so making it a full-time offering seemed like an obvious next step.”

Rhye IPA uses a variety of malts, including North American 2-Row, Rye, Aromatic, and Cararye malts.  Magnum hops were used for bittering, and Falconer’s Flight and Citra were added for flavor and dry-hopping.  Officially, the ABV comes in at 6.9% and 71 IBUs.


Wiens Brewing Adding Apricot Wheat Cans

imageThis is Apricot Wheat from Wiens Brewing in Temecula, CA.  This GABF 2016 gold medal winner will hit 4.8%-AbV and it will now be packaged in 12oz cans.


New Braunfels Brewing Adding 2 New Sour Beers

DryHopped Farmhouse

From New Braunfels Brewing:

Massive Hop Aroma Paired With Distinct Sour 


HopfenStopfen is a dry-hopped version of our 85% wheat Hefeweizen, Blondine. The base beer is brewed with a modified decoction and hopped with Cascade. Primary fermentation for 6 days with our house German wheat yeast before secondary fermentation with our spontaneously-harvested mixed culture of local yeast and bacteria. 

The characteristic clean mouthfeel of the wheat and lemon-y tartness of the mixed culture fermentation layer the base for the beer. For this release, Blend3, we sourced New Zealand Pacifica hops. The dominant aroma and flavor is deep orange marmalade zest. 14 days of dry-hopping was heavy-handed to ensure you'll feel the full flavor and experience of this unique hop variety. 

Each release of Hopfenstopfen highlights a rotating topical hop variety. Blend1 was Citra, Blend2 was Mosaic and, of course, Blend3 is Pacifica. Blend4 is scheduled for late August 2017.

For Blend3 we're releasing 15BBLs on April 2. We'll have roughly 25 kegs to share in a mix of 1/6 and 1/2BBL sizes. Around April 15 we'll also release 60 cases of 750ml bottles. Look for it at very select retailers in TX.

saison de clementine

Bottles are finally available

clementine sour smiles

Saison de Clementine Blend1

The newest release in our saison de series was crafted with whole fresh clementines

The fruit was processed by first zesting the peel and then cutting the flesh into quarters. The flesh was open-fermented in barrel with Blondine, our 85% wheat Hefeweizen, and our mixed culture. The beer was pressed off of the fruit 3 times, with shortening fermentation times for each press. Once all 3 presses were blended together, the reserved zest was added back to the beer under CO2 pressure to extract the bright citrus aroma and flavor of the zest. 

Saison de Clémentine is a bare expression of the fruit. Minimal processing and a love for the flavor of the fruit inspired a surprisingly drinkable and refreshing sour fruit beer. 

Blend1 was package-only and consists of 29 total cases of 500ml bottles. Release begins very selectively, today, March 27.

Blend2 will begin barrel fermentation April 2.


Freetail - Texas Harvest Ale Aged In Wine Barrels

imageThis is Texas Harvest from Freetail Brewing in San Antonio, TX.  This beer is aged in wine barrels and it will fly in at 8.89%-AbV.  This is the 22oz bottle and the beer will also be packaged in kegs.


Austin Beerworks - Einhorn Berliner Weisse Cans

imageThis is Einhorn from Austin Beerworks in Austin, TX.  This beer is a Berliner Weisse seasonal release that hits 3%-AbV.  This is the 12oz can.


Blue Owl Brewing - Dapper Devil Sour Raspberry Belgian Strong Ale

imageThis is Dapper Devil from Blue Owl Brewing in Austin, TX.  This beer is a sour raspberry Belgian-style strong ale that hits 8.9%-AbV and 26 IBU.  This is the 22.3oz bottle (660ml).


Firestone Walker - Adversus Unfiltered DIPA Coming Next To Leo v. Ursus Chonology

26 March 2017

I’m excited to bring you your very first peek at the 2nd beer coming to the Leo v. Ursus Chronology from Firestone Walker.  This is Adversus and it is an unfiltered double IPA that will hit 8.2%-AbV.  This beer will be packaged in 16oz cans and stay tuned here for release details.


Uinta Adding New Brett Tripel Bottles & Kegs

Good morning Utah…here’s your first peek at a new bottle coming from Uinta.  This is Brett Tripel and it is an ale brewed with pink peppercorns and fermented with brettanomyces.  This beer will be package din kegs and 750ml bottles with artwork by Robin Banks.  Stay tuned for release details.


Lost Abbey Adding Ex Cathedra Barrel-Aged Quad With Ginger & Orange 12.7oz Bottles / Veritas 2017

Here’s your first look at a new bottle coming from The Lost Abbey.  This is Ex Cathedra and it is a barrel-aged quad with ginger and orange.  This beer will hit 13.8%-AbV and you’re looking at the 12.7oz bottle.  Stay tuned for release details.  We also have Veritas 2017 (Batch # 19) ale aged in oak barrels (5.8%-AbV, 750ml bottles).



Bruery Terreux & J Wakefield Collaborate On Taking My Talents To: Anaheim, CA

Here’s an interesting new collaboration (and name) coming from Bruery Terreux.  This is Taking My Talents To: Anaheim, California and it is a collaboration with J Wakefield.  This beer is an imperial Berliner weisse-style ale with dragon fruit, passion fruit, lime juice and Minneola tangerines.  This beer hits 7.4%-AbV and you’re looking at the 750ml bottle.


AleSmith - Thai Speedway Stout & Hawaiian Speedway Stout

Here we have the bottle packaging for AleSmith Thai Speedway Stout imperial stout brewed with coconut, ginger, lime, lemongrass, basil and coffee.  This beer hits 12%-AbV and you’re looking at the 750ml bottle.  We also have Hawaiian Speedway Stout imperial stout brewed with coconut, vanilla and Ka’u coffee (12%-AbV).  This is also a 750ml bottle.


Heavy Seas & Cigar City Collaborating On Partner Ships IPL

Today we get to see yet another new Partner Ships collaboration coming from Heavy Seas Brewing.  This time they’re collaborating with Cigar City and the beer will be an IPL.  This golden lager will hit 7.8%-AbV and it will be released in 22oz bottles.  Stay tuned here for release dates.


Elysian - Snailbones IPA Coming To Manic IPA Series

Here’s your first look at an exciting new beer coming to the Manic IPA Series from Elysian.  This is Snailbones IPA and no snails were harmed in the making of this beer.  This beer crawls in at 7.4%-AbV and this is the 22oz bottle.  Stay tuned for release info.


Firestone Walker - 2017 Stickee Monkee 12oz Bottles

This morning we have the 2017 vintage of Stickee Monkee from Firestone Walker in Paso Robles, CA.  This barrel-aged central coast quad will hit 12.5%-AbV and 36 IBU and you’re looking at the 12oz bottles (9500 cases).  Stay tuned here for May release details 


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